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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  October 1, 2019 7:45pm-8:01pm CEST

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dido and in yes. it is. on this edition of arts and culture will hear more of that unforgettable voice as we look back on the trail blazing career of jessye norman also coming up. drag performer extraordinaire taylor max things $24.00 decades of american music in 24 hours the artist will be here to tell us more about this epic undertaking. and can techno music help turn around struggling neighborhoods in one of the sounds birthplaces the city of detroit. we'll start this music packed show with a tribute to the legendary opera singer jessye norman who died on monday aged 74 just in norman's vocal range was just enormous and that became her nickname critics described her singing as sumptuous and penetrating new york's metropolitan opera
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has called her one of the best sopranos of the last half century. jessye norman enchanted opera fans around the she was born in the southern us state of georgia but launched her career and germany where she won an international music competition and $968.00 a year later she made her operatic debut at the unburned in. the soprano developed a wide ranging repertoire that included sadie and. but she was especially noted for singing. jessye norman was a trailblazer becoming one of the few african americans to achieve worldwide stardom and the opera. and $996.00 she sang at the opening ceremony of the olympic games in atlanta nomen won numerous prizes to her career such as the national madoff arts and
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a total of 5 grammy awards including one for lifetime achievement she also want to claim as a jazz singer but her heart always belong to the opera. jessye norman famously said that pigeon holes are for pigeons now this next performer is just about impossible to pin down and you'll see why in a moment taylor mack is touring the world with the show a 24 decade history of popular music it's an epic retelling of american history in drag. i'll be talking to taylor mack after this quick look. at the smile and it's kind of full it's nothing short of an extravaganza california born artist taylor makes the 24 decade history of popular music retells american history through the song some people on the fringes of society let it go 1st before the
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show in 124 hour run and brooklyn new york what sounds like a one man show is much more than that and not only dances acrobats are distressed and bands take the stage audience participation is crucial. it is a radical fairy a real and this is a rich. people sit in the gallery in the us then that is a ritual wrong on the it is the sacrament. that's your day matter fields that especially members of the l.g.b. t.q. community under represented in american history a 24 decade history of popular music tell some more inclusive story and takes us on a crazy kind of form right up to the deck can explode.
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and here with me is taylor mack welcome to the sound of love thanks for having me ok so taylor you premiered your show in this one time 24 hour marathon event since then you've been performing it and just these little 6 hour kind of thing and i think. how do you do it i mean just how do you do it physically do you in your audience have to bring snacks catheters what's the secret of well we marathon trained and so we started with 90 minute shows and we did 2 hours 3 hours 5 hours 6 hours a couple 12 hours and then we did the 24 hour show but now we tour it is for sex. there were shows over 2 weeks so it's the entire thing that we do it over 2 weeks and we have a couple days off in between to rest the voice and just collect my thoughts you know it's still pretty impressive just show is a retelling of american history through songs throughout the ages going back to us
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independence in 776 i don't think that most people would associate that with drag why is drag the right medium to do. well it's queer people never get to represent anything other than queer people so it was fun for me is that i get to be the metaphor for america queer is the metaphor and the idea is that we're stretching toward something that's different from us to try to understand it but also to see it in a different way i'm our own history shown to us from a different perspective and that's that allows us to see more details and to get more specific about who we are as a people and what we want for the future now with that in mind i want to play a short clip from your show which we're going to talk about just after this is you performing curtis mayfield civil rights and move on out from 1970.
