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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2020 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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that's not very much because the number stands still. told me. this is from. the wildfire. tens of thousands scrambling to escape the flames by sea the prime minister confronts growing outrage over his government's response to the crisis also on the program. has voted to send troops to. its own interest but many fear the move could escalate the
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conflict. the fighting in indonesia forces tens of thousands from the capital. cost of war. 3 people come forward falling into deadly fire as a german civil soldiers believe that. the new year's eve killed dozens of the town. i'm from welcome to the program. australian authorities have declared emergencies and ordered mass evacuations in new south wales and victoria the states hardest hit by some of the worst wildfire that's on record the evacuation orders unlikely to last for days as forecast as well but high temperatures and strong winds are expected to return this weekend 18 people have died in the crisis and thousands of
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homes destroyed. this is what firefighters in australia have been dealing with for months in some cases and this is an example of the aftermath the town of. or what was the town a place tore through here on new year's eve. since then thousands have been awaiting rescue relief anything the plan is for the navy to use ships and helicopters to bring them to melbourne about a 17 hour journey by water. and destruction devastation and this is just one of so many towns in the southeastern states of new south wales and victoria that have felt the fury of the latest wave of bushfires. side anybody diets. in my eyes and i had parents. just.
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people have died but a final count hasn't been tallied yet some are still listed as missing one of the dead is fireman jeff keaton who passed away battling a blaze just before christmas at his funeral on thursday his young son received an award for bravery on behalf of his dead father. forecasters say it'll be the end of the month before there's any significant rain and a possible end to the crisis the next catastrophic conditions are forecast for this coming weekend with temperatures expected to top 40 degrees celsius. and turn this to rebecca i am a has been monitoring the situation and sense that people have been leaving tourist towns in australia southeast ahead of those expected catastrophic conditions at the weekend. already there is a mass evacuation underway tens of thousands if not a 100000 people have bank and are currently on the move today tens of thousands of
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tourists had a ready settled into that base holidays on the south coast of new south wales and in a system victoria before they fire so they have some of those have been cut off from power and water the last few days not already as of now said that if there is a small window in which people can evacuate to say areas they have been queues outside petrol stations with some petrol stations running out of fuel completely and others giving a limit of 50 latest queues outside supermarkets and we've saying that pictures of supermarket shelves stripped bare so there are traffic jams of up to 25 kilometers long as many many people are attempting to lay the same area all at once as conditions are expected to intensify once small over the next few days. the turkish lawmakers have passed
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a bill allowing the country to deploy troops to war torn libya the moves aimed at shoring up the un recognized government in tripoli against rebel leader before hostile anti so-called libyan national army the bill passed despite objections from have turkish main opposition groups and there are fears that a turkish troop deployment could further destabilize libya. but much more than that the bill was expected to pass through parliament and eventually it did giving the government a green light for a one year military deployment. but not before heavy debate in the house with opposition parties arguing vigorously against it and that is libya's internationally recognized government the government of national accord based in tripoli is a regional ally to turkey last friday turkish president or one confirmed had received a request for military assistance from the un backed administration for months on the outskirts of the capital the government has been facing off against the forces
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of rebel leader general khalifa haftar he leads a rival administration to the east of the country and is said to be preparing an assault to take the capital. the general has already taken control of its outer suburbs and has support internationally from egypt and russia. the fighting is threatening to plunge libya aren't a violent chaos not seen since the 2011 al sting of longtime dictator moammar gadhafi some 2000 people have been killed in the conflict so far. ankara says by intervening it wants to reduce the risk of further instability in the region and protect its cultural and commercial ties there meanwhile nations on the other side of the mediterranean are concerned any foreign interference could lead to more civilian deaths and a new wave of refugees making their way to europe. from political scientist professor. from the university of essex in the u.k. she yes specializes in middle east politics and joins us from culture to welcome
