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starts january 27th on d w. this is d w news live from berlin laid aside hold an arms involved in a pledge to help in the fighting in libya german chancellor angela merkel hosted key players in the long running conflict at m i just summit here in berlin every grade to refrain from interfering in the war but will that change the situation on the ground. violent clashes in the lebanese capital beirut more than
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a 100 anti-government protesters are injured and hit by rubber bullets. and by munich move up to 2nd place in the bundesliga strolling 23 against khatib and the klitschko all the highlights coming up. math and how it thanks for joining us both leaders have gathered in berlin for a libya peace conference this evening and they say they've got a result now we're spec the u.n. weapons in boggo in an effort to choke off fighting which is ravage become ravaged the country brother of the past 9 years the 2 rival libyan factions have been fighting of a control of the country was also at the summit but i did not make directly or speak to the press. it's a mighty gathered in berlin on
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a sunday afternoon world powers united in the mission of hope german chancellor angela merkel invited representatives of more than 10 countries to press for a solution to the long running conflict in libya and it was only a few hours before the end of breakthrough no more arms shipments to the war torn country. we can confirm that we have all agreed to respect the arms embargo and will also money toit more closely enough in the stack of continue to hold this in the forgotten that if by this. however they haven't yet spelled out consequences for breaking the embargo. instead the conference pledged not to offer military support to the warring parties . russia and turkey in particular have long involved themselves in libya's civil
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war. the rival leaders themselves refused to sit down at the bargaining table libyan premier. met with his ally turkish president wretch of type. while warlord khalifa haftar join talks with france as a manual mac hall among others much as its stake for the international players here libya has oil and gas and is a key transit point for refugees the conference insisted that a new political process is necessary to address the country's crisis. and today in but leading member states along with regional and international denies ations if send a strong signal that we are fully committed to supporting the peaceful resolution of the libyan crisis. the real marker of the conference is success or failure won't come until it's clear if the promises made here are being kept and that could take several weeks. well de de believes chief political editor of mckayla
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was covering the libya summit force and was asked if the building conference could be deemed a success. well the general government in the days leading up to this major conference didn't really want to set out a benchmark what would actually make this a success for international observers getting these kinds of leaders the top level all around one table in itself can be seen as a diplomatic success success at the same time and america herself said that she was aware that this wouldn't solve the problems on the ground overnight but the very different parties with very different interests in libya in this very rich country seem to have agreed in the same room that they want the fighting to end that they want a ceasefire to take place leaves only the warring parties general khalifa haftar and the leader of the un backed government to actually sign on the dotted line and
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implement this we understand that there will be a process beginning next week to secure exactly that. and from a hell of course now to some of the other stories making news around the world. china has reported a shop rise in the number of corona virus infections with officials saying the virus has now reached the capital beijing in total around $200.00 people have been infected with the respect illness which has already killed 3 people. bolivia's formulate a if of braless has announced his party candidate for the presidential election he said his former economy minister. will run for president in elections on may 3rd round this resigned and fled the country last year he was granted asylum in. britain's prince harry has expressed great sadness that he and his wife meggan will no longer perform any royal duties it was harry's 1st public comment since
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buckingham palace announced that the couple would no longer be working rules took the decision up to harry and megan said they wanted to step back senior members of the pro family. canada is mobilizing parts of its forces to deal with the huge blizzard in the country's east storms dumped up to $76.00 centimeters of snow in the new found province snow trapped in their homes one person is a person was reported as missing. in lebanon clashes between protesters and police left more than 100 people injured police were seen firing tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse demonstrators largely peaceful anti-government protests broke out 3 months ago in lebanon as participants demand an overhaul of the political system and a solution to the country's economic crisis that in recent days the protests have turned increasingly violent. i it's being called the most violent
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weekend since lebanon's mass protests began in october i demonstrators threw stones and projectiles at police officers fired water cannon rubber bullets and tear gas in response. to sunday's clashes brought the total of protesters injured to some $500.00 this weekend on a monday one with a lot of that violence only breeds violence at the end of the day after all these months the protesters just want to prove they exist as i don't blame protesters at all on how many matanya kept us. our most important events are independence of the judiciary and the pen and government of competent people accountability at the early elections and returning to to the kid out. anger at corruption and economic mismanagement have long fuelled the protests on
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sunday demonstrators smashed windows at shops linked to a minister within the outgoing government i was god the protest movement helped topple that government in late october and efforts to forge a new one are still stalling. protesters say they fear their key demands are being ignored as top officials try to agree on a new cabinet i will air a space company space x. has simulated an emergency landing of its crew dragon capsule. catcher was jake did from a brothel which helped indians to mimic a launch failure at an altitude of 900 kilometers a rocket burst into flames as was planned meanwhile the capsule parachuted into the ocean completing the last test before space x. can stop flying nasa astronauts to the international space station. is very on
