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the at. the at. this is d.w. news live from bali where a major international conference aimed at reaching a peace deal in libya will soon get underway but on the ground in libya tensions are escalating and the government forces have seized or oil fields and shut off a court and it was that could choke or export. also coming up carry a megane will no longer be referred to as their war the highnesses sound will also lose the public money that comes with the titles the queen says she supports their wish for more independence but what will it mean for the future of fortunes for
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a family. to. come out of the home free glad you could join me a major international conference aimed at reaching a peace deal for libya will begin here in berlin in just a few hours time now libya's main warring parties and the international backers will seek to thrash out a deal to end years of conflicts germany has expressed confidence that an agreement can be reached here in the german capital but tensions remain high in the bia and the country remains deeply divided. a quiet day in libya's capital tripoli. libyans awaiting news of sunday's berlin peace conference but expectations are low . that regarding the berlin conference if it favors the libyan people libya will
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of course welcome it but if it favors other matters then we won't be happy if. the truth is the conference of trying to trap the libya i don't think that any benefits will come out of it. there are currently 2 sides to libya the internationally recognized government and the opposition spearheaded by this man general khalifa haftar he wants to take power and he's raised the stakes forces supporting general have to have blocked oil exports from key ports in eastern libya holding the economy to ransom the country is divided and you have to protests in western libya the conference in berlin overseen by the united nations aims to bridge this divide but it won't be easy. i think i'm not saying that's a mistake to say that it will be used as it were but i'm not say are naive to say that it will be the end of international divisions if we can lighten richie's the
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calm down and qualifying the divisions you know especially the regional ones little set of international relations that we have seen in recent that would be very good . 9 years of conflict in libya has slowly turned into a regional proxy war the u.n. wants world leaders to stop meddling and hopes the berlin conference will be the beginning of the end for foreign interference let's talk through this now i'm joined here in the studio by all the little correspondent hans but i could see hands so what can we expect from these talks. is there really a chance for peace bearing in mind that we even saw general hostile walk away from talks in russia this week not only walk did he walk away from toe talks in russia earlier this week his supporters also have just blocked oil export ports in libya which is another form of paul play in the run up to the negotiation that's happening today have to show you how powerful he is that he regards himself as on
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top of the situation the militarily stronger. force in libya at the moment that's something that in fact has an effect on all of libya because the oil revenues are still shared between huffed and the international internationally recognized government. it's a complicated situation both of these players on the ground here in berlin it's not clear whether they're going to be meeting but they're not actually sitting f. a table today sitting at the table old us pause that are supporting one or the other side in libya because they really determine what's going to happen there and that's russia on the one side turkey on the other side the united arab emirates on the one side qatar on the other side it's only on one side france on the other side it's a very very complicated situation and we know what is that. complex in mind do you think that they ease room for a compromise here between the 2 parties and of course the international back is or
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is it a case of or no nothing here today but in all the last thing would mean that one side wins militarily and that's not happened in the last year rose. has been attacking the libyan capital tripoli for months now he has not really made much progress there it really depends on the outside support on the weapons that are coming from the outside on the mercenaries that are coming from the outside and this conference is trying to prevent that from escalating in fact trying to prevent that from happening at all. the german chancellor is trying to pursue to persuade all these countries involved not to supply for the arms not to supply for the mercenaries to support one side or the other and instruct to establish 1st of all a kind of stable ceasefire which has not happened yet is stable to say tional facilities which would then lead to a formal cease fire and then to start some kind of political process that would formally divide power influence revenue from and so on in the whole of libya it's
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a very very long and complicated process that's only starting no one aside from. these to say hostilities leading to a ceasefire what is the biggest issue on the table i mean is it oriel is it stemming the flow of migrants into europe what is it well certainly the europeans for germany this stemming the flow of migrants is very important because libya is the main country for african minder and striving to get to europe where they embark on boats and then cross into europe so that's always been very very important even under colonel gaddafi you know many years ago before he was deposed from paula and killed so the europeans that's very important but also they are other strategic issues involved as the oil and the gas obviously but libya borders on countries such as in west africa the strategic. and there's a questions of islamists and so on that also play a role many moving parts. of course want to hans but and analyzing all of it for us
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thanks so much. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the walls at this hour protesters have clashed with police in the lebanese capital beirut demonstrators threw fireworks and police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets it is the latest flare up in the 3 months of protests against alleged government corruption. health authorities in china say another 17 people have been affected infected with a new strain of corona virus fears that the sars like a cottage and could spread further prompted asian countries around the united states to start screening air passengers coming from the city of. mexican security forces have closed the border crossing with guatemala preventing a caravan of migrants from entering the country authorities believe there are about $3000.00 migrants in the group most from honduras and el salvador the caravan is attempting to reach the united states. well thousands of protesters have gathered
