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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 21, 2020 7:00am-7:31am CET

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this is. the 77 percent this weekend on d w. this is news coming to you live from a 4th person is dead and 15 medical staff are infected by a new virus in china as health officials warn the corona virus can be passed between people airports and train stations begin screening passengers from the region this amid the travel rush for the new year holiday also coming up
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mexican border guards clash with migrants trying to cross the country saw the border with. migrants decide to cross the border river after authorities close a nearby bridge. portion has. friends. and 2nd revolution. gun rights supporters protest in the u.s. state of virginia thousands of armed activists gathered to tell lawmakers they don't want tougher gun control laws. oh i'm terry marchin good to have you with us in china the concerns are growing over the rapid spread of a deadly corona virus so far the virus has been blamed for 4 deaths with more than 200 patients infected in china and cases also being. ported in thailand japan and
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south korea with millions preparing to travel for the lunar new year holiday several countries are beginning to screen travelers from the affected region. in which an infected patients are treated in isolation wards authorities have confirmed over 200 cases of coronavirus symptoms include fever and difficulty breathing although there have been deaths authorities say most patients are not seriously ill health authorities believe the outbreak originated at this now closed market in rwanda which killed fish and wild animals researchers at imperial college london suspect the rate of infection may be much higher than the official figures they estimate there could be $1723.00 cases in which han beijing says it's taking the situation seriously if you don't you go with regarding our measures to prevent the epidemic spreading i can say that the government is now checking everybody who leaves the city. who hans train stations
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have been equipped with thermal detectors to screen passengers for fever symptoms and medical personnel are on standby neighboring countries have also introduced checks at airports the virus has been detected in people travelling from move on to south korea thailand and japan airports outside asia are also screening passengers . and joining us now from sydney australia is dr reiner macintyre she's head of the bio security research program at the university of new south wales and is an expert on infectious diseases at epidemic control dr macintyre what makes this virus so dangerous. we don't know exactly how dangerous it is yet but it's a coronavirus that same's related to the sons' virus and corona virus there are other coronaviruses that are new cause very mild infections in
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humans like to come common called type syndrome but we have had these 2 very severe chronic virus infections in the past sons' in 2003 and most current a virus since 2012 and this same strain be more like those 2 viruses but the death rate certified is lower than that with saz which is 12 percent 26 percent with ms chrono virus. with this infection as as you mentioned for that sort of out of more than $200.00 cases understand that australian authorities are screening for infections of this virus what do we done to stop it spreading. the k. to stopping this infection spreading it firstly identifying people who are sick as quickly as possible and making sure that they're isolated to they're not infecting anyone else because we doing are now that that appears to be some person to person
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spread 2nd made to track the contacts of anyone who's got the infection and monitor them and their symptoms. to use infection control measures such as personal protective equipment. hand washing and particularly in hospitals because the other 2 serious coronaviruses that would fain have caused very bad hospital outbreaks which have involved in patients and health care was his dying so hospitals need to be on high alert for cases potential cases of this infection. this break has been compared to the sars infections of 2000 to 2003 that killed over 600 people in china do you think this virus could have that kind of lethal potential. it is possible if it's causing
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a severe pneumonia type syndrome which is similar to the syndrome caused by some at this point the did trade same slower than science but we haven't got a lot of the town's analysis of the data yet so it'll be interesting to see what sort of analysis comes out from china where dubai reeses like it's come palm professor or other more of these viruses lurking out that. there are lots and lots of viruses that are in animals non-human animals and sometimes those viruses can jump stacey's from an animal to humans and that's certainly what happened with the soft heart of iris and probably with was current of ours as well and the assumption is that this virus has emerged from an animal virus and somehow it's made the jump from animals to humans. to rhino mean another ok we
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don't know exactly does around the mcintyre thank you so much dr reiner macintyre is head of the bio security research program at the university of new south wales. well to mexico where members of that country's national guard have fired tear gas at migrants trying to cross into the country from kuala mala hundreds of migrants began wading through the border port a river there after authorities closed a border gate on a nearby bridge mexico is cracking down on irregular migration following pressure from washington for the country to enforce tougher policy. the quest to reach the u.s. is ending here for many years mexico's national guard forcibly repelled hundreds of migrants trying to storm its southern border. officials also detained several 100 who may face deportation some parents and children reportedly got separated during the crossing. oh wolf most of the migrants are from honduras and say they want to
