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this is news coming to you live from berlin forging new alliances in the fight against climate change and the u.s. confirmed it's from the paris accord france and china stand side by side presidents involved in the trial and she's being reaffirmed this support for the landmark 2015 deal calling it irreversible of course a coming up
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a good night for us democrat the pontiff closes off a couple of big wins and state contests and head of next year's presidential election look at where the president trump and the republicans should be bar it. and as people from mass demonstrations in chile people look at other ways to kill test against the government and its economic policies. and our special coverage marking the fall of the berlin wall to years ago today we look at football and an emotional match when fans from the game to the west after decades of deep division . chinese president xi jinping and his french counterpart in london mccraw have
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issued a joint statement reaffirming this strong support for the boundless climate accord in beijing president macross said cooperation between europe and china on reducing emissions could be decisive it follows the trumpet ministrations move to stop the former proceeds of withdrawing the u.s. from the 2015 a cooling. and mccrone have said the accord is. matilda could push of milk over the past 2 years in the fight against climate change we have consistently acted together with great effectiveness and commitment to the i regret the choices made by a few other countries but i want to see them as marginal choices. when china the european union and russia ratify the paris agreement and make a firm commitment the isolated choice made by one or another country won't change the course of the world. and for more with me i have in the studio tim
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a schonberg he's from the environment desk welcome to now we heard both the presidents from france and china talk about the practice climate accord being irreversible what does this really mean me explain a bit china is the largest emitter of c o 2 emissions worldwide relying on coal as their prime energy source at the same time china just agreed to to reduce their order to from just from 2030 on from then on not emitting more it would too. so furthermore china has just status as a developing country within the paris agreement this means that their commitments are even less binding than the commitments of industrial countries so this agreement this. statement has to be put. the context of the e.u. trying to bind china more into the paris agreement for speeding up their targets
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so among them across is on a you mention regarding climate change in this context you're so used to kind of trying to take the lead. in kind of policies so let's take a listen to what the chinese president xi jinping had to say. i mean really which it obviated in the face of some of the most major changes ever seen over the last century china and france as permanent members of the security council and representatives of eastern and western civilizations must assume more responsibilities as 2 powerful nations. so we can as usual being a talking then when he's talking with china taking more responsibility but in actually block capita timbs china is not the biggest the new to it is australia and us is one of the biggest but the it is given that how much of a gap will the u.s.
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is putting out of the climate accord have well definitely the withdrawal of the united states out of states out of piracy agreement is a big political loss definitely i'm just to give one example back then when the agreement was signed china and india just agreed in large parts to make commitments because the us united states were also taken action so now that is definitely a loss a gap sorry. but as we see this agreement being announced as irreversible we see that there are attempts and there is an effort to keep this agreement alive and coming to a question if they you and china are able to fill up the gap well this is a new agreement on the paper so far there were no match measurements follow so far and also china as with a status as
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a developing country within the paris agreement will not have to pay for the global global climate fund which the us did so they were not close this financial gap for them no i don't know that level you have some $11000.00 scientists coming up with proposals and talking about the urgency off taking action to the disaster this seems to be a broader momentum growing in society. on dealing with this issue well definitely we have seen protests last years last months freida future. and many civil society groups the green parties are strong in the polls at least in europe so also the commission commissions president elect was enough on the line announced in a foot 1st speech we want to push the main topics the climate topics further in the next years so it is definitely a momentum but ok what is coming out we have to see that in december that we will
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have another climate conference in madrid and if there were further stacked steps being taken if there yeah if there are more agreements we have to wait for that but we also have to be. clear about one thing this trip from across the meeting with with cheating paying oh ok they had this disagreement making the previous agreement reversible calling versa but at the same time they also contracted trade deals about for about $15000000000.00 so it was also about that vision to be have to keep it in distinctive as you said to him showing that from these environment desk thank you very much for that thank you. they've been having yeah but some of the stories making news around the world gunmen have attacked a security checkpoint in southern thailand killing at least 15 local security volunteers police say they believe muslim separatists were behind it is the worst attack in the region india's southern thailand has been gripped by an insurgency
