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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  October 2, 2019 11:45pm-12:00am CEST

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our e.u. correspondent guild much says it's going to take us there for a taste. but 1st it's the symbol of a country that no longer exists and a city that was once divided 50 years ago communist east germany completed construction on the berlin t.v. tower just in time to mark the now defunct country's 20th anniversary the imposing structure was meant to show the world what east germany was capable of and the tower still dominates berlin skyline today attracting a 1000000 visitors a year. with the heights of 368 meters its butlins most visible and since it opened in 1969 the t.v. tower has attracted 60000000 visitors from all over the world. but it scary i didn't expect it to be quite so high when we look for places to go in berlin we just missed and we saw a great big dollars to come for the night every monuments specially in the new one
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we'll. show you elevators transport guests to the top in just 42nd news many of the lift that takes visitors to the viewing platform at a height of 200 free meters has a top speed of 21 kilometers per hour. for safety reasons only 350 people are allowed on the platform at any one time on a clear day you can see 80 kilometers. the revolving platform also doubles as a restaurant guests can enjoy an ever changing few joining the meal. to come in and the tables are moving so 1st of all you have to find your table and as then you are amazed by the view that greets you so yes it's very special when you come up those definite you know wow effect of. charleston brinkman is the boss here so he gets. places most visitors don't see the antenna platform at
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246 meters for example. told me it's an architectural achievement and above all a mosque the full piece of engineering my colleagues thought up using slide rules and black people which is quite remarkable. the berlin television is not just a tool for the tourists it's also a very special building that can tell many about the division of germany and reunification. and here with me now is do w. cultures adrian kennedy adrian this tower was supposed to demonstrate the achievements sapir you already would say communist east germany did it really well there is testimony to east german engineering but i have to tell you not only east german engineering because some of the components have to be imported from the west
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who are example the wind came from belgium the elevators from sweden and most troubling of all this thing the steel show. from west german company over the disco ball there so this was a this was a west german disco actually secretly and as a propaganda tool for east germany in some ways the tower kind of backfired didn't it in the way because berlin is very quickly noticed that when the sun shone on and it sometimes formed the symbol of cross so they gave the building the nickname the pope's revenge socialism of course did not told religion in high regard and the tallest buildings in the area out till then had been churches legend has it that the communist was so incensed about the cross problem that they considered tearing the talent down but this is just legend is actually really quite little evidence to suggest that the communists or it. such a great problem but that does make
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a good story doesn't it the revolving restaurant in the big tower that was a pretty big hit with these germans wasn't it yes it was some suggest it has more to do with the fact that you got amazing and the red views of west lane. there was a joke going around at the time that if the t.v. tower collapsed while you're having dinner something not considered so unlikely that you actually get lucky and and in the way lucky enough to be having dinner in a collapsing tower let me get this straight the tower is celebrating its birthday on october 3rd this in germany is a big holiday marking reunification of germany but the tower itself was actually built to mark the birthday of communist east germany which would be on october 7th that's why and it did actually open to the public on the 7th but it was. on the 3rd fortunately. coincidentally became day if you know the unification
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and. has become something of a symbol of unification of the young but they hadn't and they need the site stepped the thorny issue that it was actually built to commemorate the founding of the state because they're much more convenience day it's a commemorate this for the present germans the way to make this a monument for everyone and not just for the former communists thank you adrian kennedy so much for giving us that insight into germany's highest structure thank you. and crossing the iron curtain back to the west now it was the height of rock'n'roll and no one captured it quite like photographer norman see after brief careers as a soccer player and a doctor she became a celebrity photographer catching the attention of the stars with his wild and rowdy photo shoots and their exhibition here in germany pays tribute. sex drugs rock n roll i continue to turn
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a embodies the spirit of the seventy's like no one out and 975 photographer norman siegel captured the energy in the studio as you can see in the background there's people around so norman all he turned to sessions into parties and he just would be doing a session and invite everybody off the street in that can you imagine there were $200.00 people. and just getting crazy it was. like joni mitchell. singer van morrison what you. are comedian steve martin. so he was developing this technique of how to get these spontaneous improvisational methodology really and how to get people to be sincere and honest and real.