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in hong kong for another anti-government rally the demonstrations are continuing their calls for democratic reforms and against alleged police brutality organizers described today's march as a quote universal siege on communists and are urging the international community to sanction hong kong's government or protests in the territory have been ongoing for months. for more on this now we're joined by mathias springer who is in hong kong that is it's been quiet in hong kong recently why have protesters chosen to increase the pressure once again this weekend. it has been quiet a specially as far as violence was concerned but protests have been going on for this whole time although there were a bit smaller mostly we but we've also seen a big march just 2 weeks ago where again hundreds of thousands took to the streets
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the reason is of course that protesters feel that their demands have not been met that has the government has not been reaching out to the opposition with any offer of a dialogue or anything and you've mentioned the matter matos siege on communists the protesters also feel energized by a serious of events that were there local district elections in hong kong and november where the pro-democracy cow how's how the sweeping victory and last week in taiwan where people have been watching hong kong very closely the anti beijing camp has also won a big victory so the protesters here clearly feel that they are part of a big a tendency in the region there that said mysie is the purchase of the 6 of kerry that said hong kong could keep its one country 2 systems friedan's beyond $24.00 to $7.00 so what would that mean. 2047 is of course looming
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over this city this is when the formal agreement for the fall in the one country 2 systems with britain will end could carry on will not be in power in 2047 i dare to make this prediction so it has little practical value and what people here are concerned with is the state of the one country 2 systems one country 2 systems in the eyes of paging always stresses the one country whereas many hong kong is going to see more guarantees for the 2 systems and their carry law is the one person or one of the people that have been accused of erode. seeing this this this fire wall as people call it between the 2 systems so this is probably not going to ease and the of the tensions here in the city right correspondent is printing a in hong kong thanks
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a lot. now britain's queen elizabeth has reached an agreement with her grandson prince harry and his wife macon that will allow them step back from their roles as working members of the royal family now they will cease to use the title for oil highness and will no longer receive taxpayer money last month they said they wanted to lead a more independent life. for the 1st time meghan there in white was seen holding hands with prince harry in public she may have known then that she might never again be simply meghan markle in the eyes of the media. and every mention thereafter she would be tied to harry and his royal nests. and that meant more media attention than she may have even imagined. even after a spectacular wedding the british media especially the tabloids disrupted dismayed and eventually helped disengage or exit prince harry and his wife meggan from royal
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service. next it has tended to divide. in an extraordinary salva way it's interesting that the millennial tend to be sympathetic towards them on the whole the baby boomers tend to be disapproving of them all the whole $100.00 appears the blood of them particularly want to pay for them public opinion in britain may be divided public opinion a tourist sites in britain are decidedly on the side of harry in macon and i think it's very cool that she gets to about america do as she wants but i think anyway that's because they're going to have a lovely life i wish them all the best i feel that it will be a great step to them be unhappy i think they're going to come out on the losing end . the deal but whatever can happen but i do think it's very sad that it had to end up in this way because i had hoped that they'd be working members of the royal family with an enormous following of the commonwealth following in dialogues footsteps of cattle to go figures they have an amazing reach there still will of
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course in a different way. next for the happy happier couple and attempted a more ordinary life split between britain the north america where some day they may be introduced as 1st meghan and then her husband harry. when saturday's late point is the i'm actually leaders on the leipsic played host to promote its side. and even though new on have proved themselves hard to be a season like tick power possibilities $31.00 to retain their standing as the knicks top docs. like 6 boy wonder coach julian not goes man led his team into the 2nd half of the season sitting on top of the bundesliga but it was the upstarts from berlin who drew 1st blood audience boto opening the scoring in just the 10th minute much to the delight of the legions of visiting fans sebastian anderson outfoxing a defender and putting through on goal. i
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like to say came out swinging in the 2nd taf though and it took old reliable team over just 6 minutes to equalize this time bowed to failed to clear a long ball instead feeding it to van. and 6 minutes later leipsic took the lead marcel savita hitting the target to light up the home crowd have the austrian there to clean up after some pinball and power it past keeper rough give it. then in the waning minutes fairness struck again to back his brace and become the fun just the biggest top scorer i've said turn provider this time and ghana controlled the ball and bang get in to shield of leipzig when. 31 the final score and now goes mon can be glad he's got his number 11 to rely on.
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you're watching news i'll have more news he out the top of the hour up next while stories looks at how angry east germans stormed the secret police headquarters 30 years ago station for that of course when eighty's today live on a website india when you dot com i'm humphrey thank you come take. my 1st bicycle was a sewing machine. i come from women are almost. something as simple as knowing how to write them by side and since. since. i want to buy say my. estimate.


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