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next after a year of setbacks boeing c.e.o. dennis mullen burke is forced out of that and a whole lot more coming up on d.w. news africa with kate ferguson only on her rock and bro and i'll see you again at the top of the be our work out with the world headlines for now on behalf of all of us thank you for spending part of the difference. for. the colbys in germany to learn german. published in the past why not learn with him online on hold while i am free to shaft from the w.c. learning course nico street. and jam and live.
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at any time i've come to any place easy names easy in the palace you have to look like a little scratch songs to sing along to you to use the code to you from super. to for. interactive exercises. everything is online file an interactive benjamin to frame 50 w. . boeing c.e.o. is forced to step down dennis mullen brett resigned following a troubling year that sold the company's flocks of 737 mocks grounders offer to take all classes also coming out of tech titans be where 10 years it's finding a digital services talks aimed at global tech giants like facebook we'll speak to
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our correspondent in nairobi. on the lawn is expecting i've been for christmas but what about the items that don't and don't under the christmas tree. this is business offer cause i'm craig ferguson welcome boeing c.e.o. dennis mullen brick house steps down the aircraft manufacturer faced multiple setbacks this year including industrial scandals offer to clashes of boeing's 737 mox jetliner an inquiry reveals major problems with regulatory oversight of the company's operations loewenberg departure is effective immediately he'll be replaced by chairman david cole whom the company says it needs to restore confidence and repair relationships with regulators customers and other stakeholders now for more on this let's go to detail is financial correspondent gets caught up on wall street again thanks for joining us why is this happening now
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. pressure was clearly mounting on dennis mullen burke from clients or from the airlines for instance they complained that dennis malam burke was giving false and statements when the 73. 8 planes are allowed to fly again there was also a lot of pressure and the call for resignation from the victims' families and then also he started to get a tough time with authorities putting too much pressure on regulators by the end of the day wall street was not really surprised that he had to step down the question was not if but when they were actually on wall street is quite obvious the stock of boeing is gaining about 3 percent in today's session so much needed shake up there what do we know that non-banks replacement though david calhoun. well what we
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do know about david cohen is that he's somehow a fixer when companies are in trouble he was heading the engine division off general electric when 911 happened and the airline industry overall got into quite some crisis then in 2017 he became chairman of the board of pillar when there was some suspicion of possible attacks fraud was that company's so he seems to be able to deal with a troubled companies and i guess that's also one reason why wall street likes what's happening with the shift now at the helm of boeing. thank you for that analysis. ten-year could soon become the 1st country in africa to talks multinationals like facebook and amazon for earnings generated in the country it's part of a raft of new measures included in the government's finance act aimed at broadening
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the tax nest the levy would also affect companies like write hailing services that offer a digital services both front and india have introduced similar taxes in the past. and to find out what all of this means let's go to joy to ring bearer in nairobi height ojt good to see you how would this new digital tax actually work so what can your revenue authority is going to do is collect data of all the digital funds or digital platforms and then be able to determine how much tax they can get from them as they already being taxed but this is only withholding tax which is majorly remey to 2 countries where these digital platforms originate and give an example of who has its headquarters in the united states so it becomes a bit difficult for the can your revenue authority to determine how much tax is
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going to come from that and so by collecting this data they're able to determine how much tax each of these platforms should be paying and you mentioned there of course it's only one of several multinationals that could be affected has there been any reaction from any of the others. of the has been this has definitely sparked some conversation because from the time that the president signed this into law that was in november of this year and we have seen many digital platforms actually come out and say that they're not so sure how this is going to happen because as east los of the digital platforms are not regulated in any way and so these going to have to be some sort of regulation before we can now how the taxation regime coming in and if you do that happens i think we're not going to see these stocks coming into force maybe in the middle of next year that is when we're likely to see it coming to. so i terry bera in nairobi thanks so much
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french president to modify michel is on a 3 day visit to west africa where regional leaders have a nice reforms to their currency this c.f.a. front originally tied to the french franc the move is being seen as a severing of old colonial ties. in a landmark move the west african monetary union severed some of the financial links to paris that have underpinned the region's common currency since its creation soon after world war 2. mccaul president of france the west african regions former colonial power discuss the c.f.a. currency with his ivory coast counterpart al assad ouattara in abidjan. for proof for. this reform represents a big step in our will to make our region an integrated and dynamic economic space and a source of prosperity. your source their prosperity. to
