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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 13, 2019 7:00am-7:15am CEST

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if you could add a bit of that. this is the w. news live from berlin and the top u.s. democratic candidates for the presidency faced each other on stage for the 1st time . the courts are broken i know how to fix it and i'm going to leave the fight to get it done. in the 3rd televised debate the leading democratic presidential hopefuls clashed on health care education and climate policy a do any of them have what it takes to defeat don't front in 2020 will have analysis from our correspondent on the scene also coming up after the storm the
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bahamas are reeling from hurricane dorian devastated communities are lying on aid shipments of those shipments still haven't reached some isolated areas. waiter thank you for joining us we begin in the u.s. where the leading democratic presidential candidates have clashed over health care in the 3rd televised debate broadcast by a.b.c. news former vice president joe biden challenge for rest of senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders to explain how they would pay for a universal health care plan the candidates also debated issues ranging from education to gun control it was the 1st time all the top candidates had appeared on stage together. in a moment we'll have analysis from our correspondent but 1st let's take
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a listen to some of the highlights from the debate let me tell you what i think i think we should have a debate on health care i think i know that the senator says she's for bernie while i'm from iraq i think the obamacare work in the united states of america we are spending twice as much per capita on health care is the canadians or any other major country on earth oh yes we're going to take your 15 great k 40 so i was i was. i will fight this and bring the fight to the n.r.a. and the corporate gun lobby like they have never seen before i want to negotiate trade with unions of the table i want to negotiate it was small farmers at the table i want to negotiate with environmentalists at the table i want to negotiate with human rights activists at the table donald trump in office on trade policy you know he reminds me of that guy in the wizard of oz you know when you pull back the
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curtain it's a really small dude. we need for more i'm now joined by correspondent alex underfund naaman in houston texas where the debate wrapped up just a short while ago so it's under we saw a wide range of people and issues being debated there who were the winners and who were the losers who stood out to you the most. well 2 candidates stood out for me at least one of them was special rule a former congressman from texas he has been not doing well with his companion but he has made gun control his signature campaign issue and he was asked about that here and he was very oh then think very strong he was even asked if he is willing to take assault guns away from people and he said hey hello the yes and it was a very strong moment and the other candidate that. stood out for me at least was
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kaamelott harris she was not very strong on a concrete issues but he was the only one who not only attacked donald trump the real target here for the candidates but who also addressed directly the president and you mentioned the real target here so of course the burning question even though it's early is do any of these candidates have what it takes to defeat donald trump in 2020. well it's really difficult to say at this moment but we have 3 candidates who are doing very well in national polls so of course the front runner joe biden the former vice president it is also the senator senator elizabeth warren and senator bernie sanders and joe biden came under fire here from the candidates and you know that he has a tendency for gaffes and he has made
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a number of mistakes on companion trail but here in houston texas he mostly stayed on message and defended he's records and for many democratic voters he is considered to be most likely to be able to beat donald trump so you have your correspondent alex out of phenomena in houston texas for us thank you so much. moving now to the bahamas where authorities say 1300 people are unaccounted for in the wake of hurricane dorian down from the previous estimate of 2500 officials say the largest figure probably included some people who are now staying at shelters but 50 people are now confirmed dead the storm devastated the bahamas at the beginning of september. which is breathtaking in its brutality. hurricane dorian has transformed this kind of being part of the east into
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a war zone. and left communities here clinging on to life shipments like this from the u.s. army are desperately needed. so. it will be a bridge from the bottom of the hour. efforts to rebuild the bahamas are slowly underway the government says operations have moved from rescue to recovery and restoration but as horrible and vicious dorian was. the bravery and resilience of the 1000000000 people it is even more power for. more than a week after dorian ripped through these islands search teams like this are looking for victims not survivors we recognize the extent of the devastation we're not going to speculate. on the numbers would be the star people. but that is the count as we get the official count. to the public it
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teams are yet to reach cutoff communities like this one. leaves haitian migrant workers rely on the aid brought by journalist with a board for this man is able to reach his wife and baby who are evacuated the emotional toll here is exhausting for those who started with little last a toll. now bring you some of the other stories making news around the world in brazil patients had to be evacuated after a fire broke out at a hospital in rio de janeiro officials said at least one person died in the blaze at the but in hospital and it's not yet clear what caused the fire. peruvian security forces will start up rooting illegal illegal coca plants in the country's top drug trafficking region it's the 1st time that occasion teams will be sent to the country's mountainous jungle region which produces around 70 percent of
