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global auto and mobility show everywhere w. . this is news a line from berlin where a major international conference is underway aimed at reaching a peace deal in libya german chancellor angela merkel is hosting chief players in
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the conflict could the summit help and international interference stem the flow of foreign weapons and bring about a lasting cease fire. michael o'connor appreciate your joining us world leaders are gathering here in berlin to try to stop the war in libya and sketch out a plan for the country's future leaders from the u.s. russia and turkey as well as from the 2 warring factions in libya or at the german chancellor right now anger merkel and united nations secretary general and. welcome the politicians to what some describe as a fast and possibly last hope for peace in libya the presence of russia turkey and the u.s. and italy reflects those. country's interest in libya which has been bloody chaos
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since 2011 when dictator moammar gadhafi was overthrown. a quiet day in libya's capital tripoli. libyans awaiting news of sunday's berlin peace conference but expectations are low. regarding the berlin conference if it favors the libyan people libya will of course welcome it but it pavers other matters that we won't be happy. the truth is the conference of berlin is simply a trap for libya i don't think that any benefits will come out of it. there are currently 2 sides to libya the internationally recognized government and the opposition spearheaded by this man general khalifa haftar he wants to take power and he's raised the stakes for supporting general have to have blocked oil exports from key ports in eastern libya holding the economy to ransom the country
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is divided and you have to protests in western libya the conference in berlin overseen by the united nations aims to bridge this divide but it won't be easy. not so pessimistic to say that will be used as well but i'm not saying naive to say that it will be the end of international divisions if we can lighten richie's we calmed down and called the divisions specially the regional ones but also international divisions that we have seen in recent times would be very good. 9 years of conflict in libya has slowly turned into a regional proxy war the un wants world leaders to stop meddling and hopes the berlin conference will be the beginning of the end for foreign interference. chief political editor michelle or cushion there is standing by for us at the chancellor michelle i have to ask you how significant are today's international peace talks in
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berlin for the future of libya. there are very significant because we were at the very least to learn by the end of the day with all the major powers most of whom at the very highest level represented in the chancery behind me whether they can at least be some kind of recognition that a ceasefire is needed and whether those powers will have the will to apply the pressure that they have on. the strong man on the ground to not just sign up to a more permanent cease fire but also to stick to it so if there is to be any hope for any kind of political process it would have to be done and today just days ago as you know talks broke down in russia can germany and its european partners influence the peace talks. well they certainly have a significant stake in what happens in libya but so do other actors turkey the
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united arab emirates and the big question is whether they will also see it as in their own u.s. interest to safeguard their own interests in libya not just in economic but also in geo strategic terms to find some kind of common ground ground with all the powers involved it's safe to say that livia needs this conference as much as some of the stakeholders sitting around the table do if they are to be able to continue to benefit from the power that they exercise on the ground. we've prepared a piece on those particular interests let's take a look now. at. strongman general how. once tripoli. together with his libyan national army he hopes to capture the country's capital and take full control of this oil rich
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nation. and it's partly because of oil that russia and turkey have waited in on opposite sides of this conflict. with turkey behind fire as all surat is un backed government and russia supporting huffed. moscow has denied reports it sent mercenaries to reinforce the general's fighters but on thursday turkey confirmed it had started deploying troops to help in tripoli despite a un arms embargo. with libya so unstable the fear of a surgeon islamist terror has worried many european countries but other factors mean and the e.u. is split over its alliances officially the tripoli based government has the backing of europe including germany but italian prime minister because if a contact met general haftar earlier this month rome sees him as crucial in
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stemming the flow of migrants across the mediterranean. and france's concerns over terrorism as well as its interests in libya's oil wealth has put it at odds with the e.u.'s official line there are claims it's given covert military help to general hafta. earlier this week peace talks in moscow broke down. despite many interests at stake and the players involved germany seems to turman to pursue its mediation role but even if a ceasefire is agreed the road to peace looks a long way off. so. why is germany investing so much effort in the peace process. well because libya is very much the front of the european union german chancellor angela merkel her name stands for stability and that's exactly what she wants to see in a country that is