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professor how would a deployment do you think shift the balance in libya. well i think it's just going to get other actors involved like russia and egypt and the way i see it shifting the balance is that it's just going to make this more of a proxy war and we're going to see the violence escalate and this is going to be particularly hard on civilians because now we see when conflicts get international as like the conflict in yemen did with outsiders countries getting involved exciting remunerative you start to see civilian death tolls go up so i don't see this as particularly good news for anyone in libya i think this is just going to escalate things further and get these proxy. more involved in this conflict so what does turkey want from this. well turkey is trying to prevent general
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have to are from taking over the entire country because they have a good relationship with a government based in tripoli they had just recently signed a maritime agreement so that they could carve out the drilling rights in the mediterranean they're feeling more isolated economically because of some trade deals that have taken place with other countries in the mediterranean and there also has been benefit they also been benefiting from construction contracts that they have been given by the tripoli government which have been really financially lucrative they also fear that have tar is targeting ethnic shirks and ethnic turks and the 3rd biggest group in libya after arabs and berbers and there were cases of turkish ethnic libyan turks being arrested and being targeted because have had even bombed the town of misrata which has a heavy ethnic turkish element to it and so beyond the fact that turkey does want to have a creator sphere of influence in the region and they're also worried about what
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have to us in poland could mean for the ethnic turks living in libya as well ok so we have we have turkey in the i'm not going. to libya we think about just a month or so ago about that absence there in northern syria that does this is that these 2 are linked to any way i should what should we read about his relationship with the outside world undefeated its allies who often look at this rather discounts. well as turkey has personalize its regime as it's become more all about her who won and there are fewer checks on his power what we're seeing is the turkish government is becoming more aggressive with with its foreign policy became much more aggressive in syria contending against the us and basically pushing us out of syria or at least attempting to do so and become more assertive with libya as well i think what we're seeing is a turkey that is willing to try to exert
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a bigger sphere of influence extending beyond just the middle east we're going into north africa and i don't think that there's anything that's going to happen that will stop turkey because with it its own government though there was some vigorous debate that takes place or one has complete control over the government and over his party good talking to you thank you for joining us a professor in the times or lynn step from the university of essex thanks for having me. now for some of the other stories making news around the world austria's new coalition government wants to make the country carbon neutral by 2040 the green party's entering the national government for the 1st time adjoining sebastian's courts is conservatives laying out the details of a coalition deal the 2 parties said they want to make austria a european a forerunner and climate protection. place in paris have used tear gas to disperse protesters from in my new album out party headquarters as the standoff over the
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president's planned pension reforms continues the trade unions are called on the public to step up their protests national train services have been disrupted by strike action for 29 days now making it the country's longest strike since 1968. a court in belgium has suspended the extradition of cats and separatist leader carlos approved amount citing his immunity as a european. just approved mon was elected to the european parliament in may but has not taken his seat he's wanted in spain for his role in catalonia illegal 2718 a secession bid. a severe weather has triggered deadly flooding in and around indonesia as capital jakarta officials say around 2 dozen people have been killed and tens of thousands displaced by raging floodwaters the focus is a warning of heavy rain and more flooding to come. on a tiny island in the floods. this man was lucky. a desperate rescue
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effort saved in. 'd nearby flood waters were overwhelming washing away everything in their path tens of people have been killed and tens of thousands more evacuated indonesia's president tried to offer reassurance. disaster agency needs to coordinate with provincial governments and search and. rescue teams to give people who are affected by the floods a sense of safety. but he also cautioned people to limit their expectations. but i don't deny it in terms of our ability to respond to flooding that the central government is still quite new and there are still many projects left to complete me that he. for hard hit residents in the capital jakarta life and death choices and long delays i see from when the
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water reached the 2nd floor we decided to evacuate. we asked for help to be evacuated at 8 am. but we could only move out at 2 pm. and a sense of a terrifying new normal. we hope this will never happen again because these floods keep coming back every 5 years and look at that the fall of whether we like it or not we have to face this because we live here. but it is. everyone's working to clean and salvage what they can more rain is expected on the weekend. they watching d.w. news live from balance still to come anger and anxiety as hong kong's pro-democracy movement marches into a new decade to meet a protester who explains why she's worried about her future. twiddling resources
