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this is d.w. news coming to you live from berlin and the pressure is on for a full ceasefire in libya world leaders at a major summit here in berlin say they'll hold an arms embargo to the country but will that change the situation on the ground. to the roof rocked by violent clashes it's the worst on the wrist the lebanese capital has seen since anti-government protests began 3 months ago. plus women around the world are working but bradley see the reward a new study says women put in billions of hours of free labor. goes to india for
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a look at why women find it hard to get a job say. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us a push toward a full ceasefire in libya world leaders gathered in berlin over the weekend for a peace conference they agreed to stop interfering in libya and respect a u.n. weapons and barda but after 9 years of war the rival factions on the ground in libya are still refusing to meet. the mighty gathered in berlin on a sunday afternoon world powers united in a mission of hope german chancellor angela merkel invited representatives of more than 10 countries to press for a solution to the long running conflict in libya. and it was only a few hours before the end of breakthrough no more arms shipments to the war torn
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country. we can confirm that we have all agreed to respect the arms embargo and will also money toit more closely enough in the stomach a continued this in the forgotten that defy this. however they haven't yet spelled out consequences for breaking the embargo. instead the conference pledged not to offer military support to the warring parties. russia and turkey in particular have long involve themselves in libya's civil war. the rival leaders themselves refused to sit down at the bargaining table libyan premier. met with his ally turkish president wretch of type. while warlord khalifa
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haftar join talks with france as a manual mac hall among others much as its stake for the international players here libya has oil and gas and is a key transit point for refugees the conference insisted that a new political process is necessary to address the country's crisis. and today in but leading member states along with regional and international denies ations if send a strong signal that we are fully committed to supporting a peaceful resolution of the libyan crisis. the real marker of the conference is success or failure won't come until it's clear if the promises made here are being kept and that could take several weeks. to our political correspondent is covering the talks how substantial is this deal on libya . if you look at it on paper it is surprising you substantial the conference
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conclusions of the document that was. passed by this conference yesterday comprises $55.00 points and they go way beyond the initial step of ensuring a cessation of hostilities that is then being turned into a formal cease fire that goes as far as discussing economic order in libya discussing human rights discussing the prevention of terrorism and a political process that leads to a unified government in that country in other words it's a very very comprehensive plan sub very substantial on paper the question really is how far the implementation of this will actually go home much of this will remain ink on paper and hot water if it will be turned into actual action on the ground well german foreign minister signal age that much work remains to be done before peace can be achieved in libya here's what he had to say. we know that the work is actually only just begun. and that there will certainly be
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a difficult and labor intensive path ahead of us. but it was all the more important to reach an agreement at this conference today. we've experienced a spirit of cooperation here today which goes well beyond what we have experienced on other occasions in the past. the cease fire an armistice will certainly be the 1st issue but. we must now succeed in bringing together the libyan parties in the conflict in order to create with them the conditions for a political solution to the civil war. so that libya can achieve lasting peace. german foreign minister speaking their hands does anyone know what sort of political solution the german foreign minister might have in mind. yes this agreement does talk about political solutions that talks about free and fair elections about establishing a government and so on and of course there is
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a long year long united nations process in the background where the united nations has made all sorts of resolutions about what is meant to be happening in libya but hasn't happened so far so the political process is in some sense very clear but the question is whether that would even be able to stop it hasn't started in the years past and what the foreign minister. emphasizing there was bringing together the warring parties and that is something that he has been stressing yesterday and today several times that the 2 factions on the one side general hospital on the other side the internationally recognized government of alsa raj they have now appointed 5 people 5 persons each on each side that are going to meet this week in geneva to start direct talks about how they are going to resolve things between themselves that is the president has to be watched now. the berlin conference also produced an agreement with foreign powers to stop interfering in libya but how
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realistic is that given that several countries like russia and turkey are already deeply involved but we have to say that looking at the conference yesterday all of these countries have invested a lot of their political pristiq in pushing this whole process for with the presidents of all of these countries with their they put their commitment onto paper in this agreement so one has to accept that with that kind of political backing this agreement has a chance of actually being implemented and actually turning into something something substantial maybe even into peace in libya hans thank you very much for filling us in d.w. political correspondent hans month there. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today china has reported a sharp rise in the number of pneumonia cases calls by the new strain of corona virus which visuals are saying the outbreak has now reached the capital beijing
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some 200 people have been infected in china cases have also been detected in thailand japan and south korea. libya's former leader a former office has announced his leftist party's candidate for president he said is former economy minister louise are caught to cut a corner a rather will run in elections on may 3rd resigned last year over election fraud allegations and fled to argentina. at least 75 inmates have escaped from a jail in paraguayan near the border with brazil police found a tunnel but believe many prisoners fled through the main gate with the help of prison officials they describe the fugitives as highly dangerous members of a drug and arms trafficking gang. in lebanon on clashes between protesters and police over the weekend left hundreds injured largely peaceful
