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the un saw a chance to intervene in libya to save it from moammar gadhafi and it does or dictatorship were to soon be replaced by a failed state human traffickers and fighting warlords tonight germany confirming that it will try to do what russia and turkey have been able to do mediate a peace deal to end the proxy war on the southern shores of the mediterranean i'm often berlin this is the day. the coup attempt or refuse to sign the cease fire workers should definitive result has not been achieved. first he said yes but then he left moscow. i'm against the ceasefire because we have to build military and police forces to end the militias don't have one is the good german government
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is planning to organize a summit 2 or so few of them. we all work in the same direction before we leave is . no good libyan will accept any bloodshed from the sun cease fire is a wise decision. also coming up tonight an exclusive report hiding his identity to bring the truth to light to what one hong kong police officer thinks about the pro-democracy protests. i'm just frustrated because some offices really dislike the protestors and honestly they really want to beat them up i have to say the senior offices have basically missed it up. on to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with libya's unlikely peace broker in 2011 germany drew international criticism when it refused
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to support a u.n. security council resolution that authorized military intervention in libya early ends fears at the same time would soon be realized in libya liberated from a dictator would soon become libya front line of a new proxy war the capital tripoli remains the target of fighting militias and the latest attempt by russia and turkey to mediate a cease fire collapsed today we're now in germany were trying to mediate on sunday german chancellor angela merkel plans to host a peace conference here in berlin a negotiating table reportedly with room for everyone who wants a say in the future of libya. the talks were meant to bring an end to the conflict in libya and be a diplomatic victory for russia and turkey but after general. left the talks in moscow without agreeing to a long term truce they appeared to end in failure speaking to meteor
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a day off to hell with the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov played down the outcome saying the peace plan put forward by moscow an acura was still a work in progress. representatives of libyan society met in moscow with the participation of the russian and turkish foreign and defense ministers we will continue our work on this track so far there has been no definitive outcome. libya has seen heavy fighting for months the country's internationally recognized administration the government of national accord led by fires sarkar raj is based in tripoli it's facing up our challenge from general have todd's rival administration based in the east of the country and the city of tal broke. after forces calling themselves the libyan national army are reportedly being assisted by russia and regional allies egypt saudi arabia and the u.a.e. . meanwhile ankara along with the united nations is backing tripoli's government of
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national accord earlier this month turkey's parliament gave president reject type one the green light to send troops to tripoli. and after the moscow talks failed to offer a solution on tuesday other one provided a clear warning. if you know they're not vigilant in the coming days we will be closely following the choices that the coup plotters. and the country's legitimate government will make. in the event that attacks against the country's legitimate government and our libyan brothers continue we will never refrain from giving hafter the lesson he deserves i did little me john. now the focus moves from moscow to berlin german chancellor angela merkel has invited top officials from a host of countries to peace talks on sunday in the hope that this time around something might be different. and for more tonight i'm joined from london by
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monti he's the head of the sadic institute that's a think tank focusing on libyan affairs and this is going to have you on the program there is i want to i want to talk about this conference in berlin in just a moment but i want to remind our viewers there is a legitimate government in tripoli at the moment supported at least by the united nations yet it is under siege what does that say in your opinion about the u. wins ability to secure the peace in libya. well the u.n. framework by the security council is ultimately broken in libya not the u.n. that came in for the lettermen but it gave its members 173 doesn't live in to rely on its responsibility to protect doctrine lead the coals internationally intervene in libya the safe civilian lawyers from i look at the after the arab spring started and there are dozens and 9 years later all something about the situation is
