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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 22, 2019 7:00am-7:16am CEST

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through recent german history. the blue. starts to number 6 on d. w. . black. place. this is the dublin news live from berlin what lies ahead for northern syria germany says it may just have a plan in an exclusive interview with germany's defense minister calls for an international presence in a safe zone between turkey and cut this forces as he tells d.w. that turkish troops in syria cannot stay there indefinitely also coming up.
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demonstrators in chile clashed with security forces in the capital santiago after days of unrest president pinera says the country is now at war with the protesters . and kind of does prime minister is on course for a 2nd term just introduce liberal party is projected to add to have a head of the conservatives challenge. i'm told me a lot of oh thanks for joining us. germany's defense minister is proposing a plan for the future of northern syria the suggestion is for an internationally patrolled security zone in syria along the border with turkey it's similar to what turkey says it wants to achieve with its own incursion but the difference is that the propose own would be under international control and not turkey's in an exclusive interview with d.w.
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and a great karen barr who's seen as a possible successor to chancellor angela merkel said she had discussed the idea with merkel and put it to germany's western allies here's part of what she said. my recommendation is that we establish an internationally controlled security zone in cooperation with taki and russia. and. this security czar and would seek to resume the fight against terror and against isis which currently has come to a standstill. it would also ensure that we stabilize the region sorry that rebuilding civilian life is once again possible . so that those who have fled can also return voluntarily. that was german defense minister and a great crime karrenbauer for the significance of this here's our chief political
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correspondent melinda crane this kind of a proposal for a military initiative in northern syria is pretty one of a kind coming from germany but certainly germany has acknowledged that it needs to do more in the area of security and defense as you know it's been under a great deal of pressure among amongst others from president donald trump saying germany needs to pay more for defense it needs to pay more into nato and i think there is a sense in that in this country particularly with the pool back of the united states from international responsibility that europe and germany need to get more directly involved that said there's still a long long way to go and you can watch that interview in full here and d.-w. news on tuesday at 1045 u.t.c. that's 12 45 am yes. now to some of the other stories making news around the world
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israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has handed back his mandate to form the next government he told president riven rivlin that he had filled to get enough lawmakers to join him in a coalition rivlin has now been netanyahu his rival benny gantz to form a government. in the u.k. the house of commons speaker john bercow has decided that the parliamentary vote on the new bricks and withdrawal agreement will not go ahead prime minister boris johnson had hoped lawmakers would be able to have a yes or no vote on a new deal reached with the e.u. last week. to chile now where parts of the country are reeling after 3 days of protests deadly violence and looting demonstrations in the capital santiago over the weekend led to at least 11 deaths with more than 1500 people arrested a planned hike in public transport fares sparked the unrest more than 10000 soldiers and police officers have been deployed in santiago. chile's streets
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looking like a war zone in the capital santiago on monday the military fired gunshots and use water cannons to disperse crowds of demonstrators. what sparked this unrest at 1st was a planned hike in public transport fares but even after the government backtracked the riots continued widening to reflect anger among chileans over living costs and inequality there were deaths amid bio in clashes arson and looting president sebastian pinera had condemned the violence but also pledged more efforts to meet the protesters demands not only. that on tuesday i will meet with party presidents. of both government and opposition parties. you just blow or and hopefully move towards a social agreement. that will allow us all. together to rapidly efficiently
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and responsibly approach better solutions to the problems affecting trillanes. on monday many syntagma residents tried to get back to normal life the city's metro reopened as did a small number of shops but people had to stand in long lines to be let in. i have to buy what i can from my home for lunch for dinner there's nothing in the majority of the businesses are closed because they were looted. drivers also face long waits to fill up. either. it seems we're men of running out of fuel are gone by many stations now empty can see them and. meanwhile the riots have spread across the border into argentina in one desirous a peaceful demonstration in support of the chileans turned into clashes with the
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police. the un has called on all sides to refrain from violence but the unrest is showing no signs of letting up. and in neighboring bolivia the country's electoral authority says president evo morales has secured enough votes to win the election the most recent count shows president morales has over 46 percent of the ballot but his opposition rival collars mester refuses to accept the result protesters set fire to ballot boxes and polling stations amid allegations of election fraud from opposition candidates the initial tally was suspended for almost 24 hours on sunday before the suspension early results suggest that the race was so tight the president morales would face a 2nd round runoff. not to even more protest this time half a world away in lebanon where hundreds of thousands have flooded the streets angered by severe economic conditions prime minister saad hariri has told the
