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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2020 12:00pm-4:01pm CET

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the to. the touch. the to. cut. this is the news coming to you live from berlin remembering the holocaust with live coverage from israel's beyond vosh on the mall in jerusalem german president front but this time my a joint israel's president and other world leaders ahead of so many is due to stop smoking he will deliver the 1st speech by a german president at the yards bosham and gloria you have live coverage of the ceremony.
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the at. the end of a well welcome to you i'm on the thought she was come to the special program. in jerusalem ceremonies are getting underway at the yob vosh a memorial to the victims of the nazi holocaust it's the 1st of a series of events marking the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the auschwitz concentration camp and international holocaust remembrance day on monday among the dozens of heads of state and government are russian president vladimir putin french president in london mccraw and the president of germany frank foster steinmeier he will deliver the 1st speech by a german president at the yacht vashem memorial. you and the king at live pictures coming to you from yard washing memorial in jerusalem well leaders are gradually arriving there to take part in the 5th holocaust forum
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as the holocaust commemoration gets underway d.w. we'll bring you special coverage of the event for some 4 hours as you can see those live pictures coming to you from there some 40 plus world leaders are going to be attending the ceremonies in jerusalem at. and some of them as you can see have already gathered there in the center hall let's go straight to our correspondent peter here in jerusalem peter tell us more about the gathering that's taking place in jerusalem today what's going to be happening there. yes as you could just see the world leaders are just starting to arrive here yep a sham in jerusalem they of course here to commemorate the liberation of the auschwitz death camp 75 years ago they'll do sit together with around 100 holocaust survivors with come to your question today and i asked one of them how he thinks we can keep the memory alive once they're all gone because then the ninety's or even 100 years old and he said with events like this on days like this. right
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now the holocaust commemoration comes at a time when acts of anti semitic violence are on the rise in many parts of the world will this issue be raised in speeches there today do you think. yes absolutely i'm sure that for example frank by that steinmeier the german president in his speech will not only look back at the holocaust a german guilt i'm sure he will also talk about anti-semitism today in germany because the terror attack on the synagogue in hollin last october is still on everybody's mind and i'm sure people here will want to hear what germany is thinking about that how we can act against this modern act isn't it isn't that this gathering in god version was supposed to be the biggest political event since the founding of israel in $948.00 but how do ordinary people that in israel feel about these commemorations. well usually israel commemorates the holocaust
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on. the day remembering to show up that's in april but i think many israelis today have embraced this when i think many people are proud that so many world leaders have come to jerusalem today and i think for them it is a sign off solidarity with their country and i think that's why many people here am i happy about this event even though it means for them traffic jams in the city of course right. thank you very much for that update from jerusalem of course we'll be talking to you throughout the next few hours of the developments that. deja gras was just a teenager when she was deported from prague and a death in auschwitz now $91.00 days just spoke to her home in israel it is will be at the former death camp for the official holocaust remembrance day on monday but for detail it's a piss she never wants to see again the horrors she experienced a fatah much for her to bear and this is my.
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books. in the bricks. my number is 76305 which i had to shout twice daily at counting. a pill. you had to shout a number down triptych 1100 films the air was full of ash like snow from the from the smoke from the chimneys. and the spirit and she's from from the came accordion. and. we just had to understand that this is what happens
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there when the train arrived there were prisoners who started luggage to make. mountains of clothes of shoes of food of bread of and escaped from the book they somehow managed to bring it to the church and proc. there were some 12 or 14 books on the book so fred invented is for his maybe library and you are in charge of people being killed in gas chambers and bodies being burnt in claremont toria and the ashes if they're in the air the day they cover their ass and they're all dead orders for roundings in use at our time will come in june we had 6 months grace to live which we knew we knew we
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knew we are going to die into and everybody knew that i won't ever go back to auschwitz i can't bear it that. hundreds and thousands of people go and step there on the ashes to ashes are or over or over there there's a. there's they're stepping on the dead people. the words of the holocaust survivor 91 as i was speaking to d.w. from israel now with me in the studio i have did of his chief political editor michel a crew from there and did a reporter. of all welcome to both a few shani families talked with you yourself off from israel how important is this gathering today. for the country very much very much you see everybody's quite excited looking forward to it. i mean for israelis this is new to commemorate the
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holocaust on january usually in april before independence day but the fact that so many world leaders so many people from all over the world gathered to come and make that statement i think it's very meaningful for israelis at this time yes very much and it me should i what about for germany as we had german president from is the 1st leader to be making an address at yad vashem today absolutely and it shows a very special relationship that germany and israel have the country whose many citizens whose population has suffered most of the holocaust in particular of the 2nd world war and the country that started the 2nd world war the perpetrators this is a message that has been continuous through the relationship between the 2 countries after 945 it took 20 years to actually reestablish or to establish diplomatic relations between the 2 countries then in 2008 german chancellor angela merkel was
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also the 1st head of government to speak before the knesset in israel and there she sent a very strong message that it's become the d.n.a. of german politics that israel security was a reason of state here in germany that germany feels responsible for the security of the jewish state so a very special moment though to today see germany's president speak at this very very historic moment and shanny you know from my is one of more than 40 heads of government in state attending so. mini's there why did so many internationally does decide to come for this particular anniversary only 5 years it's an important number i think it's also. brings us at this moment in time are we talking the rise of end to semitism in populism you know we see it all across europe the us all modern countries everybody is suffering from that i think the need to make that bold statement was quite quite remarkable for so many people to feel that need as well to stand behind it understanding we need to put some strong foot down and say
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we are not accepting you know we see the deterioration in discourse and in dialogue we see how he trade is raising its head all over the world and we want to put a stop to it right now and do meeting a lot of historical responsibility for what happened during the nazi regime particularly the holocaust tell us more about how it expresses this well there is no german leader who will not refer to this very special responsibility that germany has historically also when there is accusations of anti semitism this is taken always very seriously particular so in german institutions at the same time we're seeing more and more indications that this story corps experience has not made german society immune to anti-semitism and racism and that's also why we've already heard from israel's president. rivlin
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thank you i was going to say rove and the rivlin who once world leaders at the state to take a stance against racism extremism and anti semitism who demands this kind of historic responsibility from mankind one can say to keep a watch out that this should indeed never happen again if i if i may add we are also at a time that we see you know holcomb's of ivors are diminishing we have fewer and fewer of them and live so now it's. setting the scene of how do we remember how do we deal with holocaust numbers remembrance for the next decades and i think this is some somewhat of a junction an important point in history where we need to determine ok once we says we're losing the witnesses we're losing the people who were there and can tell us what happened we had to maybe agree on the rules of how we how we discuss this how we remember the what's the narrative the joint narratives of the world and perpetrators and victims alike can share and one set out there for the world ok we
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go into these issues in a little bit more detail but 1st let's take a look at the millions of jews of a model in the holocaust or the sure of this also called a commemorative of the yod version in morial did of these tiny a crema visited and saw how it's keeping the memory of holocaust victims alive for younger generations. leading a tour through jerusalem's holocaust memorial yobs sham is always special for jonathan matthews today the young israeli researcher is guiding a group of israeli schoolchildren with its monumental architecture a powerful exhibition it's a place like no other to learn about the shoah generally speaking the whole concept of telling the story in this museum and perhaps connecting different generations story the holocaust is by focusing on the victims and once they focus on the victim we have naturally historic information in the scene but we also have personal artifacts and video testimony of the survivors the individual stories of the
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victims are an essential part of the museum making the horrors of the show a tangible over 75 years later the increasingly elderly survivors are slowly disappearing poses a challenge with the museum educational programs its comprehensive archive and a large collection of documents yeah the sham aims to keep the victims memories alive the exhibition also deals with the nazis rise to power to tell a tarion regimes. semitism of us an issue that is just as relevant today this is a topic that worries me and to semitism in the holocaust denial and this is one of the reasons i believe that it's important for me to work yourself as an individual but also i think it demands more active involvement of different governments in the world to deal with this problem i'm going to use the whole of names many victims never left a trace never had a headstone or a grave it's a memorial for all of the 6000000 murdered jews young israelis often learn about
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the holocaust through their own family histories annual memorial services on school from the age of 16 school groups usually go t. out that was a visit like this is never easy. it's my 1st time here and i walked in and it was overwhelming and difficult to see. if you feel their suffering what they went through can you can see and hear many artifacts from that period and it's really tough for me. i said. i think it's very important to conserve this because people need to know what happened. and to prevent this from happening in the future again here and to show that even in hard times there were people who kept up their hopes and helped others and tried to survive. yad vashem
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a place to reflect on what's happened over 75 years ago and a commitment to keeping that memory alive for generations to come. so roseanne and mission are still with me risen we saw what they're doing in israel trying to keep the memory alive for the 4 young generations have you yourself been to god bush of course it wasn't like it's a mandatory stop for every elementary school kid in israel it won't be for $1314.00 but that everybody goes there it's a very in 1000000 of a sham stands for ya which is a hand and name. for each and every of the fallen $6000000.00 victims so it's just part of you know it's sort of the there and point of a long. engagement with that as a student in israel of course you have the also the annual memorial day for where where there's a there's a moment of silence been mentioned by sirens in israel where you stop and you take the time to think and connect with that israel has managed throughout the years to
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make the the holocaust and the stories of the victims accessible to very young children from very young age in very communicative ways you know if it's and frank if it's you know and further on into the details and stories of kids throughout the holocaust as it is you're young but then as you go up further into the stories of what happened in ascending or the historical meaning of what happened there so this is something quite strong with an israeli narrative as you go it's a part of it's part of who you are part of you are brilliant and we shall know what was it for you like growing up in germany will you talk about the holocaust and all the horrors that took place in the nazi regime while you were at school yes this is was an integral part of my schooling in west germany although in east germany it was somewhat a different picture from what i've learnt since and clearly and aware when this was being created of the historical responsibility of also like to come back to something that frank but as time of the german president said that one shouldn't
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forget the individuals between behind those very large numbers more than a 1000000 people died in auschwitz alone and today i mean i'm. i'm a mother myself and i struggle to explain to a youngster and we saw those youngsters in that report that not just the magnitude of what happened but that children were killed that humans can do something like that to each other that's a very individual experience for everyone to let sink in and to understand those very few survivors we still have now a telling us that they are seeing signs again that something like this could be possible that that's how it all started looking at the signs of anti-semitism in europe that is something that really should not just that leaders listen up but everybody in their own society so what if you're saying that efforts are being made in both countries to keep very much the memory of the holocaust in the horrors of the holocaust alive so the young generation is aware of what they what happened now
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why we're talking. before we continue our conversation before today is official so many germany's president from. met holocaust survivors at a community center in jerusalem he had some how doing stories. 6 to 9 it was the number assigned to our leaders find derek and rich. it's not the only number in his story of survival against the odds. he survived 10 concentration camps including. like many survivors the 102 year old has kept silent about his ordeal for decades in this center in jerusalem survivors meet and receive psychological counseling
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some of them only joined in their eighty's or ninety's they value the sense of community and a shared experience of remembrance german president. paid a visit to the center ahead of a commemoration service at the young. and spoke with the survivors one of them is 92 year old. she was deported to auschwitz where her parents were murdered. every person who survived the shoah has a special story to tell. their survivors were born in different countries but they're united by a common experience the loss of parents of siblings and of torture in the camps. in. this view i want to assure you that we are aware of germany's responsibility. and i said repeatedly that this is a responsibility that has no cutoff point because. for leaders
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find so beric the visit of the german head of state is an important gesture she said siecle which agrees but for her what matters most is a safe haven for jews. jew now in. around or over has the option of coming through and getting away from anti semitism reaches that if. and you know what that is naomi not germany and would be in her in america and frankly that are still she speaks of reconciliation. never. forget event. it never has this but illyria's final barrack has taken revenge his own way. 21 great grandchildren
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that is my revenge on the nazis that i'm alive but after 510 concentration camps. it is important to speak about what happened in those camps he believes and not just on remembering stays. they move in to hear the tales of the survivors now the organizer of today's commemoration is moshe cunto the president of the european jewish congress did obvious peter hill spoke to him and asked him how important is it that the german president as a representative of the country that perpetuated the holocaust is speaking at today's ceremony this was his reply. you know and it was exactly. the results are gathered here it's our mission to greet the platform for uniting.
