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this is the early news live from berlin paving the way for peace leaders debate a military mission in war torn libya a day after backing an arms embargo on the country the e.u. says real action is needed to uphold a fragile truce between libya's warring factions is also coming up could sexism be fueling the rampant wealth inequality with more of the world's wealth in fewer and fewer hands a new report warns this women and developing countries who are paying the highest price plus on high alert in the u.s.
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virginia's governor declares a state of emergency as pro-gun activists descend on the state capital for a massive rally w.'s looks at why the state's fight over gun control has grown so divisive. and where the heart thank you so much for your company everyone. leaders are have met in brussels i should say to determine how to strengthen a shaky truce in libya the block's top diplomat just a burrell has said any long term peace deal requires firm support from europe suggesting that the bloc could restart a naval mission also this north african country post well it comes a day after summit here in berlin where world leaders agreed. not to interfere in
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libya and to respect a u.n. weapons embark oh well after 9 years of conflict the leaders of libya's 2 main rival factions are still refusing to meet face to face. the mighty gathered in berlin on a sunday afternoon world powers united in a mission of hope german chancellor angela merkel invited representatives of more than 10 countries to press for a solution to the long running conflict in libya it was only a few hours before they announced a breakthrough no more arms shipments to the war torn country. couldn't whom we can confirm that we have all agreed to respect the arms embargo. and we'll also monitor it more closely than we have in the past you've seen the forgotten that if. however they haven't gets built up consequences for breaking the
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embargo instead the conference pledged not to offer military support to the warring parties much is at stake for the international players here libya has oil and gas and is a key transit point for refugees there are 2 parties facing each other on the one sign is an internationally recognized government leader serang who now only controls a few regions near the capital of tripoli on the other side is self-proclaimed general how he controls large areas of the country the u.n. no germany and other western countries as well as tricky stand behind surat. allies are russia egypt and the united arab emirates the rival leaders themselves refused to sit down at the bargaining table libyan premier fire has also raj met with his ally turkish president rich of tie affair to one. while warlords. join
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talks with france's and manuel mccrone among others the conference insisted that a new political process is necessary to address the country's crisis. and today in but leading member states along with regional and international going to is ations if send a strong signal that we are fully committed to supporting a peaceful resolution of the libyan crisis it's a real marker of the conference is success or failure won't come until it's clear if the promises made here are being kept and that could take several weeks. quite a secure now to brussels where meetings of your foreign ministers have wrapped up or where they are trying to discuss how to support the tenuous at truce in libya let's go and talk to our correspondent there might this who has been monitoring these talks for you again or how did the the conclusions of the berlin conference inform the discussions of the e.u. foreign ministers in brussels. foreign ministers here in brussels later really
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welcomed the stroman initiative very much appreciate that political process has been started now and that there is a real chance that this process will improve the lives of the tickle you of the libyan civil populations who have been suffering under those 2 factions fighting if you listen closely to what the foreign minister said up on the wyvil but also on departure you could hear also some self-interest here for instance austria's a foreign minister made clear that there is a clear link to refugees who are using libya as a portal to get to europe and so improving situations there is also a way to stop those refugees and then italian prime minister. foreign minister to my all also made clear that terrorism is also a subject that motivates italy to look very carefully what can be done in libya all right so many e.u. countries have a vested interest in libya being a stable and peaceful country so what has the you planned on doing to assure that
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outcome. well foreign ministers remained rather tight lipped about what exactly they have been talking about but it was quite interesting to hear chief foreign policy foreign political chief joseph or el who in a press conference informed that actually the operation sophia which was a form a naval mission that was aimed at stopping people smuggler coming in from from libya bringing over refugees and then basically refocus that mission on stopping the arm and on line in forcing an arms embargo for which the european union has a u.n. mandate already and so he said this mission could be revived and basically all where on the same page today there is political support for this only it could not formally be decided because it was not an official point on the agenda but what everyone was clear is that this is something that could be done in the short term
