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tv   Special Program  Deutsche Welle  October 22, 2019 12:45pm-1:01pm CEST

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i will tell them that the situation in northern syria directly concerns the security interests of europe and under security interests of germany wouldn't buy this if it's interests and once lived this is a situation where the fight against isis terrorism must be continued resolutely continued consequent what we're currently experiencing a humanitarian disaster with hundreds of thousands of people fleeing injured or dead. in europe especially the europeans in nato are now being called upon to propose how the situation in northern syria can be shaped and pacified in the long term in such a way that it suits the region but also that we need a good solution regarding our relationship with our nato partners turkey to in school not to partner. to lose a good president thought proposal of any well germany make my own push. in the
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internet and my recommendation is that we establish an internationally controlled security zone in cooperation with turkey and russia. this impurities and would seek to resume the fight against terror and against isis which is currently come to a standstill woman to talk some will even though it would also ensure that we stabilize the region so that rebuilding civilian life is once again possible. and so that those who have fled can also return voluntarily given the of the looked and . couldn't. ask this of their own so we have to see to it that on the one hand turkey does not remain in northern syria. by the i.c.c. the invasion as a violation of international law so the current situation must not be extended to the remand on the other hand that the territory of the. syria remains intact as
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stated in the resolution passed by the united nations. and that the constitutional process currently getting underway is continued with offices minus in my view this requires a strong european initiative with this one we should discuss bilaterally with turkey and russia and germany should use its position in the united nations security council to gain widespread international support and it's not going to. gather we should decide whether to appoint a special envoy and i believe that would be a strong political and diplomatic response from europeans a nato. diplomat to shun toward. in the not the if you buy back of beyond diplomacy would we see german troops on the ground or is what you seek a u.n. mandate unlikely as the series with russia. time it got out of a big awful stand. first of all the security zone would have to be under
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international control. where the fight against isis is concerned the military capabilities would play a role. in my view it is essential that we include turkey in the discussions because turkey undeniably has its own security interests. but russia has to be included to russia is one of the most important players in syria whether you like that or not that is a fact that we have to deal with to start. i believe that discussions are absolutely. every believed by the united nations but also through bilateral talks in this. alternative would be for europeans and nato to simply look on talks between turkey and russia continue to potentially risk turkey becoming permanently entrenched in northern syria because. of this is. something that we cannot allow
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within nato. that's why i believe that we must draw upon everything at our disposal to achieve a different result here. and then there are concrete so how far would germany go to implement that are you banking on the us like germany and europe have always done thoughts on the o.p.'s offer for a moment. in that's known to controlling this would be international cooperation meaning we would need an internationally viable foundational ideally with the un mandate question this month are defined in the 2 on. the flag or the question of how germany handles this is politically and more than anything what that means for our armed forces is a question that must be decided by the bundestag as has been the case in previous mandate. part of our business take the operation in iraq against isis there we are
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conducting aerial surveillance and training missions. that is all according to decisions made by the german parliament in iraq. until now the german armed forces have always provided the resources demanded of them by the blunders targetable who wish to. be a full length sent and what are these resources specifically. and if we make it clear that we are already engaged in the fight against isis but particularly in iraq then we have to skills one of which is the ability to train which we are currently implementing in the region particularly in cooperation with the peshmerga. and our ability to carry out aerial surveillance. we're currently seeing that isis has been pushed back but not beaten. its forces are retreating underground wouldn't be. air surveillance images of syria to nato
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reconnaissance aircraft and our analysts help to locate terrorist hiding places. not always finish to marken but above all it is also our civilian military and coordinated efforts. in iraq we are very much involved in reconstruction in the air bill region through our development agencies. but also in establishing how to train local police forces those women if you look at the situation in northern syria we will need a huge amount of international support for reconstruction to enable people to return to this region. i believe those are the qualities germany could contribute your force your proposal would be a real paradigm shift how sure can you be of the support of the chancellor and of your own party. in this that's what this is 1st of all
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a proposal that i am making as party leader and as defense minister. and also political man i know it's a proposal that is supported by many defense and foreign policy experts in my party before going public with this recommendation i inform the chancellor to this will definitely be discussed within the government but we can't simply talk about europe needing to be more than a bystander we must come up with our own proposals to catalyze discussions and. that's interesting one of the question of how you can get a coalition partner the social democrats to follow suit when they are clearly opposing nato's 2 percent target with him this is a conflict within the coalition so one conflict. it's affordable. first of all today the government spokesman asserted that the foreign office is assessment applies to the entire german government dispute this means that for us as the german government the turkish deployment. in northern syria contravenes
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international law. the 2nd point concerns the question of how we can stabilize the region that borders on the territory of a nature partner. and that affects the massive security interests of europe and germany. who would in my opinion there is also the question of how we want to shape further cooperation within the alliance. peculiarly regarding the issue of turkey as a nato partners and leave it to. turkey as an important nato partner despite all the criticisms that can be made. on this question of how to act united lee within the alliance is one that is on the political agenda. of the put it into the sooner we find a common solution and a common initiative for syria. so we can conduct with a base amongst our partners within nato.
