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their own story. is a. must. leave. starts january 27th on d w. this is d w news live from berlin the world leaders say they'll uphold an arms embargo and a pledge to help end the fighting in libya german chancellor angela merkel hosted key players in the long running conflict at a major summit right here in berlin they've agreed to quote refrain the from interfering in the war but will that change the situation on the ground.
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i'm called aspen thanks for joining us world leaders gathered in berlin for a libya peace conference this evening and they say they've got a result they respect the weapons and bargo in an effort to choke off fighting which has wrecked the country over the past 9 years now leaders of countries including russia and turkey which have become involved in the civil war were at that summit and they agree to stop interfering militarily in libya the 2 rival libyan factions who have been fighting over control of the country were also there at the summit but they did not meet directly and they did not speak to the press. we have team coverage tonight we are now joined in the studio by christiane high notes and experts on the middle east with the bertelsmann foundation thank you for being here we also chief correspondent chief political correspondent. i'm sorry
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chief political editor you were at that press conference mikhail i want to start with you what did you make of it and this outcome is this outcome from the conference satisfied. well the dems government in the days leading up to this major conference didn't really want to set out a benchmark what would actually make this a success for international observers getting these kinds of leaders the top level all around one table in itself can be seen as a diplomatic success success at the same time going back to herself so that she was aware that this wouldn't solve the problems on the ground overnight but the very different parties with very different interests in libya in this very rich country seemed to have agreed in the same room that they want the fighting to end that they want a ceasefire to take place leaves only the warring parties general of the 4 huffed
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and the leader of the un backed government to actually sign on the dotted line and implement this we understand that there will be a process beginning next week to secure exactly that because they were hearing that there were a couple of agreements that they came out of these meetings one of them was a weapons in bargo or at least agreement to abide by a previous weapons in bargo how will that work how will they get people to abide by something that essentially hasn't really been holding up. well that's the thing there is the u.n. weapons and bargo in place on paper but it simply wasn't being adhered to by several actors including russia and turkey and i did have the opportunity to put that very question to the german chancellor what tools could be applied to secure that everyone sticks to this let's have a listen when cancelling the you have young you spoke about the weapons in bargo
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which should already be in place according to a un resolution. how do you intend to monitor that and was there an agreement on sanctions. you know we did not discuss sanctions instead we said the documents that were agreed on today should be negotiated again at the u.n. security council and approved there. so we are proceeding on the assumption that everyone who committed to them knows what will happen if the embargo is broken again. we did not discuss sanctions as such but we told everyone that if anything should happen and i don't believe it will then we will be much more stringent in naming who committed the violation. so a clear sign that that anybody violating this sanctions or this weapons of bargo would
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now be named and shamed internationally and that's exactly also what happened in the room because the u.n. secretary general was sitting right next to him going to machall basically condemning international actors for continuing the flow of weapons into the region and asking for everybody to adhere to the weapons and bargo having said that as far as troops so ready sent them us unreason but also equipment as a german tons of person that's nothing else than arms that were sent certainly by turkey as well that will all be subject to the cease fire negotiations which we expect to take place next week no i don't want to turn over to christian. first what do you make of the conference particularly maybe a larger role for the e.u. for european countries in terms of international affairs for the 1st time since
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2011 especially since 2014 when more started to civil war started in libya it's for the 1st time that already stakeholders and governments involved in the conflict from inside and outside are on the negotiation table the important symbol and sign is with the agreement today that multilateralism can work and the europeans in the last 3 years did make a good picture up about libya which is our direct neighborhood there's always the conflict between the geo geo politics and economic interests which are confronting between france and italy and today we've seen that both leaders where there also all the european leadership was there so it seems to me that really on the libyan case there's more unity what's going on with libya and that there is a joint european so there is more unity you as you mentioned coming in we had there there is no obvious left and right according to one leader a different. tomorrow tomorrow is the foreign ministers meeting in brussels which
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is going to follow up on what the decision that be taken on the european side of course is also true for the next month is if this unity can hold and the italian for prime minister for example he said after the meeting that he is going to be in the eating role in the security workshop which is going to come out of the track there germany will have a special responsibility to follow up because germany has decided we will help united nations to take the task in the bia so we we are in a leading role in the forthcoming month this now you're playing a role but of course this is a conflict happening in libya and we heard both gutierrez that the u.n. and merkel emphasizing that they want a political solution here they don't want a military solution how can there be a political solution when you can't even get the 2 warring sides to be in the same room. the basic problem of the libyan civil war is that there are no reliable and legitimate institutions who distribute the money to the people we must understand
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libya is an oil export country and the income of 90 percent of the people is you know they get direct money transfer from the central back to their accounts so this system was after 2014 injust for a lot of tribes and so the split between the west and the east of libya has been deepened so the you need to have institutions central institutions which are really reliable and which are independent and would really distribute the wealth to all parts of the country to to reengage inclusiveness and then there are $5000000.00 weapons around to collect all of them this would be a major topic and interview because of those comments you know because you know this process is just being laid out but it has to be put into implementation in libya and really if you look at the situation there doesn't seem to be much incentive for general have start to abide by any sort of political agreement.
