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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2020 5:00pm-5:16pm CET

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this is g.o.p. news a live from berlin where a major international conference is underway aimed at reaching a peace deal in libya german chancellor angela merkel is hosting key players in the conflict could the summit health and international interfere stem the flow of foreign weapons and bring about a lasting cease fire. i'm
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michael o'connor nice to see you with us world leaders are gathered here in berlin to try to secure a cease fire in libya and sketch out a plan for the country's future the meeting brings together libya's 2 warring factions along with their powerful international backers in particular russian president vladimir putin who supports libya's rebel leader have talked and turkey's president received one whose government has just sent troops to tripoli to bolster the u.n. back government the meeting is being chaired by german chancellor angela merkel and is part of u.n. efforts to resolve the long running conflict in libya. d w chief political editor. is standing by for us at the chancellor a. a 2 part question just just here to start things off how crucial of these talks and so far is there any news coming out of them. well we haven't really
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received any news so far except one single report says that the leaders sitting around the table may be close to some kind of conclusion some kind of deal that would most likely mean a road towards a truce that lasts longer than just a couple of days we've also learned that world leaders are gathering. and are expected to then talk to the actual warring parties essentially the u.n. about the government of ross and. the general who is seen as the road in this whole affair around. so i think you're answering a little bit the 2nd question i wanted to ask you which was basically about the lish logistics of this conference so the participants aren't sitting at the table with the 2 big players general khalifa haftar and. yet they are meeting amongst themselves and then they will meet with the 2 big players later.
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yes and that's rather symbolic for the process that libya has or the development libya has seen in recent years and particularly in recent months where more and more international actors have appeared on the scene now also with big international actors like russia and that's also why president putin his here and turkey's president added one being on opposing sides of this conflict in libya but that shouldn't really deflect from the fact that there are many different lay is to this whole issue but the attempt here certainly is to see everyone around the table understand that a truce would be a productive way to secure everybody's interests indeed how likely is it germany and its european partners can actually influence the talks. well the fact that they've managed to gather all of these leaders from
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a dozen countries including presidents suggests that they do have some clout in the region and but at the same time nobody can afford to walk away from the table empty handed and this suggests that there will be some kind of out come the bare minimum would have to be some kind of end to the hot conflict that we're seeing there right now michel is stay with us for a moment but let's pause for a moment and give our viewers a look at what the stakes are here in the myriad interests of foreign players. strongman general haftar wants tripoli. together with his libyan national army he hopes to capture the country's capital and take full control of this oil rich nation. and it's partly because of oil
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that russia and turkey have waded in on opposite sides of this conflict. with turkey behind fire as all surat is un backed government and russia supporting huffed. moscow has denied reports it sent mercenaries to reinforce the general's fighters but on thursday turkey confirmed it had started deploying troops to help in tripoli despite a un arms embargo. with libya so unstable the fear of research an islamist terror has worried many european countries but other factors mean in the e.u. is split over its alliances officially the tripoli based government has the backing of europe including germany but italian prime minister because if a contest met general earlier this month rome sees him as crucial in stemming the flow of migrants across the mediterranean. and france's concerns over terrorism as
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well as its interests in libya's oil wealth has put it at odds with the e.u.'s official line there are claims it's given covert military help to general hafta. earlier this week peace talks in moscow broke down. despite many interests at stake and the players involved germany seems to term and pursue its mediation role that even if a ceasefire is agreed the road to peace looks a long way off. so that's a good lawyer. i have to ask you we saw general huff to walk away from talks in russia earlier this week how likely is it that a positive agreement despite the news that you're getting right now there that there actually is room for compromise. well nobody here can really afford to walk away from the table without some kind of hour to come you see
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the process is and as we learned here from the foreign ministry but also the chancery was that high level diplomats of hammered out a draft agreement with $55.00 sections in well in advance of this meeting and the key aspect of that would be a secession of the hostilities of the hot fighting but also. to weapons and bars which is already technically in place through a un resolution but simply not followed by several parties and this is pretty much the benchmark that has to be achieved here today or else the international community as it is so often called particular the european union would have failed once again i dare say in diplomatic efforts with all sides stressing that a military conflict can't solve this after the iran nuclear deal having so little life still in it certainly european diplomacy angle americal desperately need
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a success here i'm going to ask you to look into the crystal ball yet again how likely is it that a potential agreement will have real consequences on the ground. well that will then depend particularly on the players and their actions once they walk away from the table we know in the case of plotting with putin the russian president for instance over ukraine that he may be willing to sign something like the minsk agreement document over ukraine but then necessarily is a particular forth coming in following it at the same time there are serious economic interests here as well libya has some 2.8 percent of international oil reserves and a hot conflict could in the worst case destroy access to this so it's a very rich country and everybody wants to keep some kind of influence on these very rich resources indeed i can't really detect a real interest of having
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a 2nd syria that's certainly what the joint german foreign minister has warned could happen unless international powers back off out of libya that's to derby's chief political editor thank you so much michel. libya's u.n. backed government has accused have those forces of breaking a cease fire near the capital tripoli both sides have traded claims of breaches since the ceasefire came into effect a week ago in a country so deeply divided many are skeptical that today's summit can really bring about change. in libya's capital tripoli people await news of sunday's but then peace conference that expectations are low. regarding the bird in conference if it favors the libyan people libya will of course welcome it but if it pavers other matters then we won't be happy here.