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that was untrue and returning to michelle a coup for and a shiny resigned we heard what he said it's bringing us together it's uniting but from your perspective you as our chief political editor how important is it that stan meyer is present at the ceremony well i mean really it's an honor that germany couldn't have hoped for and it's also something that has been said by several leading politician including the german chancellor merkel what what luck germany really has to have been able to build this relationship with the state of israel i mean just imagine that the jewish state invites the german head of state as the 1st head of state to yad vashem that is quite something 75 years after the mass murder of their own people so it's at the very least a very historic moment but we can see that it goes deeper than the symbolism and it's so remarkable that we also see holocaust survivors willing to meet with the german president willing to engage so clearly germany has some credibility as
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a state that is serious about looking at this dark chapter of its past and keeping that memory alive which is so important particular also to the survivors and a powerful kind of symbol off reconciliation and shanny how will his presence there be perceived by israelis well you know it's always a very touchy very very emotional complexed topic i think what the general line similar to what mind set is that there's an adverse danding germany's an airline now that we needed as part of you know bringing out this wider message but of course there's also always him are always an emotional hardship when it comes to german when it comes to germany to come still so many people here in german language you know itself can be very emotional to people there were met me and i was growing up it was 2 quite quite prominent people who were boycotting all german products no german cars no german and tonics and so on this is today not no
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longer anything anyone would think about the start of such widespread but of course would be an older generation there's still a lot of resentment and lot of complex feelings when it comes to germany and its role there and having it included in this event. right i mean what we are looking at is live pictures coming from russia where i said i'm a nice idea to start shortly but as assemblies get underway it's also important to remember the disturbingly anti semitism has been on the rise worldwide in recent years in germany a study by the world jewish congress late last year found that more than one in 4 germans hold and to symmetric views and that anti semitic runs in germany rose by almost 20 percent in 2018 jewish people are getting increasingly concerned. communication designer valentino has been living in berlin for 8 years. he is from poland and he is jewish. one reason he chose to live here is the cultural diversity
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and the fact that he can easily find kosher food as if it's a very diverse community it's really nice this is become a jewish area again. but the atrocities of the past are not forgotten the stumbling blocks are in mind are tens of thousands of berlin jews were murdered during the holocaust. but despite the blocks anti-semitism is on the rise again. even that was when people talk about something it's because it's really terrible they don't talk so much about small incidents but anti semitism is becoming routine again. his wife and some friends me in a cafe. they've all been the victim of anti-semitism. naomi henkel google says she can't stand it anymore. she now spends several months of a year in israel she says many have resigned themselves to increased anti-semitic attacks even the media. and government and with. that
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kind of what you know counter-argument is offered. just as and instead there are more and more right wingers interviewed during prime time. i believe. is also changing his habits he rarely wears a jewish skullcaps now. and who could you like try not to provoke people but what is your situations in which i don't need to hide the fact that i'm jewish you should all stand in this valentini hopes that one day he will be able to live in berlin his home of choice without having to fear anti-semitic attacks. and returning to him. and shanny let me start with you how what it is generally about this rise of the semantic crimes in a country like germany with its history politicians are very concerned about it. as
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a german i'm very concerned about the fact actually it's unbearable that somebody who's jewish should feel that they shouldn't draw attention to that very fact even here in berlin so that is really disconcerting there is more and more of an undercurrent of more extreme views being acceptable not just through the far right if tea party now being part of german parliament but this populism that we've seen in europe that it's more ok to have views based on ethnicity where you're from with a racist undertone is something that is very very worrying indeed and it was also something that was hotly debated with many migrants particular muslim migrants coming to germany but studies find that most anti semitism here in germany is very much homegrown and shown here is on you live and work here what's your perception of the rise of anti semitic crime in germany well i. agree with you know it's very
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concerning they're telling a personal level it's something very troubling you i mean i was you know i think germany can be very proud of the way it handled holocaust and says of taking the full responsibility of the was also the payments given to the state of israel sort of standing behind what it is the discourse the they understand in that there is responsible you know there's a memorial the holocaust memorial in the heart of the german capital these things we don't see with many other countries and their tragedy is they perpetrated you know being discussed so openly willing to take the blame but then at the same time it seems like there's some disconnect when it comes to today's political scene and today's social scene is you know there scapegoating of the jew of the of the 4 and it's just like mccain said this is not about the rise of the waves of immigration coming to. many don't don't you know what they do is that it they bring all the resentment against all foreigners up and then doesn't mean if you're muslim or jewish it doesn't matter much because the majority of crimes are being perpetrated
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by germans meaning christian male white white germans nationality and not by refugees or muslims and so on so this is quite a worrying trend yes and absolutely it's almost to discuss about this but you know we went out and talk to people in berlin and fanta what they had to say about this issue this take a listen to this important for the city for a city as berlin to deal with the past so deaths actually the reason why i'm here the reason why i'm focused on this and this topic and of course i mean it's a topic that you always you always hear about in germany i've personally never had any direct experience in fact myself affected by it but i know friends who reports things i know some people who would rather not very keep trying this street so the reason this certain level of concern it doesn't really touch me personally but i'm aware of its existence and i've seen it didn't increase in the last 15 years that
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i've been living here for at least i've read about it hasn't affected media actually but it's certainly it's scary that this seems to be on the rise and i can imagine that's somebody who is wearing the keep up for example or is visible as a jewish girl i think that would be appropriate in some parts of political yes i would suppose that this would be a problem and i'm very very about what's happened not just in berlin in germany what's happened in europe so many varied very afraid about what's happened and. and i must say that i'm. quite happy that i'm not living here and now a new job and. scripts and desertion anti-semitism is everywhere in germany in europe too good also in berlin and not affect me a lot and i find it very worrying that it's been increasing steadily in recent years when this new young guy. so there we had
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a whole range of views everyone really wanted but the rise of and the semantic crime incidence in fact statistics show that in 2018 there are 20 percent increase in germany in and semantic incidents and hate crimes do you think the government is doing enough to combat this because you said the government is horrified as well but by these numbers. i don't think the yes or no question i think that governments in germany continue to have been aware of this for decades that this is an issue and we see a lot of political symbolism taking place but then we also saw the attack of holiday last october where extremists basically went on the rampage you try to enter. a do or service and in a synagogue didn't get in just because the door was locked luckily and then just randomly shot 2 people and the fact that i mean you can't just put this off as some right wing extremist crazies we've seen the and it's you murder trial in the series
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here in germany where 10 people most foreign descent were simply murdered a point blank range the so there is there are crazies who might feel encouraged also by this more acceptable or debate about where you from and who is german and that i think is really disconcerting and that is something where i wonder whether the words of politicians can be strong enough it seems to me it always comes down to education so i think it's very healthy that german school kids go and see for themselves what holocaust actually meant but again it's now so long ago and i think this is the real challenge it is simply unimaginable that this really happened yet it did and we are losing those people who witnessed the insanity and this breach of civilization and that is a very very significant continuous loss that we will see in in the next couple of
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years and it will remain a top. and we also heard from the french president on this very issue yet as almost jewish people feel afraid and are leaving they're simply not doing enough infection talking about living there was one of the e.u. studies which talked to a jew said one tired of the jews living in europe have considered leaving europe because about that because of the rise of anti semitic crime and in germany about 85 percent of the people said they felt that this a magic crimes were a big threat or a fairly big threat and in france almost every single jewish person said that phrase some kind of hate crime or hostility and given that where do you think when we look towards the future how do we deal and combat with this kind of gun in a hate crime. well there's it's a very complex issue and as we're seeing also today this is somewhere at the background but remember there's a lot of political you know politics playing into that within different governments like if you look at hungary for example and see what helping there was or been in
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the way he's scapegoating basically soros was a jew but then he uses it for all sorts of you know political as a political vehicle for himself but it also has a strong underlying dissonances and underneath it would also strike a chord with with the with the hungry and people you see it happening here you know as populism arise it's always easier to to bring back those voices and to talk about that so where it's heading it's partially what we're trying to figure out assembles like today when we're trying to say ok so where do what can we agree on and what's what's above all and all these statements or we'll be hearing i'm sure all will everybody will say the right things but what does it mean for policy this is what i'm more worried about i don't see enough in policy in. education definitely if you talk about take sample of khalid taking the security service you know having disappeared staycation and the understanding of what kind of a battle that it is and what it requires in the sense of resources i'm not sure
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there's a full awakening of what this entails and how it should be commented and then given all of this how important then is it to have events like what we're waiting to see right now and young fisherman in some 40 plus well leaders are there together putting the spotlight on not just remembering and commemorating the victims of the holocaust but also talking about anti semitism it's a big kind of strong message that they want to send how important is that then of course it's very important very meaningful but again this is just the beginning of something i don't i cannot say this would suffice and we also need to keep in mind if we take the holocaust example for example a lot of these perpetrators you see it in the us you see it in france you see it all over europe not just the holocaust there are there. people are not part of the society they're very much marginalized they're not always exposed to the same to the same media outlets that we are there to have their own forums they have their own if you want to be radicalized you can easily live in your own rag of
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radicalized aapl and the challenge for all security forces for all policymakers is to be able to infiltrate these bubbles and break them and work within those places and not just among the commoners i mean rain where the consensus reach we need to we need to find more you know more sophisticated ways to have this message and for trade also the sub currents of society and sort of the margins of society that would be the bigger challenge absolutely but talking about symbolism i mean it is very important to have these commemorations as you were saying shiny and next week there is another major event on monday which is the actual anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz and from thunder steinmeier the german president will also be attending those ceremonies and a number of other leaders will be there do you know what is going to be happening there do you have more information that well it will actually be and i'll be reporting on this as well. it will actually be at the camp where this mass destruction of people took place several survivors will also attend and the
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israeli president will also be there in fact he will travel together with the german president again more symbolism that both stand united against this challenge of of forgetting and i think the important question is how much awareness raising how much symbolism can you do. without also being quite clear that that won't be enough because you mentioned there are extremist bubbles and what people think this undercurrent of anti semitism that is not totally apparent when you meet people how people think that that is something that is so complex that has to be tackled at many levels. walls so it's important that this kind of attention is drawn to these ceremonies of these very very important historic moments in time but it has to be
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a daily thing. yes absolutely good actually we are just waiting for the minister talking about symbolism and we are waiting for the ceremonies to get underway and we're looking lots of leaders have gathered but they obviously appears to be some kind of delay before the official ceremonies started just to remind you there about some 40 plus leaders who've gathered there and that's more leaders than ever before since the founding of israel in $948.00 more leaders today than when the assassination of the chucker being took place and also for the funeral of shimon peres 2 former israeli prime ministers so that is a tremendous show of support in for a message that they want to send out from vashem today as they mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz now our correspondent peter hillah is standing by in jerusalem. peter returning to you now one of the things that they