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compound the misery for tens of thousands living in kenya is that dab's refugee camp see how the people living there are coping as the come faces potential collapse. first a woman and her 2 i don't daughters have turned themselves into authours is a western germany following a fire that devastated the zoo killing dozens of animals police say the women admitted ordering paper sky lanterns on the internet apparently unaware that they were illegal in germany it's believed flames from the airborne candles caused the blaze on new year's eve. flowers and candles at craye felt zoo more than 30 animals were killed here after a fire broke out at the 8 enclosure many have come to express their sympathy. even clippard students everyone who knows the zoo is sad even outside of germany as well so it's always better when something so terrible happens and no matter where it happens but in guess what i'm trusting i was here almost all day yesterday because
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i couldn't bear the sadness alone. it helped to see so many mourners here and i cried i couldn't have stood it at home so. a total of 8 apes were killed including one called masa europe's oldest gorilla who was 48 years old the fire in the enclosure broke out shortly after midnight it was also home to fruit bats and birds they were all killed in the blaze police believe the fire was caused by a sky lantern launched 4 new year a mother and her 2 daughters turned themselves into authorities soon after the fire reportedly unaware of the fact that sky lanterns are banned across germany. because. the people wanted to set off these lanterns with good wishes and of course they didn't think that could lead to what happened here. i must say i think it's courageous of them to go to the police and say yes we're responsible i
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find a leak stream and they have my respect. the ape enclosure burned to the ground but 2 chimpanzees managed to escape the inferno. to survive the fire with minor burns we don't know how that happened they were then sedated and moved to another enclosure. while cray shelled zoo remains closed investigators are examining how the blaze spread so quickly. well they've. been talking to people. from the scene of the blaze the 3 women are under investigation in germany for launching paper sky lanterns. which apparently ignited a devastating fire that killed more than 30 animals here right behind me in the western german city of care at the local zoo the animals including gorillas and
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some endangered chimpanzees either burned to death or died of the smoke inhalation according to local authorities and the women turn themselves in to police after learning about the disaster they're being investigated not suspicion of negligent arson an offense which could carry a prison sentence of up to 5 years in prison or turn it to flee a fine a very heavy fine the mood in the city is pretty grim as you can see right behind me some residents even called the deceased animals our relatives adding that this fire casts doubts not only about the specific situation of the local zoo but also on the real necessity of zoos in general especially in this advent of 2020. i don't think i've seen a craft house now around 200000 people live in kenya as a refugee camp it's been home to thousands of somalis for nearly 30 years because the government's plan to close it has been postponed repeatedly humanitarian aid for the camp has been considerably reduced over recent years but our correspondent
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on the corner of the bow reports on what this means for people inside the camp. right yellow beans some cooking oil that's the food ration will be mohammed and his family of 9 are supposed to survive on yet another month since she fled somalia as a child almost 30 years ago hopi has lived as a refugee and. she says life in the camp has become even more difficult since the world food program reduced their food distributions because of budget cuts the agency can only afford to provide 70 percent of the recommended daily food intake. but maybe. now we are very desperate and there's no can no food at all how can we survive if we don't have food we have peace here but we don't have food to survive on and no healthcare. if people
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have to dab's refugee camps have been living on the fresh all different magine see for nearly 3 decades now with humanitarian organizations struggling to provide basic services in the face of when telling their nations and funding they say their situation has consistently west the refugees here fear the world has simply forgotten about their plight. kenyan law restricts freedom of movement and forbids refugees working here this means more than 200000 refugees in the camps most of them women and children depend on ever scarcer humanitarian aid aide workers in the camp are concerned that that is being neglected and the more recent humanitarian crisis is more to only the food that is afflicted it's also all the other program but people but services have to
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distribute the right help to services nutrition services because you're in rotten centers and all of them they're affected by the budget cut the international community. they think may be that obvious but. the positive. in the board. has been holding out for a month with her baby daughter who suffers from malnutrition she added needs a solution. that if i could support my family i wouldn't have to come here says the. only someone who's helpless goes to the hospital nobody else wants to be at the hospital. who beats has help says frustration and fear for her children her son however cannot be treated by the doctors here he has a heart condition that need special treatment and resources are not available in
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the underfunded camp. melanoma what i will tell them all when dying in this camp nobody is taking us anywhere i can't help myself and nobody is treating my son's illness every night we wonder if you will die or not. will be hopes she'll eventually be resettled to a place where her son can be treated and to other children will have enough to eat all she wants is the life of an ordinary citizen not a refugee until then she hopes that people politicians and agencies will start remembering the people affected up again. police chief has defended his officers actions against protesters during a new year's day rally. trends comments came amid allegations of disproportionate use of force to restrain the crowds activists are eager to support the
