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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2020 12:00am-12:16am CET

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subscribe to the documentary on you tube. this is the deadly news live from virgin frustration boils over the in lebanon's capital. fireworks water cannons and tear gas in the streets as police clashed with demonstrators trying to storm parliament of the delay in forming a new government based demonstrations of the latest in what's been called a week of fright also coming up a major international conference and it reaching
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a peace deal in libya will be held in berlin on sunday but on the ground in libya tensions are escalating and the government forces have seems to oil fields and shuffle ports in a move that could choke off oil exports. and the bonus they get is back with the bang up to the winter break all eyes were on top men's new signing from norway could the boy want to produce a magic in his dorm and to the town sports team will bring you all of the action. i'm anthony how and thanks for joining us clashes between anti-government protesters and police have a rotten in lebanon's capital by birth leaving more than 150 people injured a growing financial crisis and the government's failure to build a new cabinet have. to renew the anger after more than 3 months of protests.
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discontent has lit the fuse in beirut protest as hell fireworks and the latest of a series of demonstrations against government incompetence and corruption now the army has been called in to restore calm after police struggle to take control despite deploying tear gas and water cannons but protests aren't the only thing forcing the authorities to act a deepening economic crisis is also putting pressure on politicians to form a new government protests began in october last year but have revived in recent days as indecision over establishing a new government continues the last government stepped down following pressure from the demonstrations in october but has remained in a caretaker capacity interior minister her son tweeted a condemnation of recent events saying that if the demonstrators attacked members of the security forces or people's property they were totally unacceptable well all political sides a venture he approved
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a new premier in december former education minister. they are now disagreeing over suggested ministers the latest street protests indicate that there is no time to lose in finding a solution let's get some more now joining me is the correspondent i read the from a beirut bureau but we're just seeing footage of the clashes earlier what's the situation right now in beirut. this iteration right now the such a doll and the security forces that they control old over they looked at downtown worked if we're to stick a place and olds clashes took at nace these clashes all of these work this old date today's brightest the protesters get it the name we won't pay the price this they named that they give it oh they gave it so because and feed that they would not or they refused to pay the price of be me if shade of the politicians to form and you were government and their trailer to be phone the economy specially to be the count
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to leaven in know is in what one of the it's one of its worst economy crises since its independence in 1043 and this when the this ned to reach me economy and if i mention wise as well he you mention the economic crisis at seems most of the latest frowns of protest across the last wake have same to don bank him prescriptions to some pot how difficult are these restrictions liking a walk of the average citizen now the lebanese people they are allowed to with throat only do we 100 or $200.00 us dollars and lee been spawned last of its value to dollars i don't 3545 to 50 percent of its value to yes dollars and be old to goods are raised increased their prices increased i don't certify should bear cent and we have i don't more than $60000.00 unemployed right now or they lost their jobs india during this crisis it's old least ned to these nk it and by the
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weight this week they protested they give it than in cost the reek of rage and all the sage all these and good may need europe will be aka economy and financial crisis and the failure of politicians informant in you government and make new audi forms and lean that each will arms for the economy these protests to been going on now for 3 months it seems frustration has raged a new label is thing it and the end in sought not seems not i told. people that issues are not good for you government should the demands of the protesters some. of the also candidates to ministerial positions. all be. part of this and before the protests this session is that they believe that most of these candidates they belong to the same old parties which they do if you asking for reforms for ministers experts and technocrats. they are asking
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as well all the political parties stay away from this government and give the and gave them the chance to. try to make any phone package it mainly on the economy wise and financial. in beirut thank you so much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. prince harry and his wife megan are no longer working members of britain's royal family according to a statement from buckingham palace the couple will no longer use their royal titles and will stop receiving funds for their role judy's i've also pledged to rape nearly 3000000 euros of taxpayer money which was used to refurbish they hung. thousands have gathered in the us capital washington in support of quality and women's rights you see is women's march was 1 of hundreds planned across the country on saturday the event 1st took place off the donald trump's inauguration as u.s. president in 2017. health officials around the world have warned
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a deadly new virus could soon spread after it caused a pneumonia outbreak in central china countries across asia as well as the u.s. as screening travelers arriving from the affected area. in australia animals and people are being rescued from flooding not long after they were rescued from bush funds some parts of the country have been inundated by storms dozens of fires still burn in the southeast which is received next to no rainfall in months. a major international conference i aimed at reaching a peace deal for libya will be held later on sunday here in berlin libya's mine warring parties and the international backers will seek to thrash out a deal to end years of conflict germany has expressed confidence that an agreement can be reached in berlin but tensions remain high in libya and the country remains deeply divided
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a quiet day in libya's capital tripoli libyans are awaiting news of sunday's bilin peace conference but expectations are low. mr belin what the regarding the bill in conference if it favors the libyan people libya will of course welcome it but if it paves other matches then we won't be happy. you know. the truth is the conference of the lead is simply a trap to libya i don't think that any benefits will come out of it or yeah there are currently 2 sides to libya the internationally recognized government and the opposition spearheaded by this man general khalifa haftar he wants to take power and he's raised the stakes. forces supporting general have to recently blocked oil exports from keep ports in libya holding the economy to ransom the country is divided recently there were and he has stopped protests in eastern parts
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of the country the conference in berlin overseen by the united nations aims to bridge this divide but it won't be easy. i'm not so pessimistic to say that it will be useless and we're not so naive to say that it will be the end of international divisions if we can lighten richie's the calm down and qualify the divisions specially the regional ones little so international divisions that we have seen in recent. would be very good. libya needs a truce 9 years of conflict is slowly turned into a regional proxy war the u.n. wants world leaders to stop meddling and hopes this is the beginning of the end of foreign interference. to sport now and the winter break is finally over football is back and for more on that jonathan crying from the w sports is back in the studio john isn't the 1st question being the dortmund come back from the break for the bank they did indeed. game with me for them.
