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but everyone has the right. everyone has the right to show. this is g.w. news where i'm from burlington are scrambling to escape the flames mass evacuations are underway in australia as people flee the deadly one cars thousands are on the road others are waiting to be ferried to safety by drought and the hot dry out windy conditions are expected to get even worse also coming up turkish omegas vote
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to send troops to war torn libya and chris as it's protecting its own interests but many fear the move could escalate the conflict in a country. town 3 people come forward following a deadly fart of germans who was already believed that illegal skylon to spark a blaze that killed dozens of animals in the town of k. fed on new year's eve. times helena humphrey glad you could join me australian author a t's are taking a drastic measures to save lives as some of the was on record ravage the country with 18 people already confirmed dead and thousands of homes destroyed or thora these have ordered mass evacuations in 2 of the hardest hit states now the worst affected state is new south wales where fires have burned more than 4000000
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hectares now to put that into perspective for you that is more than 4 times the number of hecht has lost during the 29005. the state government of new south wales has declared a 7 day state of emergency for a 3rd time in as many months now in the neighboring state of victoria while roads that have been cut off making it only possible to neve via say now naval vessels are being sent to evacuate people from the harbor to one of the ports close to mel but now the evacuations unlikely so last for days and made extreme weather conditions. australia's so say eastern coast is no one ever kitchen zone people have been told to leave as soon as possible as authorities declared a state of emergency. it is imperative that you look after yourself the responsibility to look out for yourselves and your families and you out to those men and women who are fighting as far as we keep inside to do exactly what i say
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military ships an aircraft tough in deployed to provide humanitarian assistance bringing in much needed food and medical supplies to cut off areas the military vessels will be able to evacuate up to 1000 people at a time from the harbor in the toria to see journey to one of the designated ever creation ports takes around 17 hours this means that the mass evacuations will go on well into the weekend when the weather conditions are forecast to worsen again. the winds are expected to be very strong back to food plus degree temperatures and we've got a lot of 4 in the last guy that we've agreed to time. residents are taking the warnings seriously. and for a bit odd sight anybody die it's tied to sky demise and i had parents tied to scared just. just. over 2 days put your lot that reason is now.
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just get out and god when you say that for new just not you're not meant to be they just. smoke is too sick for helicopters to fly in and help with ever accusations those wanting to leave will now make their way to the ports. well journalist rebecca am a has been monitoring the situation says that many people have been leaving tourist towns in australia southeast ahead of expected catastrophic conditions this coming weekend. all right sorry about that let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. taiwan's military chief of staff has been killed in a helicopter crash shen uming was aboard a blackhawk chopper when it went down in mountains north of taipei officials said the 7 others aboard died in the air force general was in command of the island's
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defenses against china. or thought he's in indonesia say that at least 30 people have been killed in severe flooding tens of thousands were evacuated in and around the capital jakarta what is being called the worst rainfall in decades hit the region a wednesday it's caused rivers to overflow and buildings to collapse. belgium has suspended the extradition of catalan separatist leader cause preachment official cited his immunity as a deer appear nor make it reach the mount was elected to the european parliament last may but has so far been unable to take his seat he's wanted in spain for his role in catalonia illegal 2017 it's a session that. lebanon has received an international want to know just from interpol for carlos ghosn requested his arrest now the foreman is sound boss skipped bail in japan earlier this week he fled to lebanon and he was awaiting
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trial in japan for financial misconduct japanese prosecutors have raided his home in tokyo reportedly looking for information on how he managed to escape the country . and we'll be bringing you more on that story in just a moment my colleague general do my loan has the latest details in our business update right after this bulleted moving on to turkey's parliament has passed legislation authorizing a one year deployment of troops to libya and turkey supports libya's internationally recognized government in tripoli the motion gives ankara the green light to send turkish soldiers to the libyan capital says that the deployment is necessary to defend the government there against. his loyal to the powerful warlord khalifa haftar turkey says that if the government is toppled it would bring further instability to the region. also 90 w. correspondent daryn jones is on the story for us from istanbul welcome dorian how broad was the support in parliament for turkey's military deployment to libya.
