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preparations are underway for sunday's international summit time to bring peace to libya both the country's leaders are expected to attend as well as many. of them to secure a lasting cease fire in a country that descended into turmoil in 20 eleventh's after the overthrow of former dictator moammar gadhafi also on the program. iran's supreme leader hits out of the united states in a raspy chat friday prayers ayatollah ali khamenei dismissed president trump as a clown who wants to push
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a poisoned dagger into iraq chest. much needed rain blankets australia after months of catastrophic bushfires for parts of the country and i'm struggling to cope with the down fall and morning news forecast. blaming the teachers for educators in hong kong are increasingly being called to account for their students to be. i feel gail welcome to the program. wellin will host a major international conference on sunday bringing together libya's main warring parties and their powerful international backers prime minister fires al seraj who leads the country's un recognized government has already signed a cease fire deal and on thursday german foreign minister heiko mouse received assurances from rebel leader ali for hafta that he too would support
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a truce before travelling to berlin general have to us stopping over in athens where sunday summit is causing tension. like so often general have to was received in athens like a top minister but many countries see him simply as a warlord but there are reasons why he say feted here greece is angry at us recognition of the libyan government which has signed america time agreement with turkey without taking greece's audience in the region into account greece is also irritated at not being invited to libya conference but is nevertheless offered to be a mediator. and. encourage commander have to participate constructively in the process and to try within the existing framework to achieve a cease fire and to restore security in libya is we have to made clear during a meeting with germany's foreign minister high came us that he's willing to abide
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by a cease fire which is celebrating as a success. i think it's good news 1st of all that he is ready to continue to abide by a cease fire that has to be the start at the libya conference we must also ensure that the u.n. arms embargo isn't forced. in the libyan capital tripoli some a less ready to trust have to in moscow last week he refused to sign a cease fire deal. he didn't sign because he doesn't want peace he's bloodthirsty he wants war he wants people to die. still many here in tripoli are pinning their hopes on berlin's conference. at this meeting in berlin they will discuss many things but the most important one is the ceasefire this will be a good opportunity to discuss different options but we are all in favor of the seas fire and of course what comes after that and have to needs to go back to where you
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started everything and in berlin it isn't only about bringing have to and his adverse the recent together it's also about 2 other men. and whom of this consider to be the decisive players in this conflict turkish president wretch up tight at the one who supports the rush and russia's vladimir putin who packs have to that effort to produce a signed a cease fire agreement in moscow last week didn't succeed now berlin is hoping to achieve a decisive breakthrough. more on sunday summit from political correspondent simon young welcome simon so let's start with a guess based on who's coming who won't be there was a very high level summit fill with the presidents of russia egypt turkey and france and u.s. secretary of state pompei as well as the leaders of the 2 warring factions as to who won't be coming. in particular is irritated it's doesn't seem to have
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received an invitation it says that it's worried about a deal that turkey has signed with aaa covering natural gas exploitation in the mediterranean it would like to be at the table to discuss that also too near syria neighbor of libya which everyone knowledge is has been very affected by the conflict but the german government says that the invitations have been worked out in close consultation with the u.n. and they are they have decided who's coming and we saw in the report there is lots too there are lots of international backers on both sides so i want to talk about v. international community having a stance when it comes to libya. well i mean there are such a range of positions and diverse interests and you've in particular got the different international backers of the warring parties russia. and
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egypt and the united arab emirates backing general have to or who controls much of the country and on the other side turkey in particular is really providing military support to the. government in tripoli which is the u.n. backed and internationally recognized government there also mineral natural natural mineral rights that are issue here as well got countries like italy which takes a lot of its oil from libya france would like to take some more i mentioned the turkish deal to try and exploit natural gas so that's a point to europe in general would like to see stability in libya because it's become a conduit for migration and it doesn't want to see this war dragging on on its southern flank so given that plethora of interests on different sides of this conflict that people are one of people hoping will actually come out of sunday's conference the key thing is to get the international parties to withdraw