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pro-democracy demonstrations but fear for their future a reporter. has been speaking with one of them we've changed her name to protect her identity. the new year in hong kong has begun just like the old year ended with hundreds of thousands of people marching for political reforms a lesser choice has been active in the pro-democracy movement since the outset. that it seems that now yes it's changed my life shouldn't be allowed the protest movement has let me move forward and become a positive had seen how i have my guy and that if i missed this i wouldn't have another chance to experience all of it. caught up that's why it's so important that i'm here. for a while and i'm sorry if i resign to join a little less a wrist a lot by protesting she was already arrested once 3 months ago and still awaits trial prospects were dim further if she's detained again. the protest movement
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includes all walks of society but the young are the most committed competitive school exams a race for the best universities and the tough job market in one of the most expensive cities in the world on comes you face a lot of pressure. l.s.a. 16 she has struggled for years with anxiety and depression that she blames mainly on pressure in school because she. was so wrong with the movement procol aims my life child like. it made me feel my life has meaning for me that he always hate on my. since her arrest her anxiety has returned. although she says she hasn't been violent being at the site of clashes was enough for writing charge she faces 10 years in jail. the family has been under immense
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stress since then neither she nor her father use their real names. every time she goes out i worry a lot i'm anxious and i guess parents are like that but then i also can't lock her up the soldiers are. at the beginning that much stays peaceful but suddenly the mood shifts i was fired tear gas in one try please move slowly i thought many protesters leave this scene by the front line us confront the police the less it is and if the level she wants to support the frontline protest is that she knows what's at stake. i don't know because i've been arrested before if i go to the frontline i need to be very very careful i. nevertheless she decides to take a look but to get out as soon as it gets tense i release round up the record number
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of people 400 all together but unless it is not tomorrow i the our next report is about finding love on the dance floor so make the wheelchair dances of taiwan who 1st team up and then put the moves on each other. they're a perfect match on the dance floor as well as in life. i.v. one woman vinson quote discovered their talent for wheelchair dancing on their own but it was finding each other that added the extra spark to them moves. who is way past 5 years quit you murs. like a woman who has a sense of humor. and joy talking to each other. as we got to know each other better. i started like a girl out. and
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that chemistry has made them one of the most successful couples in wheelchair dance they're currently ranked number 2 in the world. but to perfect their dizzying moves also takes hours of training their trainers are able bodied volunteers who also perform with wheelchair users and what's called the combi category. vincent and i.v. are part of taiwan's last generation of polio survivors dancing is a way to keep up their physical fitness and to help fight the effects of the illness. or espalier patients physical deterioration can happen quite quickly.
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to exercise we are hoping to stow down the speed of deterioration so. we are hoping i will be able to dance for a long time and to hold on to a good ranking letters sent to them. for. a couple recently tied the knot. let's hope that married life sees them up together as easily as they do on the dance floor. this is de w.'s life from bob and up next i'll take you through the day a good day see them up.
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for. 50 years of religions for peace teams from many different states are working together toward a common goal the peaceful resolution of religious conflict. now all
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female members are for religions for peace from the middle east are demanding a larger. oh come on the ground is empowering women giving them their all. making them agent of change. the female peacemakers stores january 5th column t w. grappling the subject. expressed feelings. long very creative yet but i would like to be considered an artist one day looking for new perspectives. to work in not replying was a break with the economy doing things differently. come to a place where we reflect on society. parts 21.
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percent interest in the entire scheme for jurors or dealing with anyone at an early killed many civilians. come including my father while. i was a student i wanted to build a life for myself. but suddenly life became elish. providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines. roads closed because of the fires leaving a motorist with just a handful of escape routes smoke so thick that helicopters can fly australia's bushfire crisis shows no sign of abating in the worst affected state of mega blazes have consumed 4 times the area lost to last year's amazon rain forest fires now the country's prime minister is really feeling the heat i'm phil gale in berlin this is
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