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radically different it is the un security council's framework which is broken has been many allegations maybe little rocks for how they supported discreetly slip out there since the 101415 during the 2nd civil war and then not allowed to sanction him or threaten him or can tell him that this is the members of the un security council's framework and the framework that is just as old conflict and empathy civilian learns has really been threatened by the example of the convert well we distill this down for us if we go back to 2011 there was disbelief the arab spring was beginning there was this belief that something good could happen in the arab world and in northern africa the u.s. president barack obama he put the resolution to the u.n. security council and intervention took place and it did not work the way it was planned do you do you want to venture an explanation there what happened was the international community then too naive. well as it is certainly believe it or to
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take the slogans alone like that and i am of mubarak and i would get on with suddenly these things would result in met all manner of us change all on their own ethics slogans are one thing the programs and really significant change beyond just the head of the states because those states had gritty details of goals and and that is an element of what has been going on across the arab world where you have the deep state that is the remnants of those former regimes there's networks as political and economic and security networks as patronage that works how you got to a country beyond just that that your hands i had to limit security and almost disenfranchise many of the population those things no one had a clue about have to sort them let alone the local populations that had rose up in different cities that was or egypt that it was so and so autocratic regime it doesn't it seem. i turned it into to see it as a. sedan very very recently as well as the. city. of
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lebanon and perhaps this movement doesn't lead to some i did for but it doesn't mean that people have kind of given up on this on this because i think there is really a movement it is going across the world that those things but. the danger is none of the standing in the way that those things have been that's about it because ultimately when you look at a place like tripoli the way this war over the last 9 months you had a small little blip of late let the democratic aspiration there's a muscular extinguished but not under the pretext of believing that and i was ready to believe that human rights special privileges those things or you know that you can't let's you fashionable because of the rights of what has happened is there's been a even movement called the returns all too apparent instability and that has come at a group expense of course the arab world and especially india and back in 2011 you know as i said earlier in the program in germany did not support the un resolution the no fly zone over libya was something that germany did not want to participate in and it proved that that germany despite all the criticism was probably right at
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the time in looking towards the future and now we have germany this coming sunday trying to mediate some form of peace but we're talking about 9 years between 2011 and today is a european countries efforts to bring peace to libya too little too late. i think we have to really look internally there's also such a mr place in europe because there are so many things that could have been done but we brushed under the carpet league later well to let your can be very very easily and very very you know with a little political will is to enforce laws and bugger you can only fight if you have arms and weapons being supplied and over the last 3 days a lot of it must go to exit and that there had been need shipments from the u.a.e. special forces base not with ali go into eastern libya that has been somewhat looked at it after he left moscow knowing he had the backing to go to go fight now
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if the u.n. all of germany you're getting it well it's got it falls on the buckle that would force the local players to have little other options but you need to make peace a little and you have to make. it easy to say don't mess up the but somehow it's better to look at both of these things because for every situation in libya the west would like syria we have genocides that were likely to run 20 years ago it's about abstain you know abstaining from these decisions is not going to let them go well i guess the situation and you know i was wondering and then i don't know i'm sorry if there's a fit of feedback here and i'm sorry about that me just ask you there what about the credibility of the german chancellor i mean it's it's it's clear that europe and germany don't want another migration crisis like we had in 2015 and they don't want one coming from libya which would explain why they want to do something in libya does the german chancellor in your opinion is she the one leader right now who has the credibility to get people to make promises that they will keep.
