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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 19, 2019 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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well you. this is g.w. news live from berlin violence flares in barcelona the capital of spain's catalonia region is gripped by a 5th day of under arrest after the jailing of separatist leaders pro independence protesters clashed with police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse them earlier over a half a 1000000 people joined peaceful protests while a general strike caused widespread disruption and also on the program. kurdish led forces accused turkey of violating the fragile ceasefire ceasefire in northern syria for a place down border skirmishes but turkish president says his military offensive in
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the region unless kurdish militias pull back from the border. and in german soccer the bonus leader resumes this weekend with table topping hoping to maintain their red hot form against misfiring as the 2 years to battle. welcome to the program violence has broken out during a 5th day of mass protests in the catalog capital barcelona as uproar over the jailing of independence leaders sweeps of the region of northern spain a general strike has brought much of catalonia to a halt flights have been canceled and road and rail links disrupted many factories stopped work tourist attractions closed and a key football match between barcelona and rail madrid was postponed.
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yes more turmoil in barcelona police moving on protesters whose anger has been growing all day. as dusk turned to darkness violence flared once again barcelona has now seen 5 nights of clashes between protesters and security forces. thousands had congregated in the castling capital during the day many more had been marching on the city for the past 3 days outraged over harsh prison sentences for separatist leaders i protest we have political prisoners here in europe but that's inexcusable we have to protest against it. and don't even think that we're demanding our rights and especially our independence we demand democracy or let him get out you know. the protests remained peaceful until some demonstrators began pelting the police headquarters with eggs some say the police are to blame for the
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escalation as well yes but that if the police provoke us we have to respond we have a right to protest in the media then if that is worse than. spain's prime minister condemns the unrest. you know you think i'm an article i'm not i don't want you to think that the vandalism and the violence in catalonia will go unpunished yes and i want to you know this the capital. the catalonian regional president also condemned the violence while at the same time backing the protesters demands. but all of us sentenced to 100 years for staging a referendum that we need to vote on independence again. saw it on the bottom up was old enough to look at me. as flames engulfed the streets of ball saloon for another night's cuts alone independence had once again turned into a political. our correspondent helena humphreys in barcelona and sent us this report. it's become
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a familiar but notice worrisome constant that if it's not no protests here and also not have turned violent now the civil guard has been drafted to back up police out on the streets here barricades bottles have been thrown far works and smoke filled the air and a number of mosques protestors can now be seen at times the crowd has fled quickly and unpredictably spanish prime minister pedro sanchez says that there will be a 0 tolerance policy towards violence but even off for a day off huge and knowledge the peaceful protests that's not a message this being heard here tonight. catalonia is x. president carlos put him on who fled to belgium after the failed 2017 independence bid turned himself into police there on friday after spain reactivated its arrest warrant for him a judge released him without bail setting a court date for the end of october that's when belgium authorities will decide
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whether to comply with the arrest warrant and extradite him to spain they declined to do so in 2017. kurdish forces in syria have accused turkey of violating its 5 day pause in hostilities there they cite ongoing attacks on a syrian border town which turkey denies however president right here says his forces will resume its offensive unless kurdish militias retreat from the border region. a far cry from a ceasefire. this is the syrian border town of rest. less than 20 kilometers away the wounded arrive at hospital according to the syrian observatory for human rights over 10 civilians were killed in the fighting just on friday during an apparent truce. as turkish forces continued to enter northern syria local residents in tel aviv yet say fighting their house stopped this town
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which also lies on the turkish border was just captured from kurdish units. it's good content we were able to sleep last night thank god. turkish president richard tayyip erdogan has denied that there was any fighting and vows to press on if there are still forces opposing turkey along the safe zone that ankara wants to create along its border with syria. by choose day night this issue of a safe zone along the border would have been resolved. i'm open but if we still face opposing forces without any exception the minute the time is up. our operation will resume where it stopped called and with even more determination . so president trump spoke with the man saying everything is under control
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very much we're doing very very well with turkey there is a cease fire or even a pause or whatever you want to call it there was some sniper fire this morning there was mortar fire this morning that was eliminated quickly and they're back to the full pause we have i just totally under god turkey is also guarding separately they're watching over everything so you have the kurds who were dealing with and are very happy about the way things are going i must say but french president emanuel mccrum view isn't so rosy to. skate what has happened over the last few days in the region news a serious mistake by the west do and by nato it looked on his. has been fighting during this pause i don't choose day the so-called cease fire will end. now to some other stories making news around the world. protests in the lebanese
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capital beirut have turned violent with police firing tear gas into crowds of demonstrators earlier tens of thousands of people marched to demand the government halt its plans to impose new taxes they're also calling for the demise of a political elite they accuse of looting the economy. an explosion at a mosque in eastern afghanistan has killed over 60 people and injured dozens more the blast which caused the roof to collapse occurred during friday prayers no group immediately claimed responsibility but the government accused taliban insurgents the so-called islamic state is also active in the region. here in germany and the morial has been held for a victim in last week's far right terror attack in the eastern city of hama family friends and politicians gathered to remember the 20 year old man who shot dead in a shop the gunman's 1st target was a synagogue full of worshipers but he failed to get in his other victim
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a 40 year old woman was killed just outside the synagogue. british prime minister boris johnson has warned that there is no better outcome to the torture process than the deal reached in brussels on thursday johnson is scrambling to win lawmakers support ahead of saturday's vote in parliament he says he's confident he can get enough backing but the vote is likely to be close. a historic mistake that's how european commission president described the european union's failure to start membership talks with north macedonia and albania john called a disappointment made for a sobering end to a summit in brussels italy wants to restart talks on enlarging the block but france has other ideas. chancellor merkel wanted to put pressure on paris but she didn't succeed france continues to say no opinion and northern macedonia to western balkans countries will have to wait for invitations to join the e.u.
