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we would have died of hunger i don't want to sound. just waste this week. this is d.w. news live from berlin fears that a deadly new virus could spread across china and abroad 2 people have died of pneumonia all break caused by that virus now countries across asia as well as the u.s. are streaming travelers arriving from the affected area also coming up in libya protesters take to the streets from both sides of the country's brutal civil war that's as
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world leaders prepare for a major peace summit here in berlin on sunday. pants could this be the future of the summer games the international olympic committee is considering adding breakdancing to its list of events. thanks for joining us health officials around the world are sounding the alarm over a deadly new virus it's led to an outbreak of pneumonia in central china where it's already killed 2 people in the city of new han there are dozens of confirmed cases but scientists say there are likely many more that have not yet been diagnosed now as the number of cases rise officials are fearing a larger outbreak of the virus and they're taking steps to prevent it from spreading to other countries especially as people begin to travel for the upcoming
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lunar new year holiday. it's a race to stop a deadly virus from spreading passengers touching down in the u.s. on flights from central china now face a medical check health officials at airports in new york los angeles and san francisco are testing travelers coming from the region who may have symptoms of the virus most passengers will get questioned get their temperature taken any sent on their way but passengers that are potentially at risk to have the novel coronavirus that is people who are sick and have been exposed to get to get it additional questions and they may actually be sent for a medical work up a goal here is to detect this virus early so that we can better understand it at san francisco international airport passengers support the new checks. is necessary to go through the street. to check the temperature to mesure real k.
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what i have a fever if it's each is that a corner affects others states may be good choices too late cashiers about it. but the prospect of being exposed to the mystery illness is not to tearing all travelers to china. polos i am i get the flow ahead. but i'm going to be careful the new coronavirus 1st appeared in the city of han in central china medical workers spotted a cluster of cases of a new type of pneumonia patients had fever coughs and breathing problems so far only people who visit to do lived in will hand develop the virus but as people travel overseas during the chinese new year holidays more cases have been detected . using a thermal camera to check for sick passengers other countries have started testing visits his official screening travelers landing in bangkok thailand found 2 of the most recent confirmed cases outside china a 61 year old woman and
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a chinese tourists are now in hospital medical research as don't know if the virus can be passed from person to person but with millions of travelers crossing countries daily health authorities are taking no chances. journalist seymour ne putra is covering the story from shanghai he told us what we know so far about the virus so chinese scientists have an ally in the virus and it seems to be a cheap person seen in our sauce virus in the same family but is twice the different and so far. it seems to be slight she less than jurists such eat less deadly and also a bit less fire island so it spread less fast which east rather reassuring but still 2 people have died apparently there were older people there also being
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so 40 people have been hospitalized and 10 already went out and off safe so so far that's all we know important also it doesn't seem to spread or doesn't seem to spread easily from human to human here's a look at some of the other stories making news around the world anti-government protesters have clashed with police in the lebanese capital beirut police forces fired tear gas and used water cannons as tensions flared close to the country's parliament building it's the latest flare up in 4 months of demonstrations against alleged government corruption and incompetence in syria a russian airstrike has killed 5 civilians including 4 members of the same family that's despite to russia brokered cease fire in the country the strike was an adlib province that's serious last opposition stronghold which is facing a deadly offensive by government forces. iran will send ukraine the white recorders from the plane that it's no terry accidently shot down already so it was impossible
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to read the black boxes in iran and the french american and canadian experts would help analyze the data in here. 1st fire now floods in australia heavy storms have hit the east coast and while those rains have helped put out some of the devastating bushfires they're also causing flash flooding for residents and rescue teams the weather is a mixed. the rains finally fell spilling relief for people. as well as wildlife. the rain is welcome it's putting out bushfires and helping improve conditions for the firefighters trying to get a handle on the many fires still burning but there's also been flooding. here who've been rescued from the fires now have to be saved from the floods.
