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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 21, 2020 4:00am-4:16am CET

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this is the news live from goodman people confirmed dead from a new virus in china. in mysterious corona virus has now spread to other countries in the region and health officials are warning transmission between people is possible this is millions of chinese who are about to travel for the lunar new year holiday also coming up. next you can board of gods clash with migrants trying to cross the country's southern border with what a mile up woods decide to bite across the border patrol car he's close and they abide green. and if the governor keep portion as. his democratic friends
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and you go to say a 2nd revolution gun rights supporters protest in the u.s. they told virginia thousands of activists gathered to tell lawmakers they do not want tougher gun control goals. matheny how would welcome to the program in china concerns are growing over the rapid spread of the deadly coronavirus so father virus has been blamed for 4 deaths with some 200 more becoming ill health officials now say the disease is capable of being spread from person to person it comes at a time when millions are traveling across the country before the live in a new year holiday. in lieu han infected patients are treated in isolation wards authorities have confound to. $100.00 cases of corona virus symptoms include fever
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and difficulty breathing 3 patients have died say most are not seriously ill health authorities believe the outbreak originated at this now closed market in will hand which sold fish and wild animals research is that imperial college london suspects the rate of infection may be much higher than the official figures they estimate that could be $1723.00 cases in new hampshire says it's taking this situation seriously if you're going to go with regarding our measures to prevent the epidemic spreading i can say that the government is now checking everybody who leaves the city. who hands train stations have been equipped with thermal detectors to screen passengers for fever and medical personnel on standby neighboring countries have also introduced checks at airports for cases of the virus have been detected in people travelling from will
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hand to size korea thailand and japan 3 u.s. airports are also screening passengers but there have been no confirmed cases so far. now to some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump is on his wife to the world economic forum in switzerland as the impeachment trial against him at home is due to start on tuesday his team of defense lawyers say the charges should be dismissed and maybe a plea senate republican leader has proposed rules delaying any vote on whether to call witnesses. executive. has appeared at a court in canada on the 1st day of her extradition trial was arrested by canada on a warrant from the united states which has accused her of covering up attempts to breach u.s. sanctions on iran china says the case is politically motivated. members of mexico's national guard have fired tear gas at margaret's trying to cross into the country from guatemala hundreds of migrants began whiting through the border river
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after authorities closed the border gate on a nearby bridge the migrants goal is to reach the united states. reporter melanie hole is with me in the studio for more on this melanie who are these moderates trying to cross the border into mexico so these migrants are many coming from honduras they say they're fleeing poverty high rates of violence and high murder rates and many do try to come in this kind of caravan because it does provide them with safety of numbers of those who are too poor to pay for smugglers and what we're seeing is the largest caravan in more than a year there were $4000.00 people at the mexico guatemala border on monday which is providing a massive challenge for mexican security forces. in mexico city to be clamping down hard on this occasion can you tell us more about why that is this time yes a previously mexico was allowing unimpeded access across as territory to the u.s.
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border but in june last year u.s. president donald trump agreed a deal with mexico basically saying that they would threaten u.s. interest mexico with high tariffs if they didn't help stem the migration to the u.s. border so mexico then vowed it would take an impressive unprecedented steps that include criticizing the national guard which is what we've seen at the river there and what mexico is saying is that they are offering asylum in the country people they're saying please a claim for asylum and offering work in the country but that's in the southern states of mexico the question is of course how can they offer what kind of work can they offer these migrants when much of mexico's own population is poor and unemployed and many migrants think this is just a trick to deport them that they would and register and then be deported out of mexico to their countries of origin. on sunday. they would many of the markets who are coming to them would most of them would be deported to
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their country of origin if the situation merited it but for many of the micro the us is their only goal with many saying at the river if you kick us out we will just . leave report a 1000000 a whole many thanks now to the us where thousands of pro-gun activists from around the country have staged a massive rally in the state of virginia the urging lawmakers to abandon plans for stricter gun controls democrats promised to tighten gun legislation after by gangs control of the state parliament in november but their proposed package of controls has infuriated gun rights. pro-gun campaign is gather in richmond every january but this year they are here in far greater numbers with new reason to rally for that cause lawmakers in virginia are pushing forward with a package of gun control legislation including universal background checks
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a ban on assault style rifles and a limit of $100.00 gun purchase per month gun rights supporters are furious. all of these rights are god given no we can take them away we have a right to defend ourselves and our families. so we're here to let them know that they can take our rights away we don't need the government for our rights or are not there our government does not take away our rights. and if the governor keith portion has. his do a crowd of friends there you go to see a 2nd revolution in america like the 1st revolution where people get shot. at a possible violence prompted governor northam to ban weapons on the capital crimes and declare a temporary state of emergency. she is fueled by the memory of shot that spill in 2017 when a white supremacist attending a rally drove his car into an anti-racism protest and killed her.
