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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  October 16, 2019 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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today again u.s. president demanded turkey stop its assault on the kurds in northern syria today again trump threaten to destroy turkey's economy but the turks they are not looking back betting that the americans aren't coming back and the result the kurds are now aligned with syria which puts them in the pocket of lead to be a potent tonight without firing a single shot russia has what it's always wanted influence over syria with no americans to get in the way i burnt off in berlin this is the day. for the drug communicated in a very clearly. that the united states of america wants turkey to stop because beijing. just for the operation peace springs has 2 goals the 1st is to
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completely eliminate terrorist groups how to keep k.k. why peachey faces a painting in syria. the security situation in northeastern syria remains highly volatile and with continued responsiveness pricing crowned attacks at the military operation continues. the 2nd goal is to safely return to stay at home moms to their country 3000000 650000 seats out of guests for 8 years. present from a very clear. that the united states is going to continue to take action against turkey's economy until they bring the violence to an end. also coming up tonight what to wear when humans return to the moon. nasa is revealing the next generation of space suits for men and women will find
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out if they meet the d.w. dress code. and to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day on the front line in northern syria with one is looking more and more like a gamble with turkey as the loser and russia as the winner without even having to place a bet the announcement last week that u.s. forces are withdrawing from northern syria has triggered a dramatic geopolitical realignment with no u.s. military in its way turkey is pushing ahead at full throttle with its assault on the kurds in northern syria turkey views the kurds as terrorists up until the u.s. began its withdrawal america had been an ally of the kurds especially in the fight against a so-called islamic state that is now history facing an assault by the turks the kurds have turned to the syrian regime for help which means syrian troops could go
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things to face in battle against turkish troops a nightmare scenario for turkish president to one the w's julia han has more from the border between turkey and syria than 160000 people have fled the areas then north and syria they are moving deeper into kodesh controlled areas to what cities are like record but of course now with the troops advancing this is actually a nightmarish situation for many syrians that there are many syrians here on the turkish side of the border as well that we've talked to in the past days they're saying that this is an absolutely horrifying idea for them that asset and his troops might be returning to these areas there in north in syria we also hear that aid organizations and geos all withdrawing are pulling out not because of the turkish military operation but because of the i said the government is our army at van thing that. there was giuliani reporting european countries have condemned the
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turkish assault on the kurds some edu countries including germany have stopped all weapons sales to turkey suddenly turkey is looking isolated and alone u.s. president donald trump he is now scrambling to deal with the strategic disaster that he refuses to acknowledge as such nevertheless trump is slapping economic sanctions on turkey and is threatening to destroy the turkish economy if president everyone does not stop the military operation against the kurds trump is also sending his vice president to ankara hoping a face to face moment will convince everyone to pull back here is what's the vice president said today well the united states of america did not give a green light to turkey to invade syria. president has been very clear on that point and reiterated that the president to want today that.