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are seeing that we are hearing that the title of this event that is being there today is remembering the holocaust fighting anti semitism give us a sense of how important this message of anti semitism is at this event. i think it is very important i think there are 22 points that we can make about this 1st of all of course fighting and it's very important for many israelis shit for jews all around the world and that is going to be on the agenda today i think it will hurt here and many of the speeches today how leaders of the world think they can fight anti semitism in their countries but i think there's also another message here that is even more important for many israelis here in the country and that is how to fight syrian is mind to zionism. so meaning that there are a lot of people in the world who deny israel the right to existence and that is something that is on many people's minds here in israel how to combat that and yesterday a man with a mark on the french president said that he considers also anti scientists as anti
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semites meaning those who deny israel the right of existence they also hate jews and i think that is something that will also be addressed here today at this event in jerusalem so remind us again of peter what can we expect at the ceremonies which are due to stop there shortly. yes we can expect speeches of course frankfurt this time i had the german president will give a speech as you said he will get be the 1st german politician to do so to give a speech at yad vashem then we will hear his speeches from him on my call on the french president from vladimir putin the russian president they'll be music they'll be rough laying here and we'll hear the stories of some of the survivors of the holocaust around 100 holocaust survivors have come here today to yad vashem to attend this event before the event there was a bit of a crawl because 1st there had been not so many seats for survivors here and that led to a bit of
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a discussion here in israel because only 30 seats had been resurfaced survivors and now they have extended that so about $100.00 survivors holocaust survivors will be here and of course their stories are also in the spotlight today because that is what it this event is all about keeping the memory alive keeping the remembrance of life about the holocaust in order to never let it happen again and be to how people ordinary people they're responding to this big event taking place in their midst so many people wondering does have come there how much does it mean to them what is the significance of this for ordinary israelis. i mean for ordinary israelis in jerusalem 1st of all it means just traffic jams there's road blocks they can't get through to work maybe so 1st of all it is something that. could be a noise and noise for them but then again i think that many israelis here feel that this is an important event for them usually of course it. does it's holocaust remembrance mainly on the young on the day of the show i know april but i think for
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many israelis today it's also an important day with all these world leaders coming to their country a show of solidarity also of course for israel today and i think that is important for many of the people living here absolutely because obviously organizing such a huge event leads to some of the just sick problems and i'm sure that causes some kind of disruption to daily life but the central message here is the will is showing solidarity with israel and its dramatic past with the holocaust thank you very much and of course the retorting to you once the ceremonies are over there thank you very much for that update from there right now returning to your mission and shanny we have speed very speeches coming up as. mentioned the leaders of the 4 oz are going to be speaking that's britain france the united states vice-president pence is going to be there and russia plus the german president what do you make of this choice of those who've been asked to speak that today well you
12:43 pm
know it's these kind of events it's always so hard to mitigate there are so many requests so many important people coming in they have to find some sort of a compromise but of course it doesn't go without control. we need to remember some people aren't there and mostly the polish president was invited and refused refused to come claiming he doesn't have a chance to speak he will not attend the background we have some tensions between russia and poland regarding the holocaust and he should take more responsibility for their accountability in instigating this terrible disaster the holocaust sort of poland is now and why it's part of a wider campaign of the polish government to clean the polish name for. any responsibility for holocaust crimes crimes being perpetrated during the holocaust sort of claiming there's somewhat of a. mix up that puts poland on the wrong side while it's basically
12:44 pm
just a victim like many others most people like other like jews and so on but we need to remember poland was a very special case and in the case of the polish community jewish community. it was almost completely needed 90 percent of poles jewish poles have died perished during the holocaust of course nazis were very very much in charge of all of the of the mass concentration and and death of that but we also need to remember there was a lot of cooperation on polish side that helped that and that's something the poles are today trying very much not to not to keep you know sort of to let the world forget let's put that way this is a sensitive issue with poland of course if you want to say something about him a person actually went so far as to accuse poland's a bastard to live in head of the holocaust as an anti semite and this is where we stand this kind of sets the scene for this becomes a historical argument with russia trying to give poland part of the blame and with
12:45 pm
poland to use capital was all but raised to the ground in the 2nd world who is standing up and saying simply if it can't respond to this it doesn't want to be part of this commemoration to suppose a terribly unfortunate for those survivors who were there because you know it's should have greater magnitude than this and israel's president basically said one should leave history to the historians but that didn't work. so in fact i think as we're looking at live pictures coming there from the russian you can see some of the leaders of the crowell is then i think that is. also there we saw some couple of royals before that charles will be speaking on the behalf of great person. that's right and he also has a bit of a personal connection there one of his grand onse was saved a jewish family called the ruins and so he has a personal connection to be visiting her grave now and we're still waiting for the
12:46 pm
so many is to start so what i suggest is that while we finish wait for the same as to actually get a moving let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world. 3 american firefighters assisting with the bushfire across in australia have been killed in a plane crash south of the capital canberra the premier of new south wales states of the hercules every water tanker like this one from file video outfit is to battle bushfires crash in the mountains of the snowy region. in the impeachment trial of us present donald trump impeachment managers from the democrat controlled house of representatives presented opening statements in the republican controlled senate trump is charged with abuse of power in his dealings with ukraine he denies any wrongdoing. the german government has banned a neo nazi group that calls itself combat 18 the ban comes after
12:47 pm
a far right violence including the murder of. a politician in the city of castle and a deadly attack on a synagogue in the city of hama. if we never tried before no one's sure what that little book chinese authorities are attempting to quarantine the city on a metropolis of 11000000 people that is at the center of the koran are virus outbreak that's spreading across asia and beyond all transport in and out of the city has been suspended not a difficult time to try and pour in tina city because millions of people are on the move to celebrate the chinese new year so the question is will they attempt to isolate work. this is where it all began authorities believe the outbreak of corona virus can be traced back to a seafood market in rwanda it shutters have now come down and the city has
12:48 pm
followed suit. itself thursday morning this city has been cut off from the rest of the country trains flights buses and ferries have been cancelled even public transport within will hon has ground to a halt. hospital wards have had to deal with hundreds of cases but so far the world health organization has for framed from declaring a global health emergency much depends on whether the measures set in place by the chinese government will prove effective. trying to contain a city of 11000000 people is new to science it has not been tried before as a public health measure so we cannot at this stage say it with order to unmount work. with the city sealed off from the outside world if you headed to the epicenter of the outbreak. the last trains bell for 100 were
12:49 pm
unusually empty. and there's plenty of elbow room for passengers on the final flights into the city. some fear repeat of the deadly outbreak of the sars virus which killed over 800 people in 2003. i think that is i'm really worried i'm really scared it will become the next that's why we all wear masks. others are less concerned. and is a city off 11000000 people. just about 400 have been infected that's a very low percentage and the fatalities are all old people. all over china people on the move to visit relatives over the lunar new year holidays it's one of the biggest annual movements of people in the world despite the lockdown it's likely that somewhere the coronavirus is travelling among them. now to greece and
12:50 pm
tensions of a migration and the refugee crisis on the island of less thousands have been demanding that the government close refugee accounts there and on to other islands his math zonda reports now from as well some hints of those who say that communities simply cannot cope with a fresh surge of migrants and refugees into camps that are already overcrowded and with squalid conditions. it's likely to be the largest protest in the history of the island more than 8000 people have followed the call of this man. this post governor constantine is from the island's capital mytilene he wants to send a message to the government in athens the island can no longer bear the brunt of europe's refugee crisis here in america you know how do you feel. you don't want our islands back we want our lives back. you don't have to go far from this scene
12:51 pm
to see how the crisis has taken hold of the island. this is the notorious morea camp europe's fastest growing humanitarian crisis just a stone's throw away from the capital more than 20000 people are stuck here. for refugees like khalid winter has made life even more difficult together with his wife he came here 2 months ago on terrorists in somalia shot him in his leg and shoulder he says the 26 year old can hardly walk and is in constant pain. being forced to live in this shack he built himself it's the conditions in moria that now bother him the most. it's get out there that they were. now here but. what's the what's the night ploy that all they got to let you get in of reach for the 3rd level if you don't want to come out. according to les paul's governor
12:52 pm
roughly a quarter of the island's population is made up of migrants he says nobody outside of lesbos seems to feel responsible for the situation. i'm afraid that the rest of the european down to the rest of the european union close the borders to these problems because they don't have to they don't want to be bothered by this and i'm afraid that there is the grace is closing the borders to the islands here because they don't work for to be bothered so it's a situation of the blow was really. a situation that is also affecting people in the village of moria opposite the camp everyone here tells us their life changed for the worse when the greek government started sending people here in large numbers. christina runs a hair salon in town twice people have broken in and stolen her equipment she believes they came from the more you can. now if the situation continues like this we one manage the next few years we will have to leave in order to live why do i
12:53 pm
have to live it doesn't sound fair did it has to be me leaving my place back to the protest in me to leave me the government who has at 1st seemed skeptical that the government in athens would listen to the islanders but leading a protest this big seems to have encouraged him never have been so much proud here in subsequence drazen and they were very happy and we feel very powerful now to go to demand our all our demands. not just a symbolic move but rather a cry for help to finally take the pressure off these greek islands. and it turning out that story in australia where 3 american firefighters have been killed while battling a major bushfire in the country's southeast the government of new south wales and the men said the men died when their water bombing plane crashed in a mountainous region south of the capital canberra rescue teams are still trying to reach the site in difficult and windy conditions.
12:54 pm
australia's bushfire crisis rages on and it continues to claim lives as firefighters spent another day battling blazes on the ground and from the news broke that a water bombing plane had crashed in southern new south wales onboard 3 u.s. firefighters they were said to be working for a privately owned company contracted to assist australian crews from the air. the cause of the crash is yet to be determined emergency officials said weather conditions were making it hard to access the crash site today's a stark and horrible reminder of the dangerous conditions that our volunteers our emergency services personnel across a number of agencies undertake on a daily basis the state fire chief said his community was in shock.
12:55 pm
before 40 for eternity as we keeps our user is a top need family it's a fairly small family and our hearts are with all those that are suffering what is the loss of 3 remarkable well respected crew. firefighters on the ground however there was no time to mourn the loss of their colleagues if they were even aware of it. on wednesday morning they were busy battling a number of places spending at emergency warning level their fight made harder by wind gusts of up to 90 kilometers per hour. one of the blazes forced the closure of canberra airport and residents were told to evacuate or 6. and it was very very smoky. grandson if you notice the site he's just been told she likes to light through it but we put it up with easy because the dog can be and. so we're just waiting. for some people who will come and. firefighters are hoping for
12:56 pm
something good. namely a change in weather conditions to make their grueling work easier and less dangerous. if you've just joined us you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin and i looking at special programming when we're looking return to our top story and which is with live pictures coming to you. this is memorial in jerusalem. leaders are gradually arriving there to tick box in the face was holocaust forum. and. the holocaust commemoration as it gets underway did begin you special coverage off the event now you're looking at live pictures lots of it is of already gathered there leaders past and present members of the royal family prince charles is there he is due to speak to people there later we also saw on the line earlier she's. you chief
12:57 pm
head of the commission and we saw mike pence cruel and as you can see there is some delay before former proceedings get underway but usually these events are also really important because it brings people together and they're able to have often informal conversations which can also have a significant role in deepening ties between various countries and they're all they're united as they commemorate the victims of the holocaust and mock the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp and there you see emmanuel mccraw holding a conversation let me now draw in our correspondents who are also watching this ceremony a with me peter here is in jerusalem and with me in the studio i have studied the obvious a chief a political editor and shanny rosanna she is a reporter with let me start 1st let me to hillah who is injured is in b.