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well in fact all the opposition parties opposed to move the only way that the government got is got it frew the parliament was with the support of his coalition partner the national action party. they passed with well over 100 votes but it was a very feisty debate with the opposition criticizing the motion saying that this risk the blood of muslims in a war that turkey should have no place in question evenly the board nature of this motion basically they cues a president of seeking a carte blanche a blank check to basically deploys many forces he wanted very few details of what the deployment would be and how he would be expedited so there was a very strong opposition but the government easily secured the motion as was expected doria why is getting involved. what are its national interests that for example. well whole variety of reasons have been given by
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president one in the run up to this vote he's been campaigning very strongly to convince not only the political parties but also the white a country where they does appear to be a great deal of skepticism he says that turkey has a strong ties to libya if it was part of turkey's ottoman empire or the still a large ethnic turkish population that needs to be protected on top of that turkey does have deep financial and business interests of libya and major 1000000000 dollar contracts in the construction industry still remain open but the key factor behind turkey's involvement in libya is these recent agreements signed with the libyan government one of which gives control of a large swathe of the eastern mediterranean which is a center of a competition between regional countries in the search for hydrocarbons and also the question of how to distribute any recently found hydrocarbons through pipelines turkey and says the has to be part of this process and it ceases deal with libya ensuring its interests of that's why is committed to supporting this government and
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the agreements that they have agreed to so what's their reaction. well egypt which is backing the half the forces has been swift to condemn this move they say they outrightly condemn this these warring development by turkey and all ministry warned that they would be repercussions if turkey went ahead with military deployment kyra has in the past warned that if turkey did carry out any military deployment it too could follow up and back military of support of hostile forces and that's been the big concern across the region that if turkey does get involved in libya militarily steps up the supply mental forces this could be told why the escalation of the conflict and that is sending alarm bells ringing not only in the region but also in europe which it fears could lead to a further exodus of refugees and even washington does appear to be concerned we understand that president trump has after the vote spoke with president libya was a top of the agenda of those talks all right our correspondent there. reporting
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from istanbul as a tech is part of process legislation authorizing a one year deployment off troops maybe a thank you daryn. no woman and her 2 adult daughters have turned themselves into both origins in western germany following a father that devastated as to killing dozens of animals but they say that the women admitted to ordering paper sky lanterns on the internet partly on aware that they are illegal in germany as belief that flames from the airborne candles cause the blaze on easy. flowers and candles a crayfish zoo more than 30 animals were burned to death here after a fire broke out at the 8 house. among the dead animals are highly endangered apes like around the 10s from borneo lower than gorillas from central africa and chimpanzees from west africa. a total of
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$88.00 were killed amongst them massah europe's oldest gorilla he was 48 years old the fire in the 8 houses broke out shortly after midnight the house was also home to fruit bats and birds they were all killed in the blaze but 2 chimpanzees survived police say the fire was caused by a sky lantern launch of a new year a mother and her 2 daughters handed themselves in to authorities soon after the fire reportedly unaware that the sky lantern's a band across germany. because. the people wonder set off these lanterns with good wishes and of course they didn't think that could lead to what happened here. with a long illness i must say i think it's courageous of them to go to the police and say yes we're responsible i finally stream a decent and they have my respect to
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a man who's picked well cray fields do now remains closed investigations into how the fire spread are and away. now illinois has become the 11th usa to legalize cannabis the gov has also pardon thousands of people convicted in the past of low level drug offenses at the stroke of midnight it became legal to buy cannabis that i didn't. like this is the right way for some the excitement was so high that they forgot to show their i.d. from the 1st of january illinois is 21 and older can legally buy up to 30 grams of cannabis as well as cannabis if you use products. for many it was worth queuing up in subzero temperatures to get their hands on the state's 1st legal pot. super farm now i just you know today is like part of history for chicago can be a part of it really i was up for it so it's incredible it's incredible i just can't
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believe we're finally here i'm really excited and i know what everybody that i know is really excited as well little surreal it was a little crazy like i'm walking to the counter and there's here is everywhere it's showing me. i'm buying we legal cannabis this is just unbelievable with the legalization also come some 700000 pardons for people with low level cannabis convictions and a quarter of the nearly $60000000.00 projected annual tax revenue will go to communities affected by the war on drugs or thought these are open about the economic benefits of the new comer's illinois is establishing itself as the 1st state in the nation to legalize in a way that truly puts equity 1st illinois joins 10 other u.s. states and the district of columbia where every creational cannabis is legal the u.s. narcotics agency however still considers cannabis
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a dangerous substance. or a football now and star striker for him if it has touched down in italy ahead of his return to ac milan after 18 months playing in the u.s. the l.a. galaxy the 38 year old struck a new deal with the italian side he previously played for from 2010 to 2012 and he remains a fan favorite they're greeted by chanting supporters at the airport is expected to start trading on friday with the club currently struggling start in 11th place in the italian. now made international headlines last month after becoming the 1st one . woman to be a man at the p.t.c. darts world championship she has now been named as one of 9 challenges to compete alongside the top 9 players in this year's premier league darts competition now the 25 year old became an overnight celebrity after making it to the 3rd round off the
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world championship and it's all the more impressive given sherrick is a former hairdresser who only started playing darts in her teens. and watching the news out next in a business the latest on former nissan c.e.o. carlos scorns a spectacular escape from japanese authorities when he can get the latest on a website that is d.w. dot com i'm at home for him but and thanks for the company. showing up today don't miss our highlights w. program online w dot com hard work. 50 years of religions for peace peace and many different things for working together toward a common.


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