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president arafat want i think. knows the president trumps mind on this matter very clearly today the president trump pressed him very strongly in a telephone call today. to immediately embrace a cease fire well a cease fire does not look likely tonight with turkey pushing even deeper into northern syria will air to one risky battle with syrian and kurdish forces that seems unlikely what is clear tonight is that russia is emerging as the biggest winner it has complete influence over assad's regime in syria and the americans are no longer in the security equation thanks to u.s. president donald trump we have this report. the syrian town of ras al-ain pounded by turkish a terrorist across the border. a week into turkey's offensive in northern syria fighting still rages here turkish backed syrian militias seen here at
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battling kurdish fighters who are counterattacking to retake the town. the turkish onslaught has left the kurdish autonomous administration in northern syria little choice but to turn to the assad regime for help. syrian government troops have pushed forward to stop the turkish advance. they have reached the city of man bage a strategic town situated on a nature highway. syrian state television was on the ground as local celebrated the troops arrival. russian troops have also been spotted in the town and the russian foreign ministry says its soldiers have created a buffer between the syrian and turkish armies to avoid a direct confrontation. it's moscow that has gained most from the withdrawal of u.s. troops and the subsequent turkish attack on the deal between the kurds and moscow's
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ally are sad gives russia access to northern syria previously under us way. as washington's influence wanes russian president vladimir putin mistry during the regional stage after a visit to saudi arabia he was received by abu dhabi's crown prince mohammed bin ziad on choose day. the us of impose sanctions while the european union imposed a limited farms embargo on cherokee german chancellor angela merkel on monday called for an end to fighting. it up there from another though so i have already said from my side that we believe that with all of justified security interests this offensive should be ended because it has visibly causing a lot of human suffering and it's also bringing a lot of uncertainty with the fighting s.i.s.u. ones. but for now the offensive continues and so does the human suffering
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as civilians a court between the fronts like these young victims of turkish shelling in a hospital in russia lying just isn't it. days you can get sing out the u.n. says that 160000 people have already fled the fighting. well there could be global consequences for the world of soccer after monday's euro 2020 qualifying match between bogey area in england that game was marred by bulgarian fans who targeted england players with racist chants and monkey shouts today the head of bulgaria's football federation resigned under pressure from bulgaria as prime minister soccer's global governing body says it is looking at how europe deals with the bulgarian team and could make part of its anti-racism policy europe's policy for all soccer clubs all around the world. prior to the match
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bulgaria had already been ordered to keep 5000 seats of the wasilla left ski stadium empty as punishment for previous racist behavior and home matches against kosovo and czech republic bulgaria fans once again the tract of negative attention with nazi salutes and monkey chants. directed at england players like write him sterling marcus raschid and tyron mings in accordance with you a for protocol the referee stopped play twice but the visitors decided not to walk off the pitch despite hinting they may do so in the build up. we had a conversation. they did want to play and if you want to. start a medical decision to continue the game we thought it was important. we'd heard it but the protocols have been follows and it happened again we would have that. moved on to the next step and come off the pitch but. no major incidents occurred in the
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2nd half but the bulgarian association now face severe consequences from including a potential exclusion from all european competitions well i'm joined now by pablo claiming co he is responsible for the eastern europe region at fair which stands for football against racism in europe pavol is going to have you on the show let me ask you do you think that the players for england should they have stayed on the pitch last night or should they have walked away. it's a very good question you know this situation there multi are easy to handle both for for leaders for toshi stuff and obviously for us so when at the end of the 1st how did this 2nd step will today you have a 3 step protocol should have been activated the players decided to stay which is a decision that should be demanded i think the focus should remain on that dog is a racist abuse anyway and ensuring they have adequate support well so do we have 2
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problems here that we have the problem of how to react and how to i guess punish fans when they're doing this but the other problem is the fact that you do have fancy you are racist which which one do you tackle 1st well i think 1st of course you have to tackle the problem doc said some fans are engaging in discriminatory behavior and this is. they're out catalogs of things you could do to tackle this problem the question oftentimes is whether there is political will to do so you know whether to start tackling the problem you have to acknowledge it identify the people who are engaging and exclude them from the stadium and then you know continue with education and this is something we have not seen in vogue area there have been countless incidents at club level at national level we have you know we knew basically this this sports in the stadium where things were going to
