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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2019 1:30am-1:46am CEST

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i mean. it's not easy to go to another country and know nothing about why i don't do this because we can't stay in venezuela. closely global news that matters d.w. made for mines. huawei tries to find its own wave after the u.s. trade banned the chinese tech giant unveiled its 1st smartphone free of google apps but just how far can it go on its own. and sharing is caring from these coolers to bands everything is now available for rent take a look at the cruellest behind the right share. it's time for business on the w m how yet again welcome to the program why why he has unveiled its 1st few
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smartphones since the u.s. added it to a trade blacklist a chinese company has been showing off the made 30 and made 30 pro at a launch event in munich because of restrictions on u.s. companies working with weiwei the new smartphones are not expected to have any google apps analysts say that could put many potential customers up new features of the may 30 include you guessed it before. let's take a deeper look who were for the hour we're now joined by d.w. financial correspondent host who is that on wall street evening to you so let's take a look at this. truly challenge the industry with all those cool apps how do the likes of apple or google itself react today. it is going to be tough especially in all the markets outside china will waive the european sales they'll search 66 percent year on during the 1st quarter of 2019 before the u.s.
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ban was imposed according to some estimates about we google apps the a smart phone will have a tougher time in european countries have for example are crucially important markets for a company that has no presence here in the u.s. market with all the similar brands and models of be able it seems that the current situation in the rain the 2nd because it's march seller in the world for apple and google stock how we are let's say they did not react to world waves a new model for but i'm sure always looking forward to regaining their world's 2nd top position from the chinese company even if apple also have its own problems in china as well though it would certainly be easier for a while way if that u.s. china trade war simply came to an end we've heard a lot of buzz about a possible deal this week what's the outlook right now. let's take
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a low deputy level meetings are ongoing in washington on friday as a previous step towards high level negotiations that should happen earlier next month that said there are plenty of unanswered questions will china buy more u.s. agricultural products. or will be ok with an interim deal before a bigger one could be read to even if these happens will be good will be completely cancel i need to still not certain that national security issues which apply to our way will be included in the current meetings so for lots of open questions there thank you very much for the answers was a new york. a long battle for free trade between europe and south america seems lost for now all stressed parliament has voted to reject the plant a trade deal between the e.u. and the 4 south american medical school states one of the reasons is brazil's controversial environmental policy following the decision from vienna austria could
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now block the whole agreement in brussels it's the latest blow to what's thought to be a landmark trade deal one that took 20 years to negotiate austria is the latest country to cost out on a deal that's been 20 years in the making for the past several months the planned agreement between the european union and for south american nations has shown signs of on ruffling a trading relationship worth $88000000000.00 euros a year is at stake the e.u. exports $45000000000.00 euros of goods to brazil argentina parekh y. and euro quite each year the markets are a block sends almost as much back the deal would remove 2 she's an over 90 percent of good c.e.o. exports to marcus or that includes cars textiles and chemicals markets are countries for their parts would benefit from reduced tariffs on opera cultural products including poultry and beef. images like these of the
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amazon burning have prompted countries including france luxembourg and arland to threaten not to approve the agreement brazil and response accusing the bloc of using environmental concerns as a mosque for discontent among edu farmers but with austria now being its voice to the dissent the way forward for this long fought for deal is paved with obstacles. and now to some of the other business stories we're following for you french finance minister ballooned in mass says the u.p.a. and union stands ready to impose retaliatory tariffs on the u.s. the white house us thought to be planning sanctions after the world trade organization ruled the e.u. illegally subsidized plane maker airbus european officials have similarly accused the u.s. of unlawfully funding both. oil prices are again up as
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investors remain on high alert after last weekend's attacks of saudi oil production facilities and thursday trading brant crude climbed 1.3 percent on reports that saudi arabia will have to import oil to make up for production shortfall. amazon is aiming to be carbon neutral by 2040 c.e.o. jeff bezos and that the plane on thursday saying the largest u.s. the course company plan to buy a around 100000 electric delivery vans as part of the push industry analysis an atlas say amazon is the 1st major company to make the commit. home sharing air b.n. b. has announced plans to go public next year the industry leader in online apartment rental is the last of last leading tech companies to announce its plans for an i.p.o. the company is yet to set a date but it claims to have generated around $80000000000.00 in revenue analysts