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anti-government protests broke out 3 months ago in lebanon as participants demand an overhaul of the political system and a solution to the country's economic crisis but in recent days the rest has taken a bylane turn. i it's being called the most violent weekend since novena mass protests began in october. demonstrators threw stones and projectiles at police officers fired water cannon rubber bullets and tear gas in response c. sunday's clashes brought the total of protesters injured to some $500.00 this weekend. only breeds violence at the end of the day off to only. months the protesters just want to prove they exist i don't blame them not to there's a horse race like one of the men in my time all most important demands an independent entity dish eery an independent government of competent people accountability early
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elections and returning looted money to me get out. i anger at corruption and economic mismanagement have long fueled the protests on sunday demonstrators smashed windows at shops linked to a minister within the outgoing government i was the protest movement helped topple that government in late october and efforts to forge a new one are still stalling. protesters say they fear their key demands are being ignored as top officials try to agree on a new cabinet i was going to latest correspondent bustle a reedy who joins me from beirut fassel the protests had already succeeded in bringing down the government what are the protesters so angry about now. in fact it's more than 3 months without. a government the formation of the new government
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is in deadlock until this moment i would be expensive complex and communications between all main parties the venues parties led to nothing of this moment on the other hand with the economy in the financial sector in better ailing situation and failing situation and you can say that's what made these protests so anger against the politician making that you can parties as well as against the banking sector so of the us for the phones the ask for. the government made of technocrats experts of this moment it seems that all political parties to the us because that old share of this government and this one is not accepted by all the protesters in the streets. what can you tell us about efforts that are underway to put together a new government. yesterday when there was a meeting between prime minister. president and do not think.
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that they were waiting sit isn't that we think yesterday formation of a new government. and that's what the youngsters today. to nothing the communication and the cow contacts between the main parties the main still going on today we have the president that me think for a meeting for the. chairs and as well for the old the commanders are going to commanders at mc to the commanders to discuss the security situation and lebanon needed to be taken to the county so we are waiting for the next few hours the meeting will be around. the although everybody is waiting for the communication and contacts between the major political parties today whether to
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want a government. that's thank you basile that's. a really there in beirut . now it was 75 years ago this month that the auschwitz concentration camp was liberated holocaust survivors are expected to gather there for memorial events it's estimated that over a 1000000 jews and other minorities were killed there as part of the nazis so-called final solution memorial here in berlin honors the murder jews of europe but visitors struggle with how they should feel when confronted with its unique design and the dark chapter of german history there represents. right next to the german parliament 2711 steels of concrete some of them over 3 meters high. the holocaust memorial and berlin is famous among visitors from around the globe daniel is one of them he's from the
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netherlands and today he's here for the 1st time going down here if you feel like you're really going into it. and dollars of slabs go and the smaller you get basically it really gets you. like the walls are getting very close like you're being locked up in a way isolation helplessness disorientation. these are the reactions that american peter eisenman hope to provoke in visitors who king among the steels of the memorial to vogue the suffering of jews prosecuted during the holocaust. but some jewish visitors believe nothing can replicate the sorrow of that time as a 2nd generation we experience the holocaust and though i was not i wasn't born and those years and those years we know these feelings of the
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people who were in the actual holocaust the cement wouldn't give me the feeling. that some tilton prefer to use the memorial as a playground rather than a site from member ins. that peta eisenman who is himself jewish has never had anything against that why not why not this is not sacred ground it is part of berlin and it you know when you walk in the field you know it's something different than being over there and that's that difference let them judge what that means. making your own judgment and daniel felt locked up but it seems that what makes the memorial so special is everyone's freedom to experience it in their own way. and this study by
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the charity oxfam says the world's billionaires have more wealth than the poorest 4600000000 people combined and it says women are the ones who are most disadvantaged oxfam's inequality report claims 22 of the world's richest men have more money and sets than all the women in africa each day women and girls across the world put in 12500000000 hours of unpaid work that's cooking. in cleaning and looking after children and the elderly but unpaid work is worth almost 11 trillion dollars a year to the global economy unpaid work is the reality for many women in india cultural expectations prevent many from joining the workforce but some women are trying to change that. it doesn't pay much but this is how to helps to support for with siblings and to mother like many 21
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year olds she has big plans. to has already finished a course in sewing technology and she's been attending training sessions with this youth and employability service to help her get a better page job. i am determined to work i've had a very difficult life i've had problems with my family and other problems too but i've never accepted defeat i want to help my siblings build their careers if i get a good job my mother doesn't need to work as a maid and other people's homes anymore i know i will succeed. many more women across india are pursuing further education but less than a quarter of those eligible to work have jobs or are even seeking employment concerns about safety and transport some of the reasons why families as well as
