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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 20, 2020 3:00am-3:03am CET

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an exclusive interview with imran khan you'll drawback a stance prime minister speaks with editor in chief enos poole. what's khan's perspective on the kashmir crisis. what does he hope results from the peace negotiations in afghanistan. why has he remained silent about the plight of the leaders in china what are our interview with iran. today on d w. this is the doubling news and the top stories well the latest meeting in perth inside hold an arms embargo on libya to help end the fighting in it german chancellor angela merkel who hosted the talks said international leaders had agreed to refrain from interfering in the war but libya's rival latest did not engage in direct talks
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if it's to get a lasting cease fire a sit to continue. police have fired tear gas at thousands of protesters during a new anti-government rally organizers urging the international community to sanction hong kong's government. protesters in lebanon have again clashed with security forces leaving more than 100 people injured demonstrators blame the government for the country's economic crisis and want the old job removed from power. the bodies of 11 ukrainians killed when their flight was shot down by iran have returned on ukrainian president follow the missile lenski officials and stuff attended a memorial ceremony in key is for the victims. this is day double the news from berlin for more you can follow us on twitter at the w. news over. at state dot com.
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our love for the fish on our plate and other seafood is causing great harm and an imbalance to the marine ecosystem worldwide how can we preserve our oceans and even our rivers so that we can continue to remain a living species that's what we want to be a welcome this is equal india and i'm some of that record the metropolis of mumbai it was originally the need of land of fishermen as the population spiked the demand for fish spiked to their high protein and low fat quality and made them the go to food for the health conscious this put immense pressure on the fisherman to fish during the breeding season or in dangerous waters or even over fish a particular species to meet the rising demand
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a unique calendar is helping consumers understand this phenomenon so that the fish and the fisherman are better protect.


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