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was always pretty if you were dropping fan but they had then you. that's a fact he didn't start the game is recovering from an injury dortmund trying to ease him in gently but he scored a hat trick in just 20 minutes see how he did it. baby steps for the teenage prodigy storm and started new signing earning holand on the bench it meant caps in marker royce let the visitors attack 4 minutes in maybe he wished been in his place. punished for their 1st penis florian. that means their lead 34 minutes go on. a minute into the 2nd half an ounce bag. their advantage with the pope from the blue marco rishta with the strike . you could do was watch and one. soon after it was union brandt's turn to
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show off his smart finish made it to one of my but within 5 minutes out restored that to go christian needle action is 2nd of the game a carbon copy of the 1st. it was time for the 20000000 euro man to appear and he quickly made his mark played in by jaden sanchez paula needed just one touch to score a classic strike his eiffel code was. sam shows and equalized after rounding the home keeper was but this day was destined to belong to hall and he got his 2nd and 4th after great work by talking as. i and he then kept a dream debut with 10 minutes to go streaking clear and finishing with pen ashe was a woman fended off a lot of competition to sign hall and that's efforts and their outlay already
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looking very worthwhile. now interesting stat for you the last play score hattrick on that because they get they do was pm for don't moans in our current students think so if we can for the same pass in the business leaders about me i'd be doing a very good thing strong stuff we must talk about the need is there anything more exciting feeling cold and yes then you get if they are a superstar great word based on that performance especially i mean as i mentioned in the piece anthony's real coup for dortmund did score 28 goals to be so let's begin this 22 games try to join in dortmund have a load of big club sniffing around and manchester united you vents as you saw it was going to be either of those 2 they were getting even light sick as well here in germany in. i think even the red bull would have been the destination dortmund of god he chose to open because he said he felt he would fit in that they needed him and they they really do because they've been missing this classic traditional
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fashion striker he's big he's strong but he's also skilful and quick on his feet so it's a real great match for them now he was all off for the night he didn't really say much he was quite quiet maybe shy. but he was asked if he ever imagine that he was going to get through on his debut and as it turned out in the. 3 to be honest it was 2 in my dreams so. it was nice. quite like to have similar dreams to him 3 goals 2 goals on there's a do whatever it does seem like he's ready to let his football do the talking no exactly not like this yeah exactly what about the opposite looks exciting enough adult and big you look to the top of the table and life's again what shape did i come back from their winter break yeah i mean they've already had a bit of a boost last night because much from go out back they close the challenges of course last to know. that was an early because they did go one goal behind
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them but they soon turned around they winning the game $31.00 and a lot of that was thanks to. van and now he's scored twice in this match he's now got 20 goals for the season that puts him ahead of binds robot evan duffy by and by the way to play in here in berlin that's more we can see from these panic goals now that was his 1st one very good striker a slightly suspicious defending pretty good for a while to finish that one off he's now goal for more goals than he had in the entire of last season so a brilliant season for team of and you wonder why holden's and leipsic didn't work out why he didn't go to see the light succinctly don't need someone like holden because they have got to move on i think if mr kurtz is what you think he will why cause then to do that for germany but he is actually like scoring for white think that's for sure johnson a great weekend 1st weekend back when half way there thank you. so let's get you
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caught up on all the lights from the results rather from saturday's gangs. in your own bed linen don't bathe outspoken and i go slugfest is so that cologne upset wellsburg braman snuck past those little freiburg the faded months frank put it off and on i'm proud of it took down clawed back on sunday that opine and proud of own face leverkusen. you're watching d.w. news there's more news coming up at the top of the alpha. what secrets lie behind the small. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. t.w. world heritage 360 get kidnapped now.


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