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niece kept some gun control activists away from planned kind of protests with all of the threats and all of the terribly violent rhetoric that's going on right now our main goal is not to engage with going to extremists today we're really here to be present in the legislature to make our voices heard to underscore authority but also to honor for the moral agency that we have as our generation and undo effected by gun violence figures show 2019 was the worst year on record for mass shootings in the united states. the total number of people fatally shot also increased last year according to data from gun violence a nonprofit that tracks shootings. and these activists insist guns on the problem they say any attempt to tighten controls infringes their constitutional right to bear arms and as a key rallying point for the fight against what they see as a national liberation of gun rights. the e.u.'s foreign policy chief of barrel has
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proposed restocking the use of fear and naval operation to rescue modern migrants in the mediterranean his proposal follows an international conference i ended bringing in into the civil war in libya a tentative ceasefire was agreed to at that gathering made his proposal and i made ng of european union foreign ministers a use naval rescue mission was halted last year due to due to a dispute over the distribution of refugees you said it will not take steps to monitor a cease fire and to libya's warring factions have established a stable troops. in that ceasefire reached yesterday both sides in libya's conflict agreed to nominate a 5 member committee to monitor the country's fragile cease fire many ordinary libyans however viewing recent peace if it's with skepticism after 9 years of conflict and with fresh clashes being reported early on monday around tripoli many
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libyans know firsthand just how fleeting peace and stability can be. life goes on in tripoli despite renewed assaults around the capital the high level summit in berlin has made no big promises prime minister. who leads the un backed government from tripoli acknowledged a resistance to negotiate from our side we've nominated 5 people and they are now waiting to meet their 5 counterparts but on an individual front we have passed this point and rejected the possibility of sitting down with the other side the other side as forces loyal to. who controls eastern libya a military commission made up of 5 representatives from each side is meant to hammer out a lasting truce many libyans are skeptical. conference can be successful if both parties out here to. cease fire will prevent bloodshed in the country. libyans need to sit down together and solve their
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problems. the most important thing is that there is consensus amongst libyans and. had there was no need for a conference. here conciliation is necessary. with fighting ongoing and the path to peace uncertain a wide gap persists between talks in europe and action on the ground. it was 75 years ago this month that the auschwitz concentration camp was liberated germany has long to never forget the jews and other minorities murdered under orders from the nazi regime immersed morals have been built in the country to keep victims memory alive one built in 2005 in the heart of berlin attracts many visitors but also divides opinion. right next to the german parliament
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2711 steels of concrete some of them over 3 meters high. the holocaust memorial and berlin is famous among visitors from around the globe daniel is one of them he's from the netherlands and today he's here for the 1st time going down here if you feel like you're really going into it. and the dollars of slabs go and the smaller you get basically. it really gives you. like the walls are getting very close like you're being locked up in a way isolation helplessness disorientation these at every actions that american peter eisenman hoped to provoke in visitors who king among the steels of the memorial to vogue the suffering of jews persecuted during the holocaust. but some jewish visitors believe nothing can replicate the sorrow of
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that time as a 2nd generation we experience the holocaust of though i was not i wasn't born those years and those years we know these feelings of the people who were in the actual holocaust the film meant wouldn't give me the feeling. that some children prefer to use the memorial as a playground rather than a site for member ins. that peter eisenman who is himself jewish has never had anything against that why not why not this is not sacred ground it is part of berlin and it you know when you walk in the field you know it's something different than being over there and that's that difference that i'm judged what that means. making your own judgment and daniel felt locked up
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but it seems that what makes the memorial so special is everyone's freedom to experience it in their own way. a quick for modern before we go of the top stories we're following for you. chinese health officials have confirmed the corona virus can be transmitted from person to person rising fears all the epidemic virus has killed 4 people so far have infected over 200. mexican security forces have clashed with hundreds of migrants trying to cross the country southern border with quote a mile of our grants white of across the border river after all thirty's closed a nearby bridge. you're watching the news our current affairs documentary close up follows this bulletin it takes a look at piece cargo between india and pakistan for 6 copas stay tuned for that
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and don't forget the website is there for all the lives news around the clock more news coming up at the top of the out. every 2 seconds the person is forced to flee their home. the consequences been disastrous our documentary series displaced depicts dramatic humanitarian crises from. phuket then we don't have that many i didn't go to university to kill people in fact that. people feel for their lives and their future so they seek refuge abroad but what will become.


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