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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 18, 2020 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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stocks january 27th on d w. this is to give you news live from berlin authorities struggle to contain a deadly new virus the outbreak has already killed 2 people in china experts warn of a race against time as people there are prepared to travel abroad for an annual holiday . german chancellor angela merkel attempts to broker a peace deal for libya a major international conference will be held here in berlin on sunday. but on the
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ground in libya deep divisions remain demonstrations are held in support of the u.n. back up and for the arrival of ministration in the eastern part of the country protesters from both sides say the pieces. and it's a new kind of space race and space x. and boeing battle to become the 1st private company to take astronauts into orbit. a michael thanks so much for joining us health officials around the world are sounding the alarm over a deadly new virus it's a highly infectious strain of corona virus that's related to sars and it's already killed 2 people in central china where it's believed to have emerged in the city of
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han authorities there say $45.00 people have been infected but scientists believe there are probably many more cases than that the outbreak comes just as people in china prepared to travel for the lunar new year holiday. it's a race to stop a deadly virus from spreading passengers touching down in the u.s. on flights from central china now face a medical check health officials at airports in new york los angeles and san francisco are testing travelers coming from the region who may have symptoms of the virus most passengers will get questioned get their temperature taken any sent on their way but passengers that are potentially at risk to have the novel coronavirus that is people who are sick and have been exposed they're going to get additional questions and they may actually be sent for a medical work up our goal here is to detect this virus early so that we can better understand it at san francisco international airport passengers support the new
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checks. is necessary to go through the street. to check the temperature to make sure we're ok when i have a fever if it's issues that are going to affect others it's maybe good choices to like cashews about it. but the prospect of being exposed to the mystery illness is not to tearing all travelers to china. will know that i am i get a flow ahead. but i'm going to be careful the new coronavirus 1st appeared in the city of wool hand in central china medical workers spotted a cluster of cases of a new type of pneumonia patients had fever coughs and breathing problems so far only people who visit to do lived in will hand develop the virus but as people travel overseas during the chinese new year holidays more cases have been detected . using a thermal camera to check for sick passengers other countries have started testing
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visits his official screening travelers landing in bangkok thailand found 2 of the most recent confirmed cases outside china a 61 year old woman and a chinese tourists are now in hospital medical research is to know if the virus can be passed from person to person but with millions of travelers crossing countries daily health authorities are taking no chances. we're now joined from shanghai by journalist simone of the planet he has been following the story there thanks for joining us we understand that this new corona virus strain is being likened to the sars virus how serious is this. name of these new virus and it seems to be 80 percent sunni are just the difference however is that it's less deadly and it spreads less so far it's less viral and so
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it's a bit less scary but there's reason to be worried and something to remember is that the saw started like that and then it's evolved into something that could spread from human to human this scientists are saying that the actual number of infections is probably far greater than what's actually being reported do we know the actual extent of this issue does seem to answer is no we do not know it's 50 colt's officially there are only 45 cases in china right now but the scientists from team college in london have simply calculated based on the number of cases that have been discovered wrote that for 3 cases to be discovered in thailand and jeff and that must be more cases in china and the estimate is that $1700.00 people might be carrying the fear virus at the moment so as we mentioned before the lunar new year is basically about to happen there in china how is this
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affecting people and their travel plans. so far it's not i mean if you believe the official numbers that only 45 people are infected there's no reason to really worry however china has been known for covering up 6 relations like that in the past for the question it's. actually possible for this virus to transmit between people person to person if it is the case then yes it's another story. thanks so much for covering this for us in libya opponents of the internationally recognized government have blockaded several key oil production facilities threatening the country's main source of income friday saw demonstrations by supporters of the 2 rival administrations it comes ahead of
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a major international summit due to be held here in berlin aimed at stopping libya's fighting. demonstrators in a divided libya in the east of the country in benghazi protesters loyal to general . voiced their frustrations on friday. chancing no just the raj and no to revolutionaries the protesters accuse the u.n. back to ministration in tripoli of using income from oil exports to buy support from foreign mercenaries. who have been you goes to the wrong central bank bank tripoli the center what does the central bank do they send it to them it sends it to the militias to the mere scenary and the rest of it whatever is left to correct . meanwhile in tripoli the home of the u.n. backed government of national unity there was also large demonstrations many supporters of fires also rogers administration said while they were in favor of