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well there probably wasn't in the past it certainly didn't look like it but he is backed he gets direct or indirect backing by several countries and the big question now is how much pressure will be applied by those very actors who sat around the table behind me in the german chancery to actually lead him to change his mind by next week when this military committee is due to actually map out a cease fire and conditions for a cease fire what happened in the past 2 years since gadhafi was killed since the bombing of libya by nato allies was a constant descent into chaos more and more actors appearing on the scene more and more fingers in the party so to say with very own interests now if all of these external actors now agree on if not exactly a common position but least a common line to stop the inflow of weapons that should be
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a clear signal as hoped to this evening to general haftar that it won't be that easy in the end that there will in fact be no military solution because those strong actors in libya won't tolerate it and the question is where it goes from there whether a political process can successfully be launched as is already mapped out on paper by the united nations but that failed to get enough backing in the past because i want to give you the last question you were actually tweeting about this now some of the other world leaders that were in attendance they seem to leave either early or directly after word we're talking about secretary of state my campaign of the west president and one of turkey what did their kind of absence from the aftermath here what kind of message to dance and. but it seems at the time being. a major leaders leaving namely boris johnson who doesn't really have so much of
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a direct stake in this he was there more as a european representative of the 3 so to say alongside germany and france also pompei oh that's when the major point seemed to have been through we learned that the interest will still being represented at the table by high fish sauce and the bottom line and it wasn't that unusual ok good to know d.w. chief political editor. and christian hundreds of the battles among the foundation thank you so much to both. for our that's get you caught up now on some of the other stories making news around the world protesters in lebanon have once again clashed with security forces that follows riots on saturday that left hundreds wounded lebanon is currently without a government and its economy is in ruins protesters are calling for a new government that's free from the quote old guard who they blame for the crisis . aerospace companies face that's
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a simulated emergency landing of its crew dragon capsule and the capsule was injected from a rocket which cut off its engines to mimic a launch failure the capsule then parachuted into the ocean completing the last key test before space x. can start flying nasa astronauts to the international space station. hong kong police have fired tear gas in a public park as thousands of protesters participate in another anti-government rally the demonstrators are calling continuing their calls for democratic reforms and against alleged police brutality organizers described today's march as a quote universal siege on communists and are urging the international community to sanction hong kong's government protests in the territory have been ongoing for months. correspondent has been reporting on those demonstrations from the beginning he was at the center of those demonstrations today earlier he told us what he saw. yeah there was this siege on communists early today
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mood was quite tense from the beginning because police had only allowed part of the rally to happen the people were allowed to assemble but they were not allowed to march and there were searches conducted before heavy police presence then from what i could see some protesters started smashing traffic lights and police moved on with force and dispersed the rally some arrests were made what we're seeing now most people have left now the scene police is still there they are conducting occasional searches a few people have been arrested now after this demonstration mainly there is no solution to the crisis that underlies this conflict and the demands of the protesters or the protesters feel their demands have not been met there's no dialogue between the government and the opposition so it is
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the none of the issues that underlie this conflict have been resolved and that is why protesters decided to come out again marty is pulling a reporting there from hong kong sports now and let's get you caught up on all the results from match day 18 in the buddhist leverkusen had their way with potter borne buying munich dominating here it's a berlin leipzig powering past barely in dortmund beat bergen in 8 goals on fast cologne upset both burke braman snuck past dusseldorf freiburg defeated mights frankfurt beat hoffenheim on friday shaka took down. i don't see what those results now mean for the bundesliga standings rb leipzig extending their lead at the top they now lead by 4 points are munich moving ahead of glob they are now in 2nd place and dortmund remain in 4th will flip it over now take a look at the bottom half no team is very far from danger frankfurt in cologne each
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moving up to notches and dusseldorf all be low braman into the direct relegation spots are reminder now of our top story german chancellor angela merkel has said these summits made an important contribution to efforts towards peace the king about 8 summits today in berlin she said world leaders and attendance have pledged to uphold an arms embargo which has up to now been repeatedly violated. watching news i'm carl naslund stay tuned more news coming at the top of the hour. is no. good today. you know the banks. and to watch the language of a bank. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for.


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