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escape rampant poverty and crime. she didn't know it was sort of gay men live i'm scared and i don't want to get back to my country because there's nothing that no one my daughter and i go hungry i think i'm a muslim member of the l.g.b. t. community it's very hard to find a job down in flames yet but i think the majority of us suffer from violence and discrimination that we just don't have the option of staying in our country no not that name was also on this interface. last year mexico stopped allowing migrants to cross its territory with few restrictions in june officials unprecedented steps to block crossings into the u.s. absolutely the country was responding to threats issued by president donald trump sprayers he had tweeted in may we will impose increasing tariffs on all goods
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coming into our country from mexico until illegal migrants stop coming through and into our country. mexico's tougher stance appears to be having an effect since may u.s. officials say there's been a steady drop in the number of people arrested or stopped at its southern border and let's catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today u.s. secretary of state mike home peo says washington plans to boost support for venezuelan opposition leader. met with why go on the sidelines of a regional gathering in colombia at that meeting why the accused in a swale of president nicolas maduro of aiding terrorist groups of protesters in puerto rico are demanding the resignation of that territory governor over the botched delivery of emergency aid after recent earthquakes that left thousands in need of like anger erupted over a viral video showing
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a government warehouse full of supplies left over from hurricane maria in 2070. and at least 3 protesters were killed in the iraqi capital baghdad after security forces used tear gas and live ammunition on anti-government demonstrations another protester was reportedly killed during demonstrations in karbala protesters are demanding sweeping political reforms and and to corruption. the european union has announced a plan to uphold a libyan arms embargo by restarting a naval mission initially designed to stop human trafficking in the mediterranean the e.u.'s foreign policy chief joseph proposed using operation sophia which was launched in 2015 to enforce the u.n. weapons and barca this follows the agreement of a tentative cease fire at an international conference aimed at bringing an end to the civil war in libya. the impeachment trial
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against us present gets underway later today trump is charged with abusing his presidential power by asking ukraine to investigate democratic political rival joe biden and of obstructing congress as it looked into his conduct trumps legal team is demanding a swift acquittal on the senate. back to house impeachment manages the democrats prosecuting u.s. president and the trump a brief making fresh to months for a fair trial in the senate. almost simultaneously trump's defense lawyers filed a brief of their own slamming the trial as a dangerous perversion of the constitution. but as both sides get ready for the showdown the president himself boarded a plane headed thousands of miles away to the devil swell economic forum in
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switzerland even if trump doesn't get an outright acquittal with republicans in control of the senate a confident you'll be clear it's either way. we know that he's not going to be removed from office we may help be acquitted in the senate so but again we respect the senate process so if a republican senator or a democratic senator wants to make a motion to dismiss will follow along in the vote with the trial just hours away the nation is split. we're definitely divided in the country but i think the majority feel the same way that i do but he should no longer be the commander in chief it's an effort from democrats to try to get some of the power that they seem to be losing is slipping away from them i am very hopeful that there will be witnesses there will be documents and they the truth will come out that this president put our country in danger. with republicans calling for 12 hour daily
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sessions what's only the 3rd presidential impeachment trial in u.s. history is set to be a grueling one. the clerk will you're watching the news still to come the ethiopian government wants to open up its country to investment but its local communities are paying the price we hear from the valley worth the wars the tribe reports killings and arbitrary detention. first in the u.s. thousands of pro-gun activists from across the country have staged a massive rally in the state of virginia they're urging lawmakers to abandon plans for stricter gun controls that were cross promised to tighten gun legislation after they gained control of the state legislature in november but their proposed package of controls has infuriated gun rights campaigners. pro-gun campaign is gather in richmond every january but this year they are here in
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far greater numbers with new reason to rally for that cause no make is in virginia are pushing forward with a package of gun control legislation including universal background checks at ban on assault style rifles and a limit of $100.00 gun purchase per month gun rights supporters a furious are all of these rights are god given no one can take them away we have a right to defend ourselves and our families. so we're here to let them know that they can take our rights away we don't need the government telling us where our rights are are not there our government does not take away our rights. and if the governor of good fortune has. his due credit friends there you go to see a 2nd revolution in america like the 1st revolution where people get shocked. if a possible violence prompted gov ralph northam to ban weapons on the capitol grounds
