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biala guest transfer. managed by from. this is that it really was life for berlin fears are growing over a deadly virus spreading rapidly in china the mysterious corona virus claims more lives and health officials now say it's capable of spreading from person to person all that says the country enters its busiest travel season of the year also coming up paving the pit wait for peace you leaders debate
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a military mission in war torn libya a day after backing an arms embargo on the country the e.u. says real action is needed to uphold a fragile truce between libya's warring factions and australians faced with more weather misery drought fuelled dust storms hit parts of the country already ravaged by bushfires the extreme weather is now threatening one of the world's most unique animal species. on lead our thank you so much for your company everyone where we begin in china were concerns are growing over the rapid spread of a deadly virus authorities there are reporting a sharp rise in the number of pneumonia cases caused by a new strain of corona virus while officials confirm the outbreak has now reached the capital beijing it comes. at
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a time when millions are traveling across the country ahead of the lunar new year holiday some 200 people have been infected and 3 have died in the central city of one heart where the virus was 1st identified cases have also been detected in thailand japan and south korea. in wu han infected patients are treated in isolation wards authorities have confirmed over 200 cases of coronavirus symptoms include fever and difficulty breathing 3 patients have died but say most are not seriously ill health authorities believe the outbreak originated at this now closed market in will hand which sold fish and wild animals research is that imperial college london suspects the rate of infection may be much higher than the official figures they estimate there could be 1723 cases in move beijing says it's taking the situation seriously when you're going to go through with regarding our measures
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to prevent the epidemic spreading i can say that the government is now checking everybody who leaves the city. who hands train stations have been equipped with thermal detectors to screen passengers for fever and medical personnel on standby neighboring countries have also introduced checks at airports for cases of the virus have been detected in people travelling from to size to thailand and japan 3 u.s. airports are also screening passengers but there have been no confirmed cases so far. oh earlier we asked correspondents on the critter in china how worrying the spread of this new coronavirus is if you talk to people not really panicking but they are worried and the reason is they don't feel really accurately informed by the government and they're wondering whether the authorities are downplaying severeness of the virus outbreak why because. many people feel reminded of the
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times in 20022003 when the sauce pandemic was going on and 350 people died in mainland china alone and at that time also. people perceive that the government didn't handle the virus outbreak as transparent as it should have also we see a lot of actually censorship going on on social media. authorities banning certain social media posts of course there's some concern that this virus might spread quite rapidly in the coming days because chinese people will celebrate a new new year which is the travel season of the year with more than 400000000 chinese on the move visiting their relatives and families have a nice throughout all the country records for their reporting from china all back here in europe leaders have met in brussels to determine how to strengthen a shaky truce in libya the box top diplomat just a borel has said any long term peace deal requires firm support from europe
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suggesting the bloc should restart a naval mission off the country's coast well it comes a day after summit in berlin where world leaders agreed not to interfere in libya and to respect a u.n. weapons embargo on after 9 years of conflict the leaders of libya's 2 main rival factions are still refusing to meet face to face the mighty gathered in berlin on a sunday afternoon world powers united in a mission of hope german chancellor angela merkel invited representatives of more than 10 countries to press for a solution to the long running conflict in libya it was only a few hours before they announced a breakthrough no more arms shipments to the war torn country. if. we can confirm that we have all agreed to respect the arms embargo. and we'll also monitor its mark. mostly and we have in the past you've seen the
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forgotten that they're fighting this. however they haven't gets built up consequences for breaking the embargo instead the conference pledged not to offer military support to the warring parties much is at stake for the international players here libya has oil and gas and is a key transit point for refugees there are 2 parties facing each other on the one signed is internationally recognized government leader serrano who now only controls a few regions near the capital of tripoli on the other side is self-proclaimed general how he controls large areas of the country the u.n. no germany and other western countries as well as tricky stand behind surat. after hours allies are russia egypt and the united arab emirates the rival leaders themselves refused to sit down at the bargaining table libyan premier fire has also
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raj met with his ally turkish president rich of thai appear to want while warlords . join talks with france's and manuel micro-loan among others the conference insisted that a new political process is necessary to address the country's crisis. and today in berlin member states along with regional and international denies ations if sent a strong signal that we are fully committed to supporting a peaceful resolution of the libyan crisis it's a real marker of the conference's success or failure won't come until it's clear of the promises made here are being kept and that could take several weeks. or a secure now to brussels where meetings of your foreign ministers have wrapped up or where they are trying to discuss how to support the tenuous truce in libya let's go and talk to our correspondent there who has been monitoring these talks for you