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the truth is the conference of berlin is simply a trap to libya i don't think that any benefits will come out of it. there are currently 2 sides to libya the internationally recognized government and the opposition spearheaded by this man general khalifa haftar he wants to take power and he has raised the stakes for supporting general have to have blocked oil exports from key poor in eastern libya holding the economies around. the country is divided with anti have top protests in western libya the conference in berlin overseen by the united nations aims to bridge this divide but it won't be easy. that's a mistake to say it will be useless and we're not so naive to say that it will be view end of international divisions if we can lighten richie's the calm down and call it the divisions you especially the regional ones but also internationally
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divisions that we have seen in recent. would be very good. 9 years of conflict has slowly turned into a regional proxy war the un wants world leaders to stop meddling and hopes the berlin conference will be the beginning of the end for foreign interference. in other news hong kong police have fired tear gas in a public park as thousands of protesters participate in another anti-government rally the demonstrators are continuing their calls for democratic reforms and against alleged police brutality organizers describe today's march as a quote universal siege on communes and are urging the international community to sanction hong kong government protests in the territory have been ongoing for months. correspondent mathias bolen guy has been reporting from the center of the demonstrations earlier he told us what he saw. yeah there was this siege on
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communists or early today mood was quite tense from the beginning because police had only allowed part of the rally to happen the people were allowed to assemble but they were not allowed to march. there were searches conducted before heavy police presence then from what i could see some protesters started smashing traffic lights and police moved on with force and dispersed the rally some arrests were made what we're seeing now most people have left now this scene police is still there they are conducting occasional searches a few people have been arrested now after this demonstration mainly there is no solution to the crisis that underlies this conflict is the demands of the protesters or the protesters feel their demands have not been met there is no dialogue between the government and the opposition so it is there
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that none of the issues that underlie this conflict have been resolved and that is why protesters decided to come out again. now a bit of drama around the crown britain's queen elizabeth has reached an agreement with her grandson prince harry and his wife meggan that will allow them to give up their roles as working members of the royal family they will cease using the title royal highness and will no longer receive taxpayer money last month they said they wanted to lead a more independent life. the queen had insisted that framework of perry and megan's future be drawn up quickly after a week of talks the monarch released a statement saying the family had agreed on a constructive and supportive way forward her grandson and this wife will no longer be working royals this means for nigh on the couple to not formally represent the queen and are required to step back from royal duties for harry that includes his official military appointments this is an abdication in
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a sense from the royal family how really he and his wife and i'm free to a certain extent to go and follow the dreams that they have to pursue very good works it would seem in the widest possible sense i think it's important to remember the queen has. remained members of my family the extent that i'm not working them so well somebody but i'm not going to see them. in this country beyond . the queen says she recognizes the challenges harry and megan have faced in 2 years of intense scrutiny the pair planned to spend much of their tell you in north america the attention rest in their story is likely to remain extremely high they are unlikely to stay out of the spotlight entirely. now don't forget you can always get news on the go just download from google play or from the app store that
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