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see if a fork will be renamed the eco it will remain pegged to the euro but currency union members won't have to keep the reserves in the french treasury and there will no longer be a french representative on the board. so the reform drew a line of the colonial relics of the past so that. that's not the century that's being built today and i believe that for our 2 countries and for the relationship between the african continent and france it's a balance partnership. to see if a phone is currently used in 14 west and central african nations. fires shares climbed to a 14 month high today the rally comes after the us government backed the company in its appeal against a judgement that linked the firm's weed killer runs up to. the environmental protection agency says the product which contains doesn't cause cancer had been
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alleged this supports buyers argument that only regulators have the authority to print cancer warning labels some experts see the reversal of the decision as a signal that other claims could also face legal hurdles. earlier we asked our correspondent in frankfurt only box what the u.s. government support means for fire. it is important moral support for bayer especially in the light of the discussion in the public domain but the government or the agency cannot be seen as impartial and so the courts are not obliged to follow their support to follow this intervention the same thing is being celebrated though in the financial markets the share is soaring but having said that it's nowhere near where it was before concerns over the effects of the weed killer for the buyer company emerged talks on the settlement are ongoing they're going at high speed expert lawyers are at this and people i've talked to here who have done
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similar settlements but not in the buyer case but in other cases say there's a good chance that a settlement could be reached costing by your billions but not an existential threat in the end if successful. china is to lower import tariffs on more than 850 types of products ranging from frozen pork to computer on phone components from january the move follows a full in the country's trade dispute with the united states it also comes amid slowing growth in the country and a push to boost consumption. compared to other years 29 has been sluggish for the chinese economy and beijing appears to be determined to change that starting january 2020 china plans to lower tariffs on more than $850.00 products including fish and frozen pork beijing's latest move is not linked to the ongoing trade truce with washington but more so the shortage of china's most popular meat pork
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thousands of pigs have been culled as a result of an outbreak of african swine fever the tariff reduction will help with the pork shortage while also stimulating domestic consumption amid slowing growth in the 3rd quarter of this year china's economy only grew 6 percent on the year that its slowest pace in decades the country has maintained growth rates above 6.5 percent over the last 5 years but that is set to change this year and some analysts expect an even lower rate in 2020 that may have given reason for the chinese government to intervene to lower prices for imported goods will also be welcome news to chinese consumers earlier this year amazon sells 175000000 products during its prime day sale it's just one indication of the size of the online retailers turnover and it provides some context for this next story about what the company does with products that don't sell. and
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amazon fulfillment center in vinson in the german state of lower saxony. environmental activists with the ngo greenpeace shared images and documents with a german broadcaster showing new products being destroyed truckloads of unsold items are being transported to an incinerator several times a week this is and it's a slap in the face for climate protection each of these products contains valuable resources which are simply destroyed it is cheaper for amazon to empty its shelves like that than to recycle something. i was on doesn't dispute that new products are being dumped there mostly 3rd party goods that cannot be sold says the e-commerce giant in a statement for us this is the last and least attractive option environmentally and economically. the german government has recognised the problem with the department of the environment as well as the economy are planning to take action is the and us that's a question noisy was that the practice of destroying unsold products is used on
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a much bigger scale than we had before. but there's not a lot of reliable data. and that's why we're proposing a new law to ensure more transparency and to get a better overview of what's effectively being destroyed and how much it simply shanice to. the government reportedly plans to make it mandatory for companies to have a duty of care for their products so that goods are no longer destroyed for economic reasons. about that for me on the business team here and very late you can get more on our website that's d w dot com slash business you can also find us on facebook on twitter or me it's goodbye and take their.
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lives is a play on checked real estate speculation. historian in the city is fighting back her strongest weapon the label shops with history. it's meant to protect businesses with long traditions from. the speculators.
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shoppers with history. in 60 minutes on d w. literature invites us to see people in particular. to see how soon as the kids find grown up. to be books on youtube. this is speed up the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the strong women off the d.r. see a rape survivor who's become an activist for women and a business woman is a weapon of war in congo where fighting rages over the country's natural resources . also on i'll show the man putting africa on the mat quite literally step
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