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i am. this is the day i believe is coming to you live from berlin pressure for peace in libya one leaders at a major summit here in berlin say it will accord an alms involved go to the country but is that enough to achieve a lasting cease fire on the ground also on the program. involving children has shot their toes it's the last andress in the lebanese capital since anti-government protests began there 3 months ago. and virginia's governor declared a state of emergency ahead of a massive pro-gun rally job you looks at why the streets fight over gun control has
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become so divisive. on a warm welcome to you i'm on that that shima. a push towards a full ceasefire in libya one leaders gathered in berlin at the weekend for a peace conference they agreed to stop interfering in libya and respect a u.n. weapons in battle but after 9 years a war the leaders of libya's 2 main rival factions are still refusing to meet face to face. the mighty gathered in berlin on a sunday afternoon world powers united in a mission of hope german chancellor angela merkel invited representatives of more than 10 countries to press for a solution to the long running conflict in libya it was only
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a few hours before they announced a breakthrough no more arms shipments to the war torn country. couldn't whom we can confirm that we have all agreed to respect the arms embargo. and we'll also monitor it more closely than we have in the past you've seen the forgotten if. however they haven't yet spelled out consequences for breaking the embargo instead the conference pledged not to offer military support to the warring parties much is at stake for the international players here libya has oil and gas and is a key transit point for refugees there are 2 parties facing each other on the one sign is internationally recognized government leader sauron who now only controls a few regions near the capital of tripoli on the other side is self-proclaimed
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general haftar he controls large areas of the country the u.n. germany and other western countries as well as tricky stand behind surat. allies are russia egypt and the united arab emirates the rival leaders themselves refuse to sit down at the bargaining table lou. being premier also raj met with his ally turkish president richard tie affair to one while warlord. joint talks with france's and manuel not krohn among others the conference insisted that a new political process is necessary to address the country's crisis. and today in but leading member states along with regional and international denies ations if sent a strong signal that we are fully committed to supporting the peaceful resolution of the libyan crisis lloyd the real marker of the conference is success or failure won't come until it's clear of the promises made here are being kept and that could
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take several weeks. joining me now for some analysis. from the european council on foreign relations welcome that it a lot of open questions what in your view was the biggest achievement of the conference on libya where you're right there are a lot of open questions but i think the difference 2 conferences that we've seen in the past is that we have some substance we really have is the parties that took part in this conference commits to cease fire to an arms embargo which isn't place effectively since 2011 but they have also talking about concrete measures to control this embargo this is not a one day conference this was a process that was organized by the germans in september and i think we have substance now and definition of a new political process but we also have a lot of open questions ok so let's start and flesh out some of the issues that
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you've talked about and the 2 main rivals for the general a half that is about as prime minister. but they did not meet face to face what will it take for them to commit to a cease fire because the talk right now is of a truth but not for a cease fire i think it's important to remember that this is a burden process that started in september and the idea of this. it was not to bring together necessarily the libyan partners this is for the future this is for the political process it's the toughest task of the u.n. in this case the idea was to bring together the external actors because they say they are the ones that sent the mercenaries to send the weapons to general have there on the one side to set out on the other side with a number of external actors here and this is where the german government was worried said the idea is to dry out the support and then create the conditions on the ground that will improve the situation so one of the key elements is that orc external actors as you call them have promised to uphold the arms embargo how
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optimistic are you about that russia and to kill pretty deeply involved that yes i would be a relatively positive when it comes to russia and turkey because they came to the berlin conference the president took part we've seen other high ranking delegates from from key states involved in libya taking part so i think the commitment is serious but you mentioned the parties on the ground and this is the big question mark and they were not ready to meet as i said it was not the idea of this conference but they are the germans invited set out and have to berlin they were not ready to meet we thought a couple of kids ations and we also see violations against the cease fire a day before the conference and on the day of the conference itself so this is the biggest question mark how will it figure out on the ground with one positive outcome that representatives of these 2 major drivers will be meeting next week yes we have now a process that is defined we have the military side that will meet and talk about
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the secure security sector we need to mobilise the demobilisation of the militias we need to stop of this military conflict and also there's a political dialogue forum where both parties agreed under the host of the u.n. to meet and to discuss the key point which we alternate with a mentally. we'll need to come to a unity government and a new political process because a cease fire and embargo is not enough and finally usually it's through this conference has germany and europe given itself more heavily leverage in dealing with the conflict in libya well i think it's a key point that germany and europe took on this important mission and in the past we have seen a negative role of the u. we know that france and italy for example on different sides they were involved in this conflict so now the e.u. actually says we want to open a new chapter this is important for us for our security for u.p.i. security from migration and we want