12:58 pm
to tell us how important is this event for israel and what's the mood there like now. i think it's a move of hikes it's a mood of high expectations here in israel the event is going to start any minute now we believe as you just saw him on when a car has arrived there just waiting for vladimir putin to arrive here at yad vashem and i think the mood is also very positive find it comes to this event here because people feel that this is also an event that is a show of solidarity for for this country because some of the participants already before it started have talked about the fact that of course israel has a right of existence that's something that is of course also pillar of german foreign policy and i'm sure that i'm quite touched on my of the german president will reiterate this in his speech that we'll see shortly and that is why many israelis i think have embraced as it went something. that is
12:59 pm
a good signal for that country also when it comes of course to all the regional conflicts that we see here and you just talked about like bilateral meetings that always happen at the side of the sidelines of such an event and jam for example yesterday man with. benjamin netanyahu with views ready prime minister and of course to talk to iran. meeting with putin today netanyahu of course talked about iran for him i think it is very important to put more pressure on terror on and i think that's what he tried to do at these bilateral meetings here i think he hopes that there will be more sanctions that some of the european countries will also impose sanctions on iran the arc and arch enemy here of israel because netanyahu things that iran poses the greatest threat to the existence of israel absolutely and we see these live pictures coming in lots of people taking their seats hundreds
1:00 pm
and hundreds of people attending this event at yad vashem among them 100 survivors and they obviously are the stars of this event because they're the people who actually survived the horror of the holocaust shani peter was talking about the solidarity that the world is showing with israel today how important is this for israel this show of solidarity on a day like this very much is a very meaningful event i think the overwhelming response of our leaders were talking over 40 delegations the king austria germany france all the way you know the u.s. sending vice president. bush himself who are trumps son in law and is very close to the trunk himself israelis are very much appreciating the response this warm welcome from world leaders to make a stand to take to take a stand against and to semitism the rise of anti-semitism. we're just
1:01 pm
here i think we're above the 70s the past started let's go back to life and listen to what's happening that is make sure that your fold as a rule so. thank you very much. initially comments of their with the master of ceremonies asking people to switch off their phones we still have people talking and taking their seats i think the ceremonies are due to start shortly earlier we saw a picture of an orchestra there will be music during this event there will be videos $340.00 videos showing us the ghettos the holocaust and the liberation of the auschwitz camp we also have. several people what we see here in the center of the photo with the head and the white beard this is
1:02 pm
a rabbi allow he is the chairman of the of a shame he is himself as a survivor he survived the holocaust at the age of 7 he was. he was sent to. after his his dad was murdered by the nazis he was then later. immigrated to israel he ended up being the head rabbi of the state of israel for several years and has been serving as they had. for many years since then he would also. give a short statement later today in this ceremony ok here we are seeing the jail in prison front but this time i am talking to his french counterpart. yes and that means that if there is presence. there is well and we understand that we're still waiting for russian president vladimir putin to arrive and everybody will of course be listening to absolutely every single word he says simply because of the
1:03 pm
political over the historical circumstances of the 2nd world war with poland in such and so loud actually leading up to this commemoration ceremony we see. mike pence who's representing the united states of course whose entry into the 2nd world war pretty much turned. and we also saw nancy pelosi that yes pensacola she was also is also there with a delegate in the head of a delegation of democrats right that the back of the left of the photo we just saw benny gantz he is the main opposition leader. trying to to me the biggest political opponent for you on the left with the time next to him is the president of the supreme court and we have a of course many israeli ministers and politician also attending this event and we're back now to find by this time with. we need to keep in
1:04 pm
mind putin is the only world leader who made this an official visit to israel he has a very busy schedule during his 12 hours all in all. this morning he integrated a commemoration. of morial for letting grodd victims of the seas during world war 2 in jerusalem and now again we see where func about his time my i'll actually him and his brother were the only members of his family who actually survived the holocaust. a very very. poignant speech i suppose we will hear from him but being so personally involved in the 2nd sounds is that is that common toto wolff talking about that are so abstract for most of all one has to admit and in fact one has to remind ourselves that 6000000 people lost their lives during the holocaust and over a 1000000000 of them while in the auschwitz death and concentration camp which was
1:05 pm
liberated 75 years ago on monday the red army in just about 7 towns and survived they found just 7000 people still alive in the liberation off this camp and. the ceremonies today would also commemorate all those who lost their lives and auschwitz and during the holocaust here we have. you know this is this is really. a israeli president coming in shaking the hands he started i think this was the balkan leaders and he's taking his his time greeting everybody on a very personal level and many people say a lot of this success of managing to get so many world leader to attend this event has to do with rivlin taking years nancy pelosi from the back stepping in to also shake the hands of israeli president he is considered to be a very big united are in israel he's a big advocate for unity he's considered to be one of the most beloved political
1:06 pm
figures today in israel and his support of this event has undoubtedly helped turn it into such a world must be you know world leaders must must attend event let's let's put it that way and here greeting some royal figures. the netherlands and king felipe of spain so a lot of royalty also here at this event have been will hear from prince charles who is representing great question that's right and apparently it seems that there has been a bit of delay with this official start of this ceremony because. on the ground said people are waiting actually for president of the to leave putin of russia to appear he is one of the people who will be addressing people who have gathered there. for this ceremony in fact president even as you were talking also ahead of this event about the dock shadow of anti semitism nothing is very
1:07 pm
much in the minds of all of the israeli politicians and people who've gathered there at this event is taking place to commemorate victims of the holocaust but under the. dark shadows and he said he does and i'm sure this is a theme which will be addressed by various people wanting to speak over the next couple of hours and here you are. graduating mccord they're already met yesterday for. an official meeting in the residency in the president's residency shortly before that we saw president rivlin israeli present grieving spock speaking to his old director of. who thanked him for taking taking this event under his wing and making it a personal mission to bring world leaders to stand by next to israel against and to semitism at the 75 years commemoration day for our.
1:08 pm
concentration camp liberation ok so while we wait for the official start of the ceremonies let's return to the people who will decide if it is all about let's return to a survivor detox last was this is a teenager when she was deported from prague and she ended up in auschwitz she's now $91.00 she spoke to d.w. from a home in israel while leaders will be at this former death camp for the official holocaust remembrance day on monday but for details it's a fish she never wants to see again it brings back too many memories and the horrors that she experienced that let's listen to her and see my. little sister. and the books. this is me in the blacks.
1:09 pm
my number is 73. 105 which i had to show to twice daily. to comb to seal a pill. you had to shout over number one trip to calvin that i 100 from the air was full of ash like snow from there from the smoke from the chimneys. and despair and she's from something chemical you. and i. me just had to understand that this is what happens. when their train arrived there were prisoners who sought it luggage they made the mountains of clothes of shoes of the prude of bread of
1:10 pm
and if they found a book they somehow managed to bring it to the children's broke. there were some $2414.00 books in the book so frayed invented this was very build a library and you were in charge people being killed in gas chambers and being then to implement toria and the actions that were in the air they cover their ass there all the surrounding they knew that our time will come in june we had 6 months grace to live between you we knew we knew we are going to die and you and everybody knew that i won't ever go back to it's i can't bear it that the hundreds and thousands of people go and step there on the ashes
1:11 pm
ashes out all over all over the. place they're stepping on the dead people. these are the survivors of the holocaust talking to you that we now take you live to jerusalem where we are waiting for said official start of the ceremonies one lead us past and present members of the royal family from different countries have gathered to commemorate and remember the victims of the holocaust and mock the 75th anniversary off the liberation of the auschwitz death camp. have information now that the has been a bit of a delay in the start of those ceremonies an official delay of what 20 minutes or so while we wait for that to start and with me i have michelle and shanny rosanne they have been sitting with me and peter here in jerusalem we'll all be back with you in a few minutes once the official ceremonies start but that being now being some
1:12 pm
other stories making news around the world. the leader of the main party off italy's coalition is stepping down 23 and luigi the mio of the country's 5 star movement is expected to stay on as it is foreign minister. there's no let up in 11 months ongoing protests movement despite the formation of a new government that ended a power vacuum protesters clashed with police and the captain better late after nightfall. the new prime minister has on the other said the country must tackle the twin challenges of the protest movement and an economy which is in a shambolic state. experts at the united nations say the phone of amazon founder and washington post owner jeff bezos was likely happed through a 5 cent from an account used by saudi crown prince mohammed bin some on the
1:13 pm
experts and ledge the hacking was an effort to influence or silence the washington post reporting on saudi arabia a saudi official has denied the allegations. and returning to another story that we've been following for you and that's the corona virus spreading in china chinese authorities attempting to quarantine the city a war high on a metropolis of 11000000 people that is at the center of a corona virus outbreak that's spreading across asia and beyond or transport in and around the city has been suspended and it's a difficult time to try and quarantine a city because millions of people are on the move to celebrate the chinese new year holiday and so the question is will the attempt to isolate will one book. this is where it all began authorities believe the outbreak of corona virus can be traced back to a seafood market in one. but shutters have now come down and the city has
1:14 pm
followed suit. a sub thursday morning this city has been cut off from the rest of the country trains flights buses and ferries have been cancelled even public transport within one hon has ground to a halt. hospital wards have had to deal with hundreds of cases but so far the world health organization has refrained from declaring a global health emergency much depends on whether the measures set in place by the chinese government will prove effective. trying to contain a city. of 11000000 people is new to science it has not been tried before as a public health measure so we cannot at this stage say it will order to want to work. with the city sealed off from the outside world if
1:15 pm
you headed to the epicenter of the outbreak. the last trains bell for 100 were unusually empty. and there's plenty of elbow room for passengers on the final flights into the city some fear a repeat of the deadly outbreak of the sars virus which killed over 800 people in 2003. i think that is i'm really worried i'm really scared it'll become the next hour that's why we all wear masks. others are less concerned. as a city often 11000000 people. just about 200 have been infected that's a very low percentage and the fatalities are all old people. all over china people on the move to visit relatives over the lunar new year holidays it's one of the biggest annual movements of people in the world despite the lock down open hard it's likely that somewhere the coronavirus is traveling among them. let me
1:16 pm
draw enough our swan and fabi and krishna he is in beijing 5 in the chinese authorities are really stepping up precautions to contain this a virus and not just when this was 1st a much to mean more about the measures that they're taking. it's today have talked to many diplomats c.n.d. called the isolation of han of the city also 11000000 quite a radical step but also a step that's necessary from a medical point of view because all the coronavirus cases they originated from will hunt but also around the country you see a lot of health checks and body heat scanners and of course everyone at the last majority is wearing space mosques to protect themselves and of course you might wonder if this step was came at an early stage it was too late because most of the people. who wanted to leave one could do so in the last days so actually
1:17 pm
you also see maybe in the next 2 weeks whether this mess of us because the intubation period in which the virus really breaks out you know takes some time so i think the virus already traveled almost all provinces in china from 25 provinces only 7 are officially coronavirus free and the timing of this health emergency couldn't have been less like china because a lot of people are traveling for that new year celebration it seems china has canceled some of these big celebrations give us a sense of the skid off and also number of people on the move during this holiday season it's. usually it's 400000000 chinese who are in the midst i would estimate that now the numbers a little bit less because many have actually cancelled the trouble plants by the it's a mess of the migration so to speak and we know that. many people have already left
1:18 pm
maybe since tuesday when they say when the isolation of 100 was nothing really. at place yet so of course the virus traveled also to south korea to japan to taiwan to all of the countries which have already inspections so i think what. we see from the government he is actually a much more radical steps and compared to the soft condemn it's the time they try to cover up the real threat of the virus and now they don't want to repeat that mistake every day they post new updates if you watch the evening even in news then they almost only exclusively report about the virus outbreak and also among the population this thread is really becoming more real people share on social media videos of overcrowded hospitals and. also solidarity videos basically of praying for for the city of london for the people so it's an indication of people they're looking at all this information which is coming out
1:19 pm
a bot the virus and the spread of this advise do you get a sense i think i'm getting really wanted about this has concern has been large and see. yes very yes but i wouldn't call it a penny at least not yet well people still remember the sauce time of course when depend demick he killed more than 650 people just in hong kong and mainland china at that time beijing was basically isolated the chinese couple to kep until there was no way out no way in and people are afraid that this might happen again because the virus started somewhere far away it's close to hong kong but then it's wrecked to beijing really fast and it took 6 months to really contaminate and tackle that virus and of course people hope that this time it will go faster that china was criticised quite a bit for its handling of the saas outbreak of 2002 and 2000 feet which you just mentioned have a parties want something from that that situation and the steading better now.