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expected to raise billions when its stock hits the market in 2020. and speaking of popular applications many of the app based services you know like goober and lift revolutionized to their respective businesses but overall it's a system that opens the door to exploiting workers without any benefits california is now addressing the issue by signing new labor legislation that increases social protection for rights your workers. just ordered by app and the drivers are on their way they're mostly contractors and often receive no social benefits whatsoever from their employers but now that's about to change. it's a victory for drivers but even more than that it's a victory for all of us going forward there's a minimum wage if you're injured on the job you'll have health care to support you right if you lose your job you'll have unemployment insurance so that you can at least get to the next job those and things that lift
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a new bridge drivers do not editors and if the drivers protests have borne fruit but it's a major blow to the so-called gig economy companies after all workers benefits would mean higher costs for them the firms have sharply criticized the new law companies are already feeling they're not going to follow the law that criminal to me it's criminal enough that the drivers are some of them sleeping in their car begging their landlord to wait till that time 3rd their 12th or their chapter the new law is not just limited to the right handling apps it also applies to other sectors it's supposed to protect hundreds of thousands of delivery people caretakers and construction workers. the right sharing services also exists here in germany of course whether it's a scooter or a bicycle or a small city car in larger cities you can rent just about anything you need to get from point a to point b. quickly it takes many workers to ensure that these vehicles are always ready for
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use and not all of them work in favorable conditions. the clock is ticking abdullah has around 30 minutes to clean each automobile he services car sharing vehicles all around berlin the customers might just use the cars for a few minutes but when they do the car has to be spic and span. yellow stuff here is for the summer to clean the car's exterior this year's glass cleaner and this one is all purpose cleaner. the headquarters in stuttgart determines which cars have to be cleaned they use an algorithm as the company's boss i've done a home it explains to us in a sky conversation you know. there are various parameters for example when was the car last claimed if more than 30 days have passed or more than a 1000 kilometers have been driven or 15 to 20 bookings have been made if any one
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of these is triggered a cleaning order is generated. and get its. workers known as shepherds take care of every vehicle in their fleet almost every day they maintain electric bicycles for danish bicycle rental company donkey republic the shepherds can see which bike needs a new battery on their smart phones. here are the hogs all over the city and we have found a nice rack to find these bikes and for example these vice called. for this bike by its name and it's way more easy to find and we educate us mike and have done our full time employees but there are numerous small businesses which service the fleets of vehicles owned by vehicle share companies but they work without any social security there's never a guarantee of enough orders it's a thorn in the science of workers' unions. it's basically about how i deal with working people and of course no one is forced to do these jobs it's
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hard work it's night work and it's very poorly paid but obviously there are people whether they are students and whoever feels like doing this kind of work exist in their distant. i'm dumb a is almost done he snaps a few photos so that everything is documented he sends the pictures to the headquarters with his smartphone then he's off to the next. of his 10 cars a day. and that's all for this edition of v.w. business thank you very much for watching remember you can watch this and all other shows on our web site that's t w dot com slash business where you can also stay up to date with the latest business headlines next time take care of.
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turn it back to the roots of. the charge family from somalia live around the world. one needed urgent assistance. family starts october any d.w. . and welcome to arts and culture we have more on the international literature festival here in berlin and my guest is. author of cold me by your name also coming up we take a look at a new exhibition by british sculptor antony gormley who says he wants to transport visitors to the threshold between the known and the. well this week we've been reporting on the international literature festival in
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berlin writers from around the world are here to give readings whole discussion panels workshops and generally meet and greet their fellow walthers and of course their fans for the right sound i asked him and will be with me in a minute but 1st more about the festival. celebration literature the international literature festival is happening now in the german capital you can not only listen to authors reading from their works but discussable all manner of topics with literature fans from all over the world. this comes out of there are 200 authors from 59 countries and someone from our team counted them when there are very many languages being spoken. there are also cross disciplinary events inspired by young adult literature. french author clementine birthday's coming of age story i did let's for example get some magical transformation courtesy.


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