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peace they rejected the planned peace talks in berlin. after 9 months of fighting they see that there will be a meeting in berlin but now we have the power and are able to return have to our back to where he came from. i know i myself will not agree with anything nor will i be accepting any dictators i know. nevertheless both. in general have to are expected to attend sunday's peace talks in berlin. and so to 2 other men whom observers considered to be the decisive players in the conflict turkish president red chip type are one who supports the raj and russia's vladimir putin who backs. the goal of the bill and conferences to turn the fragile ceasefire both libyan leaders have agreed to into a long term solution and hold foreign military interference in the country. but that could be a tall order considering the level of international interest in the country and the
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various nations with competing interests there. joining me now in the studio is journalist merkle killed bird who's been reporting from libya for several years now he's in berlin for the conference thanks so much for joining us marco we have these 2 rivals who are intensely vying for control of libya. and. you know they're going to be attending this conference and a raft of others that the question is how crucial is this conference for sustained peace i think libya is just a step that way before it's descending into a real proxy war where you could have egyptian troops and turkish troops facing each other the front lines south of tripoli. let's not forget them anymore mercenaries on have to side from sudan and shot and we have now. an unknown number of syrian fighters in tripoli so the bill in conference i think is the last chance
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. before libya could be something like syria which it's not now yet the last chance i would say so i should say it's unclear whether general have to or will actually appear at these talks this weekend but in the meantime can you tell us a little bit more about who he is. i meant to have in 2012 when he was leading a small group of officers that were not happy that most of the ministries the minister of interior and defense were taken by revolutionaries people as he said as he put it where fighting in afghanistan so it is a bit the fight between 2 worlds the revolutionaries and the army and the concept of the army and he was leading then group a militia group. that was funded to a military alliance against an so sheria and militants in benghazi so he is representing the idea of a nation that is run by let's take the ships diet police and and and army
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with an order and we have in tripoli the opposite idea let's say the river missionaries who think that the change in the country has to be done through local governance i think that both didn't confirm they their arrival is part of the diplomatic game both still have to months. ones have to tumor removed his troops back to the front lines of the 4th of april and have to once. to remove the militias from tripoli so i think they certainly are hoping that the german diplomats and a lot of pressure and will demand compromise and it's an impasse obviously at this point. the main goal of this summit seems to be to try to achieve some kind of longing cease fire but more prickly issues for example like a parish airing agreement don't appear to be on the table if ever the bill in
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process as was the beginning when it started in last summer had the idea of several phases and conference in berlin was was organized something for the foreign players but i think the dynamic is already was so fast in the recent weeks and the need for a comprehensive agreement to tell the fighters on the ground there is there is a way out is too high so i think. there's more needed than just to stick that xan there is he's fired thank you so much for that pressure the u.s. is edging closer to launching its astronauts into space again since retiring its shuttles back in 2011 the space agency nasa has relied on russian kapell capsules for rides to and from the international space station but the plan has been to have private american industry take over space taxi duties and that's where iran must
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come said the entrepreneurs company space x. has carried out numerous unmanned launches earlier this month that sent 60 tiny satellites into space but now it's in a neck and neck race against boeing to be the 1st to carry humans to. in today's test space x. is launching its crew dragon to check the spacecraft emergency abort system mike earlier tests it's meant to show that the capsule can pull astronaut crews to safety if the rocket feels catastrophic later on launch. space x. has already sent many unmanned to resupply missions to the us with its cargo dragon this one returned to earth early january and the company is now conducting what could be the final test on the crew dragon which is designed to transport humans if successful the spacecraft might be cleared to carry astronauts up to the station
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it's early as this spring. the crew dragon seeds up to 7 astronauts it's been built under a commercial contract for nasa the american space agency has outsourced to near earth activities my flights to the i access to the private sector space x. and boeing signed contracts with nasa in 2014 to build their own versions of the space taxi space x. currently has a lead over boeing in the race to receive nasa certification back in december boeing starliner failed to rendezvous with the i assert as planned unlike here in the animation the mission was supposed to be the system's final test flight before taking on astronauts despite the problems the capsule managed to land without a hitch and it's still not clear whether nasa will now demand further tests before certifying the starliner. both companies were supposed to begin ferrying astronauts back and forth and 2017 but building vehicles for space travel is
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a risky business and there have also been setbacks for space x. along the way including a launch pad explosion but the company has sent an empty crew dragon to the i.r.s. says successfully and now it's hoping the system will take this final hurdle if it passes the abort test space-x. could be ferrying astronauts up to the i.s.a.'s within the next few months. reporter on location is up next more news at the top of the hour you're watching d.w. . what secrets lie behind these walls. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. g.w. world heritage 360 get kidnapped now. an exclusive interview
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with iran khan and all that is stands prime minister speaks with editor in chief in a sporting goods.


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