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space no doubt until it is joining me in the studio for more on this and this by 6 exploded a rocket today but that was part of the plan yes it was typically when you think of giant fireballs and nasa i mean something horrible has gone wrong but that wasn't the case today what we saw today was space x. testing an emergency escape system which is basically designed to make sure that astronauts in the case of a catastrophic failure would still be allowed or able to safely parachute back to ground crew and survive any type of catastrophic failure failure rather during a launch and nasa officials and space x. officials also said that this has been a great test and that it actually clears the way to the 1st manned test flight of the dragon crew capsule which we could see as soon as april and that would of course be a huge step forward for space x. and also for nasa as well i mean the united states has been the premier's based traveling nation for decades now but a lot of people don't realize is that since 2011 since the space shuttle fleet was actually mothballed they haven't had the capability to send manned missions international space station on their own instead they've been forced to rely on old
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russian rockets the soyuz rockets which have us body track record in recent recent years so this is a huge step forward true for nasa and space x. when it comes to returns manned space flight to the united states space x. is a proven kaga carrier they fly regularly and reliably and return the hard way it's a pretty neat trick but how much was this a crucial piece of the business model that i ticked off to well in terms of business model i mean it is a huge step forward because of the next step for them is basically getting those manned missions that something they haven't been able to do in the. yes but it's also a push forward from nasa because for years basically space flight has been the pervy of large international organizations and also governments private companies haven't played that much of a role now but nasa is attempting to change that model they're trying to basically set more in private businesses which is why they're turning to the likes of boeing in space x. they're hoping that they'll they'll be able to drive down costs and we've seen that
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was space x. they've been able to reduce the cost of getting a kilogram of stuff into space by a factor of $10.00 it used to cost about $20000.00 now costs about $2000.00 so this is a huge step forward for space x. and that room but it's more than just that it's also about bringing public enthusiasm back to do to be more focused on the space program and you can say that enthusiasm support for the space program has really been basically falling off since we landed on the moon back in the 1960 s. and nasa hopes that by getting these manned missions back to the united states that the be able to increase that support that they need to keep funding these missions long term and actually space x. they're also focusing on that i mean elon musk their owner and founder has made no secret of the fact that his major goal is getting a viable mars colony set up by 2050 and the only way he's going to be able to do that is really by getting. that fire of public enthusiasm which actually drove us to win the moon back in the 1960 s. if he doesn't do that space x. and nasa is going to have the money to develop the technology they need so this is a this is a small step forward for nasa space x.
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and you know one must but they still have a long way to go in terms of reaching the real goal is what they really want to be doing long term watching as always there until thank you thank you. in the bundesliga by munich turned on the style as they thrashed had a belly in for until the climb to 2nd in the table for the visitors goals came off the half time it was a miserable afternoon for half as coach you're going klinsmann taking on his former club. you know concludes men took his place in the head to die counters or sold out a lympics stadium facing off against the club that sanction in 2009 in a tight 1st half they had the better chances but never enough ski poking wide for buying when he already done the hard parts. so far so good for the man whose promise to revolution it had but his sights 4 game unbeaten spell was about to be
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mercilessly picked parks with event parasitics at the heart of it the croatian had his own shot blocks before providing the crucial assist for thomas miller was hatcher had held out for an hour but the floodgates ripped out open 10 minutes later by and won a penalty after a foul only on gorecki. 7 doffs he started in his 20th of the season bringing him level with team adventure in the scoring charts i and there was no let up from by and go because in the goal of the game not long after the spaniard looking very pleased with himself and for good reason picking his spots off the underside of the bar i the 2nd half go blitz was completed by paris it just reward for his efforts for neil the final score
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i have friends from an outcast by his former club. they have so much quality in their team to play with want to touch as the midfield you know their combination football you know in a flow and to stop that flow is pretty much impossible then especially when your team right now that is fighting relegation. that relegation fight now feeling very real by and showing klinsmann what he's missing. in sunday's like lead accusing jumped out 20 lead and never looked back in a full one win against placed at a born having fallen got the ball. in the 11th minutes of the lofted pass from music to gabby and fall and used his head to finish the job putting it beyond that because reach and just 3 minutes later free kick and fall and worked his magic one more time can i have it stopping the ball from going out of play and fall into once again winning the aerial battle clinching the letter cues and.
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that is all for now more news coming up at the top of the hour. with a story on 30 years since. the help from all the same here in berlin thanks watch. what secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in 360. explore fascinating world heritage sites. world heritage 360 get to. know nothing.
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about just sometimes i. think stephen.


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