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this is developing news live from berlin german chancellor angela merkel attempts to broker a peace deal for libya a major international peace conference will be held here in the german capital on sunday but on the ground in libya deep divisions remain demonstrations are held in support of the u.n. back government and in support of the rival of ministration in the east of the country protesters from both sides say they reject the peace. class iran's supreme leader his out of the united states leading friday prayers for the 1st time
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since 2012 ayatollah ali how many dismiss president trump as a clown who wants to push a poison dagger into iran is back also coming out the german city of magic bird prepares to commemorate its devastation during world war 2 but fears grow that far right groups will exploit the out of those 3. i'm jarid raid welcome to the program tensions are simmering in libya where opponents to the country's internationally recognized government have blockaded a number of oil production facilities in protest this is threatening the country's main source of revenue friday saw demonstrations by supporters of the true rival administrations it comes ahead of a major international summit due to be held here in germany and stop. libya's
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fighting. demonstrate is in a divided libya in the east of the country and benghazi protesters loyal to general . voiced their frustrations on friday. chanting no just to rush and no to revolutionaries the protesters accuse the u.n. back to administration in tripoli of using income from oil exports to buy support from foreign mercenaries. who have been you goes to the wrong central bank bank tripoli the center what does the central bank do they send it to them since they do the militias to them their scenarios and the rest of it whatever is left to corruption. meanwhile in tripoli the home of the u.n. backed government of national unity there was also large demonstrations many supporters of fires also rogers administration said while they were in favor of peace they rejected the planned peace talks in berlin. just after
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9 months of fighting they see that there will be a meeting or berlin but now we have the power and are able to return have to back to where he came from. and. i myself will not agree with any meeting nor will i be accepting any dictators. never the less both harsh and general have to are expected to attend sunday's peace talks in berlin. and so to 2 other men whom observers considered to be the decisive players in the conflict turkish president red chip type are one who supports the raj and russia's vladimir putin who backs. the goal of the bill and conferences to turn the fragile ceasefire both libyan leaders have agreed to into a long term solution and hold foreign military interference in the country. who'd that could be a tall order considering the level of international interest in the country and the various nations with competing interests there who. will do it of you political
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correspondent simon young says expectations are high that a peace deal can be reached at the libya conference in berlin on sunday hopes for peace in libya are rising as sunday's high level summit draws nearer the presidents of russia egypt turkey and france as well as the u.s. secretary of state and the leaders of the 2 warring factions will be in berlin to sign a deal that some say is already in large part agreed some countries like tunisia and greece which have not been invited even though they have vital interests in libya have been making it clear they want to be at a meeting they believe will shape the region in the coming years for those that are here the test will be to commit to withdrawing foreign arms and troops from libya and to guarantee that the cease fire will hold those are the essential conditions for peace meanwhile some like the e.u. foreign policy chief joseph burrell were already thinking about what comes after
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and what role the e.u. should have in ensuring stability on its southern flank. now to some of the other stories making news around the world the u.s. says it will begin testing travelers from china for signs of a new virus at 3 airports virtue of virus causes fever and breathing troubles and the so far infected 40 people killing 2 travelers with signs of the illness will be sent to hospitals for testing. u.s. president donald trump is bringing in some legal heavyweights to defend him in his senate impeachment trial is out and form a independent counsel ken starr who paved the way for bill clinton's impeachment and alan dershowitz who's known for defending 6 defended jeffrey epstein. brazil's culture minister has been fired after using language similar to adult hitler's propaganda minister yosef goebbels. used to use the phrases in
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a speech to promote a new initiative in brazil focusing on nationalism and religion all of them admitted the similarity but cold of a coincidence. migrants in greece have been protesting after a migrant was fatally stabbed in the maria camp on the island of lesbos the demonstrators chanted maria not size group said there are often acts of violence in the camp which has a capacity of 3000 but currently houses more than 19000 people. for u.s. president donald trump has warned iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali how many to be very careful with his words it comes after the ayatollah denounced the united states and the iranians to unite behind their government in a rare appearance at friday prayers he just missed trump as a clown and called trump support for the iranian people a pretense how many also defended iran's military after it admitted shooting down
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a ukrainian passenger jet by mistake. after weeks of national pramod thousands turned out to see iran's supreme leader in a rare show of strength the main cheered in chanted as ali how many railed against iran's enemies. like. these american clowns who falsely and despicably say that we are standing with the iranian people and say they can see who the iranian people. are the few hundreds of people who insulted the picture of our martyred and honorable general custom sell the money they the iranian people. all rather the iranian people the millions who showed themselves on the streets you know his intervention comes after the country's top military commander was killed by u.s. forces earlier this month triggering a nationwide outpouring of grief and