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that the boss of t.v. has which is claimed thousands of lives. schools in india have opened in the indian capital of delhi after being closed for 2 days due to air pollution crisis now air quality has improved slightly since the weekend but remains at unhealthy levels the emergency triggered protests at the government's failure to take adequate action. an american diplomat gordon sunland has reversed his testimony to the impeachment inquiry into president trump he now says he did know that the trump administration has military aid to ukraine to push it's to investigate trump's democratic rival joe biden. that's staying in the u.s. in elections in 4 u.s. states have given democrats reason to be optimistic going into next is nashton pony in virginia democrats to full control of the state legislature for the 1st time in a generation in deeply divided kentucky the democratic candidate for governor and
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bashir appears to have entered the republican incumbent last beavan by listed hof a percentage point bevan has not conceded the race he tied his campaign tightly to president daughter trump who came to kentucky for a campaign event on monday at bush's election headquarters a democrat tried to play down partisan differences tonight voters in kentucky cinema said it's loud and clear for everyone to hear. it's a message that says our elections don't have to be about right versus left they are still about right versus wrong. and define it more but what does results mean i'm joined by reaching she's a political analyst and a fellow a bush fellow in berlin welcome ration how is this how significant
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a democrat election gains in the year just a year away from the presidential election these games are pretty significant especially in virginia and virginia it's been an interesting state right you know back in 2004 it voted for bush republican 2009 a republican governor but it voted for obama twice and hillary clinton in 2016 however like you said this is the 1st time in 26 years that democrats have held the trifecta the gov the governorship house and senate what this means is that it really gives virginia democrats a chance to push through legislation perhaps that is not as popular with republicans that includes climate issues women's rights and most importantly in virginia especially after may's mass shooting gun control and what about kentucky if the result that is confirmed in favor of the democrat how much of a setback is this going to be for president given that he's older also under growing pressure over the impeachment inquiry i think we have to wait and see how
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much of a setback these are for the president but what i will say is that trump outwardly associated with himself with the governor race in kentucky he talked to the people of kentucky and said what happens in this race reflects on me if. bevan's doesn't win that kind of speaks to my my ability to govern right so he associated himself with that race how this translates more broadly throughout the united states will have to see in the coming months no surprises in the other 2 states that you mentioned mississippi and new jersey but what is the results to us about how do republicans feed upon donald trump i think republicans he's very popular still among among republicans people like him big big big republicans like mitch mcconnell lindsey graham are for. only in the trump camp you have some outsiders like mitt romney who have pushed back against the trump agenda but i think what we can see now with the republican party in this day and age is it's
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still the party of donald trump we'll see what happens in the coming years but as of right now it's trump's party. political analysts and. thank you very much for your insight thank you authorities in cheesey the number of people taking part in street protests is falling at least 18 people have died and thousands have been injured since the un rist began over a hike in public transport for is to reeks to go but by tuesday only a couple of 1000 people were demonstrating that is according to the minister of the gap in santiago our report in the conflict is in the chilean capital and she says some people may have abandoned street protests but they're not taking a more creative approach to show their discontent. it's another day of protests in santiago de chile but any ball isn't going he lives only a stone's throw away from plus a the epicenter of the country's mass demonstrations but
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a couple of weeks ago he kicked off a different kind of mobilization a neighborhood gathering known as. we didn't think anyone would come and we were a bit pessimistic. but the turnout exceeded all or expectations. so we sat down to check analyze what had happened and what we hope the chile of the 21st century would look like. but i don't know if. the meeting soon grew too big for the park so today the neighbors are meeting at a local hostel some 80 people from all walks of life. this type of forum is not a new invention in latin america the open could build oh dates back to colonial times as a communal gathering in response to emergencies or disasters and standing together in the face of adversity is still very much the essence of the could build or today
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. if we want a better future as much of a cliche as that might be we can't just think about ourselves we can't fall back into individualists him. we have to take care of each other this is bigger than ourselves or builders are emerging all across these days but his grassroots assemblies they all have a common weakness in. the big problem with the capital those is that they generate hope and that they lead people to think they are determining their own destiny. but really their only providing a platform for desires that can be taken into account but might as well not be and that's a problem. but at this could build you know in santiago nobody wants to believe that they're just dreaming up their own version of utopia broken up in small task forces they drafted. growth for their future work in order to make any of this happen the neighbors will have to get the government to listen how they'll go about
