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we would have died of hunger i want to down. just waste this week trying to avoid. this is deja news live from berlin where a major international conference is underway the aim reaching a peace deal in libya german chancellor angela merkel is hosting key players in the conflict including the 2 warring sides after 9 years of conflict can these summits forge a lasting cease fire we'll bring you team coverage. i'm
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carl aspen thanks for joining us world leaders are gathering here in berlin they are trying to secure a cease fire in libya and sketch out a plan for the country's future those meetings taking place right now bring together libya's 2 warring factions along with their powerful international backers in particular russian president vladimir putin who supports libya's rebel leader to turkey's presence richard tayyip erdogan also is here it is government has just sent troops to tripoli in support of the un backed government there now the meeting is being chaired by german chancellor angela merkel as part of efforts by the united nations to resolve the long running conflict in libya. but we will have team coverage of this international summit all nights and i joining me in studio right now mona. she's
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a colleague from arabic has been following the conflict in libya 1st of all i mean many people are calling these talks that are taking place in berlin as we speak maybe the best chance for peace in libya how would you how do you see it how important is the summit well i don't want to sound too skeptical but we've seen before through the other conferences that they haven't been that successful the thing is that there are too many actors involved in this conflict and these actors are are implementing things with double standards like you have turkey on law school who are trying i mean both countries are trying to play the. the role of the peacemakers on one hand while they are providing cost and assad regime with. weapons so what is happening on paper is not really what's being implemented and can see that also through the. embargo from 2011 which has been violated all the time until now and so i'm i don't want to sound skeptical but i'm not sure it will be that successful well some skepticism to be sure but definitely an important
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conference as well in the conflict in libya it had been somewhat of a forgotten war this is going on been going on for many years now all of a sudden as you mentioned we were seeing russia interested we're seeing turkey there's this conference hosting many different leaders why are so many countries all of a sudden interested in creating peace in libya because it is a very important country for 2 reasons one reason is of course that it has a lot of the oil which means power and money you on one hand and the other hand on the other hand it's also a major gateway for migration of course and it is a big factor and what concerns security in europe and now europe has waken up walking up and has thought oh we have to take care of that now because the person who will take power of or be in power at tripoli's will also be in power of the migration of maybe the next migration crisis if we can say that all right so a lot going on there and of course libya has been divided since its long time ruler gadhafi was overthrown in 2011 since then the divisions only multiplying we want to
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take a look now at a country with many different interests at stake. our strongman general. wants tripoli. together with his libyan national army he hopes to capture the country's capital and take full control of this oil rich nation. and it's partly because of oil that russia and turkey have waded in on opposite sides of this conflict. with turkey behind fire as also raj's un backed government and russia supporting huffed . moscow has denied reports it sent mercenaries to reinforce the general's fighters but on thursday turkey confirmed it had started deploying troops to help in tripoli despite a un arms embargo. with libya so unstable
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the fear of research in islamist terror has worried many european countries but other factors mean and the e.u. is split over its alliances officially the tripoli based government has the backing of europe including germany but italian prime minister because if a contact met general haftar earlier this month rome sees him as crucial in stemming the flow of migrants across the mediterranean. and france's concerns over terrorism as well as its interests in libya's oil wealth has put it at odds with the e.u.'s official line there are claims it's given covert military help to gen hof to. earlier this week peace talks in moscow broke down. despite many interests at stake and the players involved germany seems to turman to pursue its mediation role but even if a ceasefire is agreed the road to peace looks
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a long way off. we're turning now to me from arabic let's just say that there is some sort of agreement that gets hashed out here in berlin during the summit what are the chances that there will be then a real consequence on the ground that we will see a peace cease fire actually implemented i don't think that the cease fire will be implemented because as i've said it before the thing is that there are too many conflicting interests and too many powers involved in this whole issue and i don't think that these countries are even. would be interested in giving up right now because why don't you think he'd be interested in science doesn't sort of deal because he has done so much he has achieved so much now and he can be in power i mean the person who's been in power of the capitalism is in power of the whole country so why would he do that and we've seen that today of course for example where he has blocked oil exports although i mean a couple of days ago he was in moscow and he should have signed the cease fire agreement so i don't think that is the man who will give up that easily provided
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that he's also supported from countries like the united arab emirates for example what about on the other side. does he have any incentive today to sign a cease fire i think he has more backed up from the you and also course on from many countries of course it's easier for him to do that but let's let's be realistic the thing is what will happen even if they sign a cease fire most countries are still providing both weapons so so i don't think that a piece of paper will solve anything a lot of people gathering here in berlin at the negotiating table the one side that that's not represented of course is the libyan people themselves and we want to take a look now at what libyans think of this peace process. up to mystic to the conference will be a success they'll be in agreement that they'll find a compromise people here are exhausted. i don't expect much the outcome could be the same like in moscow when russia and turkey invited us for