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a major gateway for migration but which is also referred to by the south held region states which are just south of libya you fear that this is. resulting ground ground where terrorist groups can use the conflict there the uncertainty to build a power base and destabilize the entire region and that points right back to the issue that i feared most here in europe which is more migration through more conflict but also more terrorist groups that could eventually also stretch into europe that's something the german chancellor wants to nip in its bad having said that this comes after years of the e.u. being simply unable to find a common line over libya. i suppose the question of the day right now is if there
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is room for a compromise between the 2 sides and their betters. well the whole country is about very particular interests economic interests but also geo strategic interests the bottom line here would have to be at the very least a cease fire for a significant period of time we've seen a shaky cease fire in place since last weekend and at least a pledge to ward stopping the flow of weapons into the country at the end of the day there's no benefit for any of the actors sitting around the table if there is simply only chaos and that threatens its oil wealth benefiting anyone and it also has your strategic implications for hillary only have about 20 seconds or so but very quickly president her to go on and putin arrive late there seem to be some
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pretty talks going on what do you know about the. well i know that i would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in those in that it's a very tool order to get a common position out of this gathering behind me but these leaders meeting is in itself a success because the fact that they're here means there has to be some kind of outcome or else it's an embarrassment for everyone exactly chief political editor michel thank you so much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world over 70 military personnel have been killed in an attack on a training camp in yemen yemen's internationally recognized government has been fighting hooty rebels in a 5 year civil war state t.v. in neighboring saudi arabia said who the rebels carried out the strike. the
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bodies of 11 ukrainians killed when their flight was shot down by iran have returned home ukrainian president volodymyr selenski officials and staff from ukrainian international airlines attended the somber ceremony of the iranian military says it down the plane by mistake killing everyone on board. britain's queen elizabeth has reached an agreement with her grandson prince harry and his wife meggan that will allow them to give up their roles as working members of the royal family they will cease using the title. and will no longer receive taxpayer money last month they said they wanted to lead a more independent life. the queen had insisted that framework of carry in macon's future be drawn up quickly after a week of talks the monarch released a statement saying the family had agreed on a constructive and supportive way forward her grandson and his wife will no longer be working royals this means for nigh on the couple to not formally represent the
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queen and are required to step back from royal g.t.s. for harry that includes his official military appointments this is an abdication in a sense from the royal family already and he and his wife and i freak to a certain extent to go and follow the dream so they have to pursue very good works it would seem the widest possible sense i think it's important to remember the queen has some ways to remember remained my family. says that working members there will somebody but not going to see them. in this country. the queen says she recognizes the challenges harry and megan have faced in 2 years of intense scrutiny the pair planned to spend much of their tell you in north america the attention as in their story is likely to remain extremely high they are
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unlikely to stay out of the spotlight entirely. to the. how about this for a debut dortmund's winter signing early and scoring a hat trick as his side beat out 53 hole and all his goals in the 2nd half after coming on as a substitute with dortmund twice trailing by 2 goals the norwegian played a key role in turning the game around. baby steps for the teenage prodigy storm and started new signing earning holand on the bench that meant captain mark or roy slack the visitors attack 4 minutes in maybe he wished horan have been in his place. outspend punish dortmund's for their 1st sloppiness floor in need of action a slate that means the lead 34 minutes gone. a minute into the 2nd half an hour spectacle their advantage with a poke from the blue marker rishta with the strike will keep
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a remount bookie could do was watch and wonder. soon after it was used in brand's turn to show off his smart finish made it to one of my. 2 within 5 minutes alex burkett restored that to go christian leader lessness 2nd of the day a carbon copy of the 1st. it was time for the 20000000 euro man to appear and he quickly made his mark played in by jaden sanchez paula needed just one touch to score the classic strikers icicle have. some shows and equalized after rounding the home keeper. but this day was destined to belong to holden got his 2nd endorsements 4th after great work by talking. and he then kept a dream debut with 10 minutes to go streaking clear and finishing with pen ash.
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goldman fended off a lot of competition to sign hall and that's efforts and their outlay already looking very worthwhile. you're watching video of the news michael okwu for all of us here thanks for watching more news as always at the top of the hour. here i am. the closest place to paying just.


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