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nation that a new package of reforms is on the way to ease the crisis the move follows 5 straight days of demonstrations against new taxes and corruption is the biggest wave of dissent lebanon has seen in years. monday marks the 5th day of demonstrations in beirut and as night begins no end isn't sites. in the morning of lebanon's government hurt league read a package of sweeping reforms trying to calm the tensions and promising to end banking secrecy for politicians and cut ministers salaries in half. well isn't that you have to know your voices being heard early elections or something that you want in order to make sure that your voice is being heard when i said hariri will personally support you in this. prime minister saad hariri ones to peace both the protesters thousands of which marched the streets again today and middle eastern
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creditors and western donors who've added their voices to the protests expressing concerns about corruption lebanon is one of the most indebted countries in the world and this religiously diverse nation standing united in its condemnation of high unemployment poor public services and corruption. they are trying to fool us it is enough let them leave us alone we need a new life. if we don't you know nothing and we should stay here in order to accomplish all our goals we should not listen to what this regime is promising knows because it never implements his promises we need to see action in order to decide what our next steps will be out of. the reform package was meant to calm the situation but protesters said it does not go far enough. results are coming in from canada's general election the national broadcaster
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c.b.c. projects the prime minister just introduced liberals will remain in power it's been described as the toughest test so far for trudeau following a strong challenge from the conservatives the prime minister for a difficult reelection campaign in which he was dogged by allegations of racism and ethic ethics violations. correspondent for the l yes has been following the election for us monitoring the results as they come in he sent us this update from the canadian capital ottawa. after a tight election battle justin trudeau and his liberals hold on to power but they lose their majority and instead will have to form a minority government this means that they'll need the support of some of the smaller parties in order to pos legislation that could be the end of the people who are hoping to f. air considerably better in this election or liberal archiv aquatic a backer nationalist party who've done considerably better this time around when compared to 2015 it wasn't
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a very good night for the conservatives on their leader on through sheer force the question now always kind of stable base that minority government adopt at justin trudeau is expected to at least will be. abortion and same sex marriage have become legal in northern ireland for the 1st time a last ditch attempt by conservative politicians to block the legislation failed the changes to northern ireland's laws were set in motion by an intervention from the british government which has been running northern ireland since a posher an agreement broke down 3 years ago. opponents of abortion faced off with its supporters in front of the northern island palm and the body hasn't met him in the 3 years and so the british government passed a law both abortion and same sex marriage for the country bringing it into line with the rest of the u.k. and then moving on so i think but like we're happy that it happens maybe not so
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happy that it doesn't come from our government. but i think it's a victory not. dozens of northern irish assembly members briefly returned to that paula meant in the hope of stopping the new abortion law. just think of that for a moment northern ireland will have the most liberal abortion laws anywhere in europe i think this is a shameful day for those who haven't come. and it was the nationalist parties who refused to attend a new northern ireland government could not be formed to vote on the rule change and that meant both abortion and same sex marriage became legal at midnight. golf great tiger woods has returned to action after 2 months away because of knee surgery the injury prone have lead to prove his fit at
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a charity event in japan and his pain free return means tiger is raring to go as he competes for a 16th major title next year and a 1st olympic gold in april this year his masters triumph rounded off one of the greatest comebacks in sports now after a 5th reconstructive knee surgery tiger has a long road ahead of him once again he's got the 2020 olympics in his sights here me to be on top form at the games if he's to take a place on the podium. i did not play well at the beginning i had a lot of bad shots and. what i got and in the flow of appealing and feel the ground. it's got exciting you know we were. competitive the banter was great the back and forth. what are the holes
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a number 41 i had the wrong green and then. i hit between the result you with a look kind of like i kind of didn't know what i was doing tiger still came in a respectable 2nd at the charity event on monday he returns to the p.g.a. tour later this week. japan's. naruhito formerly a sense of the throne today ceremony marking his enthronement as part of a centuries old tradition of which the emperor pledges to fulfil his duty as a symbol of the state and obey the constitution dignitaries from more than $180.00 countries are attending the event and father. abdicated in may he was the 1st japanese emperor to abdicate in 200 years you know.
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you're watching news from berlin coming up next it's a d.-w. documentary the volcano that changed the world thanks for joining me don't forget you can get all the news on our website that's d w dot com. and follow the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. truce in the racial politics on the front it's 250th birthday we're embarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage.


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