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whether there is a cease fire or not and particular what they will need for this operationally is not again ships because it used to be a naval mission but what they will need is more satellites in order to observe the desert which is the part of libya where most weapons do come in this reporting from brussels thank you. lebanese authorities have pledged to protect peaceful protesters after a weekend of violent demonstrations in the capital beirut well that's after the country's president held an emergency meeting today where top security officials largely peaceful demonstrations work out 3 months ago with people demanding an overhaul of the political system and a solution to the country's economic crisis but in recent days the unrest has intensified. i it's being called the most violent weekend since lebanon's mass protests began in october. demonstrators threw stones and projectiles at police officers fired water cannon rubber bullets and tear gas in
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response. sunday's clashes brought the total of protesters injured to some $500.00 this weekend. on the firelands only breeds violence at the end of the day off to only some months the protesters just want to prove they exist i don't blame them the 2 of us a slight one of them in my time and all most important demands are independence of the tradition an independent government of competent people accountability early elections and returning looted money. look kidda. anger at corruption and economic mismanagement have long fueled the protests on sunday demonstrators smashed windows at shops linked to a minister within the outgoing government i was at the protest movement helped topple the government in late october and efforts to forge
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a new one are still stalling. protesters say they fear their key demands are being ignored as top officials try to agree on a new cabinet i let's bring up to date now with some of the other stories making news around the world. at least 3 protesters were. killed in the iraqi capital baghdad after security forces used tear gas a live and when you shoot on anti-government demonstrations another protester was reportedly killed during demonstrations in karbala her sisters are demanding sweeping political reforms and an end to corruption. at least 10 people died and dozens more were injured when a spectator stand collapsed at a festival in ethiopia one structure gave way during the orthodox christian celebration of a pit fanie in the city have gone dark while several 1000 and theo peons and tourists were commemorating the baptism rather of jesus. the
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50 s. but world economic forum is underway in davos switzerland sustainability and climate change are the main topics of this year's gathering of the world's economic elite protesters are also gathering around this upscale swiss ski resorts climate activists to go to timber is due to formally address the form. a new study by the charity oxfam says the world's billionaires have more wealth than the poorest 4600000000 people combined and it says women are the ones who are most disadvantaged oxfam's inequality report claims 22 of the world's richest men have more wealth than all the we had $26000000.00 women on the continent of africa well each day women and girls across the world put in 12500000000 hours of unpaid care and housework and that's worth almost a whopping 11 trillion dollars a year to the global economy. now what i had to whistle to stop she is
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a research analyst at un women with a focus on gender care and social policy as she joins us now from new york a very good day so those are some really shocking statistics what really needs to change to stop the gap of inequality for women worldwide. they are a staggering figure is indeed we know that globally women still do 3 times as much care in domestic work as men and that this division of labor has remained very stubborn over time and in the in the face of changing circumstances so even as women have entered the labor force the paid labor force in growing numbers they continue to do the lion's share of this work and men have adapted only slowly if at all so it isn't a universal fact that applies across region in countries that women do a lot of this work what is important to really recognize is that this work is
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extremely valuable but despite its economic and social value incredibly under under recognized and so this manifests itself differently in different contexts and likewise the solutions have to be context specific ones really important priority particularly for low income contexts are investments and time saving public infrastructure such as water and electricity because in their absence women and girls spend a long hours hauling water fetching firewood mentally grinding food stuff just to prepare a meal for their families and it is really really important to reduce the drudgery and time intensity of this work now in terms of global public policy what would you tell policymakers around the world what should be the 1st thing on their to do list . so apart from the investments in basic infrastructure which i already mentioned
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across the board we now need much more collective public responsibility for care provision in our societies it can no longer fall on the shoulders of the poorest women and girls to provide this work on a daily basis with so little public support and so part of that are excess that will quality affordable public services including chakiris services and long term care services and what is really important to recognize is that these services are not only important in terms of gender justice or important for the people require care there are also an investment in our economies so for example for south africa we calculated that the universal provision of end of child care services for it all under 5 year olds would generate more than $2000000.00 jobs and that a lot of the public investment initial investment in the service provision can be recruit through new taxes that come in through those jobs so it's a stop
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a research analyst un women with a focus on gender and social policy joining us from new york thank you very much thanks for having me lana. hundreds of gun rights supporters are massing outside the virginia state capital for a rally to protest plans by the states to pass gun control legislation well security is tight and the governor has called a state of emergency in midfielders violence by far right extremists it's an annual gathering but this year it's particularly important to gun supporters due to a newly proposed limits on firearms a counter-demonstration is due to take place in the state capital of richmond and public police found out what's behind the resistance to title last. this is sold rifle and other guns can currently be purchased by any adult resident