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and declare a temporary state of emergency. fee is fueled by the memory of shot that spill in 2017 when a white supremacist attending a rally drove his car into an anti-racism protest and killed. kept some gun control activists away from planned kind of protests with all of the threats and all of the terribly violent rhetoric that's going on right now our main goal is not to engage with going to extremists today we're really here to be present in the legislature to make our voices heard to underscore a majority but also to honor for the moral agency that we have as our generation and undo effected by gun violence figures show 2019 was the worst year on record for mass shootings in the united states. the total number of people fatally shot also increased last year according to data from gun violence a nonprofit that tracks shootings. these activists insist guns on the problem
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they say any attempt to tighten controls infringes their constitutional right to bear arms. as a key rallying point for the fight against what they see as a national. rights. the ethiopian government is moving to privatized the country's 13 sugar factories says part of the drive to open up the economy but the move has left local communities feeling marginalized those factors known as the state are located in the southern valley a military crackdown there aim to disarm local communities and reduce the chance of conflict witnesses have spoken of killings and arbitrary detention in this report their identities have been kept anonymous to assure their safety. they were killed by the military about 3 months ago part of a. they came to our village and
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started to hit us and. anyone who started to run away. many people lost their lives and the village is empty now. she says she didn't. include. the government collected the guns because they think of the bodies have guns they will not allow the factories to produce sugar and he will try to protect their land . after they took our guns the start of the killing. and many have been jailed in. about $200.00 murder scenes the tried famous for the plates the women where well also detained and tortured in a military camp in october and november some are accused of killing hiding weapons
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or stealing cattle from other tribes and this man says he was denied food for 6 consecutive days along with the women and children. at some point they took 15 elders inside and started keeping them out and they also pulled in jenin is what i wrote about him because. you know cool authorities refused to come and visit in the sugar factories to find out more was impossible despite official requests we were not allowed to get past this checkpoint or visit any other sugar plantation the local police also considerably restrained our freedom of movement in the area some suspect that the military crackdown is part of a government effort to make the area more attractive to investors by reducing conflicts the disarmament campaign started many years ago but it was not usually so violent according to better they can speak research on the sugar factories we have to keep in mind that the cross project is not only in agricultural development scheme but it's actually like
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a regional development scheme which was meant to modernize. the region that the people the people living in the no more valley and this also involves something. which can be called a civilizational mission. and also what has been described to me ass astonishing law and order so i think what we see now is just a continuation but stopped it maybe 10 years ago he says it will be difficult to find investors at the moment although that's a key goal of the state and sugar corporation it's a lot of technical challenges to actually make those those estates operational but it's also the reputational risk involved for investors and the project got a lot of negative publicity over the last couple of years mainly due to. very bad information management from the site of the should be cooperation. communities that are used. decision making processes
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researchers working on the. new it's not in the coming months some villages are still refusing to hand in their guns clinging to their own protecting their families and cattle. and in other news starting in ethiopia least 10 people died and dozens were more were dozens more were injured when a spectator stand collapsed at a festival the wooden structure gave way during the orthodox christian celebration of a pier phinney in the city of gone dark several 1000 ethiopians and tourists were commemorating the baptism of jesus. senior executive who has appeared at a court in canada on the 1st day of her extradition trial mang was arrested by canada on a warrant from the united states which has accused her of covering up attempts to breach u.s. sanctions on iran china says the case is politically motivated. a
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new exhibition on the holocaust has opened house of the conference venue was the notorious meeting place in 1902 a leading figures in the nazi government as they planned what they called the final solution next week sees the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the auschwitz birkenau concentration camp one of its survivors was in berlin for the opening. 94 year old eva far heidi traveled all the way from hungary to be at the exhibition opening her whole family was murdered in auschwitz she alone survived passing on her story is very important to her recently and handle certain things my generation especially those had i guess it's seen shared more it seems to the dangers of anti-semitism than others i know that when it starts out with insulting. and and
