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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 27, 2019 6:45pm-7:01pm CEST

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also the show could make the beautiful game even better about real time statistics that one is promising as it fits the stadium out of its 5. this is business as usual welcome to the u.s. china trade war and growing global uncertainty is starting to tell a key indicator of economic well being i spear and seeing a shop down vehicles are really feeling the pinch new vehicle sales in china for all and for 14 months in a row a survey of rooms and 320 cities indicates nearly haaf of dealerships have been sold and hundreds have gone out of business china is the world's fastest growing market for electric vehicles and tesla will stop producing cars that lead to this year and sales of electric vehicles. in decline.
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now joined in the studio by our resident john i watch a clip of coon and cliff what happened to the child a comma everything was going so well you know it sort of feels that way doesn't it basically that the trade war happens and we're seeing that now gradually feeding into into indicators like the car market. we've had now 14 straight months which is an incredible incredible period of decline and it's really beginning to make its make itself felt on the real economy. why electric vehicles are also being affected why and why is that so warning well electric vehicles are particularly worrying because that's always been the area 1st of all that electric vehicles are good for pollution pollution is a big political issue in china the cities are are dirty the air is dirty and the government wants to change that people are unhappy about it it seems like a great solution what's happening is that it's just that there are various measures in place to encourage people to buy the cars on the electric vehicle. the various
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local government agencies of started bringing them back because they're trying to get the market going again so this has a lot of different aspects that just aren't working out at the moment and the combination together means that the car market the electric vehicles car market is really feeling a. german company because as well of course because they're very much focusing now on electric cars and 2 they want to sell them in china of course will that market recover we what's what's the outlook that was very interesting looking at the i mean tesla is not a german car maker but foreign looking the foreign carmakers they're doing reasonably well actually i mean they're holding up compared to others but test is building a plant there it's going to start developing electric cars their. companies are folks are going there also investing there i think that these investments will probably pay off of venture lee ultimately they are the future it's not like we're going to go back to the combustion engine to the to the same level there's no way that politically that's possible in china so i think looking forward i think the
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prospects are probably still quite good but ultimately like everything else and like we said the beginning and you know it needs it's a trade war so it needs to it needs to be resolved before we can really start predicting what direction all these important markets are going to take and products like the vehicles are going to are going to go so you reckon it really is just a dip because of the trade war and once that is rectified that will sort of the demand will come back i think so i mean i think some of that is also people buying cars for the 1st time a lot of of the growth in china has been that people didn't have cars before you mean you're talking about a completely new market in many ways and which will be saturated at some stage exactly and now people are going to start looking out at their 2nd car because even security is going to that stage another interesting thing on the equals is 2nd hand cars there is no 2nd home market the very expensive and the 2nd home market really hasn't taken off in china yes and it is very very little in both of these you see this real estate as well as cars so it's there's a lot of different areas that have still where we can still see some expansion
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coming through i think it's perfectly thank you very much for this and. and we stay on the subject the u.s. and china are set to begin a new round of trade talks in early october 13th since the us 1st place tariffs on china last year and the run up to the meeting both sides are trying to show good faith. agricultural goods including pork have been at the heart of the u.s. chinese trade spat for over a year after china impose tariffs on u.s. imports trade went down leaving american farmers scrambling in search of new markets now china is back as a buyer. recently both sides have to split some good will for example the u.s. side has waived tariffs on many products and so on the chinese side we're willing
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to buy more products that are needed by the chinese market we hope both sides can take more enthusiastic measures get away from the pessimistic language if both sides do this talks will not only resume but they will yield results. u.s. farmers would appreciate that and things are looking good chinese firms have already ordered considerable amounts of u.s. pork in a sign of a potential breakthrough also of course because the country is facing a severe shortage due to the spread of africa's swine fever that has ravaged local suppliers. first by confirmation of the next round of trade talks with the u.s. chinese stocks the biggest losses in 7 weeks. for effects of pessimism about the long run in trade conflict reaching a positive outcome any time soon meanwhile the ongoing political unrest in hong kong continues to weigh on the markets there says did 2 percent this week and more
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protests are planned for the weekend. that's a quick check on the markets believe that the fine for the stock exchange willie what effect did these new all these news that we've had earlier on the show have on the european markets today. while people were news picking if you will not stop picking but used picking and they decided to lock on to the positive view on on trade and that's what has sustained european stock markets for much of the day the mood waning but towards the end of the day in places like paris and milan but keeping up and frankfurt and london where share price gains were retained people know that there are still negotiations coming so there's hope they also know that things can go the other way mediately with a new tweet from donald trump but as we just heard from your talk in the studio there's so much at stake for the chinese are so much at stake for the americans to the american auto industry is felt the impact of the trade conflict u.s.