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troops and arms from libya and to make sure that the 2 warring factions stand by that cease fire that they say they're backing one question that arises from that who will police the cease fire e.u. foreign policy representative of burrell is quoted today in a spiegel saying that he thinks you the have a role in that including with troops will that could be very difficult it's hard to see which countries would send troops and of course this conference is really all about getting the military's out of libya political correspondent simon thank you. now canada has urged iran to allow our friends to analyze the flight and cockpit data recorders from the ukrainian the passenger plane that was shot down in iran this month iran's admitted to shooting the plane down accidentally a canadian prime minister justin trudeau said france is one of the few countries
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with the ability to breed the plane's black boxes which he said were badly damaged $57.00 people on board the ukrainian international airlines flight were canadian citizens the issue with the black boxes is that they were significantly damaged and it is extremely important including no courting to protocol number 13 i believe that they be examined as rapidly as possible around does not have the level of technical expertise and mostly the equipment necessary to be able to analyze these damaged back black boxes quickly oh earlier on friday iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali from an elite described u.s. president donald trump support for the uniting people as a pretense leading friday press in tehran for the 1st time in years he praised the country's asterix against the u.s. in retaliation for the killing of general us on the monday as
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a day of god. after weeks of national trauma thousands turned out to see iran's supreme leader in a rare show of strength the main cheered and chanting as ali how many railed against iran's enemies. american clowns who falsely and despicably say that we are standing with the iranian people and say they can see who the iranian people. a few hundreds of people who insulted the pitcher of our martyred and honorable general custom sell the money at the iranian people and then all rather are the branding and people the millions who showed themselves on the streets. his intervention comes after the country's top military commander was killed by u.s. forces earlier this month triggering a nationwide outpouring of grief and
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a tragic stampede which saw scores killed. then came what iran said was an accidental dining of a passenger jet killing all 176 people on board. angry protests engulfed the capital. yet the ayatollah lamented the crash but said iran was being manipulated. some people follow the ana guided by american televisions an english radio try to portray this incident in such a way that the deaths of these 2 martyrs would be forgotten your mojo your your. i mean message paired loud and clear by president rouhani who sat among the washer person the ayatollahs presents underscores the crisis of the last time he delivered
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friday prayers in 2012 amid a standoff over its nuclear weapons program. let's get more on this from a team of me from the debates so welcome david let's start with that final point the significance of the ayatollah leaving friday prayers today what should we read into that actually if in the whole event was was to present an image of forward and unity basically almost 45 minutes i mean a speech was full of political images for the inside word on the outside for the inside he was saying let's be united as you are at the iranians in order to be stronger that's the united as it rings against international pressure and against american sanctions let's be united more because we have but a mentally elections in february and for the outside he was telling them even though that we have missed his misfortune events lately basically we're still
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strong we can still act and act don't underestimate our power we're still strong there so basically he had the message just for the inside and also for the outside . people who are watching iran closely it would seem strange that he's having to constantly call for unity. there is not much in the way of a of opposition that easy under pressure domestically is a lot he is under a lot of pressure basically not only the supreme leader the whole authority iranian authorities because of the protest because it's the 1st time the protesters and activists in iran inside iran they were asking for him to step down with and he had before in the last years so this is this is a big issue and also i want to go back again to the elections the parliamentary elections it's very important for the authority in order to give the image that it was a smooth it's going to be smooth and also were going to win again as a regime no one is protesting during the elections because otherwise we're going to give a wrong image for the outside and trump is going to use it lately so they would say
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look you have people against you and it was like you know not successful so will this speech be enough then because the as you say there were protests about these fueling increases and then there were protests about the they perceived cover up about this this plane crash is this going to put the lid on all of that know the suppress would do that because most of the protesters based on that reports inside iran most of the protesters and also the activists that they ask me that a specially to step down in the jail and basically the government denied that but that's not the issue if you take a look at iranian history basically we when they have an enemy or they have convincing the society that they have and then he and let's be united against the enemy that's why he was calling trump as a clown that's why he was blaming the international community in order to put this pressure on iran and that's why he was saying we can still be strong if we are all one hand stop the protest and let's face what is happening you want money you want