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the kramatorsk. the exhibition shows the power from exclusion to mass murder through interactive audiovisual elements visitors learn about the events that culminated in the bonzi conference and the holocaust and about the fates of the victims a centerpiece of the exhibition is a copy of the minutes of the meeting that took place here in january $942.00 a meeting of which top nazi officials organized the systematic murder of european jews to advance the stands are very complex process it's about the administration of the division of labor within murdoch and of course it's a challenge to find the right balance and to present this in a form that can be grassed relatively quickly by a broad public. the new exhibition opens just ahead of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the death camps. finally
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a record breaking turnout that might have been the victim of its own success thousands of twins came together in sri lanka's capital colombo in a bid to make history in the guinness book of records the previous record of some 4000 twins in one spot was set in taiwan 2 decades ago organizers say they counted more than 6000 but it's feared the turnout might not be certified as some twins began leaving before verification to be complete. this is news and these are our top stories authorities in china say a new corona virus that causes pneumonia can be transmitted between humans holding 200 cases have been detected fears of a major outbreak are growing as millions begin traveling for the lunar new year holiday. mexico's national guard has fired tear gas at
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migrants trying to enter the country from guatemala hundreds began wading through the border river after authorities closed a nearby gates. say they're heading for the united states. u.s. president is heading to the world economic forum in switzerland as the impeachment trial against him at home is to just start his team of defense lawyers say the charges should be dismissed immediately. while way executive meeting one shoe has appeared in court in canada on the 1st day of her extradition trial was arrested by canada on a warrant from the united states which accuses her of covering up attempts to breach u.s. sanctions on iran this is news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at d w news or visit our website that's to call. the annual
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gathering of the world economic forum officially begins today in the swiss alpine ski resort of dallas it's the place where corporate executives heads of government and other leaders from around the world gather in an informal setting to discuss issues this year climate change and income inequality are expected to be key issues u.s. president all trump is due to live or the forums keynote speech later today. our correspondent been physical and is part of the team and i think you might be joining us now or this is i think i'm filling in for betty actually even beardsley we're still getting inside the lines of davos i'm told as we're having trouble with that but it's great to see you as well a lot happening there in davos today what you get up it's a big opening day we're going to hear from gratitude of course the teenage climate activists and then we're going to hear from someone who might be her antithesis
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donald trump so to be interesting to hear their perspectives on davos and what they want to say to a global audience who is interested in climate change and coming equality as you mentioned gratitude and obviously seems to speak clearly to the issue of climate change more than anything donald trump climate deniers so it'll be interesting to see what message he wants to give but people will really have a stark difference of opinions to hear from so it should be an interesting day ok so there's we've got a whole team down there in davos steve covering this the weather is always an issue as they usually say there's quite a bit of snow too but they're getting to do lots of interviews with movers and shakers not just from the business and political world we got activists and even movie stars right and one of the words you hear a lot of social entrepreneurs that is a group of people who believe that business has a role to play in social change and that's a disputed idea but in davos it's a very big idea the founder of the world economic forum klaus schwab believes that business has a greater role to play in social change and so they're going to bring
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a lot of people who want to argue for this is well but of course if business is focused on profit motive that could be able to difficult to say thanks so much we're looking forward to seeing your coverage in the next half hour and here. you are watching the news coming up next we're down we've got everything for you from davos and also catch up on the extradition trial of the executive in canada i'm terry martin you'll fame find me on twitter news stream thanks for being with us.
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kick off. the 2nd round starts off in the display glove box through the 1st game and slip into 3rd place but the competition is why the
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announcing turned the game around and stay at the top. top missing a dazzling win thanks to a new deja bryan dawe becomes mckean's gluco. 16 d.w.i. . in the army of climate change. the tubes may or sit. up some steam. what ideas do they have for their future state. teetotally dot com african megacities filmmaking give us a clear cut answer. here i am going to get. sick claims displaced to hallam's nuisance and standing kin. and friends does it
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camp at all net trains keamy long evening where you. nice news and keeping the unfortunate. alastair our story. was a. must. even starts january 27th on d w. asian markets retreat as new cases of a deadly virus in china sparked fears of economic consequences and memories of the sars virus well the latest. also to show what role does business have in curbing climate change inequality to meet a group of entrepreneurs in davos who say a major one.


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