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a tragic stampede which saw scores killed. then came what iran said was an accidental dining of a passenger jet killing all 176 people on board. angry protests engulfed the capital was. was. yanked the ayatollah lamented the crash but said iran was being manipulated. some people follow the anger guided by american television english radio that try to portray this incident in such a way that the deaths of these 2 martyrs would be forgotten your mojo you. know you. i mean message haired loud in clear by president rouhani who sat among the washed. the ayatollahs presents underscores the crisis the last time he
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delivered friday prayers in 2012 amid a standoff over its nuclear weapons program. well the u.s. is edging closer to launching its astronauts into space again since retiring as shuttles back in 2011 this space agency nasa has relied on russian capsules for rides to and from the international space station but the plan has been to have private american industry take over space taxi jerseys one company called space x. is planning to carry out a safety test on saturday and just straw it one of its rockets was into days test space x. is launching its crew dragon to check the spacecraft emergency abort system mike earlier tests it's meant to show that the capsule can pull astronaut crews to safety if the rocket feels catastrophic later on launch. space x. has already sent many unmanned to resupply missions to the us with its cargo dragon
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this one returned to earth an early january and the company is now conducting what could be the final turn on the crew dragon which is designed to transport humans. if successful the spacecraft might be cleared to carry astronauts up to the station as early as this spring. when the crew dragon seeds up to 7 astronauts it's been built under a commercial contract for nasa the american space agency has outsourced to near earth activities my flights to the i access to the private sector both space x. and boeing signed contracts with nasa in 2014 to build their own versions of the space tax a space x. currently has a lead over boeing in the race to receive nasa certification back in december boeing starliner failed to rendezvous with the i assess as planned unlike here in the animation the mission was supposed to be the system's final test flight before
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taking on astronauts despite the problems the capsule managed to land without a hitch it's still not clear whether nasa will now demand further tests before certifying the starliner. both companies were supposed to begin ferrying astronauts back and forth and 2017 but building vehicles for space travel is a risky business and there have also been setbacks for space x. along the way including a launch pad explosion but the company has sent an empty crew dragon to the i.r.s. says successfully and now is hoping the system will take this final hurdle if it passes the abort test space-x. could be ferrying astronauts up to the i.s.o.'s within the next few months. well the german city of magda burke is marking the 75th anniversary of its devastation in the 2nd world war on the night of january 16th $945.00 an allied
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bombing raid destroyed much of the city a series of commemorative events is being held this weekend bought many fear that far right groups will use the anniversary to promote varing version of history on friday magda berg locals came out to commemorate the bombing and to voice their opposition to the far right. people filed to the center of town to commemorate the unimaginable hundreds dying as their city burned on friday night a book is gathered in a spirit of reconciliation with a message of warning to far right groups who seek to exploit this anniversary to their own ends. since no other stuff in my loss of suffering happened at the hands of germans that without germans world war 2 would never have happened would never have been bombed. my great fear is that the far right could come into power again but i know what happened in the nazi era. was. 4 months before the end of world war
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2 when you're at the center of now de burgh was almost completely destroyed in a bombing campaign by the western allies historians estimate that 2000 residents were killed. far right groups exaggerate the number of bombing victims and portrayed the destruction of the city to fit their politics of victimhood. but many others turned out to show they're against this mentality. the 75th anniversary of the bombing of multiple work will be marked by commemorative events throughout the weekend. with some sports news now the 2nd half of the bundesliga season kicked off on friday night when she beat mentioning 2 nil to stay firmly in the mix at the top so what broke the deadlock for soccer just 3 minutes after the restart. curling an unstoppable shot past the young sama into the corner of the net for his 7th goal of the season and 10 minutes later michel yoga legal bridge doubled shockers lead benita around
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months past perfectly setting up the austrian to scholes score in his 1st game for the royal blues. french designer. has announced that his next fashion paris paris fashion show will be his last the flamboyant creator said he would be making his last appearance on the catwalk after debuting his collection and celebrating 50 years in the business but he assured fans that his brands would live on even if their creator was stepping back from the limelight. don't forget you can always get d.w. news on the go just download from google play all from the app store that will give you all access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news if you are part of a news story you can also use the d w up to send us photos and videos of what's happening. up next to shift living in the digital at digital age and how fashion levels define their image true
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