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a better future for libya and the high representative joe said orde has promised that the u.s. is going to play a bigger role potentially even with observing forces on the ground so that took up a big commitment to david on the from the european council on foreign relations a pleasure to have you with us thank you. lebanon's president to send an emergency meeting with top security officials after a weekend of violent protests in the capital beirut largely peaceful demonstrations broke out 3 months ago with people demanding an overhaul of the political system and a solution to the country's economic crisis but in recent days the undressed has intensified . i it's being called the most violent weekend since lebanon's mass protests began in october the demonstrators threw stones and projectiles at police officers fired water cannon rubber bullets and tear gas in response. to sunday's
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clashes brought the total of protesters injured to some $500.00 this weekend. 2 the one that and violence only breeds violence at the end of the day off to unleash months the protesters just want to prove they exist i don't blame them not to there's a horse race right now what on earth i made my time is almost important demands are independence of the tradition an independent government of competent people accountability early elections and returning looted money we get out was. anger at corruption and economic mismanagement have long fueled the protests on sunday demonstrators smashed windows at shops linked to a minister within the outgoing government i was the protest movement helped topple that government in late october and efforts to forge a new one are still stalling. the protesters say they fear their key demands are
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being ignored as top officials try to recreate on a new cabinet i these cars fun and doesn't sell mon joins me now from beirut this was the 1st security meeting since the unrest began in october what can you tell us about it and if there's been an outcome. this is the 1st security meeting that took place since protests broke out on october 17th. security agencies they presented the latest developments that took place since then and they went out with a series of measures the 1st measure was to protect his from protesters and to protect public and private properties as well as to be a tool to try to be able to detect test habitat what they called sabotage groups as since they said that they were in shooters who were among the what they called it
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to be among put esther's and they wanted to coordinate between security agencies and authorities to be able to solve all the violence that took place during that week and that. ok so we have to see whether these measures will help deescalate the situation but they have these months of protests in lebanon but as we saw in her report in the past week the anger has really intensified what explains that. the anger has intensified because it was the week that the protesters called that week afraid. for weeks for at and there's a native prime minister has an adept to form his government to form. a technocratic government none that there was there wasn't a free nation so this made that i put history is even more angry because none of their demands is being serious and the economic situation is deteriorating so this
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is why they broke out on the streets and the violent clashes occurred between them and the internal security forces and i would like to point out that the prime minister the designate prime minister has sent up is need to go with the 2 main series. parties and lebanon representatives of 2 main parties and lebanon and one christian parts and the head of one christian party that is and i like to have to find what are the complications that are standing in front of forming the government. thank you very much for that update update from the. now to some other stories making news around the world to protests were killed in the rocky capital baghdad after security forces used tear gas and live ammunition on anti-government demonstrations dozens were wounded in clashes with security forces over the weekend protesters are demanding sweeping political reforms and an
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end to corruption. bolivia's former leader evo morales has announced his leftist party's candidate for president he said his former economy minister luis are sick of the quarter will drawn in elections on the 3rd of may but alice resigned last year over election fraud allegations and is currently living in exile in argentina . authorities in the u.s. state of virginia are bracing for a massive pro-gun rally on monday the governor has even called a state of emergency amid fears of violence by far right extremists it's an annual gathering but this is particularly important to gun supporters due to newly proposed limits on firearms. are fully ileus finds out what's behind their resistance to tighten laws. this is sold rifle and other guns can currently be purchased by any adult resident of the state of virginia by just presenting a valid id but those days appear to be numbered no makers in the state which
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recently flipped from republican to democrat are pushing forward with a tightening of the gun laws but there has been fierce opposition. a very well known popular voice among pro-gun advocates this comment which he lives in one of the counties that have become so-called 2nd amendment sanctuaries areas where proposed laws would not be enforced by local authorities these make up the vast majority of crime tease in virginia. governor ralph northam wanted to add 8 new gun control proposals these are really broad proposals these would turn the vast majority of virginia gun owners and a felon is for continuing to possess their legally on firearms their legally owned magazines their legally owned suppressors it would criminalize transferring firearms to family members or friends without going through a background jag these are bills that would impact the legal gun owners in the
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state of virginia not the violent criminals but experts like law professor richard at the university of virginia say the new proposed laws are not as radical as pro-gun lobbyists claim lots of states had gun control legislation that looked like this what happened in the last 2025 years is when the republicans came in and gun guns became a big cultural issue is they stripped away a lot of these regulations that have existed in the past and so the the current gun regime in virginia is very very permissive along all these dimensions and what the democrats are trying to do is tighten that up. virginia's proposed gun controls come after figures show 29000 was the worst year on record for mass shootings in the united states the overall number of people fight li shot also increased last year according to data from gun violence archive a nonprofit the tracks of shootings u.s.