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happen on the air and if they knew that and still they were in denial so the responsibility lies completely on the well what about the political aspect of this the the head of bulgaria's football federation has resigned but we understand that that decision came only after pressure was applied on him to do so by bulgaria's prime minister if there had not been that pressure do you think he would have taken any action. i think there have been many signs that have been calling for for him to resign after what happens. i mean if you write letters to the england it's a saying there is no racism in bulgaria and you know the bulgarian at the heels of found it for you and even raising the issue of racism and then your fans racially abuse england players than any decent person would resign and. what do you think needs to be done now because obviously we do have this problem of racism and we also have the problem the field to deal with that what your organization for
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example fair what are you doing right now to combat this problem. we do soules sorts of things the 1st one is tackling at discrimination that is being manifested in the professional game at grassroots levels we have an observer system operating outside international competitions that you often see far we send strange people to the stadiums to record these incidents of discrimination and then passing on to the us in fee for decision every to support the legal process to issue sanctions for this type of behavior so this incidence rates do not remain down. and the 2nd. a 2nd way of our work is using the positive value of football to educate and sue to bring people together and promote diversity because football has enormous power and as i sat there. the action plans and the number of things you could do to tackle that problem have been known for
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a for decades now it's the question is about introducing the many elements well bob let me ask you this though you say football has tremendous power to unite people you know bring people of different backgrounds together but it's at these football these these soccer matches where we see these racist attacks happen so there's something about football that's also where tracting racist fans. well part of the problem is and to trace. to find cultures in many countries including eastern europe but also happens in germany and in the u.k. spain wherever you are you see infiltration by organized far right groups who are using absolute will stadiums as stages for their hate and for their propaganda we see bulgarian using the flags of 3 far right extremist political parties it matches instead of all of them as of their own teams so i think this has to be
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taken very seriously and this will really with the rise of the far right across europe and it acts on minorities on refugees l.g.b. th you people that are out there reflection. it's a very good point it's impossible to separate society politics and sports. from a fair which is an anti-discrimination organisation however we appreciate your time your insights tonight thank you thank you very much. the man often referred to as the king of basketball appears to be ballin down before china and it's happening as the n.b.a. is in full damage control mode in that hugely lucrative chinese market the n.b.a.'s china syndrome started after the general manager of the houston rockets tweeted his support for pro-democracy protesters in hong kong or beijing claims that tweet was support for hong kong separatists and as a result has cut ties with the houston rockets politics and basketball they do not
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mix well in china and now l.a. lakers star player bron james he's offering his take on this p.r. disaster. i do not believe that there was any consideration for the consequences and ramifications of the tweet le bron tweeted my team and this league just went through a difficult week i think people need to understand what a tweet or statement can do to others. is le bron james now an apologist for an authoritarian regime known as the chinese communist party where here is more on why china has called a foul over american basketball's freedom of speech. the houston rockets in damage control this play is enlisted to help smooth over a full out they could risk a money spinning relationship with china as it were posed. you know.
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that with the title of the plane there. are no words for both of us in the grizzly we go there no once twice a year the grovelling apology came after the team's general manager daryl morey tweeted support for the protests in hong kong he quickly deleted the tweet and said he didn't intend to cause offense humble words that underline the importance of chinese money to the n.b.a. china's state broadcaster announced it would no longer show rockets games and the chinese basketball association says it's ending its relationship with the club the houston rockets a largely responsible for china's interest in the sport which took a large stride forward when they signed local boy ya meaning in 2002 now the market there is worth billions to the association. last year more than half a 1000000000 chinese fans watched n.b.a. matches h.q.'s is
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a potential buyer of merchandise and tickets just last weekend the brooklyn nets play the l.a. like his in china the nets are owned by chinese billionaire joseph side the co-founder of web titan ali baba for his part he said the damage from the pro protest tweets would take quote a long time to repair. one now the catwalk for those who could really do the moon walk nasa has given us a 1st look at its next generation of space suits the suits which astronauts will wear on the arguments mission the mission that will take men back to the moon and women as well these space suits are customized to fit women as well as men now that is a 1st for nasa there have been advances in space suit technology for space walks during the shuttle missions but these that we're seeing here these are the 1st u.s. space suits designed for exploring the lunar surface since the apollo missions