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that will certainly be worth a discussion during the next. and totus in another south american country in venezuela hyper inflation is crippling the economy to have give people more spending biled the government has increased the minimum wage for the 6th time in a year but the increase is still only for going to just a few euros a month. correspondent off the shrink a went shopping to see what when is it in is can buy but the new minimum wage it's supposed to give venezuelans more purchasing power the latest hike in the minimum wage means workers will receive $150000.00 in cash they also get another $150000.00 in food stamps each month sounds like a lot to me but what can you actually buy with it. viz 3 bottles of water and 2 bread rolls cost more than a quarter of the monthly wage of the. 300000 is not enough to buy anything with
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when you factor in transportation food bills and recreational activities you just don't have enough. of a. good look at my particular beef costs $60000.00 bodies and a bus ticket now costs 2000 and everything is way too expensive and the minimum wage is not enough. when i don't have guns about an hour. i went shopping to put the new minimum wage to the test myself i bought some groceries 417-0000. that's more than the minimum wage for just a few items but i still have most of the food stamps left so i bought some onions. from 3 national. i bought 18 eggs 440000. and there was just enough left to buy a drink. if i'm frugal i can make these groceries last for me for a month but for
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a family that's not very much and i'm not including a lot of protein in these groceries nor personal hygiene products and for an overall monthly salary it's not enough to cover public transport or public services like water electricity gas and telephone services so for a family it's not very much. the fault of the button will it change things around the want especially the lives of east button as who was suddenly permitted to travel to the west footballer friends from the east came in their cows and to see the west in club had to have been in action on november 11th 989 it was the 1st revision of the fans in the west of the city for decades. the 1st weekend after the fall of the berlin wall hundreds of thousands of people from east berlin streamed into the west many to olympic stadium fans using their newfound freedom to finally see to play. its frank that's my and tail grease played for head on that november
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11th they faced a direct rival for promotion to the bundle they remember the game well. on the way to the stadium you could see something was happening was that back then we usually had a crowd of 5 or 10000 now all of a sudden there were masses of people everywhere. we could sense the masses of people from the suburbs in east berlin coming to the game and you could smell their cars literally the tragedies. the fans from the east got in free they just had to show their id many were here for the 1st time others could hardly believe they were finally about to see how to game in person again. that's a dream i've been to on your own before things have turned but now have to i think we've been waiting for this for 28 years. there were 45 250000 spectators in the stadium a once in
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a lifetime atmosphere as had to fans from the west and when the own fans from the east were together again i hear friendship had outlasted the was i there to players will remember this game for ever. and the entire this was a very special day or so feet up and try to bring that positive energy out on the pitch sibling there was a time we maybe wanted to win the game but it was only often the fact that we appreciated the historic day we had experienced together. what was i this day was particularly special for 18 year old spend christmas scored the goal that sealed a one all draw for her tell. me about that goal as well as i was the most difficult it was an amazing experience to be told as. the 2 players are still involved in berlin football tayo greece works for one yawn and spend christmas for hetta those teams are in the bundesliga together for the 1st time after 30 years after the fall
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of the wall. and all of this. being a special coverage in reports on the events which led to the full of the berlin wall to introduce stories about what it meant for the people who experienced it as we just saw but just 2 football as he watching the news coming up ahead a milestone in space exploration after 4 decades in service nasa has voyager to fill becomes only the 2nd man made object to make. a science at a test will be sure to explain. but 1st some other news this is prime minister barak johnson has. been to buckingham palace to seeing a sea queen elizabeth it must see official start of the country's election campaign the ballots will be had in december after politicians failed to agree on a way forward for the u. kids' departure from the european union. yemen's internationally recognized
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government has signed a power sharing deal with a southern separatist group the southern transitional council had been battling for control of the city of aden despite fighting with the government against the countries. the deal aims to end months of infighting in the south. looking now into space and into the universe a year ago the team in charge of nasa voyager missions announced the data indicated that avoids the 2 had reached a milestone scientists of not confirmed that the probe has escaped the sun's influence entirely and entered true interstellar space it follows its twin voyager one to become only the 2nd human made object to cross that boundary both pros were launched back in 1077. joining me now is dead it really is a science desk