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manufactured closing factories and such so there is a lot of hope that it will all turn out in the end but people here are holding holding their breath that it's going to be a short ride it'll be a long ride. it will be. germany's 2nd because that has also announced plans to restructure their business what are they up to. yeah they're radically cutting costs they're slashing 4300 jobs 2300 net they're closing a 5th of their branches 200 of the for 1000 and they're doing radical measures like selling a valuable asset poland's bank which is reaping a lot of profits contributing so far but they need the money to invest in a vestige of the leaf to invest in marketing and also to finance the cost cutting which in the beginning always costs money. in frankfurt. very
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much. for. for many of the football players passes were successful how much distance to the football team cover in the 1st half that kind of expert information was so far only accessible for t.v. viewers of soccer games but germany's football league to change that using 5 g. technology. for the football fan the smartphone has become a crucial part of the modern game who knows maybe you'll get a selfie with your idol connections like these are part and parcel of the match day experience a new technology could make that bond even closer and not from the german football league and telecoms provider vodafone hopes to tap into a growing demand for statistics the idea is to allow fans to track individual player performance during the game. vivaldi meant to fun to want information as harsh as their entertainment primarily going to be
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a technology oriented target who are already using spiky smart phones young people are interested in technology. this technical innovation is based on the new cellular standard 5 g. wonders league aside both sports stadium will be the 1st in germany to provide the service during the test run striker done yoga insect put the new technology through its paces. live in the spirit as a fan you can monitor the app during the game where no one knows darn why is that are we not running enough and how many tackles did individual players when and so forth this if there's so much analysis going on. the new app is supposed to enhance not replace the live experience in the stadium statistics about the player's performance are at your fingertips how fast was the sprint into the opponent's penalty area or what speed was the ball traveling for the goal to play becomes transparent in the future everything in the stadium will judge performance according to statistics but the fans really need all that.
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extra news in addition i think it's more of a technical foul i can't imagine all the fans following the game through their mobile phones basically this is added value for a few 3 and maybe also for journalists when evaluating games. the bonus legal will be the 1st football league in the world to introduce the new op the investment has been considerable although the total cost has been kept quiet fully equipping a stadium will cost many millions of euros so who benefits. the hugo i'd say it's more the younger generation if and passionately i would exclude traditional owners because speaking from experience real fans don't really look at their mobile phones during the game. it's hoped that up to 30 percent of match day fans would use the new technology to keep. ingredient will always be attractive football otherwise fans won't bother turning up at the games with or without the op
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. saudi arabia is changing its rules for visas to open up to tourists for the 1st time it's a historic moment for the kingdom trying to reduce its reliance on oil tourists from 49 countries can apply saudi also plans to relax the strict dress code for female visits no muslims will still be bought from visiting the holy sites of mecca and medina. from the me and the business as usual lots more stories background coverage on our website. dot com slash business and also follow us on social media facebook and twitter if. you go here's a quick look at global markets. that you very much. climate
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change. the scene in the uk. environmental projects. globalisation. biodiversity species conservation exploitation in politics. human rights displacement. the global and current local actually. 3000. i'm not thinking of the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and whimper that mistakes deep into german culture looking at the stereotype the classics the indians think if you country that i'm playing. piano you don't see me taking his grandmother
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day out to eat because it's cold out and. i might show join me to meet the gentleman from the w. post let. me know we were. 80 percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship listen. to you. how to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany my mother's from the united states of america and so i realized fairly early that it makes sense to explain different realities. and now here at the heart of the european union in brussels we have 28 different realities and so i think people are really looking for any journalist they can trust for them to make sense of. pride in this myself and my work at the
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w. lose sleep. sleep sleep sleep sleep. this is you don't really use life for. brylin on the offensive president donald trump lashes out at a the unnamed whistleblower who chooses him of abuse of power and trying to cover it up for the democrats the case is clear cut. by their very act of coming forward to show more dedication to country.


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