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of the state of virginia by just presenting a valid id but those days appear to be numbered no makers in the state which recently flipped from republican to democrat are pushing forward with a tightening of the gun laws but there has been fierce opposition. a very well known popular voice among pro-gun advocates this comment which he lives in one of the counties that have become so-called 2nd amendment sanctuaries areas where proposed laws would not be enforced by local authorities these make up the vast majority of crime to use in virginia. governor north i wanted to add 8 new gun control proposals these are really broad 'd proposals these would turn the vast majority of virginia gun owners into felons for continuing to possess their legally on firearms their legally owned magazines their legally owned suppressors it would criminalize transferring firearms to family members or friends without going through a background jag these are bills that would impact the legal gun owners in the
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state of virginia not the violent criminals but experts like law professor richard at the university of virginia say the new proposed laws are not as radical as pro-gun lobbyists claim lots of states had gun control legislation that looked like this what happened in the last 2025 years is when the republicans came in going guns became a big cultural issue is they stripped away a lot of these regulations that have existed in the past and so the the current gun regime in virginia is a very very permissive along all these dimensions and what the democrats are trying to do is tighten that up. virginia's proposed gun controls come after figures show 29000 was the worst year on record for mass shootings in the united states the overall number of people fight li shot also increased last year according to data from gun violence archive a nonprofit the tracks of shootings u.s.
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president donald trump and pro-gun advocates claim the reason for shootings partly comes down to a mental health crisis and not because of current gun laws but studies have not supported these claims. for come edwards in virginia changes coming but he remains defiant i think a lot of gun owners are waiting to see what if anything the supreme court does that might set some limits on how far states and localities can go in terms of regulating the right to keep and bear arms we know that they can infringe on that right but how far can they go and terms of regulating that right. a protest by pro-gun activists i had side virginia's capitol building in richmond on monday are not expected to deter lawmakers from pushing at ease with tighter firearm restrictions. and joining me now on the phone is our correspondent author sally he is asked the rally where thousands have descended in richmond virginia all of her
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a huge turnout where you are. that's right the streets are fairly packed here in richmond this morning the streets are also cordoned also the only area surrounding the state capitol is closed for car trips again you see several thousands of people taking to the streets mostly white men but the only carrying assault rifles or handguns with. basically here bullet they see an attack on their constitutional the 2nd amendment the right of gun ownership now the governor declared a state of emergency that is quite a drastic measure what's to fear. there is going to basically the fear is. some armed militia groups and members of the farai hate moves should take to the streets here as well and to run these protests perhaps violently not only are the
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members of the pro gun ownership movement but perhaps rather trying to sort of like hijack these protests here for their own purposes and the governor of virginia rossmore to mention the intelligence information that. the government gather basically is also pointing out to some arrests that were made by the f.b.i. before hand so the secure the safe to the bad was pretty clear in a state of emergency temporarily here and also to cordon off the area and their nearest for the symmetry of the state capital and to clear that. weapon b. those would be of course in turn is angry those who are taking to the streets here today the remind us again why our protests are so riled up about these reforms. well 1st of all the right of gun ownership is protected by the constitution by the 2nd amendment so those who are wrong tell me you're really changing dad and then
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holding conference i don't gun legislation is an attack to the constitution as well as an attack on american values so that is basically one of the biggest reason you see a lot of people you wearing think your gun to save lives because then they would also argue that a certain attack on school for instance shootings ramsay children would not take place if the shooter knew that there was an armed teacher inside that school so they argue that gun can have a certain deterring aspect as well as for democrats you know differently the democrats in the state of virginia trying to close confidant doesn't legislation in order to prevent the event from happening over salat said reporting out from richmond virginia where a massive pro-gun rally is underway thank you for your reporting all right whenever you have seen how some of the other stories making news around the world. 5