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president donald trump and pro-gun advocates claim the reason for shootings partly comes down to a mental health crisis and not because of current gun laws but studies have not supported these claims. for common words in virginia changes coming but he remains defiant i think a lot of gun owners are waiting to see what if anything the supreme court does that might set some limits on how far states and localities can go in terms of regulating the right to keep and bear arms we know they can infringe on that right but how far can they go and terms of regulating that right protests by pro-gun activists i've cited virginia's capitol building in richmond on monday are not expected to deter lawmakers from pushing ahead with tighter firearm is. china supporting the shop rise in the number of pneumonia cases caused by a new strain of crude on a bias officials confirm have say it's now reached the capital of beijing it comes
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at a time when millions are traveling across the country ahead of the new not nearly a holiday some 200 people have been infected and 3 have died in the central city over on by the virus was 1st identified cases have also been detected in thailand japan and south korea. donor trump is attending the annual ones economic forum in davos switzerland which is just now getting underway climate activists get a tune but also their sustainability in climate change the main topics of the meeting activists like to be putting more pressure on governments and business leaders to do more to halt climate change the forum is introducing a school this year to raise companies on how sustainability they behave. in joining me now from davos is indeed of you see me of business editor ben france doolan welcome back what a pretty picture where you are standing now day one and top billing for gratitude
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and donna trying to speaking at separate events within an hour of each other how is that supposed to work it is a very pretty picture but it could get ugly and maria as you have just pointed out we've got the youngest most high profile climate activist in the world here who's going to be giving sessions tomorrow at 8 30 in the morning and also later on in the day in between the world's most powerful climate denier donald trump will be opening the conference he will be talking a lot about his own economy of course and his own successes he'll be using the event as a platform for reelection later in the year but it will be interesting to see what sort of reception both of them gets when they talk about their successes or what the world has failed to do in gratitude in books case she says that we're facing
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a climate of emergency and that something has to be done right now not in the next 10 years right so they wouldn't know it for a missing the body high for its 50th summit it's official title is stakeholders for a cohesive and sustainable what explain this slogan to us and and the aim. well the thing is that klaus schwab. has set up this forum about 50 years ago this is the 50th anniversary of the event and back then it was all about inclusiveness he and about not just shareholders profiting from companies and company profits but also all stakeholders so you and me amrita work is the society at large and not just shareholders this is something that's been forgotten over the years and davos has come in for a lot of critique with people saying that it is just a talk shop for the global elite jamie dimon the banker once said that this is
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where billionaires come to tell millionaires what the middle class wants but what about the working class and the rest of us so this is what i want to get back to. could be one of his last world economic forum so he wants to possum the baton and see that he's true to what he set out to at the very beginning when he 1st started this event 50 years ago it's going to be a monumental task it's very ambitious but we do see many companies already changing their attitudes and their strategies some of the big climate polluters especially. men president thank you very much and of course the brits is the they pretty but i know you have to work extremely hard there who look forward to talking to you the next couple of days doing the davos summit thank you very much. now let's take a look at some of the stories making news around the world britain's prince harry has expressed great sadness that he and his wife meggan will end. it was harry's
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1st public statement since buckingham palace announced that the couple are no longer working roylance the result of a deal with the queen that allows them to pursue an independent life. canada is in part of its armed forces to deal with a huge business and the country's east storms dumped up to $76.00 centimeters of snow in new for lent province the snow trapped in their homes and one person is reported missing. what the forecasters meanwhile in australia warn that hot windy conditions could return later this week again compounding the country's bushfire emergency despite recent rain in some areas dozens of fires are still burning one of the factors feuding the intensity is a long running drought in much of the country and besides the fires the droughts creating other hazards take a look. they were hoping for rain but instead this huge dust storm blew into