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employers don't want women working men is easier for one thing bosses don't have to worry about them getting home before it's dark that's been a problem pinky kemarre has faced she travels nearly 2 hours from her village just to get to work and sometimes she has to leave early in order to get home while it's still light but she's already broken it to brew by becoming the 1st woman in her family to have an office job even if she had to fight to get it so i've struggled a lot i wasn't allowed to work i had problems with the family but i feel very good about my 1st job i'm learning a lot i'm enjoying it. many women like pinky also struggle to walk. or she's got the number one a woman tries to work the family stops or they don't let her progress they think she'll go out she could do anything don't let her out she'll dishonor us they don't
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trust her. worry about their safety when they go places will they return safely will someone harass them on the way will they be in danger we have to worry about all these things. so many barriers for women including ekta but still they persevere. or for more on the oxfam study we have with us dr ellen she's oxfam germany is analyst for social equality thanks for being with us this morning so dr we've seen some shocking statistics there in the report about inequality among women globally but more generally what does this ox fam. tell us about efforts to improve conditions for women and girls globally yeah study shows that inequality is at absolutely unacceptable levels and women and girls bear the brunt of the inequality crisis man globally own 50 percent more
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wealth women earn around a quarter less than men do and they're less well educated what we lack and this is what our report shows the revenues for states to make investments in schools and hospitals and infrastructure and that would free up women's time and a prime reason for this is that corporations and the super rich don't pay their fair share in texas you've been tracking inequality for a while or things getting better or worse and general inequality is at the super high level and the rich still becoming rich billionaires fortunes rose by about 25 percent in the last year alone and that the same time about how for humanity 3400000000 people need to get by by around 550 a day they struggle to put enough food on the table for their families and their
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children are out of school this is what we need to change what's holding back progress in this area why is it so difficult to create a level playing field for women. a prime reason is that our economy currently work for those that already half a 1000000000 as that have fortunes that they cannot even spend and they a mosque more fortunes and do not pay their fair share of texas we do not manage to create the infrastructure that would be needed to help people escape poverty that is schools by the old so paying care jobs that are predominantly done by women and this would help us to reduce both poverty. and in a quantity now oxfam your organization is calling on the german government to do more to advance equality for women both at home and abroad what is it you think the government german government should be doing 1st of all the need investments in
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public infrastructure we need investments in care jobs we need to make sure that because who make our economies function to keep our societies thriving through it at work are paid a fair wage and we need to invest into women's rights and we can do so if we make sure that the richest pay their fair share. of to income thank you very much for talking with us so as dr ellen of oxfam germany thank you very much. in the book mostly of by munich turned on the style as they thrashed head to berlin 4 nil to climb to 2nd in the table all 4 of the visitors goals came after half time it was a miserable afternoon for how to coach york in klinsmann taking on his former club . you can klinsmann took his place in the had to duck counters or sold out
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a lympics stadium facing off against the club that sanction in 2009 in a tight 1st half they had the better chances were never enough ski poking wide for buying when he already done the hard part. so far so good for the man who has promised a revolution it has but his sights 4 game unbeaten spell was about to be mercilessly picked apart the event parasitics at the heart of it the croatian had his own shot blocks before providing the crucial assist for thomas miller was passion i had how that for an hour with the floodgates ripped out open 10 minutes later by and won a penalty after a foul only on gorecki. 7 doffs he started in his 20th of the season bringing him level with team adventure in the scoring charts. and
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there was no let up from by and go because in the goal of the game not long after the spaniard looking very pleased with himself and for good reason picking his starts off the underside of the bar i the 2nd half go blitz was completed by paris it just reward for his efforts for neil the final score i mean some an outcast by his former club. they have so much quality in their team to play with want to touch as the midfield you know the combination football you know then a flow and to stop that flow is pretty much impossible then especially when your team right now that is fighting relegation. that relegation fight now feeling very real by and showing klinsmann what he's missing. now let's get you caught up on the full set of ballistic results from matched. 18 leverkusen
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had their way with how to born and as we saw in munich dominated how to berlin leaders leipzig powered past known berlin on saturday dortmund beat all expert in it 8 goals slugfest with new signing holland scoring a hat trick on debut cologne upset spork freeman snuck past 5 or defeated mindsets frankfurt beat hoffenheim on friday shock took down. this is t w news and these are our top stories world leaders meeting in berlin say they'll hold an arms embargo on libya to help end the fighting there the german chancellor going to medical set international leaders had agreed to refrain from interfering in the war but libya's rebel leaders did not engage in direct talks. clashes between protesters and security forces in lebanon have left more than 140
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people injured demonstrators blame the government for the country's economic crisis and say they want the old guard removed from power. a new report from oxford says the world's billionaires 2 and a half 1000 of them have more money than the poorest 4600000000 people combined says women and girls are worst all doing billions of hours of unpaid care worth. at least 75 inmates have escaped from a jail empowered wide near the border with brazil police found a tunnel out of the jail but believe many prisoners fled through the main gate with the help of prison officials. this is the news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at v.w. news or visit our website that steve w dot com. and don't forget you can get all the news from v.w. on the go just download our app from google play or from the apple store that'll
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