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artworks stolen from a museum rather in communist east germany have been returned 6 after more than 40 years the paintings by old masters were seized in a heist in. 19 some of the night while the thieves were never caught the paintings were recovered after and not of the sources contact at the museum to an intermediary saying they have them do. china says it will introduce a ban on plastic bags in major cities and single use straws in restaurants by the end of the year well authorities are trying to control plastic pollution and and to cut the amount of waste in landfills by 2025. and we stay in china worth ortiz or we're putting a sharp rise in the number of pneumonia cases caused by a new strain of corona virus officials confirmed the outbreak has now reached the
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capital beijing well it comes at a time when millions are traveling across the country ahead of the lunar new year holiday some 200 people have been infected and 3 have died in the central city of why where the virus was 1st identified what cases have also now been detected in thailand japan and south korea. and earlier you spoke with correspondent fabiana kartchner in china we asked him how worrying the spread of this new corona virus is. the new coronavirus in china is spreading just as of today the authorities have confirmed 139 new cases which brings up the total number of infect the patients to roughly 200 if you talk to people and they're not really panicking but they are worried and the reason is they don't feel really accurately informed by the government use and they're wondering whether the authorities are downplaying the severeness of the virus outbreak why because many people feel
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reminded of the times in 20022003 when the sauce pandemic was going on and 350 people died in mainland china alone and at that time also. people perceive that the government didn't handle the virus outbreak as transparent as it should have also we see a lot of actually censorship going on on social media. authorities banning of certain social media posts of course there's some concern that the virus might spread quite rapidly in the coming days because chinese people will celebrate lunar new year which is the travel season of the year with more than 400000000 chinese on the move visiting their relatives and families throughout all the country. and german football by munich start of the 2nd half of the bundesliga season with a bang the defending champions are playing catch up to league leaders rb let 6 but
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after something brilliant for nail they now sit in 2nd meanwhile it was a game to forget for her to coach shogun klinsmann as he took on his former club. you're concludes men took his place in the had to drag out or sold out a lympics stadium facing off against the club that sanction in 2009 in a tight 1st half they had the better chances were never enough ski poking wide for by 20 dorothy done the hard part. so far so good for the man whose promise to revolution it had but his sights 4 game unbeaten spell was about to be mercilessly picked apart the event parasitic the heart of it the croatian had his own shot blocks before providing the crucial assist for thomas miller was passionate i had held out for an hour but the floodgates ripped out open 10 minutes later by and won
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a penalty after a foul only on coretta scott. bevan doffs he started in his 20th of the season bringing him level with team adventure in scoring charts. and there was no let up from by and she shall go because in the goal of the game not long after the spaniard looking very pleased with himself and for good reason picking his spots off the underside of the bar was the 2nd half goldblatt's was completed by paris 6 just reward for his efforts for the all the final score i can summon outclassed by his former club. they have so much quality in their team to play they want to touch as the midfield you know their combination of football you know they're in a flow and to stop that flow is pretty much impossible then especially when your team right now that is fighting relegation. that relegation fight now feeling very
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real by and showing klinsmann what he's missing. and a man are now the top stories that we're tracking for you this hour. world leaders have committed to a cease fire plan in libya's civil war at a summit in berlin they agreed to respect a u.n. weapons and bargo but the opposing factions in libya are still refusing to meet. your washer your use coming up next indeed over you news. as a new viral infection spreads in china should people there restrict their travel so we put that very question to the world health organization and. why they do just a quarter of all women in india get paid for their work we meet one woman there who supports her mother and stewart so play.
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that story and all are coming up in the other news asia would be around or g. you're watching d.w. i'll have more news for you at the top of the hour for now thank you for spending this part of your day with us.
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keeping them on the unfortunate. mom. by listing all story. new clothes a. must. starts in january 27th on d. w. . a small args transpired between changes made to people making a hostile go africa fantastic right to join them as they set out to save the environment and learn from one another and work together for a better future for. many months to you all for tuning it. on to w. . i'm not all think out of the gym i just sometimes out but i said nothing which are the result of an thinks deep into the
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german culture of looking at the stereotypes of quechua but in a single season country that i know a lot of people have. yet needed change for thankfulness grandma day out to eat it's all doubt. ok. i might show me to meet the chairman sunday. post. this tuesday the afternoon is a show coming up a violent outbreaks spreads more than a 100 years from a coronavirus top reporters in central china with a new interview you have travel rush already underway open songs should be off the top 2 are trolls plus a new report warns women and gold are the biggest victims of global inequality oxfam's india see your tales da da blue in india it is absolutely.


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