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tv   Eco India  Deutsche Welle  October 25, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm CEST

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discovered. subscribe. documentary to. the. plastic is everywhere you know water bottles lunch boxes to make up to and our favorites make us and all of that don't store garbage faster than you would imagine according to the latest numbers 316000000 tonnes of plastic was produced in 28 that number is growing every year and most of it is not recycled hello welcome to india.
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coming to you from mumbai to be really deep dive into how we can tackle the problem of plastic waste head on india's prime minister in that interval is putting his might phasing out single use plastic by 2022 the country generates 5600000 tonnes of plastic waste a huge number given how poorly it's said and his cycle and organization and the money is using technology to convert plastic waste back into its base of crude oil let's take a closer look at how it works. it will. renew its day usually begins with back breaking work she sure does the responsibility of feeding a family of 4 so she needs to collect and drop 5 every day. she can afford to buy kerosene despite doug. disk him to provide
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a household. or liquid petroleum gas renu lack clean cooking few. on days that she can find food she has to dissolve to burning plastic. and it leaves her and her family at an increased risk of heart disease and respiratory diseases like. india generates close 226000 tons of plastic waste every year making it to 15th largest plastic waste blue in the world. it is this type of 10 plastic known as multi-layered plastic packaging or lp that
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slips through the cracks of india's waste management system. bees are also glaringly absent from the dirty dozen list the single use plastic arguments which have been banned in india since october 2090. it was in 2009 that. decided to take matters into her own hand along with her business partner but. first 3 or 4 months really truly came with. anybody to do with plastics and then realize plastic is a fossil fuel. after months of research and failed experiments with the help of scientists friends the do adopted a technology that converts all kinds of plastic waste into a high grade food that is environment friendly and has a higher combustion well. with production costs of about 24 apiece by little.
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that's about pretend for for you this you can be used as a few songs without any need for further processing. when you're born this is the cell for outboard is much much less than the diesel allowed. sell for content is around 80 ppm while with us is point $17.00 p.p.m. so emission wise it's much more clean the view. is that if you like that you kill me if they are ok rusty that. is recent. local wall and the organizations like this group of presidents from 34 communities are important and do this fight against plastic pollution they go to societies we talk to the people we tell them the ill effects of plastic and how that is
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recycling in an environment friendly manner and because we have been doing it from 2016 it is now become easy for us to come in societies and people in. the garden city and urban township into this has become our regulars are over 100 families in this residential complexes separate their waste and recycle their plastic. once a fortnight the residents drop of the collected last week at a designated location. employees from the memorial cross the sister concern of lewd conduct these pickups from 15000 locations in 150 kilometer radius and and around the city.
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police. first hard plastics bags and other items are separated from each other. the plastics are clean and crushed then everything goes into the reactor the process called turmel catalytic the polymerization is set in motion by using a catalyst in the absence of oxygen. being burned the blast to greystone the reactor is gradually heated between 150 and 200 degrees celsius is when the plastic starts to melt and between 30430 degree celsius it
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deeply moran's the substance that remains in the polyfuse which is filtered stored and made ready for delivery. not only is it sold at a cost of about $40.00 rupees or about half when you are. the company's it also reaches people like read. the. full. extent of the burning board if i use this or if it does better for me it does not harm my children or flame does not turn my utensils black there is not much when you should i never. saw those in the man. who has installed then plans for recycling plastic waste across maharastra and. all the
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plastic raised to collect is recycled there is none left over. fumes from plastic raised this recycling process could perhaps be implemented worldwide. if it could be made to function on. the pioneers in india and other countries are still working on it. now many countries around the world simply don't know what to do with the monumental amount of plastic waste. the u.s. and countries in europe for example have been exporting their plastic waste to china for years but ever since china stopped buying this waste and 20 the market has moved elsewhere. plastics plastic and more plastic and the stocks are only getting higher recycling companies in
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germany have been pushed to their limits in recent years. we didn't have enough processing capacity in germany the volumes involved and the production costs were just too high for huge quantities of plastic waste our ship abroad as a result around half of the world's plastic waste used to be sent to china to be processed there in 2018 china stopped accepting as other countries have filled the gap. the main destinations for germany's plastic waste are now in malaysia $132000.00 tons a year followed by india has around $76000.00 and then indonesia in the 3rd place at more than $64.00 sides and followed by vietnam at nearly 57000 tons. of size of mines but in malaysia the trash piles up on dumps like this they don't
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recycle here at all the trash dk is polluting the soil and groundwater likable. if you have a little rummage around here you'll see a lot of it comes from germany from other european countries too and the us but there's a lot from germany this is an old capri sun is on a. there's a mix of household rubbish and used packaging and. the volume is starting to overwhelm many of the employees because there aren't enough plastic recycling plants environmentalist group greenpeace discovered 45 legal and 5 illegal landfills in one malaysian region alone with garbage from more than 19 countries. the biggest export there is the us around 16 percent their plastic weights get sent abroad. japan exports more than 15 percent germany more than
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12 per cent and the u.k. more than 9 per cent. recycling old plastic trash into new plastic is a complex and costly process it has to be separated cleaned and source it exports are only legal if the country they're being sent to can process them but asian countries are often found ways that's barely recyclable. the environmental and health impacts have led many countries to limit imports or ban them completely but waste still get sent there illegally cambodia recently received 83 containers with a rand 1600 tons of banned plastic waste from the u.s. and canada officially declared as recyclable materials cambodia plans to send them back. to.