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we saw. just a few which saw. after australia's most devastating fire season on record due to manmade climate change large areas left with little vegetation and hard drive ground it's the perfect conditions for flooding storms hit the country's east coast and dumped 2 months of rainfall overnight in some parts the government has received huge criticism over its handling of the fires and now they've got another serious environmental risk to mitigate. all in libya opponents of the internationally recognized government have blockaded several key oil production facilities and that's thriving the country's main source of income friday so demonstrations by supporters of the 2 rival
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administrations it comes ahead of a major international summit due to be held right here in berlin on sunday and it's aimed at solving the conflict he went on voice for libya believes the berlin summit could lead to progress. i am not so pessimistic to say that it will be useless but i'm not so naive to say that it will be the end of international divisions. but if we can light and reduce calm down qualify the divisions especially regional little so international divisions that we've seen in recent times that would be very good. joining me now in studio. he's with arabic he's reported extensively on libya now ask you 1st about this summit tomorrow in berlin how crucial do you think this summit could be for the future of the country it isn't an important summit it has been 8 months now since the fighting in tripoli broke out field-marshal hotter is trying to take the capital and the 2000 people
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are already dead because of this fighting so it's. important summit and it's important because key players in the region supporters of huffed are and supporters of the un backed government in tripoli are taking part in this conference and conference and sitting on the table so. the the the feeling is now if this doesn't you know move forward with the cease fire does not get formalized then we can see that we might see that libya can turn into a new syria and nobody is interested in this kind of development and you see this then maybe as almost like a last chance. i wouldn't say it's a last chance because there haven't been many conferences in the last 2 or 3 years in italy in paris hotter in storage actually met last year in the emirates and i
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will doubly but nothing really came out of these conferences conference have been taking place all the time but it is an important one because we have key players like russia and turkey who maybe can reach you know a kind of a arrangement in libya we heard there before not pro hoft our forces there blocking oil exports from libya what sort of signal does that send ahead of this summit coming up tomorrow i think is trying to you know step up pressure on before the conference nobody really knows if he's going to show up tomorrow it's most of the you know and i must say yes you will be there but i. i think that he before this you trying to you know to say ok i'm the strongman in libya i control 2 thirds of the country and i can control the oil revenues which are very important for libya so i think he's trying to take out as much as he can and not make too many concessions tomorrow what about the people of libya we heard about protests
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happening in the country from both sides supporters of both parts of the country what do they think what how did they see the situation right now it's a very divided country in the moment we have one 3rd of the population across the middle east in tripoli in the capital and they are supporters of his government and the rest went back to the u.n. backed government and the other part of the population are mostly for supporters for haha but the thing is. libya has been war ravaged for 9 years now after i was seeing the dictator moammar gadhafi and people are quite tired of the us and. i think most of the people want to see peace coming soon but they may have their eyes on that summit happening in berlin on sunday. from the arabic thanks very much. all
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right changing gears now and the buddhist leader is back in action after the winter break let's get you caught up now on some of the results and facts all the results from saturday's early games here they are dormant beat in an 8 goal slugfest cologne upset both berg braman sneaking past dusseldorf freiburg took down mites frankfurt beat hoffenheim on friday shot down block and kicking off soon it will be rb life's a versus then and on sunday pair to berlin battle by munich well potter born will face laverick whose. iranian football is feeling the effects of the heightened tensions in the country the nation's football federation is actually threatening to boycott the asian champions league after iranian teams were told that they wouldn't be allowed to host any games for security reasons iran has 4 club teams and asian football's top tier competition
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a spokesperson for the iranian football federation said the country was ready to host games pointing to the $28.00 team final that was held in a wrong. the tokyo olympics this summer will feature new events we're talking karate skateboarding surfing but give it another 4 years and we could see another olympic event debut in paris breakdancing the international olympic committee is considering adding the energetic and athletic form of dance which of things could help the games reach a younger more diverse audience. breakdancing the athletic style of street dancing was created by african-american and latino youth in the early 19th seventy's in new york. but that made eighty's break dancing went mainstream in the u.s. and was the focus of several full feature films during that decade. for
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decades the new form of expression inspired many to start break dancing like antonio christie oh who discovered the joyful art as a child and now he's coaching a handful of olympic hopefuls in the states the international olympic committee is considering adding breakdancing to its program in 2024. all we can do now is just put filleted it and make sure it happened make sure that our athletes have an opportunity to go and not only go to the olympics when it happens but also come back with gold medal is the birthplace of hip hop culture right the united states we created and because studios young students we boys fozzy men in our spinning about the possibility of being eliminated. i was really. like can what i do it for ever and i now it kind of
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can because of the and thanks and all that so it's like so what's a process and see rick say the final decision on whether or not break dancing will be at the 2024 olympics is expected to come later this year in december. you're watching news coming up next it's shift and a look at the digital sign of the fashion industry in the meantime all the latest headlines available 247 on our website that's dot com i'm going to spend more news at the top of the. earth. home. of species. a home worth saving and. yet most of those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of credence people and innovative projects around the
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world. but news that could turn the good news to manage citizenships and be forced to choose a. clue.


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