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like to live good you have a problem in the economy well if you would be new and united then we can face all these sanctions specially from the american and that's actually the strategy and it taught before and going to work now to me to hear me from don't lose a big service thank you so much welcome thank you. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world it's been revealed that at least 11 american troops were injured when iran attacked bases hosting u.s. troops in iraq on the 8th of january washington had previously claimed they had been no casualties or injuries in the attack which was in retaliation for the killing of iranian general hossam son of money china's birthplaces fall to its lowest level since 949 fueling fears with within the country of a democratic of a demographic crisis there were about $14600000.00 births in 2019 half a 1000000 fewer than the previous year the drop occurred despite the government
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relaxing its one child policy in recent years. ukrainian president volodymyr zelinsky has rejected the resignation of his prime minister who offered to step down after being caught on tape saying the president knew nothing about the economy and called the situation unpleasant but says he's decided to give his prime minister a 2nd chance. finally some relief after months of drought in australia rain lots of it is falling on bushfires in the east and in the east of the country for the 2nd day in a row wet weather is giving firefighters a boost in their fight against places which have been fuelled by the drought and made worse by climate change the heavy rains are expected to continue through the weekend in new south wales and neighboring victoria but dozens of blazes a still burning in the wet weather is bringing its own has its. eye. from flames to flash floods just
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a week ago stuff at this nature park we're protecting their animals from oncoming bushfires now they're having to deal with another extreme there's the dry. absolutely inadequate. another go to come in the park wall of water. stuff rushed koalas to safety. back might be. well for creatures more used to the wet it was more about keeping them in their place. heavy rain has fallen across new south wales one of the states worst affected by bushfires in the state capital of sydney residents were remembering how to use an umbrella the orange haze that had taken over the city's skyline now cloudy grey. we need a bit of rain in order to help the 5 is because how dry it was part of the day and
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i think it will help with the haze is this push everything out there this is the one of many many months we've only got about 4 days of. run of your water. this is well and truly the little hurdle. for many in the country the wet weather has brought relief and joy. more care. of sliding when singing in the rain. that rain has helped some though not all of the raging bushfires but it does bring with it another set of dangers with the land so dry and vegetation parents away water just bounces off the ground as firefighters here are well aware changing weather doesn't automatically mean changing fortunes. here in germany 6 members of a neo nazi group of received prison sentences of up to 6 years
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a court in the eastern city of dresden found them guilty of a range of attacks targeting foreigners. the dresden regional court judge said the defendants were rooted in the far right scene and actively sought to spread their ideology 6 members of the so-called free comradeship dresden were convicted for a range of charges including assault and involvement in a criminal organization to come out of the court clarified that all of the accused let it out that were deeply racist motives and a strong affinity to naziism was. pictures of hitler swastikas and the like which clearly exemplified the defendant's convictions in order your crimes or to believe it. the 5 men and one woman were sentenced to between 3 and 6 years in prison for their group emerged in the summer of 2015 at the start of the migration crisis when group members were accused of rioting outside a refugee shelter near dresden. the defendants are also being held accountable for
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storming a leftist alternative housing project in dresden they're described as having links to peggy a german nationalist group targeting muslims in europe. the trial lasted 2 and a half years the defendants time in pretrial detention will be withdrawn from their prison sentences. in germany are to be allowed to post fake computer generated child pornography images when pursuing offenders online posting such material is often a requirement for anyone wanting access to child sex abuse charges on the dark net as you're about to see the grooming of children in virtual space is an all too frequent occurrence. therapists hide and uses these plain appeal figures to help children talk about traumatic events. it's often starts out like this this is a daughter between a young girl and an unknown. actually took place. a
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similar thing happened to one girl we'll call johana to warn others her family has given the therapist permission to talk about the case for months the 10 year old was in online contact with a man unbeknownst to her parents initially he sent suggestive messages. in d.h. shared sexual fantasies that he involve the girl in it started out with the kind of thing a young girl might be drawn to coddling getting closer maybe touching he then moved on to extreme and violent fantasies. extreme in. the exchange made johana feel grown up she allowed him to send her photos of his genitals and videos of him in gauging and sexual activities. such.