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towns in central new south wales several hours inland from sydney it was unusually large with winds gusting over 100 kilometers per hour whipping the region's parched soil into huge clouds. another effect of 3 years of severe drought drying. that's now threatening one of the world's most distinct species. a mammal with a bill like a duck webbed feet and it lays eggs the platypus is native to eastern australia and the rivers where they spend most of their time swimming feeding and breeding drying out conservation groups say the species is near threatened and researches hope the grim sight of dead platypuses like these will prompt action this is one of the most important species in the world it's iconix it's an egg lying mammal and we cannot even think about losing it conservation groups say they're receiving more
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calls about platypuses stranded in drawing rivers from anxious residents with climate change amplifying extreme weather or not so already the world's driest continent conservation groups are determined to stop this unique species from dying out. just for and starting with the bundesliga by munich turned on the style as they trashed 4 nil to climb to 2nd in the table or 4 of the visitors goes game in the 2nd half it was a miserable afternoon for head coach you're going on taking on his former club. you can klinsmann turkey's place in the head to jack counters are sold out still in pick stadium facing off against the club that sacks him in 2009 in a tight 1st half they had the better chances were never enough ski poking wide for buying when he already done the hard part. so far so good for the man who's
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promised a revolution it has but his sights 4 game unbeaten spell was about to be mercilessly picked apart the event parasitic the heart of it the croatian had his own shot blocks before providing the crucial assist for thomas millar was pascha had how about for an hour with the floodgates ripped out to open 10 minutes later by and won a penalty after a foul only on gorecki. leavened offs he started in his 20th of the season bringing him level with team a van or in the scoring charts. and there was no let up from by and she shall go because in the goal of the game not long after the spaniard looking very pleased with himself and for good reason picking his spots off the underside of the bar was the 2nd half goldblatt's was completed by paris 6 just reward for his efforts for
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nail the final score i have friends from an outcast by his former club. they have so much quality in their team to play with want to touch as the midfield you know their combination football you know then a flow and to stop that flow is pretty much impossible then especially when your team right now that is fighting relegation that relegation fight now feeling very real by and showing klinsmann what he's missing. 2 american football next and we now know who we meet in the super bowl on the 2nd of february the kansas city chiefs will take on the san francisco 49 ers in miami the 40 niners beat the green bay packers in the conference championship to book their place meanwhile quarterback patrick mahoney head the chiefs come back to defeat the tennessee titans and see the spot in their 1st super bowl since 1970.
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here's a recap of the top stories that are following for you and. world leaders have committed to a cease fire plan in libya's civil war at a summit in berlin their greed to respect a u.n. weapons in bargo but the opposing factions in libya are still refusing to meet. and china is reporting a shop rise in the number of new coronavirus cases some 200 people have been infected and 3 have died cases of water being detected in japan south korea and thailand. coming up next on news asia. as a new viral infection spreads in china should people there restrict their travel the world health organization. and why do just a quarter of all women in india get paid for their work we meet one woman there who
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supports her mother and 4 siblings. knows that and more coming up on news next for you more news at the top of the hour international news and that's what led to her rock. music if you can. the book. the book. the book.
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an exclusive interview with tina brown come on. back a stance prime minister speaks with the editor in chief in a sport that's what's khan's perspective on the kashmir crisis. what does he hope results from the peace negotiations in afghanistan why has he remained silent about the plight of the weaker in china and what our interview with ron cummings. 60 minutes. stayed up today don't miss our highlights.
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he can do more limbaugh tonight. mom. i will stay all story. because i'm bored. must. easily starts january 27th on d w. 2. this gives me the afternoons a shot coming up a vibrant outbreak spreads more than 100 new cases from a cold of our best part of portrait in central china but for the new we're going to new york travel rush already underway i'll consult travon beat me off the top they were told last a new report warns women and girls are the biggest victims of global inequality all .


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