1:20 pm
i mean i cannot really just about how the local authorities handled the virus in the 1st stage but now yeah clearly there was a turning point and the authorities quite france parent chinese standards also she thinking he gave a speech and mentioned the virus and he called for more transparency and it's actually quite. a way of self-criticism also acknowledging that some mistakes have to made in the past and that now this virus can only take those if you really share information also share that with international health authorities does this not only a local crisis and i'm sure that for example japan is also pretty worried in the summer we have olympics and tokyo and of course this virus has the potential risk and threats to endanger this event to 95 in question thank you very much for being us up to date on and the crew and i virus and how the government there in china is
1:21 pm
dealing with here. if you just joined us you know what ended up being is coming to you live from london and let's return to our special coverage of commemoration silva since we said lands which are taking place in. memorial in jews in them but he does have gathered for the 1st $100.00 calls for him jennings funkmaster steinmeyer french president in one of the cruel russian president vladimir putin all of that this forum is set to be the biggest political event in israel's history let's now take you live there on the set of minis which have just got underway officially. and this group going to lead to an inferior good look and good food death camps for the limited. knowledge just know that the historical prose the. books of the region. should be. 60 years after the bridges. being green in the old
1:22 pm
builder and during polar. weekend do you say. it's time to adapt. what are we doing to prevent this from happening again. i think to day. into its founding for forums have been told each aimed at ending grazing on the world's consciousness our sacred duty to remember the past and our collective responsibility to apply history's lessons to the present and future. the forms brought together world leaders and distinguished officials from 60 countries by raising awareness globally the issue of anti-semitism and hate is now recognized as an urgent issue doesn't that i
1:23 pm
didn't was. in year. we didn't know bush numb. nuts on the losing walks in the would be at us that we needed you and you did you missed you. will use for her for our. sake and. our careers. where. we are reminded that and i semitism may begin with words but rarely stops with words and the message of intolerance and hatred must be opposed before it turns into acts for we are strong we have power we have influence and these are blinds us with our power to stand up when the even a fierce appearing the do it every day you know what parliaments you know what daily life on the streets we must stand up and say not with us the perpetrators of that crime try to time i only be entire jewish people but they
1:24 pm
failed because 65 years ago today when the gates flew open you were still standing . 75 years have passed since the concentration camps were liberated by the allied forces. remembering the past is our duty but it's not enough. it is our responsibility to secure the future generations of mankind. your majesty's your highness's your excellency's dear holocaust survivors distinguished guests shalom and welcome to the 5th world the holocaust forum remembering the holocaust fighting and the semitism. this is story
1:25 pm
gathering on the mounds of remembrance in jerusalem is organized by the world holocaust phone foundation together with the other under the auspices of the president of the state of israel his excellent see mr gove and even. the show our holocaust was the systematic murder of 6000000 jewish children women and men by the nazis and their collaborators. motivated by their extreme racist anti-semitic ideology the nazis and their collaborators sought to exterminate the entire jewish people to annihilate their culture and heritage and to cruelly persecute other groups. it is particularly meaningful that this event is taking place at yad vashem the world holocaust remembrance center in jerusalem we gather here to honor other survivors remember the victims and to gain insights
1:26 pm
from their stories that are significant and relevant for our present and our future . we also recall the remarkable legacy of jewish resistance during the holocaust jews fought her oh a cli under impossible circumstances they retain their dignity through extraordinary daily attempts to maintain family and communal ties and observe sacred traditions. it is my honor to invite his excellency mr what then would be an evening president of the state of israel to deliver opening remarks.
1:27 pm
dear holocaust survivors your majesty's your highness your excellences presidents prime minister heads and president of parliaments representative of many delegations who came to us these 2 you should guess and all my friends and i have so many good friends because israel has so many good friends welcome welcome to jerusalem yesterday we talked. yesterday we caught getting lish and today here from the heights of yad vashem no notes to the hurts of mountain i would like to express my words hebrew and you have a direct translation so if you are ready with
1:28 pm
a direct isolation i'll stop. on the 27th of january 1945. the gates of hell who opened auschwitz that the greatest enterprise in the history of mankind for the extermination of a people was liberated the atrocities that were shown and revealed to the red army troops were absolutely in comprehensible holder of. the color chant for a jew. and a soldier in the red army described what he saw with his own eyes. is i will trust you he is that victim who suffered i could not tell
1:29 pm
myself that question all of the land that was cursed in whole history of mankind my body was horrified and i was moaning and sobbing italy should. he wrote that camp. there were machine there were body willies thousands of people dying and. yes some of them children too many many children he may have only met. him in the hof and make. some of the moves on. a 1000000 600000 tumen beings were in auschwitz gone nearly a 1000000 and a half of them were jews. they were all slaughtered a 1000000 and 600000 human beings a 1000000 and
1:30 pm
a half of them which you. on a little piece of paper with a pen. wrote on this little slip of paper and he wrote and wrote and reiterated again and again so that it would be remembered so that he would never forget and also that he would never forget that he would always remember god. we too are now you are here standing king. lead me to the north statesman heads of state government in yet for shame in jerusalem in order to remember and never forget you would be on by. for the jewish people and not this and here. as the president of the state of she got israel i would like to thank you
1:31 pm
from the bottom of my heart for having come here are you thank you for your solidarity with the jewish. for your commits. to your commitment to remember just for your commitment to the citizens of the world to those who believe in freedom and the dignity of mankind and 943 for the 1st time and to help. the 3 superpower leader. who had actually wage that war in germany. the shot was not just a meeting of friends not. it was one with tremendous suspicions any better to get suspicions and suspicious not. because there was an abyss of
1:32 pm
differences between but those 3 leaders chose. because it was incumbent upon them to choose to elevate themselves up above the controversy because of one such elevator object. of the not see regime. hopefully destroyed for the sake of mankind that was what the alliance was for for the sake of humanity for millions of human beings. exterminated and slaughter the english and then spin. hundreds of thousands of millions who died the victims of the 2nd world war the allies chose to late hell longside that succeeded and facing the nazi monster and saying no law would at the end of the day
1:33 pm
lead free to man dignity and an alliance for the sake of life they are the ones that came victorious over the 2nd world war and that is not taken for granted what happened you know world away in the allies would not only heard. the phrase this theory would have been. the superpower that could have ruled everything while we are here today. and we knew what the international. was able to do united in order to fight together for. no objective and what they can do today and they will continue acting together based on those shared common file using fighting against racism and anti semitism
1:34 pm
against radical forces that are disseminating. us and destruction like one take. we must stand side by side as all shoulder to shoulder against it for the sake of humanity and a human mind the end of the 2nd world war i think of responsibility actually it was in fact on in other words after the atrocities of the holocaust and the war not the stables chose to conduct themselves with responsibility the national democracies have always reacted and the fruit that have been harvested have been in accordance with that. enlightenment and eradication of a disease. that we should never see in democracy something to be taken for granted
1:35 pm
it is not with us more when we must distance ourselves from remembering that that was the structure and the holocaust and the 2nd world war. it is incumbent upon us to remember even now a days. guests the esteemed heads of states here we must send this and we need to that responsibility in my distinguished guests see the jewish people is a people that remembers we remember all who shot not because we have a sense of primacy look at bayonne north in order. that's what it was sort of just such a shock to think of how those atrocities the whole time and the self and justice no we remember because we understand that if we do not remember then history can.
1:36 pm
not tell you. a finance enough auschwitz but in freedom and human solidarity also came up in that smoke through the. cellar should be determined nazi germany tried to slaughter an extermination the people hoping to give back to kate the jews and get rid of them by thumb of the map. surely monologues the racist views your own cause the death of all the 66000000 human beings. should not men and women let us not be confused anti semitism. does not only start with jews but racism and anti-semitism is a little lincoln and just leave that with dismantles people and states and countries and no society no democracy is
1:37 pm
a mutineer to that. they were time. distinguished guests the state of industry. is not a compensation for the holocaust so it was not inserted in order to come to shore to compensate them clothe took place but yet was established because it is a homeland the homeland of the jewish people. and we came from there and always returned to it after 2000 years and millennia of exile. is democratic is a strong democracy that you have has a strong democracy of it are good advice and he has
1:38 pm
a very very proud member. of the league of nations not a waiting for redemption waiting for partnership. that demands partnership a partnership a fully fledged one in the struggle and battle like an shanti sena or the new will the old one that is looming apostles now in a different shape of a. national security and then of. the land that is taking a terrible toll and the price of a lot in the lives of people it is a chronic disease so many small it is from the righteous and an $18.00 from the left to changing shape some more. self anti semitism has not changed yes but we have. the state of israel is no longer is not. we will always defend us. of the log country.
1:39 pm
because this is the home land in the state of the jewish people and it will always be responsible for the jewish communities. for their safety and security for the state of israel is an integral part of the international league of lation was and we make sure that we're going to strengthen scientific and moral and other values for the entire world we'll to water in result we intend to cut all the tariffs forces one to actually wreaked terror and chaos around the world who are the citizens of the world who believe in freedom and can be detrimental affected by that actually and thus we will continue conducting ourselves. surely i would like to thank you again like a photo of gratitude to the 2 states william
1:40 pm
a ladies and gentleman truth so having come here on behalf of the people of israel as a government of israel there certainly is the. i.d.f. i would like to thank you once again for having me here we will try to thank you for your commitment to the security of the jewish communities especially in such dire times and the whole of the not we would like to hang up. already at a time she and. a new definition. and we are calling upon all the countries of the world who had a national mush-mouth who are you up to it it is a very useful to in the battle against the cemetery on an education and a public level but have also on the enforcement level. together
1:41 pm
all of us. we'll continue striving to struggle and he's gone bat anti semitism racism and ashley hatred for the sake of hatred we will struggle against denial of the holocaust and forgetting it we will continue. our children and ensure that history will not tell us. because the era of such accountability and responsibility of all of us here has not. sold my distinguished dearest dearly beloved holocaust survivors who are with us here today you are our miracle nefesh and what you had to use your strength we saw i saw as a child how you came to israel and. establish new families
1:42 pm
planted trees. and you lou with that you now with what you suffered you promised us our future here in a democratic and jewish jewish and democratic state. why in together. yet there were cracks there is no such thing as a jewish state without democracy if we're choose we can only live in a democratic state and fast we will continue. avatar down should i feel the love of human kind and your love for our fellow israel. on moral compass that we will follow. in the footsteps of you may know to show the victim of our brothers our brethren and be. all those who struggled against the nazis the right just among the relations and
1:43 pm
their descendants of many family. he's here with us and i know of those heads of state know them well they are here amongst us. and we know that they are all engraved in our hearts at infinity we thank you from the bottom. for this partnership off in your fight for a man brands and. eradication of and and your commitment to the eradication of anti semitism racism and hatred. thank you president. ladies and gentlemen his excellency vladimir putin president of the russian federation is now entering the hall.