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peace talks that's not only my opinion. many of my friends think the same as well. i mean it was. mr belin what regarding the berlin conference if it favors the libyan people libya will of course welcome it but it papers other matters that we won't be happy. truth is the conference of berlin is simply a trap to libya i don't think that any benefits will come out of it. more as we await any results or any announcements from a peace conference i want to come back to you know mona now if the resume if we can progress announced here there is some sort of ceasefire deal do we know how that might be implemented to my police i think right now we've heard that germany you know would be willing to participate and that too you know the issue is that france for example stated also that it would help implementing it but the issue is france is also has its interests like in securing its oil production for example so
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whether these countries agreed to police it or to be a part of it of the peace process and whether it will really happen is still in question i think i will we will be watching out of course me. thanks very much. we will be going live to that summit as soon as world leaders begin their press conference so stay tuned right here on d.w. as we bring you all the latest now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world protesters are back out in lebanon's capital following a night of violence that left hundreds wounded lebanon is currently without a government and its economy is in ruins protesters are calling for a new government that's free from the old guard who they blame for the crisis. the protests have escalated across iraq's south and its capital baghdad demonstrators sealed off streets with burning tires and outrage at the government's slow pace of
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reform the youth dominated rallies are demanding an overhaul of the ruling system they've spread across shiite majority areas since october. aerospace companies space x. says simulated an emergency landing of its crew dragon capsule you see it there the capsule was easy jet to the from a rocket which cut off its engines to mimic a launch failure the capsule then parachuted into the ocean completing the last key test before space x. can start flying nasa astronauts to the international space station. hong kong police have fired tear gas in a public park as thousands of protesters participate in another anti-government rally demonstrators are continuing their calls for democratic reforms and against alleged police brutality organizers described today's march as a quote universal siege on communists and are urging the international community to sanction on kongs government protests in the territory have been ongoing for months . our correspondent has been reporting from the center of the demonstrations
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earlier he told us what he saw. yeah there was this siege on communists or early today mood was quite tense from the beginning because police had only allowed part of the rally to happen the people were allowed to assemble but they were not allowed to march. there were searches conducted before heavy police presence then from what i could see some protesters started smashing traffic lights and police moved on with force and dispersed the rally some arrests were made what we're seeing now most people have left now the scene police is still there they are conducting occasional searches a few people have been arrested now after this demonstration mainly there is no solution to the crisis that underlies this conflict and the demands of the protesters or the protesters feel their demands have not been met there's no
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dialogue between the government and the opposition so it is there that none of the issues that underlie this conflict have been resolved and that is why protesters decided to come out again. yes bolling are covering that story for us in hong kong now britain's queen elizabeth has reached an agreement with her grandson prince harry and his wife megan that they will that will allow them to keep their roles as working members of the royal family they will cease using the title boyle highness and will no longer receive taxpayer money last month they said they wanted to lead a more independent life. the queen had insisted that framework of harriet macon's future be drawn up quickly after a week of talks the monarch released a statement saying the family had agreed on a constructive and supportive way forward her grandson and this wife will no longer be working royals this means for nigh on the couple to not formally represent the
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queen and are required to step back from royal duties for harry that includes his official military appointments. cation innocence from the royal family. is why for now i'm free to a certain extent to go and follow the dream to pursue very good works it would seem in the widest possible sense i think it's important to remember the queen herself will always remain remain members of my family. and working them so will somebody but not going to see them. in this country beyond. the queen says she recognizes the challenges harry and megan have faced in 2 years of intense scrutiny the pair planned to spend much of their tell you in north america the attention as in their story is likely to remain extremely high they are unlikely to step out of the spotlight entirely. sports now and in saturday's late
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bundesliga match rb leipzig power passed to retain their position at the top of the bonus league table some highlights mario's opening the scoring in just 10 minutes with that goal right there sebastian understand now foxing a defender putting through to the goal but leipzig scoring 3 in the 2nd half to from team obana this time it's a failed to clear long ball instead feeding it to valinor than in the final minutes then a struck again to bag his brace and round out the yells. also on saturday frankfurt came away with a hard fought 21 victory against hoffenheim in the 18th minute doest opening the scoring for frankfurt. gushing over which had a pinpoint past of dutchman who put his 5th of the season in the back of the net
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often and though struck back 3 minutes after the restarts and what a goal of was constantine also stuff is decent firing a rocket to level the score and give the home side some hope but frank 1st sealing the deal 62nd minute this time it was timothy chandler taking a beautiful cross and heading home again when. you're watching d.w. news live from berlin stay tuned we'll have continuing coverage of that libya peace talks summit right here on the death of. birth. home tunes of species. go home words if you can. prove you those are big changes and most start with small steps and became global in 2 years tell stories of creative people into innovative projects around the world. but to use the country to try to boost religious
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exemptions and resources should move community into.


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