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the cocaine in the country. southeastern spain has been battered by severe rain and flash floods forecasters are predicting the most rainfall in a century in the balance the average and the trench will rain caused a major river to burst its banks in neighboring castiel muncher region an elderly couple died after floodwaters flipped over their car. relatives of zimbabwe's former leader robert mugabe have snubbed a plan to have him buried at a national monument well the other was overthrown in a coup 2 years ago and replaced by a former ally the squabbling over the location for mugabe's funeral has even thrown into doubt the date of his birrell currently he is due to be laid to rest on saturday 6. robert mugabe's body being carried into harare is rafal rose stadium to lie in state his black clad widow grace without a late husband's side for his final journey several people were injured when
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mourners broke through the police cordon around his coffin. thousands are come to pay their last respects. here in harare many hot emotional words of tribute. have best intended with this committee at home. i am deeply touched. this has affected me and this little bit of a teaching i don't even know how to express it. and that changes curtis was exceptional. and he he provided in the streets shelter and learned my lengthy solicitous with a big fool it. good thing that i did here tonight what i told him i see. this is where the government of president emerson once mugabe burritt zimbabwe's national heroes acre for many it would be a fitting resting place for the former colonial era guerrilla fighter. we wanted
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the old man to go to hero's acre where his other comrades are since he was our real founding father. so this is what we want for him to go to hero's acre. but analysts say there is still deep rancor between grace mugabe and amisom the man who 1st tried to sideline and then seized power from a husband in 2017 the mcgovern family has accused the men in cowboy government of trying to strong arm them into a state burial. the family is the one that makes the decision and tells the government what the family wants to do. so there is there is no fewer between us because. the mugabe's insist that the former president will be laid to rest in a private family ceremony but even in death robert mugabe is proving as divisive
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a figure as he ever was in life. and now i quite unique exhibit is on in the netherlands one which is understandably causing a lot of controversy i mean. see i'm in denver holland is looking at design from the 3rd reich of course the most famous symbol was the swastika originally an ancient asian religious icon used as a symbol of divinity or good luck unfortunately the symbolism was appropriated by the nazis and what this exhibition shows is how important 3rd reich design was in promoting the regime's evil philosophy national socialism a murderous ideology a machine of war and a brand the nazi party was keenly aware of its public image and used architecture and often do so and to strengthen its totalitarian state the swastika was the nazis most prominent logo a symbol of happiness appropriated by hitler to signify german history from
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military gear to the vox vokoun car nazis created a tightly regulated set of symbols that reinforced hitler's structure as the supreme leader of the german reiss. the fox and the people's receiver was sold to germans as a way to choose into hitler's speech is the model number one is a reference to the 30th of january the day hitler was sworn in as chancellor of germany in 1933 the nazis rejected communist and modernist in theory but appropriated both walk creating little new. there is no such thing as nazi design of the it's compiled of 3 or more different kinds of of design is you know the classical. vary from and it's also modern and it's adopted from you know from ideas of the zone that already existed and the nazis go their own meaning to it and that's of course very important and that's why you have to explain what it was all about in the thirty's and forty's. often used architecture to impress the 136
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burned in the olympics was a chance to show germany as a global force and the massive stadium was the centerpiece the stadium still stands today attracting visitors who know little about its history. its not important who will be able to it it means something different for everyone now. wondering if. my colleague said that it looks like you did i said yes it does. but yeah i don't think it's nice to look at. one of a swastika symbol has been banned in germany nazi architecture remains for all to see so do many of the products of nazi design but should such items be in an exhibition the museum says it wants to disarm the nazi legacy by confronting it head on it's still a piece of our history national socialism we're not at ease with i mean not where the ideology is completely evil but we should be face to face with our own history
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our own culture and as long as you know if if that's still. or strange to us you shoot show it over and over again and talk about the museum hopes to show that nazi symbols have no mystical power only the meanings we ascribe to them. in sports now 4 time grand slam champion kim clijsters is coming out of retirement again she's 36 and hasn't played competitively for 7 years but clusters says she is ready to challenge yourself again to become one of the best in the world busters 1st quit the sport at age 23 having already won the u.s. open championship after starting a family at the belgian returned to win 3 more grand slams and retired once more she plans to restart her career early next year. you're watching news from berlin up next we'll take you to cape town south africa for the g w debate at the world economic forum i'm irish waiter coming to you live
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from berlin we'll have more for you at the top of the hour thanks so much for watching. on the cream and. the meal and i'm from the brand new delusion former spokesperson to voice throw told police that officials who want to climb a tree in the return of the. only reasons check out.


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