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most. stars january 27th on d w. this is the w. news live from building world leaders site that will uphold and go in a pledge to help in the fighting in libya german chancellor angela merkel hosts a key players in the long running conflict and i just somebody here in berlin that the great to refrain from interfering in the war that chimes of the situation on the ground. violent clashes in the lebanese capital by
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a group more than 100 anti-government protesters were injured and hit by a group of bullets. and by music moves up to sicken place in the bundesliga strolling twenty's the heads of beldin but all the hot shots coming up. the math and how it thanks for joining us well ladies have gathered in berlin for a libya peace conference this evening and i say they have got a result speak to u.n. weapons in boggo in an effort to chuckle fighting which is ravage the country of the past 9 news the 2 rival libyan factions who have been fighting of the control of the country while also at the summit but they did not make directly or speak to the press. is a mighty gathered in berlin on a sunday afternoon world powers united in
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a mission of hope german chancellor angela merkel invited representatives of more than 10 countries to press for a solution to the long running conflict in libya. and it was only a few hours before the end of breakthrough. no more arms shipments to the war torn country. we can confirm that we have all agreed to respect the arms embargo and will also money toit more closely. stuck a continued sense in the forgotten that defy this. however they haven't yet spelled out consequences for breaking the embargo. instead the conference pledged not to offer military support to the warring parties. russia and turkey in particular have long involve themselves in libya's civil war.
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the rival leaders themselves refused to sit down at the bargaining table libyan premier fi is met with his ally turkish president wretch of type. while warlord khalifa haftar join talks with friends as a manual call among others much as its stake for the international players here libya has oil and gas and is a key transit point for refugees the conference insisted that a new political process is necessary to address the country's crisis. and today in but leading member states along with regional and international denies ations if send a strong signal that we are fully committed to supporting the peaceful resolution of the libyan crisis the real marker of the conference is success or failure won't come until it's clear if the promises made here are being kept and that could take several weeks. we are now joined by kristen handle thing expert for the bertelsmann
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foundation christian welcome. to you a playing a bigger role in international affairs at this point germany stepping up and hosting the conference is the e.u. now prepared to helping force the weapons in boggo and the agreement face an international place to stay out of the conflicts just say the new e.u. special representative for the foreign policy mr bush has announced before that conference and believing that the e.u. should be ready to play also an extra vote in the country itself there where there where there were 4 european leaders and the commission. and the council re presented with within the leader conference today in berlin and this shows that the e.u. after a years of in a e.u. conflict about libya and you see france and italy have contradicting interests in libya on on economic fields and so so the e.u. was paralyzed and turkey and russia stepped in so it's really time now that the
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e.u. and its direct neighborhood like to be shows diplomatic and political strength and be ready to help on the ground christine both good and merkel emphasized that there is no military solution to this conflict in libya in their opinion but there was also no announcement of a ceasefire and the 2 warring sides wouldn't even sit inside of the same room can they bring a political solution in this case there can be a political solution this is why the idea of that conference and the process is to get all the spoilers from outside out of the of the of the called controversy parties westley be against east asia so once the idea is once russia turkey egypt emirates not further meddling in libya the saudi government in the west and the half their government in the east what would get together on the table and form a united government but the spirit on the ground between these 2 leaders especially
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with general have to is the winner takes it all you know i am with my troops just before tripoli's i can win the war now this is stopped somehow and with it will be very difficult because now this special observation you know if further nurseries or further. weapons are getting into the country from outside it will be more observed now it will be getting more difficult but libya. there are more than 5 or 6000000 weapons already there and there's a population of 4 it's it's a very difficult task that said then is the wife forward clearer now how much hope is there for a peace or cease fire. i think it's an important sign you know in international politics where we have also conflicts around the world that really multilateral diplomatic efforts are getting shape now in libya with a bell in process we should need it also for syria and we would need it also for iran and saudi arabia is my feeling so fully b.-a. there is an agreed in these 55
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points is a very very specific roadmap with working groups and what the parties have to do and who is sharing water it's interesting to observe the political will is being to continue that this is really implemented it will be very difficult and and and the readiness of the countries really to engage on the ground will be a testing field for diplomacy in the next weeks the backing as you know from germany and germany's intention to get involved in the libyan conflict is to empower a united nations to do its work on the ground so the german task is we help a spoiler to get all the countries so that united nations can work on a political solution in the country maybe it works like that we see christian households in the expert for europe and the middle east and beyond and thanks to tom pleasure now to some of the other stories making news around the world. china
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has reported a shop rise in the number of new corona virus infections with officials saying the virus has now reached the capital by jing in total of around 200 people have been infected with the spirit tree illness which has already killed 3 people. living is formulated evo morales has announced his party's candidate for the presidential election he said he's former economy minister louis os a will run for president in the elections on may 3rd resigned and fled the country last year he was granted asylum in. britain's prince harry has expressed great sadness that he and his wife megan will no longer form any world. because harry's 1st public comments since buckingham palace announced that the couple will no longer be working royals the queen took the decision off to harry and making said they want to step back as senior members of the group family.