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germany conducts regular checks to prevent these kinds of illegal exports environmental authorities here in the port of hamburg want to determine exactly what's in the cargo it's not always clear cut. what can and cannot be recycled. peachey bottles you see these images of them being sorted by hand made into pellets and they do things like outdoor clothing. but not all plastic waste is as pure as it should be the manufacturers aren't careful enough or they just want to make some fast cash those are the criminals. that's a done deal we know. some companies are already working on alternatives to exporting plastic and chip maker every fighting company at an environmental institute have joined forces to build a recycling ship it will anchor in 7 african countries and buy plastic waste from the collectors on land to be recycled right there on board the vessel.
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lots of people make a living from selling garbage like here in sierra leone they could make 5 times more money by selling it to the recycling ship on one condition the plastic is presorted interesting go varieties around 60 $4000.00 tonnes of plastic waste could be recycled here every year. because of the calls and of course on lot of them we need a big plant to process plastics in a profitable way to lend and none of these countries has the means to build one that big we think we'll be able to buy our own $10000000.00 euros worth of plastic every year as if it's the middle of the canal and when you think it takes $10000.00 euros of revenue to create a full time job in these countries then we could create 1000 jobs in the region drops into your mission. building the resources to process plastic waste where it's
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created could help the world to start breaking down its mantle of raw pace. when plastic is not recycled. what exactly is all the waste going about $8000000.00 tonnes exports have for one end up in our oceans which is then eaten by sea creatures big and small unknowingly a group of people in all we have come together to change this after they found a dying we're stranded on the coast with a stomach full of plastic. rumiko assertions how the cleanup effort got started with a tragic incident off this island near better going norway that happened in january 27th. the doctor thought it would be hard mean a rare beaked whale that was found stranded in shallow waters. every attempt to herd it back to the open sea failed the whale was weekend emaciated and
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eventually had to be euthanized. when scientists at the university of barragan examine the whale they made a discovery its stomach was full of plastic bags. people in norway were horrified by the images tens of thousands flocked to the beaches to help. the. ghost of the coastal service had about 60000 trash bags on hand well enough for 5 years. that would have a home back but in no time at all they were all gone from everybody wanted to go out and collect plastic waste because. the broncos are used to work for the oil industry now he joins teams of volunteers to clean up plastic trash along the countless inlets bays and islands of noways west coast today's
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destination is a small uninhabited island off barrack and these volunteers are members of a society of engineers most of the waste that washed. it's on the shore here comes from britain or big ships many of the bags and bottles have disintegrated into bits and pieces for the plastic collectors it's a never ending task. that thermally the deeper you dig the more you turn up it's pretty frustrating after this experience i'll be even more careful about using plastic and i'll make sure that i dispose of it properly. even the snacks the volunteers have brought along are sealed in plastic avoiding plastic entirely isn't easy. either there are. a lot of thought but we want to put pressure on industry government to look for alternatives to the use
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of plastic but for me personally i'd like to keep on catching lobster here in the sea at my doorstep and i'd like my kids to be able to do that too. god barlow and also. just 4 hours of work have yielded 5 trash bags filled with plastic. that home room to go search posts what they've achieved on the internet the site keeps track of every section of coastline the collection team cleans up given the length of norway's coastline that's a herculean task. but meanwhile every political party in the country supports the initiative. the us is. the studies have shown that for every quarter or euro the state spends on supporting the volunteer effort it gets 10 times that value back in return 1st because of the clean up work
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itself but also because of the way to boost environmental awareness and social solidarity i don't. want to go sure and other activists have had a plaque set up at the place where this environment. the initiative began in memory of the whale that came to such a painful end here and then log on with a stomach full of plastic you brought us the message about what is happening to the oceans thank you for waking us up. that was. a wake up call that's intended to be heard far beyond the coast of norway. now in most cities around india fresh and hot food is delivered at your doorstep at the click of a button while this is immensely convenient what many of us don't calculate is the amount of plastic used in packaging this food and how easily it becomes trash once the food is consumed some food delivery companies in the country are trying to
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teach this. bangalore is one of india's biggest cities and lies at the center of the country's id industry. people here often work long hours with no time to cook or eat out. some end up ordering food online for every single meal. for almost. the food for. the communion so you know the classic experience you can really be. scavengers also live well on the leftovers the cultural food delivery has drastically impacted amounts of garbage in the city they have doubled in just 2 years. across india delivery companies process around $40000000.00 food orders every month producing a staggering $22000.00 tons of single use plastic waste. with new government bans on plastics the dealers are now switching to alternatives like
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banana leaves paper and aluminum although many say that those materials our friend impractical are simply not cost effective. to go to many a minute maybe use aluminum containers like these but they don't really hold the gravy. by so meals and thus the cost around $50.00 rupees that's around half a euro. i can put bread and a spoon where am i supposed to put the curry the lentils and the chutney the things that make it worth the price. that is some you know show companies switching over from his impulse to. buy a ticket when he goes because of specials but it's something that we feel is required for be done. on a new doll owns one of the oldest ice cream parlors in the city and his product has its own delivery issues packaging ice cream is a nightmare budget always been experimenting with
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a cost effective alternative based on a biodegradable by product of the sugar industry gets. it's been quite significant i think. over the course of these 4 months that we started using because the 60 or 70 percent of the consumption has come down. it seems the i.d.c. d. bangalore is on track to finding innovative solutions in different fields in the digital space and also in the real world. a 1000000 plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute the demand is driven by apparently insatiable desire for bottled water and the spread of a western. culture german company is offering the solution. by making the usable fashionable.