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as this develops to the extent that she started having these sexual fantasies on her own. and she was so flooded with these ideas that she got into the car one day and said mom i just thought about how i had sex with you the 6. height of the riyal says children between the ages of $9.12 particularly vulnerable a test run shows how quickly they can be exploited we sign up for a chat room set up the kids in virtual spaces like this they can take on different roles create characters be anonymous pretending to be a 12 year old girl we enter the chantry within 5 minutes we've received 6 friend requests from male participants one person named marvin asks if we would take our clothes off he wants. to give us back and breast massages in the end he asks for photographs the therapist recommends that parents monitor their children
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smartphones. dignity and. it's impossible to keep children from engaging with different forms of media now but i still think they don't belong in children's bedrooms they belong in public spaces in living rooms where there is designated space for. the man who abused your house is now under investigation so-called side agreement is classified as a form of child sex abuse the case is still ongoing. there is hong kong's pro-democracy protests continue the territory's teachers have become a target for pro beijing hardliners who accuse them of helping to stir up the on the rest and turning schools into incubators of civil disobedience but is pulling out reports. a few days before the end of term looks like business as usual in hong kong schools but. other teachers have been in emergency mode for most of the semester. we have always worrying whether our students there and there
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were. many teachers there in the. industry it's to try to find their students and see whether they can give any guidance or support. more than 900 miners have been arrested since the start of the protests and that's put schools under the scrutiny of the pro government can chinese state media have accused teachers of agitating mr genuine fired teachers union representative was even singled out in china's largest newspaper people's daily and sent to be poisoning students my. journalism teacher of liberal studies a compulsory civics class that covers the political system both of mainland china and hong kong and tackles controversial issues like china's human rights record he
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denies the claims of probate hardliners that liberal studies has radicalized to us . we try to. let students to see different perspectives so that they can be up to. the indians. but some politicians point to a growing number of complaints about biased teachers. school materials horace german vice chairman of hong kong's largest pro establishment party season need for action he's helped form a committee to review the curriculum the french or 2 of pitches in hong kong they are still before i would get carrot every shape in to shape our kids in this school but it would need to appear rather like that about a patient a confidence being savaged by the mind up just like my daughter lumber of teaches
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at hong kong. the government has made clear that teachers arrested at demonstrations will be banned from the classroom. it has also issued warnings to teachers who voiced strong anti government opinions on social media although none have been suspended so far the teachers union aligned to the pro-democracy camp has organized protests against what it calls white tara i've said i think it's just a piece of pressure i. suppose. that if i was i the fight for the hearts and minds of the next generation of hong kong as is underway. this is data news these are our top stories both of libya's survival leaders and many world leaders are expected to attend an international peace summit
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in berlin on sunday the hoping to secure a lasting cease fire in libya which descended into turmoil following the overthrow of former dictator moammar gadhafi in 2011. iran's supreme leader ayatollah ayatollah ali khamenei has addressed the nation during friday prayers for the 1st time since 2012 he praised the country's recent missile strikes against u.s. forces in iraq to me tally ation for the killing of iran's top general he also. defended the country's military after it mistakenly shot down a passenger jet. china's birth rate has fallen to its lowest level since 949 fueling fears of a demographic crisis 2914.6000000 births half a 1000000 fewer than the had before the drop occurred despite the government's recent relaxation of its one child policy. heavy downpours in eastern australia have triggered flash floods invasions previously
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ravaged by catastrophic bushfires rain has lashed new south wales one of the states worst affected by the flames. this is d.w. news from bud and for more followers on twitter dublin years or visit the website the w dot com. our environment a magazine eco africa is up next i'll have more for you at the top of the hour i've a good.
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eco africa. drought and southern africa. millions of people are facing starvation cape town is mining to provide a so-called daisy room we do believe that it is necessary and critical for the city jabbers the 505 is the am i listen to the southern africa crisis of eco africa next on d w. here
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people who don't know i think the advantage of having i mean a handful of people seals for their lives and their future so they seek refuge abroad but what will become of us who stay behind. displaced this week on d. w. . a very warm welcome to take off your environment magazine piece or new paltz from africa and europe i am saundra to novia from uganda now one of our topics today is the ongoing drought in sullivan africa where we have all these drought in sell them off on the databases let's take a look at some film footage from an initiative.


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