1:44 pm
it is now my honor to invite his excellent see mr binyamin netanyahu prime minister of the state of israel to deliver his remarks. doing the sema do not use. the president of the state of israel and
1:45 pm
it's a thank you for having initiated and convening this important conference. in my thread through the holocaust survivor. distinguished guests today mottola right chest amongst the nations the righteous among the nation's. poorest not only their own lives. but the lives of their families to save jews during the holocaust. the trees the trees on this hallowed ground of judge washroom are a testament to their remarkable extraordinary courage your
1:46 pm
majesty is your royal highness's presidents mr vice presidents prime ministers and the many distinguished guests and dignitaries assembled here your presence in jerusalem honors the memory of the 6000000 victims of the holocaust israel and the jewish people thank you. o. schmidt's we will share a line. the home. auschwitz and jerusalem. and the summit auschwitz struction jerusalem the resurrection auschwitz. was the incarceration in slave time and through jerusalem is free. auschwitz
1:47 pm
was a death along jerusalem. is life. measured in the commission 75 years ago. the jewish people. liberated from the valley of death that was the biggest ever the greatest ever in the history of mankind no one of those. 5 have forgotten a thing. helplessness insufferable moments that never. the flames the smoke. and the mourning the loss is slowly but surely. time they feel a tremendous vote of gratitude for the liberation when the read to me the entire house of it sort of that tremendous sacrifice of the allies of the soldiers and the people. reba hahn i am here today and
1:48 pm
invite to support with president refrain and president putin from a very moving ceremony dollars out of the inauguration of monument to the siege of leningrad to a building in and that is one of the in honor of. actual realize the nations of the ones that victory over the not system of not simply maus but on such a day which is a company upon as they say for the $6000000.00 people of off people's you'll do a 1000000 and a half children among. those locates of hell where broken into too late then be so that commotion within and therefore in the foundation of the resurrection of this inception of his 8 of his trial there is while. there probably never be another holocaust. washroom shalit you saw was
1:49 pm
a prime minister of the state of his trial sadly not sure he is my most supremely gentleman commitment is really is eternally grateful to the immense sacrifice that was made by the allies by the peoples and the soldiers to defeat the nazis and save our common civilization without that sacrifice there would be no survivors today yet we also remember that some 80 years ago when the jewish people faced annihilation the world largely turned its back on us leaving those to the most bitter fates for many. us woods is the ultimate symbol of evil it is certainly that. the tattooed arms of those who
1:50 pm
passed under its infamous gates the piles of shoes and sun i glasses scenes from the dispossessed in their final moments the gas chambers and crematoria that turned millions of people into ash all these bear witness to the horrific depths to which humanity can sink but for the jewish people auschwitz is more than the ultimate symbol of evil it is also the ultimate symbol of the jewish powerlessness it is the culmination of what can happen when our people have no voice no land no shield today we have a voice we have a land and we have
1:51 pm
a shield. today our voices heard in the white house and in the kremlin in the halls of the united nations and the american congress in london paris and berlin and in countless capitals around the world many of them represented here by you today we have a land our ancient homeland which we brought back to life to which we in gathered the exiles of our people and in which we built and advanced and powerful states and today we have a shield and what a shield it is time after time the strength of our arms the courage of our soldiers and the spirit of our people have prevailed against those
1:52 pm
who sought to destroy us. our hand is extended in peace to all our neighbors and a growing number of them are seizing that to build with israel bridges of hope and reconciliation. ladies and gentleman the jewish people have learned the lessons of the holocaust to take always to take seriously the threats of those who seek our destruction to confront threats when they are small and above all even though we deeply deeply appreciate the great support of our friends to always have the power to defend ourselves by ourselves we have learned that israel must always
1:53 pm
remain the master of its fate. the jewish state the jew state has learned the lessons of the holocaust as the world learned the lessons of the holocaust there are some signs of hope. and this extraordinary gathering is one of them today the dangers of racism hateful ideology and anti semitism are better understood. many recognize a simple truth that what starts with the hatred of the jews doesn't end with the jews represented here today or governments that understand that confronting anti semitism in all its forms but sex their societies as well and israel deeply appreciates this we also appreciate as many understand as
1:54 pm
president mccone said yesterday that anti zionism is merely the latest form of anti-semitism. these are all. these are all real signs of hope and understanding and cognizance of how to protect our civilization and our world and yet and yet i am concerned i'm concerned that we have yet to see a unified and resolute stance against the most anti semitic regime on the planet a regime that openly seeks to develop nuclear weapons and another late the one and only jewish states israel salutes president trump and vice president pence for
1:55 pm
confronting the tyrants of tehran that subjugate their own people. but tyrants of tehran that subjugate their own people and threaten the peace and security of the entire world they threaten the peace and security of everyone in the middle east and everyone beyond i call on all governments to join the vital effort of confronting iran in any case i wish to assure again our people and all our friends. israel will do whatever it must do to defend our states defend our people and defend the jewish future. we want the. ladies and gentleman goes from shell if you see the prime minister of the
1:56 pm
state of israel i shall. i commit to those. never again will not be an end. because it will be an ongoing and imperative that must be followed to flush them in continuing and following that at some lawyer just resurrection that starts. today of the dry. little small. liberty and freedom a little shout out to jerusalem. to light. of i shy as a prophet for the people walking in the doctors they saw a great life thank you very much want to know.
1:57 pm
thank you prime minister netanyahu. it is my honor to invite the founder and president of the world holocaust following foundation and president of the european jewish congress dr machette cantor to deliver his remarks. your majesty is your highness's your excellences. distinguished guess indeed dear colloquies survivors i would like to begin by expressing my deepest gratitude to president rivlin who 2 years ago strongly he strongly supported
1:58 pm
a dia to lead the world for the cause forum in jerusalem under the special partnership of yad vashem and european jewish congress. i would like to address here today just 3 points number one why isn't this image isn't a threat to humanity and not only for jewish people number 2 what is the situation to deal one to cynicism and specially for european jews and number 3 what are the practical steps that must be taken to stop this threat when granted an equal rights to the jews of france napoleon bonaparte the said the national edge of your diverse jews
1:59 pm
is the barometer of society's realization and ways that historically jews were always a man the most loyal citizens of their countries and did their best to integrate and to become dealers of society in all walks of life those who wanted to dismantle the fabric of society etc miss from both right and left the jews were always a symbol of society's foundations. rejection of the jews was a rejection of the world order they were always the 1st start of it but by no means the last the nazi era raised one 3rd of jewish people
2:00 pm
$6000000.00 but in total more than 60000000 people were killed during the 2nd world war and the world just stopped at the gates of destruction if extremists are not stopped at the gates of on to submit islam they will eventually take over executive power in their states and what is the situation today who could imagine they're just 75 years after the holocaust and jews would again be if raid to walk the streets of europe wearing jew symbols who would have imagined that synagogues would be attacked again and cemeteries disagreed and even destroyed on
2:01 pm
a regular basis as president of the european jewish congress i can only offer you a picture of communities hiding behind high fences and thick security doors more than 80 percent of them feel unsafe in europe today while more than 40 percent are considering leaving europe entirely and in recent years 3 percent have done so annually if we think about these few go for a moment it means that at this rate in only 30 years that there could be no jews in europe what must be done. firstly we must educate about the holocaust and about the dangers of anti semitic ism
2:02 pm
a racism and xenophobia and particularly from the very early age secondly we must introduce meaningful legislation finally thirdly fully enforce it. in this regard there is so much that we can learn from one another for example germany adopted a law 2 years ago against online he'd speech at dressing one of the most powerful bled forms that and to submit ism and the race is today the internet the united states has recently addressed the growing under-estimate ism or new diversity campuses with an executive order which permits the restricting of federal funds for universities the do not combat and the
2:03 pm
semitism france passed legislation against boy cause of people and products based on nationality addressing the new type of undersea mutism which targets the jew steed just a few weeks ago they passed a resolution acknowledging that and to zionism is and to semitism great britain is a model of how effectively to respond to and to submit isn't it created a task force combined of law enforcement agencies legal institutions and civil society organizations to effectively cordon aid and aircraft against undersea material and russia. where we find maybe the lowest rates of one to submit isn't due to a very uncompromising long term policy to words and to semitism and and to
2:04 pm
submit it incidence are treated with mark simone severity therefore practically eliminating underestimate isn't in the public arena. these 5 positive examples of strong leadership should be kwan over europe and all over the world so to resume we have to equate legally and practically the words and actions of i'm to submit islam to the words and actions of extremism and even terrorism otherwise it will be too late when extremism takes over executive power country by country which means your and our mutual future we are
2:05 pm
together today united in our words and in our believe for a future free from mantissa mutism racism and sin afford it together we will plant the seeds of trust and believe so that our daily prayers for celebration will be answered. i think each and every one of you for being here for your dedication believe and commitment thank you. thank you dr cantor. we are honored to have with us here an international philharmonic orchestra made up of musicians from russia france germany
2:06 pm
israel poland and the united states this orchestra is led by artists for peace to my best of the mill speaker of. it will now perform the piece evening prayer last night in the ghetto from the symphony yellow stars composed by isaac choice.
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for the. the allied nations came together in order to defeat nazi germany and its collaborators their joint efforts and unity of purpose to save the world from nazi evil the red army bravely and resolutely led the defeat of the nazis on the eastern front and so again there with
2:14 pm
its allies freed europe from the nazi where soviet troops liberated my dynamic auschwitz butin now and other nasty camps. it is my honor to invite his excellency mr vladimir putin president of the russian federation to deliver his remarks. were dreaming has been president mr president. when you put in there i mean use the prime minister kohli friends ladies and gentlemen. who have gathered today at this international forum to locals to the memory of the holocaust victims and as i would share responsibility that has brought us together the debt we owe was going
2:15 pm
to be an actor the future we mourn for all the victims of the net says thank you jena 6000000 jews zone which in the detests gear and ghettos and concentration camps where you can i trust asli slaughter and punitive expedition this 40 percent of the new songs go so you citizens of the former soviet union will do so us danuta for us the holocaust has always been for us. it is a tragedy we shall never forget before coming to jerusalem as i read the authentic documents i could see that of the priests i don't mean. from the offices of the red army soon after the liberation of me i have to tell you where you meet the community it is would you tell your very difficult will do we like these details that speaking detail how this camp was organized has this
2:16 pm
machinery for the cold blooded extermination of people was working you feel it is almost unbearable to weave through many of them a handwritten note by the soldiers and officers of the red army on the 2nd the 3rd day after the liberation of the prisoners but on these photographs of me we did give us a chance to feel the sure that what they felt one you could at least saw what was happening that they witnessed things. made them feel pain among the intake nation compassionate you marshall can have those in charge of the medal the military operation your money you take the densely populated island nation and just real area of germany trying to save as many civilians as possible and once he was informed of the atrocities that were happening and that's a week for page himself where you're from even see that concentration count of the subsequently he wrote in his memoirs that he did not have the right to do loose
2:17 pm
back then. we believe you know he did not have the right to let the righteous feeling of vengeance applying to us. because that would have us if you will we go about intuitional that james and on the innocent people that lived in germany with the january the 27 this is going on. mark the 75th anniversary since the liberation of auschwitz help here where people from different countries. experimented upon and exterminated in droves their religious help it took the lives of hundreds of thousands of people including more than 1000000 jews doman crimes were. by not saying a 2nd their carefully thought through and it was final solution to the jewish question as they called it that is they call exit one of the blackest the most shameful when you are being judged and the world history nor should we forget that
2:18 pm
this crime had accomplices. often surpassed that of them asked when i was actually and concentration camps were operating not just by not saying this but by their henchmen had accomplices and many european country as if they discovered that it's where these stocks operate and in occupied territories of the soviet union that the biggest number of jews were slaughtered in ukraine you could see 1000001400000 jews your solution is to do what i list here. 182000 it will remind you that if you do i like the usual your attention to the fact of that that is the way 95 percent of the pre-war jewish population of lithium him being largely at 77000 look was as old as a force just several 100 latvian jews managed to survive a holocaust holocaust as a deliberate examination of people who did not. have to remind you now is how to
2:19 pm
list all the same things that for many other nations russian spell of russians a korean sparrow's if they really make other nationalities were declared as the people and read their land and some of this was a paris to be from superstitious but were in labor for. to provide them with a comfortable you would be existence whereas slavonic nations are only contempt either to be exterminated or to be reduced to just laves with no voice of their own with no culture historical memory or language you should do truth rather than and it is 19 when i'm 45 so used to. barrick plan was the bill is used to put schools 1st and foremost by the soviet nation as was mentioned a few manage the project last fall the land and water freedom to go we paid a terrible summer drives the slow head of road before with the cia an illusion we
2:20 pm
had tea sacrificed to be 27000000 people a meter hollow questions that was the price you have to invade tree of the memory of the holocaust will only become a lesson not a warning to every it's comprehensive and integral that's now if you would have to support a mission you would be gradually right now which is just on the memory of war and its lessons and you fall victim increasingly often into short term political. interests which is absolutely inadmissible order through a duty of current politicians to political leaders and state and s.t.v. protect the good name of close living and falling heroes as well as innocently he will who shall take him to nazis and their henchmen when when to do that we need to use all opportunities information of political and cultural the authority and countries throughout the world views i am confident that everyone i tell in the 4 years abortionist share as you go to these concerns my man is willing to stand together with russia to protect the truth and justice. i mean.