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tap water is one of the safest things you can drink in germany yet more and more people are buying bottled water. it's just water there's no. partridge board who is the c.e.o. of soul bottles a startup in berlin that produces glass bottles that you can refill. his mission is to stop people using plastic bottles. so you take the bottles for. their mistakes. in germany so we can protect them out of transportation emissions and we make them up to 80 percent of materials . the caps are made with rubber and metal while the packaging used for shipping the bottles is partially obtained from recycled paper. the company has so far sold more than 700000 bottles. part of the purchase price is donated to water initiatives with the goal of improving drinking water supplies in
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developing countries like nepal and uganda. this includes drilling water wells providing hand pumps and teaching local communities how to use and maintain them water is the most purchased beverage in germany 65 percent of people drink bottled water every single day but this is something completely unnecessary and most of the water bottles generally found in supermarkets are made of plastic. it's completely irrational to have plastic that we use for such a short period of time and then throw away and it just adds up to giant piles of waste the problem is that plastic usually down cycles because plastic decreases in quality the more time to recycle and obviously this process also uses up better so it's not a 0 sum game reusing is better than recycling. with more and
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more countries taking steps towards banning single use plastics glass could experience a revival. but there's a downside a lot of energy is needed to produce glass and as it is heavier than plastic it's transportation is less energy efficient. over can say the plastic could be substituted entirely of a glass but there's a lot of things that we can rethink. just get away from single use that's every ridiculous thing. sold bottles is capitalizing on the latest green trend. refillable drinking bottle definitely is kind of the new handbag we want to make it cool and sexy and fun to drink tap water so the package is important yet for us the kind of like the bottle is a very strong messenger for a mission and their impact. but a soul bottle comes with a hefty price tag a small $1.00 sells for more than 20 euros several times more expensive than
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similar glass bottles the reason for the price is that we've really tried to guarantee as much as possible a fair supply chain so for example we can compensate all our carbon emissions because very strictly and then pay a few so we can offset those emissions. this elegant glass bottle might not be an affordable option for everyone but tap water tastes even better when drunk with a clear conscience from a glass bottle. i'm sure you remember that heartbreaking image of a plastic stroll being removed from the nostril of a sea turtle a few years back the entire planet is having to pay for a rampant and indiscriminate use of plastics i hope you will be mindful of this the next time your difficulty is in disposable plastic boxes or when your waste is not segregated correctly we'll be back next week with yet another informative episode until then good bye.
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modification methods to make better crops it is a new look safer than anything we've done our traditional cannot ignore the face that you take one journey you know exactly what it is you put it into another plant to come up exactly where it's gone i think we will be able to provide enough food for people by 2050 if we can make crops the will grow under 70 arid conditions this will achieve them. greater stability in the hands of law we have at the moment. here france dear antonio dear cecilia this is opposite us i'm sitting on the terrace in twilight it's peaceful my 3 grandchildren sleep on trouble that's asked out when i was 8 trances age germany was split in 2 and remain divided for decades and it was my given among your mother was born in 1069 the world was already 8
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years old. my grandchildren were born after the wall fell born in a dream and find a wonderful time a time of great joy. 3 generations one family on a journey through recent german history. that never the be . our family. starts nov 6th on t w. this
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is due to be a new supply from our left the waiting game the european union delays its decision on a breakfast extension chief resident go sherm a shout by the way and you. basters agreed that an extension is needed but not on how long it should be. meanwhile tempers flare between supporters and opponents of breaks this as the process drags on some lawmakers have received death threats. also coming up tens of thousands of people in the u.s. state of california are fleeing the fast moving wildfires.


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