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which ended back in the early 1970 s. it's been that long almost 50 years all right to talk fashion and the lunar surface to i'm joined by the w.'s dear heart of he is of course one of our business anchors here at the w. and he's also branded himself as a fashionista extraordinary or we're going to share that maybe with his dress code video series if it is on the rules and the sins of attire in today's business world that's right it's a picture those shirts are in folks. it's good to have her here at the big table with us tonight security let me get your take then what do you make of these new spacesuits they're they've they look a bit like i don't know some some underwater equipment very very bulky and but it's the proper attire full for their workplace and i mean this is basically they
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they're wearing what we're wearing we wear exists because this is the proper attire for our workplace and they were the proper type i mean when i 1st saw this i thought that she was actually going to go underwater yeah it looks like one of those green or something yeah those deep sea diving suits i mean they look a bit bulky one would have thought that nasa would be able to come up with something i guess a bit cooler if you're going into 0 g. yeah you would you would have thought they could they i wish they could have taken away a picture that they could have taken a clue from from from hollywood realism this is matt damon in the martian that is a really really cool lookin looking space you know because it's bonnie it's bonnie and yeah you can you can recognize the boat is of course perfectly unrealistic but you know sometimes the real world science and real worlds technology goes off to what science fiction has displayed you know 10 to 15 years and sometimes the real
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world kind of forgets the realities of things to these new suits that we're talking about they have been prompted by the experience of one unfortunate astronaut tell me about yeah that's that's and the claim that we see we see that in the background and she was supposed to do in march this year she was to participate in a bit of a historic moment the 1st all female space walk out of the ice as the international space station and that was council at the last minute because there was only one medium sized suit available and both women would have needed a medium sized suit and only one was available so that was cancelled. because that ok making a little moment of history would have been nice but mission safety and goes i seem to have more large yet large large and extra an extra large yes that's right well if you're going to go get a big. space suit itself it has a long history and let's consider that history let's take
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a look these are some of the heroes of the a problem that is that's actually the apollo 9 missions and if you if you look at though those suits they look quite similar and the this is was not what nasa said today that today's suits that are still in use basically only slight redesigns of these 40 year olds would these look like they would be you'd be able to manage in them there they don't know what they would be cumbersome there but they are on a as they are they a way like $200.00 pounds but on the on the moon they only wear 16 of that so they have a quite manageable there but you see they're very bulky and back in the day these astronauts would dive and even in the very new one that was introduced today they're designed that astronomers can wear diapers because there's still no better solution is our particular problem diapers are reality in the fashion of 0 gravity right. back here on earth let's talk about the heroes behind the scenes at mission
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control the engineers the answers on here i mean these guys here what what do their shirts and ties what do they tell you well basically this is sort of an area that i very much miss because that was the era when men of course went to work in a suit and it's high signifying a certain respect back in the day you dressed for what you just didn't go to work in the same same clothes that you go to the gym with all i don't know the jeans and t. shirts. today especially here at coachella do you do you do you meant that i mean yes. when you look at the astronauts especially when they're training they they're always wearing a polo shirt sleeve shirts i mean they're always holes they're always just you know in their leisure mode but you think the meeting is too much of that yeah these days i mean coming back to the space yeah the space suit is is work at tottenham that's
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the appropriate time for you know walking on the moon being protected against the this very very dangerous environment and but the same goes to a degree for a suit if you're a man going to work you know and you know that you know these protections sometimes and you need a bit of bit of a bit of omma suit does that and this is what dress code is all about this video look and you're your crystal ball here let's assume that there's a colony on the moon one day we know that we're going to mars as well where people are spending most of their time on another arrest real body is there going to be a separate fashion do you think the use of it will there i'm pretty sure i mean we've just seen what it what hollywood makes of it and i'm sure there is there's going to be a bulky space suits and there's going to be cool a space suit very much looking forward to where and what you want me to ask you on
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the moon suits slacks with cleats or no i'd say no plates because you don't want anything to catch it that's your hard don't ever catch anything that's right. it's good to have you on the show and don't forget to watch this series dress code absolutely thank you. all right the day is almost done but the conversation continues online to find us on twitter either at u.w. news or you can follow me at work off t.v. go for diffuser hash tag the day every member whatever happens between now and then or whatever you wear tomorrow is another day what staff goes for sick of it everybody.
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