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and it has a great reputation at least in the north of us just policy at the very least it's a trial is not being called into question any moment given that then as that there's been a conference for over 4 months and so i think it's the adequate forum but the question really is and certainly angular merkel is you know has all the credibility that any good should enjoy when they're trying to host the conference that there's but the real question is is that adequate political will in europe can emanate from germany and at it from that meeting because to be frank we could have had this meeting last got my months ago at the participants are all members of internationally that at least to get to the journalists the question really is are our other members of internationally a right enough so i want to solve this because there's only one thing you can do with fear and fear is easily manipulable you know something that could be manipulated by other actors like russia you know could continue to manipulate the situation and ease the militia crisis that the great movie are about. the question
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is is that a political will to police the binoculars or it's yeah you're right it could have been as simple as a skype video call but it wasn't until the money joining us tonight from london and as we appreciate your insights tonight thank you. the investigation into the crash of that ukrainian airlines jet last week it's just beginning iran has admitted that one of its missiles accidentally shot down the plane near tehran of this tragedy is the latest in a string of events drawing the world's attention some say casting the worst of light on ukraine and you don't have to go back so far in time you remember just a few years ago in the capital kiev those demonstrations in favor of closer ties with the european union that turned violent and deadly scene there after russia
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annexed crimea and illegal act it also sent military aid and personnel to help fight a bloody separatist movement in the eastern section of ukraine that fighting is still ongoing and the hope attached to the election of president vladimir is alinsky in ukraine earlier this year well it was dashed quickly when a phone conversation between the president and us president donald trump ignited a political firestorm in washington resulting in the impeachment of drop the other day all of this recent history prompted alina because of the brookings institution to write this ukraine seems to have a dark cloud over it it's finding a war against russia and it's become part of the political war in the us this tragedy again puts ukraine in the middle of conflicts that have nothing to do with it all right for some analysis let's take you know to kiev where
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d.w. didn't connelly is joining us good evening to you nick i mean there's a very sad perception when it comes to ukraine at the moment we saw it in that quote right there which ukraine do you see as a correspondent living there and reporting from there. good evening brant i think most ordinary ukrainians are fully aware of that dark cloud over seas hanging over them but it is true has been an extraordinary few months and a real baptism of fire. does that phrase is for ukraine's new president. in office less than a year having to deal with being at the heart of this u.s. impeachment conflict something he didn't choose he didn't seek out something it was thrust upon him and now again with this ukrainian plane being shot down over tear on being in a essentially the finding himself in the midst of the west conflict with iran again
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unexpectedly again without having done anything to be so i think it's a very intriguing it's a very winning line i'm not sure there's so much to it i think the bigger picture is that ukraine has to deal with the fact that the u.s. is absent from europe especially now in this impeachment period any kind of involvement ukraine seems to be toxic in washington and that means that ukraine has lost significant support from the u.s. and might now be pushed into some kind of deal with the russians that's the baseline rather than some kind of course make. astrological set up that's really doing ukraine is present in. a lot of hope that was invested in the election. and a lot of that hope was dashed i think when this tragedy occurred last week just because he's president doesn't mean that bad things are going to happen that are attached to ukraine has that do you think in the minds of people. told them that he is unfortunately already
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a disappointment. i'm not sure i mean this definitely has been a puzzling time for people here in ukraine ukraine has a bit you had to fight to get attention especially in the west a lot of people i mean it's basic is is it called ukraine or the ukraine people not really knowing how to spell kiev with a while the russian spelling it is basically is that this is a problem that ukraine really has faced for decades and now suddenly to find itself at the center of the international news agenda has been very strange having said that there's been some really positive signs for ordinary ukrainians over the last few months something that hasn't got the same kind of airing internationally ukraine's currency the region has really added in value against international currencies not really is an important psychological indicator for ordinary ukrainians people here might not be able to tell you what was happening in politics 5 or 10 years ago but they will be able to tell you how much the dollar cost them back in 2004 back in 2010 that is something that is the people's minds and that strength in the currency really makes people feel that they're getting wealthier
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and they're getting back to some kind of economic situation there before also just before the news hole days you have big exchange of prisoners with the production separatists that again a big feel good moment that presents let's give the form a showman was able to really explore it to the max and to really ram down people's kind of through the really going to highly publicized with tears on the tarmac here in kiev so it is a mixed picture but definitely nationally it does look like one disaster after the other. it may look like that ukraine is all alone in a very ugly and hostile world is that one way of seeing it and you have to ask you like you said the beginning of what about all of this just being a you know a case of a lot of bad luck and nothing. definitely ukraine's looking in a more difficult international position than it was even just a few years ago i think as i said the main problem there being the us and the us