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again orca how did the conclusions of the berlin conference inform the discussions of the e.u. foreign ministers in brussels. foreign ministers here in brussels later really welcomed the strawman initiative very much appreciate that political process has been started now and that there is a real chance that this process will improve the lives tickle you of the libyan civil populations who have been suffering under those 2 factions fighting if you listen closely to what the foreign minister said up on the rival but also on departure you could hear also some self interest here for instance of australia's foreign minister made clear that there is a clear link to refugees who are using libya as a portal to get to europe and so improving situations there is also a way to stop those refugees and then italian prime minister and foreign minister to deny or also made clear that terrorism is also a subject that motivates italy to look very carefully what can be done in libya all
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right so many e.u. countries have a vested interest in libya being a stable and peaceful country so what has the e.u. planned on doing to assure that outcome. well foreign ministers remained rather tight lipped about what exactly they have been talking about but it was quite interesting to hear chief foreign policy foreign political chief joseph or el who in a press conference informed that actually the operation sophia which was a form a naval mission that was aimed at stopping people smuggler coming in from from libya bringing over refugees and then basically refocus that mission on stopping the army and on enforcing an arms embargo for which the european union has a u.n. mandate already and so he said this mission could be revived and basically all where on the same page today there is political support for this only it could not formally be decided because it was not an official point on the agenda but what
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everyone was clear is that this is something that could be done in the short term whether there is a cease fire or not and particular what they will need for this operationally is not again ships because it used to be a naval mission but what they will need is more satellites in order to observe the desert which is the part of libya where most weapons to come in this reporting from brussels thank you what is there now are some of the other stories making news around the world. at least 10 people died and dozens more were injured when a spectator stand collapsed at a festival and ethiopia the wooden structure gave way during the orthodox christian celebration of a pit fanie in the city of gondar several 1000 in the o.p.'s interest were commemorating the baptism of jesus. at least 3 protesters were killed in the iraqi capital baghdad after security forces used tear gas and live ammunition on
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anti-government demonstrations another protester was reportedly killed during demonstrations in karbala are just as are demanding sweeping political reforms and an end to corruption. thousands of gun rights supporters have managed to outside the state capital in richmond virginia for around lead to protest plans by the state to pass gun control legislation security was tight and the governor called a state of emergency meant fears of violence by far right extremists. the 50th world economic forum is underway in davos switzerland sustainability and climate change are the main topics of this year's gathering of the world's economic elite are testers are also gathering around this upscale swiss ski resorts climate activists and grit to learn is due to formally address the form on tuesday. and i switch turn our attention to australia weather forecasters there warn that hot windy conditions could return later this week again compounding the country's
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bushfire emergency all despite recent rain in some areas dozens of fires are still burning one of the factors fueling their intensity is a long running drought in much of the country besides the fires it's creating other hazards. they were hoping for rain but instead these huge dust storm blew into towns in central new south wales several hours inland from sydney it was an unusually large with winds. gusting at over 100 kilometers per hour whipping the region's parched soil into huge clouds. another effect of 3 years of severe drought drying river beds that's now threatening one of the world's most distinct species a mammal with a bill like a duck webbed feet and it lays eggs the platypus is native to eastern australia and the rivers where they spend most of their time swimming feeding and breeding
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a drying out conservation groups say the species is near threatened and researches hope the grim sight of dead platypuses like these will prompt action this is one of the most important species in the world it's iconix it's an egg lying mammal and weight cannot even think about leasing it conservation groups say they're receiving more calls about platypuses stranded in drawing rivers from anxious residents with climate change amplifying extreme weather arnott's already the world's driest continent conservation groups are determined to stop this unique species from dying out. next to the bundesliga by munich turned on the style as they thrashed her to berlin for a nil at bronze olympic stadium on sunday all 4 goals came after halftime thomas laird opened the scoring with a powerful volley rival of and out skis the penalty had made it to kneel before
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tiago were scored the goal of the game 76 minutes the spaniard taking time to make a spot of a person header completed the comfortable with moments he's defending champs at byron climb to 2nd place in the team. and american football mags and we now know who will meet in the super bowl on february 2nd the kansas city chiefs will take on the san francisco 49 ers in miami while the 40 niners beat the green bay packers in their conference championship to book their place while meanwhile quarterback at patrick mo holmes the helps the chiefs come back to defeat the tennessee titans and seal a spot in their 1st super bowl since 9 teams 70. are to the arctic circle now where neither snow nor i stopped $135.00 drivers from participating in this year's arctic lapland rally in finland including formula one
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driver terry brought us well the race covered a total of 201 kilometers drivers that have battled through extreme conditions the snow made for a poor visibility of the ice created slippery roads causing some drivers to lose total control both us finished 2nd with mercedes in the driver's championship last season only banished to come in. are you watching your videos coming up next to business africa with my colleague monica jones and i'll see you again tomorrow. what secrets lie dealings will. discover new adventures in 360 degrees. to explore an aging world heritage site. w world heritage 360.


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