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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 26, 2019 6:45pm-7:01pm CEST

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this is business as are the w m d a how to elf as well across asia stocks have risen following the u.s. and japan signing what they call the 1st stage of a new trade deal to pounce powerful carlo b. says it's incomplete the car makers want more support from the government offered to merge the deal kept existing all tariffs unchanged. japanese car companies welcomed the overall thrust of a trade deal signed between prime minister shinzo abbey and u.s. president donald trump the deal keeps also tyrus a 2.5 percent and the us promises no more for now but the carmakers say their industry is suffering they want to do way with the tariffs altogether. so he has the auto industry is facing many challenges amidst uncertainty like the japanese yen appreciation and the upcoming sales tax. we hope the government of japan recognizes this and not for as us farther support to help the
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auto sector grew as a strategic industry. negotiations have been going on since last year trump has long complained about america's $68000000000.00 trade deficit with japan the world's 3rd largest economy cars are the biggest source of the trade deficit trump is not yet followed through on his threat to impose tariffs of up to 25 percent on japanese and european car and parts imports citing ongoing trade negotiations. while earlier this week well leaders but it baiting action against climate change in new york china unveiled the 2nd biggest order in the world air travel is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions and china doesn't show any signs it's willing to cut their the country's carbon dioxide output as other countries worry it let's have a closer look at that china is already the world leader in c
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o 2 production production with just under 10000000 tons a year that's almost a 3rd of all global manmade c o 2 each year the u.s. comes in at number to produce in just over half as much in absolute numbers followed by the whole of the european union in a fist fight it's a different picture though if you compare these countries per capita emissions an average american produces the most c o 2 with 16 tom's russians a prize in it coming on the number 2 spot with 12 tons and e.u. residents shouldn't be too smug either we produce just as much as chinese citizens roughly 7 times each but there's little sign of all this troubling beijing when said chinese president xi jinping cut the ribbon for beijing's $60000000000.00 apple does ng is ready to serve $45000000.00 passengers per year and a set to expand to capacity of over $70000000.00 with 4 runways and the link
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$300.00 games. has clearly shows that for china economic expansion seems to come before climate protection how much sense does it make if we all reduce our as well let's bring another son of eisenstein he's with the 3 g. an independent climate change think tank here in berlin next sunday germany produces just 2 percent of global c o 2 just introduced stricter climate regulation. china opens a new mega board how much sense does with all these well intentioned. climate action of countries like germany make it world leading 02 images like like china obviously don't. it's a question i guess there's 2 sides of this story a china has a mess of economic growth beijing they're talking about a city of more than 20000000000 inhabitants 1000000 have intense 1400000000 inhabitants in china rising middle class of course there's
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a high demand we have to crow freight every nation of 6 percent a year so it's in a way a resto project for china on the other hand go back and see in china is a lot of climate action it's the largest manufacturer of so that p.v. for example and wind and solar already quite cheap so i guess they should both sides while they are moving in some sectors that healy's of moving in that is and that's the big challenge on germany i would dog is it also you know that they producing lots of solar panels does it somehow offset their c o 2 emissions no it doesn't it doesn't i mean and then meeting the targets but the targets they have 420202032 lou for the paris climate agreements so i guess for the next years the big challenge is to cooperate with china there's a big crew for the e.u. to play as a really model showing how this works cooperating with china on being more emissions on both sides and that's what we're hearing from chinese officials we want to see a lot of ambition from the e.u. and the move as well well being
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a role model is an interesting discussion going on because many people say yes we must be a germany's must be a role model but others say the street climate regulation will hurt the economy how much of a role model will we be as germans if a car industry goes down because we introduce climate legislation i actually see the other way around i think germany has to move on climate action to remain competitive against the big question for the german car industry do we still sell of course in 10 or 15 years and they will probably more be ecologists than the course we're having right now so for germany i think it's quite dressed in the form of competitiveness point of view. right now. how will german british abo mexican car owners ever be convinced to scrap their diesels to do their bit while others do nothing well they did them out on the street i'm talking about that definitely managed to i think that they should be having right now it's not that germany is doing its homework and if you have this kind of package but it's by far not enough so this perception that germany is moving what others are moving not is just not