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broadly more broadly withdrawing its attention from europe and kind of closing in on internal matters and weariness in europe there's no real sense that the e.u. is willing to give ukraine any kind of roadmap to membership in the u. awareness there and a willingness also in european capitals to maintain this standoff with putin's kremlin it's been going on for the last 5 years now i was in paris in december of last year just a few weeks ago and there's a real sense that at least france wants to get back to business as usual as fast as possible with the russians and is willing to go into considerable arm twisting with the ukrainians to get them to make concessions to make that possible some kind of deal of. the infancy of any kind of resolution here but there is a sense that ukraine is coming under great pressure to really make concessions and to get this problem out of the way for western european capitals well there's one thing that is for sure all of this definitely keeps you busy our very own nic
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connelly tonight on the story for us in kenya nic thank you. china poses a global threat to human rights that is a key takeaway of the annual report by human rights watch which has just been released the report points to chinese president xi jinping as government and it accuses it of overseeing the most brutal and pervasive oppression that china has seen in decades pro-democracy demonstrators in hong kong they say that beijing is using the territory's police to enforce a policy of ever greater brutality and oppression but support of the communist party line among the police in hong kong it's not universal at least when some police dare to speak the truth. has this exclusive report. when david chan joined to hong kong police force a few years ago he never thought that he would see scenes like these david's and is
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not his real name. basis was last november when protesters and police clashed for hours on the university campus hong kong police had come to massive attack. and david says it's not only the physical threats that affect morale. they've been working long hours they've been blamed fingers pointed at them it's very exhausting both physically and mentally. this is what he's talking about. criticizing and often could sing at the police many offices are on edge they've been accused of indiscriminate arrests beating up subdued protesters and threatening to shoot guys into apartments if videos of alleged police brutality circulating online. bystanders would get into arguments with officers risk getting
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pepper sprayed a clear violation of the rules as david. i'm just frustrated because some offices really just like the protesters and honestly they really want to beat them up but i think this isn't the right mentality we should be impartial as police officers we shouldn't take sides he says he's currently doing as much as 100 hours of overtime every month while he isn't serving at the front line as back up he often has to be at the side of demonstrations david is hiding his identity feel being bullied by protesters online and he worries about professional repercussions . as a member of the hong kong police force i shouldn't be criticizing it in public but as a citizen of hong kong i have to say the senior officers have basically messed it up . i. officials deny the police have done anything wrong
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the police has been in the focus of the demonstrators since june when they 1st violently broke up a protest. since then public anger has steadily grow especially among the young david says most of his friends have turned their back on him in the past 6 months. i was a bit upset about it because they were my good friends but then i thought about it there's nothing i can too. he says several of his colleagues have quit their jobs but while he's at all it's with the current tactics he has no intention to leave. i should be staying in the police force and try to maintain the right mentality and to uphold the values of the police. it's a tough challenge for david stuck between loyalty and.
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climate change is real no matter which language you speak a team of german linguists has just announced the annual worst german word of the year award which highlights words that can mislead or obscure the truth and that word this year is clima history and if you translate that word into english very easy it is do you get there you see it climate hysteria and the jury says it use is used to defame climate change activism and discredit important debates on the phenomenon it makes a path ology of the growing climate change movement is misleading and irresponsibly supports anti science tendencies the power of one word all right so let's get back to the science now a major new report has shown that the world's oceans grew even hotter in 2019 that is no surprise the last 5 years were each in their time the hottest on record
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the researchers say that the warming oceans are already having a major impact on marine life and on these severely of storms cycles and hurricanes . as our planet warms up due to the greenhouse effect the vast majority of trapped heat is absorbed by the oceans over 90 percent of it the oceans therefore provide a key buffer that helps keep temperatures on our planet stable but their capacity to absorb heat isn't endless and eco systems are suffering organisms like corals that can't flee the higher temperatures simply die back to back bleaching and catastrophic mortality has meant we've lost 50 percent of all corals on the great barrier reef in 2 years and this is meant we've needed entirely new ways to think about how can we fast track both resilience and recovery according to the new study sense 2010 the oceans have absorbed around $22086.00 tilia jewels of extra heat to
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compare that's over $400.00 times the energy used by the entire human race annually and warmer oceans are having another major impact on our planet's colder regions even a slight rise in water temperature causes the glaciers to melt more rapidly from below millions of tons of ice have already disappeared from the ice caps in a nutshell warmer ocean temperatures mean rising sea levels the minister marine biodiversity and more powerful storms. no climate hysteria of the year of the day is almost done the conversation online continues you'll find us on twitter either the news you can follow me of brant goff t.v. or get used to our hash tag new day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day see the.
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