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i just want to ask you why did you want to include that song in a show well every decade of the show we do with a different community and us history that was falling apart being torn apart because it was being torn apart it was building itself so we do we deal with the jewish immigration. and that community and in the tenements and then with that specific line was about the. rights of man we do this christmas song and we have the brooklyn united marching band join us so it's it's focusing on people who are building themselves because. of prejudice it's an interesting thing to for the to study each and every decade and find a different community from our history where that's happening and there's plenty of
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them out there so i just want to get a little personal now if that's ok with you has been preparing for this interview for meeting you i've been reading a lot about the buzz that you've been creating with your choice of personal pronoun you've asked have to be called she or she or they but judy yeah the musical star judy garland exactly. does that make it really difficult for people when well it's a gift you know i give it to people and if they want to use it they can use that i don't mind it when people use other ones but for me it's just fun my pronoun is an art piece so art is there to help bring a little pause to your life break your out of your patterns and so when people use my pronoun they they kind of go they don't know what to do and also makes people laugh and makes them smile that's a nice thing sometimes they roll their eyes but then it immediately makes them camp because you can't say judy without being camp you know ok i just want to show
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another little clip of your show this is a song suo gone which you know about this briefly this is so well. and at one point we will be seeing all these songs that are drinking songs and a temperance choir comes in and they start singing and drinking songs and we kind of do a battle between each other for an hour and this was us coming together ok let's take a quick look at that. we have a good story. ok diller max thank you so much for coming on the show i understand the berlin version which are going to be performing is going to have accordion players. as peaches is coming to perform with. on
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the on the 12th just so many different performers from berlin that we're bringing into the show and making it fresh i would expect no less thank you so much taylor mack. finally now techno music is huge here in berlin with parties that last for decades but in the u.s. city of detroit one of the birthplaces of techno nightlife is a lot more restricted so now some d.j.'s are saying that staying up later could give the city on hard times a much needed boost. in detroit d.j. john collins has been famous on the world's techno scene for decades but here in his hometown he can't party like he does in other cities following city law and dance floors in detroit have to shut down at 2 am. techno fans in detroit want nightlife to go on for longer and bring more business to poorer areas of the city they've been looking at transforming abandoned buildings into clubs and arts centers. feel that nighttime economy will now only extend the
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entertainment. aspects of nighttime but also bring jobs jobs to the short words there could be clubs there could be restaurants there could be galleries that could actually employ people or other places berlin techno legend to me to be here the man fell in love with detroit techno and exported it to berlin 30 years ago using music he wants to create a successful night time economy similar to berlin's hagerman collins and others from the detroit berlin connection to help make it happen. i think the music especially with not just talking about techno we talk about everything the hip hop the tracks and all that and. i must say there's so much potential it's one of the most important as it detroit has where people see problems i see opportunities. in detroit berlin connection has an ongoing petition to get the city
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government to lift its 2 am dancing curfew members also attend events to sell the idea of a 24 hour nighttime economy. detroit city government is slowly coming around especially in the greektown nightlife district although bars still close to 2 am. adrian tomine as the city's 24 hour economy embassador his job is to work with clubs and event organizers to help nightlife including technology thrive. pop culture is is you know it fluctuates it's in and out but techno i don't think it's ever something that's going to stop i think europe is has a huge techno community it did start here and i think there's going to be something new. here the detroit berlin connections i do years of being put to the test techno fans are being allowed to party until 4 am but it's for one night only since.
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i just think of the future of the train and that you know we need to be on board with this way of thinking anything that you and keep the crowd around whether it's good news a good company and then we're here for a long time well enjoy. a small corner off detroit roots late into the night maybe these nights will become as normal as they are in the german capital where the party can last all night and day. and whether it's day or night you can find plenty of work culture news on t.w. dot com slash culture.
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strategy that made a difference. baking bread on d.w. . the world unto itself. with its own gravitational pull down. the finest musical compositions. with some mysteries trees. don't believe that if you listen to them don't tell me that the member. of or yourself and the joint you come a fellow morning. revealed the symphonies of the hotness pumps. how do the romantic master come up with such a piece of. the brahms
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code. tobar 11th on d w enough. this is due to the news live from violence in hong kong ask a light says tens of thousands of protesters the fire of battle demonstrations on china's national tax protest is hospitalized after being shocked to close range by police. arrest comes as china puts on a massive show of military might to mock 17 years of comments from position playing
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tells crowds had no power to help the country the facts also on the program ukraine's president announces a deal to do.


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