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mission impossible in the happened before before the deal between the u.s. and turkey you have quite clearly demanded consequences if turkey occupied an area and northern syria what are the consequences that you ultimately demand or does that depend on this cooperation or does opinion one aquatics one. to tie this into a currently the situation is that turkish forces have crossed the border. now the debate is specifically about how things will develop in the area because i have always made it quite clear that i consider this advance to be contrary to international law. but i'm of the firm opinion that we must see the legitimate security interests of other countries. when the fist about to start my conviction is that these interests must be implemented by political and diplomatic means. i suspect. only have
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seen russian interventions in crimea ukraine in eastern ukraine. we're now seeing it in the case of turkey if this spread it will violate the fundamental principles of post-war order in europe. and that is why we must preserve this principle and that is why it's so important that we find a solution there. that's what this initiative is about to help ensure that we prevent turkey from permanently taking root in northern syria and the turkey withdraws as quickly as possible so look see it was good in my view turkey will only withdraw if it has a guarantee for its own security interests and they can best be ensured internationally. you're also c.d.u. party leader and you've had to put up with a lot of criticism in the last few weeks and months. how much does it annoy you that the convention of you having 1st stab at becoming chancellor has been broken
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with by the counsellor come. up one quarter this is. not an issue for me i've always said that i was elected as party leader so i see it as my job to lead from the front the i've made proposals also with regard to the upcoming end of the normal period of office at the moment my fellow party members and i are concentrating on renewing the party profile with new key players and new faces so the hope. here. and reorganizing the party so that we are able to forge a successful campaign at the next parliamentary elections and emerge as strong as a party that is the be all and end all for a successful transition to come so soft music has how confident are you right now that this legislative period will last until 2021 because the was once again i can say that the c.d.u. is taking this responsibility very seriously and that we also want to take responsibility for this legislative period this that means until 2021. we
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can see how volatile the international situation is we see that there are challenges in the economic sector so there really is a lot to do with voters expect us to answer their justified questions and not to spend the next few months neither the s.p.d. nor the c.d.u. only focusing on ourselves. a minister thank you for this interview you're welcome . because. they met james shugg in equipment to help the industry get table but it didn't such a. good stomach transformed by a major must. be choking still undetermined. looming twists of fate something must be done. because 30 minutes
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g.w. has. the time kong evolution speech baby to spawn i think most such. michael hatami comes up people in rebellion against the government. cause i witnesses and their video diary of an uprising my hometown back to soften the. w. . with different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice
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global news that matters d. w. made for mines. i think it's everything challenging 1st i'm a muslim. so much different culture between here and there challenging for if he. believes. in islam is the same i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. i got my license to work as a swimming instructor up. sure knowledge to children nothing to us just runs out of suspicion and. what's your story take heart shirish on info migrants dot net.
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this is deja vu news live from berlin what will become of northern syria that's what turkish president rajapaksa want and his russian counterpart vladimir putin are discussing at this hour their meeting comes as uncorrect threatens to resume a military offensive against kurdish forces in syria. also coming up the end veiling of a new emperor japans that he didn't formally proclaim says ascension to the chrysanthemum throne the world's oldest hereditary monarchy. and canada's prime
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minister wins a 2nd.


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