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a welcome derek nonuse from the depths of space about the structure of a filesystem this sounds like of rocket science break it down for us and all of us as to what this means we brought in some visual aids to help i'm going to just lead you through this a little bit to understand really what the probes have discovered you have to understand how you 1st decide what is interstellar space and what's the space that's inside the solar system how can you set up a border there where you can set up a border because the sun radiates in all directions creating a sphere that which is which is known as the heliosphere another he a sphere of course is our entire solar system is moving through our galaxy the milky way in one direction so spreading out behind this helio's you're in the middle like a wind sock you can see the rest of this entire area is known as the us air but but really what's interesting is the front leading edge of it the direction that our solar system is taking that's an especially most particularly what's known as the
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helio pause that's actually a very very very thin layer and it's the moment when the the effect that the solar radiation is having from our own sun runs into the effects of radiation coming from other stars as we move forward that's actually creating as we move through the as we move through our galaxy it's creating a an effect similar to that of a snowmobile with pushing forward the this radiation from other stars now both of the pros as you can see the voyager one and the voyager 2 have moved past this helio pause they've moved into an area of much denser colder radiation and that is the definition. scientists have decided of interstellar space so we've moved beyond what's officially the solar system and into what we can call interstellar space so good this sounds like quite a mind still in as we mentioned so what is next then for these voyager probes where
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the voyager probes are packed with this kind of nuclear battery it's a radioactive battery that will continue to power them for the next 5 to 10 years or so and that's the projection it's actually really amazing that these probes have lasted as long as they have they were launched as you said back in 1977 so they've been out there for 42 years already and a 50 year mission is almost unheard of after the batteries run down they will stop sending data back to earth and they'll just continue on their journey out into the vastness of the of the cosmos of of our galaxy the milky way and assuming that they don't hit anything else the chances of that happening are very very low because space is really really empty they're going to continue to do that for billions and billions of years dick williams film us science this thank you very much for that. and not a sport in tuesday's champions league action brosius dortmund produced a stunning 2nd half comeback to triumph over into milan they tally the side with 2
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nil up at half time thanks to goods from the total latinas and they see no but the black and yellow stormed back defend the need to go back in the 51st minute and then you will be on brand revel the schools levelled the schools before hockey completed the comeback with a goal to make it 32 don't win the now 2nd in group f. after possible. and the champions league continues today with by munich hosting greek side olympiacos vine won the reverse fixture but have otherwise struggled this season this will be there for us match since the exit of coach nico watch on sunday following the 51 loss to frankfurt in the bundesliga now the players have to show that a change of coach and save this season. by an need to leave the past behind this man is supposed to help them move on interim coach chancy flick is beyond short term solution and he wants the team to step up against greek side olympiacos. 4
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what's important for us now is to look ahead what happens we have to see to it that we start acting on the pitch. that's easier said than done but at least the coach and players are on the same page something has to give you hope we players bear the main responsibility now and we have to get our act together. no one has any excuses anymore you know a coach is an excuse no longer exists it's also on the pitch and we bear the responsibility to get some votes for throwing a phone thought on the good byes are never easy but by and have to get over the departure of their former coach immediately life after starts today against olympiacos. and here's a recap of the top stories that. china and france have reaffirmed a commitment to the fattest climate accord president as usual being in london the
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cruel. agreement in reversible if came a day off the u.s. began officially pulling out of the accord and democrats in the us are celebrating wins in a couple of closely watched states contests ahead of next year's presidential election analysts say the results could point to trouble for president a chunk and his republican party. coming up next is of this is job amazing germany and washington news coming to you live from berlin about.
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repeated new beginning continues battleforce. west and east germany 30 years after the fall of the wall. how competitive are the 2 economic region
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what about salaries and of course the residents. approve what happens when everything changes. made in germany next d.w. . coke circa. solar power. the green girls are enlightening many villages in cameroon in more ways than one. this in geo brings sustainable energy and know how to the country's women and solves more than one problem in the process. you can look at africa in 60 minutes 2 w. .
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their wealth isn't calculable. their egos insatiable. their rivalry deadly. 3 princes. all moved home dream of reading the arab world. the arrival of princes of gold starts november 27th on t.w. . the berlin wall came down 3 decades ago it happened suddenly for many people and triggered a lengthy process of social political and economic change parts of eastern germany
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is still trying to reinvent.


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