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they won't be offered at this summit. germany's position was the time to such in conditions e.u. accession talks could begin but i'm sorry to say this position was not unanimously agreed upon it's one. without any entry prospect e.q. member states are concerned that russia or china might win more influence in the region but france together with denmark in the netherlands criticizes the current approval process president michael says it's too cumbersome for paris reform is long overdue and a key issue. is what that the process must be reversible otherwise it won't be credible and that's why my wish is that before we accept new e.u. members that many of the current members meet the reform criteria. e.u. states are postponing the start of accession talks for the 3rd time a new date has been set chancellor merkel says the next attempt will be early next
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year. mexico's president andres manuel lopez obrador is defending the decision to abort a police raid to arrest a son of el chapo the now jailed drug cartel kingpin the operation sparked fierce street battles with cartel gunmen who outnumbered police gunfire left 8 people dead and more than 20 injured over who has been criticized for not doing enough to stop to stem drug related violence which claimed more than 29000 lives last year. mexican security forces were on a routine patrol in similar as capital city when gunmen opened fire on them. security forces returned fire and missionary capturing 4 men among them the son of the form. head of the sin alone drug cartel in el chapo guzman just one of them was identified as a video goes my locus result several organized crime groups surrounded the house
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with the force greatest and out of the patrol unit other criminal groups initiated violence against other citizens. caravans of cartel gunmen took over the city setting fires blocking major intersections and killing civilians indiscriminately the force wielded by the cartel gunmen so superior that the authorities decided to release the video guzman in order to avoid a further escalation of violence the incarceration of former cartel top man el chapo in one of the highest security prisons in the united states has left a dangerous power vacuum in the sinhala and drug cartel it's triggered a surge of violence in mexico as various would be contenders fight for control of the powerful drug cartel. the bonus league resume that friday following the international break there are some big games still to come on match day 8 life
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stakeholder hosts are the only undefeated team remaining in the league and surprise table top. travels to dortmund with hopes of keeping its number one spot. the fulls of god bot have been on fire this season it's been over 30 years since the brucia boys have occupied the tables pole position this late in the season a dangerous attack that can hurt a team multiple ways makes blood but viable candidate to win it all this season but 1st they have to get past do it. as an innocent this is a very important bundesliga game for us the fact is a very tough german team also with unbelievable quality we called into a club have a very good cultural side who allows them to play freely. list. up and coach lucian 5 relate his side to 2nd last season but this season despite being favorites they've been taking the foot off the gas their last 3 outings weren't the
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results they wanted. the scout one and it's clear that we really really want to win against clawed back. because we know that we've had a few draws in a row now so as time mention in the mosque another big game involves current number 2 team will spur the big question is will they remain undefeated the world's toughest test so far this season without a doubt who'll be facing rb leipzig the side that only trailed them by one point in the standings. 2 american astronauts have made history as the 1st all woman space walking team nasa astronauts christina cook and jessica mir successfully completed their mission after some 7 hours outside the station they were slated to install new batteries during a space walk next week but had to venture out 3 days early due to a quick and failure nasa had wanted the all female spacewalk to happen last spring
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but we're short on space suits in the right size or way out. you know your news africa with christine is up next don't forget you can get all the latest around the clock on our website d.w. dot com or follow us on twitter at news. says he plans are a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines between the muslims and the christian population last night as fighters occupied the city center in 2017 president to church's response was crucial. to interest. me look over the.


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