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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 17, 2020 6:00am-6:15am CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin a historic moment in the u.s. as the impeachment trial of president donald trump begins for the chief prosecutor i don't shift formally opens the proceedings as new evidence further implicates the president over his dealings with ukraine to the view that also coming up. germany's diplomatic efforts in libya yield a potential breakthrough with rebel commander and if i have time committing to
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a cease fire you also attend a conference and berlin this weekend aimed at ending years of civil conflict in libya. britain's prince harry makes his 1st public appearance following his recent announcement that he and his american wife meghan wanted to step back from the royal roles see a more independent future. i'm told me a lot of both thanks for joining me we begin in the u.s. where the senate has formally opened the impeachment trial against president donald trump supreme court chief justice john roberts is roberts is presiding over the proceedings the trial is happening during an election year with trump hoping to win a 2nd term in office in november the republican controlled senate is expected to acquit the president was called the impeachment process
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a sham. so help you god trumps impeachment only the 3rd in u.s. history has drawn closer to. to its climax with the opening of the senate trial a group of 7 impeachment managers from the house arrived just after noon to the senate chamber where they were announced by the sergeant at arms reading from a historic script. piri piri piri all persons are commanded to keep silent on pain of imprisonment while the house of representatives is exhibiting to the senate of the united states articles of impeachment against donald trump president of the united states adam schiff the leader of the prosecution team and the intelligence chair then solemnly read the articles of impeachment. article one. abuse of power. the constitution provides that the house of representatives shall have
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the sole power of impeachment and that the president shall be removed from office on impeachment for and conviction of treason bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors. clearly it was a huge day in u.s. history but the process isn't simple 100 u.s. senators have had to sign an oath book signifying a pledge of impartiality to promise to act as jurists not politicians i'm to deliver a verdict which could have been the fate of a president or perhaps the constitution although quite how impartiality will prevail it's hard to discern leading democrats let their voices to emphasize what was the steak house speaker nancy pelosi talking plainly about the president's alleged illegal acts when i was in grade school there was a sign. on the wall in one of the carters it said what a tangled web we when we 1st practice. you see that more
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and more and more and all of this this tangled web to just see that the administration is engaged in. in typical fashion however trump called the whole process one hopes and accused the trial as being politically driven. it's totally partisan we had 195 public votes i guess we got the democrats actually came over to the republican side we had 195 to nothing to say yes he will however have to address the charges more formally most likely in written form with careful consideration from his legal team. news washington correspondent all of us that it is keeping an eye on proceedings a huge day in american history you have $100.00 u.s. senators who've taken an oath of impartiality they're promising to act as jurors not politicians will they really be able to set aside party politics. well that cohen told me is the crucial question right now and the 5 frankly spoken also the
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result of the senate trial is pretty much clear even though we're just at the beginning of the trial and that is because republicans are uniting behind their president they are staying very much behind party lines at this point that also reflects the overall atmosphere here among american voters the country is probably polarized as never before in its history and you know you have you even have some single individuals here in senate who openly admit that they're not impartial like senate majority leader mitch mcconnell for instance but then in contras there is a small number of republican senators who are willing to work together with the democrats on the question for instance of allowing witnesses into the trial but at the same time they're running high risks year to oneself ward off their base and so we do not expect surprises here to happen in the senate trial now at the heart
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of these proceedings on the president's dealings with ukraine new revelations from an associate of mr trump's personal lawyer have provided a new twist over night. that is correct and those revelations are very explosive left is the associate you were mentioning a former associate offer of president trumps rudy giuliani and what he basically says is that all of his aides all of president trump's aides were a we are office plans to get to gain political advantage by pushing the ukraine government of the ukrainian president in particular to launch a missile gauged against joe biden who is president trump's political rival 2 but then the wia tells responded of course already dismissing these allegations he says they say that left part of this out on bail that he's under indictment therefore
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not a credible credible witness but nevertheless the question remaining here is how are these explosive revelations going to shape the senate trial that is going to continue as soon as next tuesday and will we see the president being called as a witness. or 1st of all is unclear if we're going to see any witnesses at all at this point the democrats of course would like that they would like lift parnell's that we've just spoken of all or even the former national security adviser john bolton to take part in the senate trial senate will vote on this question and choose a vote as i've mentioned there's a lot of resistance from republican senators president trump want to send a formal summons to day by the senate he has until saturday 6 pm to reply to that it is however expected that he will do so in britain and that his defense more or less will be read out. on the senate floor ok all of us on it in washington thank