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true but how much climate protection is economically viable so there are recent numbers bite o.e.c.d. basically showing that the net effect on g.d.p. of ambitious climate action is positive in most g. 20 countries i think it's out of 20 so it is rest you know the issue is less about the economic case i would say that some sectors that heavily affected of course the coal sector will disappear well others will benefit if major crop sectors like energy efficiency renewable energy need immobility so these are the opportunity sectors i guess the issue is how do we have managed to kill off for example co how do we manage the transition of the car industry. do you think that china in the very near term. and everybody says it's high time that we reduce c o 2 emissions in the very near term will put climate protection before growth what makes
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me optimistic is that it's not only a moral question for china there's always a lot of national interest they do already have very high economic costs because of climate change the major issues are air pollution around decide if occasion for example so they have good reasons to move and next year is actually quite important it will be a major you china summits there both hopefully try to work together to work towards more ambitious chemical he says. thank you very much for this is not. enough to some of the other global business stories making headlines today chinese firms have ordered considerable amounts of u.s. pole and soybeans in a sign of a potential breakthrough in the long running trade war for more than a year the 2 sides have been slapping each other with tariffs. leading the cigarette maker jewel labs has announced a change in leadership and pledge to suspend advertising in the u.s. after recent regulatory backlash it follows the deaths of 9 people from mr mystery
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lung illness mostly linked to a pink illegal black market counter just containing t.h.c. the primary active ingredient in mario on. the international monetary fund has picked crystal given to the organization the economists from bug areas due to start a 5 year term on october 1st she said the i.m.s. top priority is to help countries minimize risk and be ready to cope with downturns while supporting long term economic stability. but all discussions about climate change one thing becomes increasingly clear not only must c o 2 emissions drop we also tried to capture c o 2 but we've already released into the at the simplest way plant more trees millions of them but people who know a thing or 2 about trees us actually say it's not that easy. counsel of the
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innocent until it's possible to measure the health of a tree how many leaves are needles that sheds is one indicator vera 600 douglas firs in this forest east of one of the trees originally from north america and the development is being closely studied. but this leg of a long dry spell is let's say 6 weeks without rain 6 weeks of drought in the trees shrink they don't grow they shrink and the wood starts to contract. for douglas firs have small slit like openings in their bark they close when it's dry in order to stop the tree from drying out. they help the tree retain its moisture it's an adaptation to the dry climate that the trees evolved in. but you know. we don't see any problems in this area. if the trees are growing even during the dry spells the tree tops also look healthy so we can say they're dealing well with
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the dryness. it's a very different picture 150 kilometers to the south. recent droughts have destroyed 110 hector's of forest land. and that's created a new problem for forest owners and rangers alike. the invasive bark beetle is spreading fast they burrow their way into the tree trunks if the trees aren't quickly cut down the beetle spread in danger in whole forests forest managers have to cut down huge swaths of forest land. that was interviewed we need to speed up our replanting efforts webbing that's a mix of as many different types of tree as possible will allow us to better manage the risks. recently they've begun adding trees from the mediterranean region or southeast asia to the mix they're used to the warmer conditions. but scientists warn beating the heat isn't the only problem.
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there are still risks if we introduced trees like these to germany then they could thrive in the warm months so they have to cope with late frosts that have the potential to greatly harm them. just giving it a try and seen what happens isn't a viable solution and once it and importing new tree species is expensive. a single kilogram of douglas fir tree seeds cost $1200.00 euros but is a worthwhile investment douglas firs have shown that there are a good fit for germany's forests. and that's as funny on the business as a team for business news check out a website that's called business. the
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occurred. to her love and on w. enough. this is it every news life for a fire storm in washington the director of national intelligence testifies in congress. a question to the question did president donald trump you break the law by inviting the president of ukraine to interfere in next year's u.s. presidential election also coming up. former french leader shocked shocked dissect
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each of. the president's.


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