2:21 pm
we certainly all bear responsibility to make sure that the terrible tragedy is. should never repeat themselves or we have to make sure that iraq's future generations i remember going to war as a holocaust on concentration camps and the siege of leningrad as prime minister netanyahu has said look we've been arguing monumentally or victims of the siege of leningrad which they have to remember. as well as the village of having to answer to the crowd look we have to be fair to a lot of you not to miss one the 1st half a trait of shy of an ism of senior phobia and if i understand my tears i'm start to riyadh. we had when we see sara pushes attempts to condense in a phobia manifestations of these phenomena with a deep believe you know they are passable fragmentation in the face of novels has and can bring about terrible consequences when easily to find the courage not just to speak about that directly but also to do everything in our power to protect me
2:22 pm
but i believe that the founding members of the united nations lead by example of the 5 nations who have become but upon which has special responsibility to preserve our civilization i mean can you give me what some of our human counterparts we've discussed this and as far as i'm just on the the actually dispositive future we suggest that people immediately are to be held of the state heads of state and government of the p 5 for russia china the u.s. and france and the u.k. it can take place in any country at any place of the well where you have the counterparts find it convenient russia is willing to engage in that any serious conversation without further ado we are willing to celebrate this address with the leaders of that on the u.n. security council the 5 we have many it wouldn't be much as she is at hand just recently one of the issues that libya was discussed in the early at the initiation
2:23 pm
of chancellor merkel group but we'll have to get back to that to the you know at the united nations it doggedly i resolution but there are many other issues to impose on such a meeting if you're 2020 i believe it's going to be emblematic as we will celebrate the 75th anniversary since the heat of the 2nd world war as well as since this stablish one of the united nations when you see my summit of nations that made the main contribution of routing the aggressor to building a post-war world and you had could play an important and fighting collective so your responses to the challenges and threats of today and it would demonstrate our recovery comedy version 2 alliances and also historical memory you know the. lefty ideals and values that our forefathers fought because side by side for and in conclusion i would like to. say thank you joe israeli colleagues for they want to speak well welcome to here in jerusalem and wish to look the participants of the conference as well as all citizens of israel peace. the best thank you very much.
2:24 pm
thank you president putting the entry of the united states into the war was critical in the allies fight against nazi germany and other axis powers liberating western europe and ensuring the allies eventual victory american soldiers freed book. and other nazi concentration camps it is my honor to invite his excellency mr mike pence vice president of the united states of america to deliver his remarks.
2:25 pm
president revel in prime minister netanyahu your majesty's presidents excellence is honored survivors and distinguished guests. it is deeply humbling for me to stand before you today on behalf of the american people as we mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz. on this occasion. here on mount hurts. we gather to fulfill a solemn obligation. an obligation of remembrance. to never allow the memory of those who died in the holocaust to be forgotten by anyone anywhere in the world. the word remember appears no fewer than
2:26 pm
$169.00 times in the hebrew bible for memory is the constant obligation of all generations and today we pause to remember what president donald trump rightly called the dark stain on human history the greatest evil ever perpetuated by man against man in the long catalogue of human crime. the faces of a 1000000 and a half children reduced to smoke under a silent sky for the crime of having a single jewish grandparent the night ily was ill called 7 times sealed consumed the faith of so many then. and challenges the faith of so many still today we remember
2:27 pm
what happens when the powerless cry for help and the powerful refused to answer. the town's name. was mentioned as part of their plan to destroy the very existence of polish culture the nazis gave polish towns german names and this one they called auschwitz when soldiers opened the gates of auschwitz on january 27th 1905 they found 7000 half starved half naked prisoners hundreds of boxes of camp records that documented the greatest mass murder in history
2:28 pm
before the war was over and its 5 years of existence more than $1100000.00 men women and children would perish at auschwitz. as my wife and i can attest firsthand. from this past year. one cannot walk the grounds of auschwitz without being overcome with emotion. and grief. one cannot see the piles of shoes. the gas chambers the crematoriums the lone. boxcar. facing the gate to the camp in those grainy photographs of men women and children being sent to their deaths without asking
2:29 pm
how could they. today we mourn with those who mourn and grieve with those who grieve we remember the names and the faces and the promise of the 6000000 jews who were murdered in the holocaust today we also pay tribute. to those who survived. who all these years have borne witness to that evil and have served man kind by their example. steve. and today we honor and remember the memory of all the allied forces. including more than $2000000.00 american soldiers who left hearth and home suffered appalling casualties and freed
2:30 pm
a continent from the grip of tyranny and finally we pay tribute to the memory of those non jewish heroes who saved countless lives those the people of israel called the righteous among the nations. in an age of indifference they acted in an age of fear. they showed courage and their memory and their example. should kindle a new. flame of our hearts to do the same in our time. was. we must be prepared. to stand as they did. against the wave of their times.
2:31 pm
we must be prepared to confront and expose the vile tide of anti semitism that is fueling hate and violence all across the world and we must stand together. obs. in that same spirit we must also stand strong against the leading state purveyor of anti semitism against the one government in the world that denies the holocaust as a matter of state policy and threatens to wipe israel off the map the world must stand strong against the islamic republic of iran tubs
2:32 pm
. and finally we must have the courage to recognize all the leaders in all the nations that are gathered here today we have the responsibility and the power to ensure that what we remember here today can never happen again. absent. mr prime minister as we honor and remember the 6000000 jewish martyrs of the holocaust. the world can only marvel at the faith and resilience. of the jewish people who just 3 years after walking in the valley of the shadow of death rose up from the ashes to reclaim
2:33 pm
a jewish future and rebuild the jewish state. and i'm proud to say as vice president of the united states at the american people have been with you every step of the way since 940. and so we will remain. as president trump declared in his historic visit jerusalem bond between our 2 peoples is woven together in the fabric of our hearts and so it shall always be. today we remember not simply the liberation of auschwitz but also the triumph of
2:34 pm
freedom a promise fulfilled a people restored to their rightful place among the nations of the earth and we remember. we remember the long night of that past the survivors and the faces of those we lost the heroes who stood against those evil times and today we gather nearly 50 nations strong here in jerusalem to say with one voice never again. absent. through pogroms persecutions and expulsions in the ghettos and finally even through the death camps. the jewish people clung to an ancient promise that he would never leave you or for sake you.
2:35 pm
and that he would lead to this people to inherit the land that he swore to your ancestors as he would give them. and so today as we bear witness to the strength and the resilience and the faith of the jewish people so too we bear witness to god's faithfulness to the jewish people are on. in the memory of the martyrs be enshrined in the hearts of all humanity for all time may god bless the jewish people state of israel. the united states and all the nations gathered here. in may he who creates peace in the heavens. create peace for us and for all the world.
2:36 pm
oh say show loam beam role model. who you say us a show alone. lay knew the. us is for. value rude. were on one of the amount . i. thank you mr vice president.
2:37 pm
you're on the eve of world war 2. european jews were interested in society contributing in every field from art and science to industry and literature. but as proof read one germany descended into severe economic crisis and social upheaval. hitler saw an opportunity to seize power by turning age old european anti-semitic prejudice into a radical anti jewish ideology and policy blaming the jews for all of germany's world was excluding them from public life introducing racial laws and infusing every layer of society with anti-semitic hatred. as hitler's power grew
2:38 pm
unchecked and unrestrained anti-semitic rhetoric quickly evolved into restrictions boycotts oculus violence arrests deportations and ghettos where jews started. the 35 that i made up by the. committee of all the. it is. clear belgrade a view of. economy needed in the final solution the systematic extermination of around 6000000 jews including one and a half 1000000 children. but of course aim short for that i'm not sure
2:39 pm
that their custom. sure does a coat but they just sort of shit on the shim. the zokol mama taught that mom it does come with a coat and if nicole. the goal was not only the annihilation of jews but also of jewish history and culture committing the large scale theft of jewish property in order to fund the nazis heinous crimes. the nazi war machine devoured country after country and where ever nazi boots tread killing squads labor concentration death camps followed over $1100.00 ghettos and around $1000.00 camps soon covered europe.
2:40 pm
yeah we are together. faking a group of might if those who seek out. yeah we are to get defending or that go for even if. the allies realize that the only way to stop killers armies was to join forces. the red army was the 1st to drive back the massive casi on russian soldiers from a powerful military facing harsh weather conditions and major shortages of the quick hits and supplies. in november 942 the red on begins to push the nazi's back from the gates of stalin ground freeing eastern europe from the nazi grip region after region. in july 1943
2:41 pm
after freeing north africa american forces together with british troops join the battle for europe through italy. under. $6944.00 a large american force together with british canadian and australian troops planes on the beaches of normandy they advance through western europe while to the south french forces joined the battles. on july 24th 1944 soviet soldiers liberate the death camp by done it without yet fully understanding the dimensions of the nazi genocide. from this point on the allies close in on germany even as the nazis retreated they frantically worked to complete the final solution through death marches and mass exterminations of jews. in the delhi at auschwitz at that or what shall i mean sad will no doubt explain the fact that out of bad more the country seem epic if.
2:42 pm
tens of thousands would die in the death march is. not a should be self has happened says a lower level you come at. me share that can in that not in the one hand you sad again yeah true back. in 1905 the allies working in close cooperation deal the final blows to the nazi regime the red army liberates auschwitz birkenau followed by the liberation of booth and walt and by the american army and bergen belsen by the british. the war in europe ends with the fall of berlin and the liberation of the last camp tracy and shouted. as the liberators including many jewish soldiers stepped through the gates of the camps they crossed from earth into hell.
2:43 pm
where a creative. person got mortgages girl. even radio is made. on. bridge you're going to regret it when you really. mean it's going to there which are you going to get it yeah he really. never got it why not have a judge here are proud about god doing god did you no doubt that by the very latest coming up we are describing things out well not what you'd take the way you have it all. soviet american british canadian and france soldiers that entered the camps from survivor so weak sick and malnourished that they could barely stand. the
2:44 pm
liberators discovered the overcrowded barracks the rooms for medical experiments the gas chambers and the criminal jury and. i could never forget that day. because when i walked through that day. i saw in front of me what i call the walking dead. human beings human beings that had been beaten had been stock had been touching and live they had been denied everything. the power of unity overcame the strongest army the world has ever seen and saved humanity from the darkest evil the world and ever known.
2:45 pm
after the fall of france to german occupation the french underground kept the flame of resistance alive free french forces joined the allies and fought to liberate france and other parts of western europe it is my honor to invite his excellency mr him and well mccall president of the french republic to deliver his remarks. mr president. that it mr president. of the state of israel and a dear friend thank you. mr prime minister mr shifted. mr esteemed head use of state government only for your majesty.
2:46 pm
and the president of the world holocaust for. rabbi holocaust survivors distinguished guests and friends one and all. can be perceived as something. negligible but to see you all here convened already says so much. can one have even imagined this happening now which they. will be able to be so united in the remembrance in order to remember that in order to revive and bring back those memories to life and i. mention those holocaust survivors presence here and the daughters on the sons of those who were expelled on the right just among the names of the nations those who
2:47 pm
passed on their testimony and those who have kindled the torch of the mad infinity of turn a city you are those who have proven to this very day for humanity. 75 years ago. it is nearly today exactly 75 years ago today on the 27th of january 1945 brave soldiers of the red on he went through the gates of auschwitz bill canal in poland and the occupied poland by nazi germany. each and every one of you in turn described. that moment that astonishment the shock that the entire mankind sensed and felt to go but they but there were no celebrations celebrating or cries of joy even anger
2:48 pm
when they saw what they saw but just. of so the shock can silence the people of europe exhausted after the war it wasn't even an affair end for the survivors those who remained for them it was some kind of relief because the worst of everything possible had already had. and i will relate to that because so many children would not find their parents and parents will not find their children ever again will because what they had experienced was something that one could not describe in words and for so many then it was something that couldn't even be her daughter name it it was something that one could not even imagine. despite that.