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at least 75 inmates have escaped from the prison imperiled one of the border to brazil police say detainees escaped through a tunnel they had built out of prisons morton and other officials have been fired in response to very. well in lebanon clashes between protesters and police left more than 100 people injured police was seen firing tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse demonstrators logically peaceful anti-government protests broke out 3 months ago in lebanon as participants demand and now the whole of the political system and the solution to the country's economic crisis but in recent days the protests have turned increasingly violent. i it's being called the most violent weekend since lebanon's mass protests began in october i demonstrators threw stones and projectiles at police officers fired
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water cannon rubber bullets and tear gas in response. sunday's clashes brought the total of protesters injured to some $500.00 this weekend. and violence only breeds violence at the end of the day after all these months the protesters just want to prove they exist i don't blame them not to have a trace like one of the men in my time in our most important demands an independent entity dish yuri an independent government of competent people accountability early elections and returning looted money to. get out. anger at corruption and economic mismanagement have long fueled the protests on sunday demonstrators smashed windows at shops linked to a minister within the outgoing government i was. the protest movement helps topple
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the government in late october and efforts to forge a new one are still stalling. protesters say they fear their key demands are being ignored as top officials try to agree on a new cabinet i i think. sport now and in the bundesliga by munich turned on the stylus they thrashed had a bell in for nail the club the 2nd on the table all 4 of the visitors goals after half time it was a miserable afternoon and they had this coach you're going klinsmann hiking on his former club. you're concludes man took his place in the head to die counters are sold out lympics stadium facing off against the club that sacks him in 2009 in a tight 1st half they had the better chances but never enough ski poking wide for buying when he already done the hard parts. so far so good for the man who's
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promised a revolution it has but his sights 4 game unbeaten spell was about to be mercilessly picked parks with event parasitic the heart of it the croatian had his own shot blocks before providing the crucial assist for thomas miller was passionate i had how about for an hour with the flood gates ripped out to open 10 minutes later and won a penalty after a foul only on korecki. 7 doffs he started in his 20th of the season bringing him level with t.-mo banner in the scoring charts i and there was no let up from by and she i'll go because in the goal of the game not long after the spaniard looking very pleased with himself and for good reason was picking his spots off the underside of the bar was the 2nd half goldblatt's was completed by paris 6 just reward for his efforts for nil the final score
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i cringe when outclassed by his former club. they have so much quality in their team to play with want to touch as the midfield you know their combination football you know then a flow and to stop that flow is pretty much impossible then especially when your team right now that is fighting relegation. that relegation fight now feeling very real by and showing klinsmann what he's missing. well in sunday's light bonus league game live accusing jumped out 20 lead and never looked back and i for one win against last place to have a bomb. given fall and it was he got the ball rolling for live accuse an india live in a lovely love to pass from gabby. fallen used. to finish the job putting it beyond people's reach and just 3 minutes later a free kick and fall and worked his magic one more time i have it stopping the ball
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from going out of play. holland once again winning aerial battle. clinching lead accusing victory. so let's get you caught up on the full set of results from that state 18 leverkusen as you're about to say had their way with pettibone by in munich dominated helsa. pass in your own berlin on saturday dortmund big cologne upset wolfsburg braman. of freiburg defeated months frankfurt 800 back on friday start of the weekend by taking down gladbach now let's see what all those results mean for the bundesliga standings and we'll see a lot seek extending their lead at the talk to 4 points by munich late prague lud back into 2nd place dortmund remain in 4th position on the bottom
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not team is very far from danger frankfurt and cologne each move up to not. and that is all for now move more news coming up at the top of the next as a doc film looking at china's development of the new silk road stay tuned for that for now imagine how it is from all of the newsstand here in berlin thanks watching . it's all happening good job it coming. your link to news from africa to the world story link to exceptional stories and discussions to no one will come to the debut suffocating program tonight from one to many of these each time i would say do deputed come smash africa join us on facebook at t.w. africa.


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