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you now let's check in on some other stories making the news. antigovernment protesters in beirut have gathered outside the lebanese parliament they're angry at the political elite as an unprecedented economic crisis deepens in the country the peaceful demonstration follows 2 nights of violent clashes during which over $100.00 people were arrested protesters have accused security forces of using excessive violence. a 2nd person has died from a mysterious virus in the central chinese city of new han at least 41 people have become ill with pneumonia linked to the virus which is from the same family as the deadly sawers pathogen authorities say a local seafood market is at the center of the outbreak. egypt if you'll be and sudan say they've reached a preliminary agreement on how to fill a $5000000000.00 hydroelectric dam on the nile river it's set to bring electricity
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to $100000000.00 ethiopians now fears that filling the down would negatively affect water levels downstream and spot tensions in the region. heavy downpours in eastern australia have triggered flash flooding in many regions ravaged by catastrophic bushfires stuff of the australian reptile park in new south wales were forced to spring into action to save animals threatened by a sudden deluge more rain is forecast in the next coming days. to libya now where their peers to be movement in ongoing diplomatic efforts to secure a cease fire in the country's civil war germany's foreign minister has announced that rebel leader. as agreed to abide by a cease fire following talks in benghazi is also now expected to attend an international meeting on the libya crisis in berlin this weekend. this could be the truce the international community was hoping for germany has been
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weighing in ahead of the peace conference shadowed for sunday in berlin german foreign minister must meet with libyan general kelly to have tar in benghazi on thursday ahead of the talks said have time had recognized the need for a truce if not yet formally. after has agreed to respect a cease fire agreement regardless of the fact that he hasn't signed it earlier this week not so extraordinarily important. back in berlin german chancellor angela merkel also welcome tough task assurances that he would stick to the ceasefire this is. good news that he's willing to observe the ceasefire we need to have that to start with. and then at the libya conference we need to see above all that the weapons and barca has a tier 2 again which was basically agreed through the un but unfortunately has not been respected. but 1st of all i think this commitment is good news
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and. general have turned his rival the head of the un recognized libyan government . will take part in the talks alongside representatives of 11 nations as well as several international organizations the united nations and the european union welcomed the talks and urged all parties to engage constructively towards ending the fighting the conference where i am to address a permanent cease fire in libya the implementation of the u.n. arms embargo and renewed political efforts on all sides to reach a lasting peace. earlier we asked our political correspondent simon young whether germany should view these promises from general have as a victory we shouldn't forget the general have to have the chance to sign a cease fire agreement in moscow last week chose not to do that so i certainly think we shouldn't. count chickens before they're hatched but this it
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clearly is a very positive development because jen will have to are is the man who really controls the largest amount of territory in libya his people pretty much are in dominant everywhere outs. saw at the capital tripoli and so the fact that he will be in berlin and he's saying that he's backing a ceasefire you know he's looking towards peace he said he wants this conference to be a success on sunday so all of that really does look very positive going forward. in international football the 2021 africa cup of nations is set to revert to its traditional slot in january cameron will be hosting the event the changes likely to anger european clubs like premier league leaders level paul whose team include stars mohamed salah of egypt and saddles side your money that's because it will
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mean more action and less rest for the footballers but africa's football confederation says the move is necessary to avoid cameron's rainy season. britain's prince harry has made his 1st public appearance since his recent announcement that he and his wife meggan plan to step back from the royal duties how he attended a school rugby league demonstration on the grounds of buckingham palace while he openly joked with the children he was silent regarding his future plans. prince harry's wish to step back from his royal gigi's has been granted but he still has a few more commitments that means a few more deep breath it's taken a while for the dust to settle after last week's surprise announcement but it's the truth of the frog the league world cup and that's helping to soften the blow after all it's something close to the prince's heart so a rather stiff event turned into something of a shock. this is
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a to cooking show he joked i don't know what you're doing just after words smalltalk a few comments on briggs it and thoughts on sporting a beard it was if it was almost as if harry is having 2nd thoughts about his decision to stop performing his royal duties he was in his element. regularly meet someone high profile like the g.p. who clearly isn't just here's a ceremonial role knows about rugby league and knows what it means to the community so you know i hope he does keep his involvement with the sport. but there has been no change of royal plans this could be harry's last appearance in the spotlight before he begins. quiete life in canada by his wife meghan has already landed she's been photographed at meetings with women's rights groups but hasn't yet appeared at any public events. british tabloid report has made it clear they aren't laying off harry just yet. but the prince has
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a new mood to play that kind of call instead and made a shop exit back to his grandmother's palace. this is the news from berlin up next the documentary pioneers of the skies nonstop over the atlantic and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website d.w. dot com i'm told we have a lot of bull and that's it for me thanks for joining. me this time to take one step further and face the. time to search the you know fight for the truth. to overcome barriers and such the world gets to.


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