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and he has different methods to do this he wants through a car he can frank zappa's fice and that didn't work until. a huge microphone shuts and next to curtis mayfield jodie foster is being found with a piece of cardboard save signature style included imperfection but after a mistake on his 1st big shoot with the band he thought his career was dead. when 70 wrong because he mightn't if you know his mistake you can see the reflection of the flash in the windows of the speakers not so he went back to new york and drove on his way home and said my career is over before it began and he just shoved the photos under bob cato's door and i was so embarrassed. so bob looked at them and loved them the band loved them they didn't know how to get ahold of no one he didn't put his phone number and. now feed spotters on display and cologne germany we caught him at a studio in l.a.
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to tell about his profession with the late great child. so we need a ride he was in a bad mood and he was pretty tasty and as we started talking about creativity she suddenly garth's where i was coming from and he started to express in some of the most articulate conversation i've ever had. what goes on. as he's working now you look like another man one that's incredible you would be so excited that i get the commercial shops in the last 5 minutes seems total for a child as world famous absolutely about their relationship with your i think we've got the session ok. or the legend the former soviet state of lithuania is one of the smallest countries in the european union with just around 3000000 people think enough though to have its own
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proud baking culture correspondent and baking nerd continues his cowen area tour of europe with this lithuanian installment of our series breaking bread rai is making the politics of bali comes a close 2nd it grows very well in the north europe and it's still a popular staple in the nordic kitchen take 145000000 liters of who called water 135 grams of barley flour and a small pinto feast and let them ferment overnight. the next meats 250 grams of plain flour with 200 milliliters of bottom milk and let it rest for 30 minutes. while you waiting mesh 70 grams of boiled potatoes along with another 50000000 liters of bottom up and don't be gentle that's what the rain years old i have maybe tell you former president carter is famous for the
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tough line she took against fluffy mia putin she really likes to go against the grain but sometimes wants to be taken with a pinch of salt any joke that. if i if i will know i will be happy to see i can joke a little bit let's be serious and not just a pinch actually. 8 grounds is what you need right now. then add 115 grams of poly flour and 15 grams of poly malt. 7 grams of east. now let your bottom oat flour mixture and need everything well for about 14 minutes. let it go rest until it doubles in size. split the dough into 9 pieces. barley is a small versatile crop and it's very resilient just like lift you weigh in the
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within the e.u. with the baltic states is that the forefront of efforts to counter russian dist information and other forms of aggression with uranium likes to be right on target usually there are some i can joke tricks and guess what there are use the handle of the wooden spoon and press a close shave into the top. spray the tops of the rolls with water and roll them in bali flakes with a cross on the underside cover the rolls with a flour tea towel and leave to rest for 45 minutes in the warm place. then bake your body bonds at 230 degrees for about 20 minutes. enjoy the fresh steaming cup of coffee. 5 by the way the coffee is on brussels with you any hour receives one euro 25 per head per day out of the e.u.
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budget more than any other member state may when your coffee is free brett tastes even better. and if you're getting hungry all of georg's baking recipes from across europe are on our website e.w. dot com slash culture.
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when much of europe wanted to kick them out marie i'm not pro-gun he invited them in. to tweak island of some most is home to one of the worst pretty g. canst in the mediterranean. but one woman makes life a little better for her new neighbors. meet mummery us and the refugees of some most. 30 minutes on w. . where is home. when your family is scattered across the globe. it gets to. the turning back to the roots get a minute nothing. to charge family from somalia live around the world and one of
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them needed urgent assistance and. the family starts october on d w 2. 100 small thieves in my comments. where i come from rajoy remains an important means soft transmitting new and for miche and when i was young my country was drawing many conflicts the war throb enough to keep most people would cause them. to seem as. if one's mind joel took 2 in one off the lot just say it's sold out to everyone in the town called listen to the games say. nothing has been from inside my head known codea into one thing more than the wrong even top i caught us i was it's written for me. my choices discarded
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because given their way told transmitted to the troops. and it isn't a question how much and i will. get up. this is day doubly news and these are our top stories for the prime minister has called on the european union to come from outside the breaks of course johnson outlined what he said was his final offer to brussels the european commission president jiang close has warned of problematic points in the plan.


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