2:49 pm
survivor overcame that disaster for cat by. to tell their story just as a levy is all set to tells the story of the child in one little shelter asked his mother in hiding quietly quietly can i now cry. and that. in that. he started to sing so that his soul would be conveyed to another and that little child who whispered to the grandparents and said don't believe don't fear dying it's not so beautiful here after all she was only 7 of us and all of these are words of true love they have. yes and yes we can
2:50 pm
convey these words gestures and breath in order to do so one we need. to know give him that response. write it all down. for the sake of course directly for the future generations which we have to continue the work of it's highly on him that if darkness in. of age he actually took. and he inaugurated that center so look in the least might those dismal of. your collective didn't answer minutes of testimony and reconstructed the documents and created an archive of the jewish victims. and they were telling their. need while they were also trying to remain alive. after those tyrants and the nazis did it in water
2:51 pm
to forget is every real thing that you need to. react like tell us felt for example what power they had in order to find those names and find those. perpetrators of the murderous all these struggles and all these fights and all these combatants i would like to think about the new with you today. our fans. they were people who remembered in france as well there were horrific things in france as well and my country and our country we raise our eyes to jerusalem there were such horrific stories and nails but we needed to name an institution that would be a man and a man it was. who immediately stood there i mean. the victims of heroism and the hollow cursed that those who suffered in that.
2:52 pm
trustees and those who remained and survived many after all this is not just history that one can just read it this way or another no justice of it's equal and there is history with proof and evidence and there is the life of our nation is of our states just not confused between these things so that we will not be engulfed once again in this horrific dismal times we must remember the name. but not in all the tate in our times because those commits us to remember and to continue the dialogue and the hear and the friendship. and
2:53 pm
what's better than all the greater symbol is there then to see all of us here today convened together unite to act. in that struggle of common devaluing forgetting. all words of revenge an act of revenge what on the proprietor eyes lens when i see so many ways stay in european same. it's represents a very day to find myself among the. men were probably. present steinmeyer sitting here to be pursued him and so many others and to hear you talking from here europe it's incumbent upon it to remain united lanter never ever forget again and not to actually find one selves in a state of controversy that is a lesson also to be. thanked. in
2:54 pm
a community international. and international community it's incumbent upon them also to never. never to forget anything of the barbaric. and the exclusion and shunning out of the others international law that is committed to protect them and was then trampled upon by. the president putin yes those 5 members those establishing members are united they carry that historic responsibility and i share with you 75 years of. unite and meet once again and i sincerely hope we will succeed in doing so after all. we witnessed. and since the end of the 2nd world war we are those who must promise world. that leans
2:55 pm
upon law and the dignity of mankind and. maintaining their their all right elizabeth that is something that we are not made on to we must have the unity of the international. community and europe because after all war anti semitism has once again underscore generated national and. and together with the semitism that an entourage entourage of intolerance. has also risen its ugly head and i'm saying this unequivocally anti semitism is not only a problem of jews or no not at all it is 1st and foremost the problem of the others thank god for don't use it in the proceeding because every single time in our history he said.
2:56 pm
emanate. weaknesses and long. planned he semitism led to the capability of except seeing the up was always the very 1st expression of the exclusion of others * every time and these images some appeared there no racism also flourished and all that was was ok yah taken no one account of her and all that we are here today we have today because with this new and his semitism really should never give up we should continue fighting more shared here moshe can tell you mention that take each and every one of us in other countries are you know through. a humans and through. we must maintain those in the towards in the virtual worlds as well because the
2:57 pm
truth that all that vitriol is heard there and we have to be very we must understand that that is what happenings and we should be vigilant about it and stop it and curb it we must believe. that the nowadays we should never let our children who are now again and try to nail same. religious. they should we should we hold it was behind us about his new here last residence and gathered 1st share a mass in itself and the presence of our use year at yad vashem that in itself in bed. alone is a real life. because after all we've just seen the. cybil of such horrible things. hatred and
2:58 pm
racism is poison that has such a toxic effect and other and those who believe in it and those who are with it they become accomplices i truly believe that education. is and yes that will protect us against anti semitism. one of the great. french authors called the people who sort of became different religious people who simply in no way where saying the list i have an a store to buy but the reason not to allow that to happen because we will promise remembrance and we promise to take a step was remember and do not forget thank . you on me remember to say you don't forget.
2:59 pm
this earth illegally i mean. french are appalling is and something years and cherish shared and in crazy lives on its plan or in its heart than teaching it in its schools and white english names of the most children although this one is common for raising their names on. that of president xi raghu recognize that so. that this was. a way that you wish. french jews were expelled. to. churches and villages or france to those children and jews and i had doubts 240000 was saved when 11000 were expelled to their death cannes france knows exactly what they are that resilience and what united.
3:00 pm
those who try and give up will find against. ference as a nation to survive they are heroes and they. convey a. passing it to. to the future generations and our children will also have to do so will also convey that message and they will become both witnesses of the witnesses and never give up because thanks to what they will learn they will become those who have the power of knowledge and they know that we do not have the right or the privilege of forgetting and the stories of our victims is a story that has a $501.00 and a crucial one that must be passed on as it will be all inspiring attorneys our
3:01 pm
children. our children will have to protect and defend democracy and humanity that is so fragile and allocate and one must fortify a time and time again so we are uniting here today once again in order that inspiration and order to you know that they will find in their hearts in the valor act. and he said that on the usa that they need to they will be able to stand strong and defend our values and they too will be able to say through knowledge that everything they saw and experienced and understood never again never again.
3:02 pm
thank you president. well germany sought to break british resolve through brutal bombings the united kingdom remain steadfast british forces together with those of other allies go the nazis back through north africa and europe and liberated bergen belsen and other german concentration camps it is my honor to invite his royal highness the prince of wales to deliver his remarks. thank you thank. survivors over sure present drifted their
3:03 pm
majesties direction says ladies and gentlemen. it is a particular honor although one of the most solemn time to be present here today. on behalf of the united kingdom to commemorates all those search tragically lost in the show. to come to this sacred place yad vashem. a memorial and a name. is to be faced with that for which no name no words and no language can ever possibly do justice. the magnitude of the genocide that was visited upon the jewish people. defies comprehension and can make those of us who live in the shadow of those
3:04 pm
indescribable events feel hopelessly inadequate. the scale of the evil was so great the impact so profound that it threatens to obscure the countless individual human stories of tragedy loss and suffering of which it was comprised. that is why places like this and events like this are so vitally important. for many of you you here and for jewish people across the globe those stories are your stories. whether you witnessed and somehow enjoyed the appalling barbarity of the holocaust personally or whether it touched your lives through the experience of your loved
3:05 pm
ones or through the loss of parents grandparents uncles aunts or other family you were never able to know. but we must never. forget that they are also our story a story of in comprehensible the inhumanity. from which all humanity can and must learn. for that is an evil cannot be described it does not mean that it cannot be defeated that it cannot be fully understood does not mean that it cannot be overcome and so it is a particular significance that we should gather here in israel where as so many of those who survived the holocaust sought and found refuge. and built
3:06 pm
a new future for themselves and this country. in the same way it has been a singular privilege throughout my life to have met so many holocaust survivors who were welcomed to the united kingdom and who began new lives that are contributing immeasurably to the welfare of our country and the world in the years that followed i have such inspiring memories of remarkable people such as needs alaska wolfish who somehow survived both auschwitz and bag and bells and before moving to britain after the wall. there as a wonderfully talented cellist she co-founded the english chamber orchestra of
3:07 pm
which i am proud to be an patron for the past 43 years. on how. she bears the number by which tyranny had sought to make her less than human. yet through had music she reminds us of the greatest beauty of which we are capable over the years as she has shared her story bravely and powerfully determined that some good might come from the unspeakable evil she enjoyed and overcame. from the horror she brought harmony healing and hope. just as each life lost in the show stands for all the millions who died each inspirational stories such as that of i need to alaska wolfish stands for the strength of
3:08 pm
spirit the unparalleled courage the determined to firearms of the very best of humanity when confronted with the very worst. for my own part i have long drawn inspiration from the selfless actions of my dear grandmother princess alice and greece who in 1943 in nazi occupied athens saved a jewish family by taking them into her home and hiding them. i had. my grandmother who is buried on the mount of olives has a tree planted in her name here at yad vashem and is counted as one of the righteous
3:09 pm
among the nations cidade more or less. a fact which gives me and my family immense pride. ladies and gentlemen almost a lifetime is passed since the horror of the holocaust unfolded on the european continent and those who bore witness to it are sadly ever few and we must therefore commit ourselves to ensuring that their stories live on to be known and understood by each successive generation a need to alaska world fisher said there is a risk that the holocaust will be placed under a glass bubble just like the napoleonic wars or the 30 years war
3:10 pm
but if we don't make the connection between memories of past atrocities and the present there isn't any point to it she is it seems to be absolutely right the holocaust must never be allowed to become simply a fact of history we must never cease to be a pole nor moved by the testimony of those who lived through it their experience must always educate and guide and warners the lessons of the holocaust are searingly relevant to this day 75 years after the liberation of auschwitz birkenau hatred and intolerance still lurk in the human heart still tells you lies adopt new disguises
3:11 pm
and still seek new victims. all too often language is used which turns disagreement into dehumanization. words are used as badges of shame to mock others as enemies to brand those who are different somehow deviant. all too often virtue seems to be sought through verbal violence. all too often real violence in syria. and acts of unspeakable cruelty are still perpetrated around the world against people for reasons of their religion their race or their beliefs. knowing as we do the darkness to which such behavior leads we must be vigilant in descending these ever changing threats we must be fearless
3:12 pm
in confronting false woods and resolute in resisting words and acts of violence we must never rest in seeking to create mutual understanding and respect we must tend the earth of our societies so that the seas of division cannot take root and grow and we must never forget that every human being is beds a limb below him in the image of god and even a single human life is millennia like an entire universe led to. the holocaust was an appalling jewish tragedy but it was also
3:13 pm
a universal human tragedy and one which we compound if we do not heed its lessons on this day in this place and in memory of the millions who perished in the show or let us recommit ourselves to tolerance and respect. to ensuring that those who lived through this darkness will forever as in the words of the prophet does. be a light unto the nations to guide the generations that follow. thank you.
3:14 pm
thank you your highness we remember here the one and a half 1000000 jewish soldiers who fought in the allied armies nearly 200000 of these soldiers were killed in combat. victual man was a gifted austrian jewish composer conductor and pianist who was deported to the ghetto in september 1942 while imprisoned under horrific conditions women continue to compose music and formed an orchestra he wrote by no means did we sit weeping on the banks of the waters of babylon our endeavor with respect
3:15 pm
to the arts was commensurate with our will to live victor women was murdered in the gas chambers of auschwitz birkenau on october 18th 1944 but his spirit lives on through his music we will now hear the last movement from 7 piano sonata written while he was incarcerated interesting stat.
3:16 pm
leave. it.
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3:18 pm
liz liz. liz. thank you.
3:19 pm
lynn. now nazi germany which launched world war 2 also initiated and perpetrated the
3:20 pm
holocaust after 5 and a half years of bloodshed and destruction germany was defeated since then germany has undergone a complex process of coming to terms with its actions before and during the war and with its special historic responsibilities german leaders have expressed their nation's commitment to ensuring that the legacy of the show remains forever a crucial aspect of germany's identity it is my honor to invite his excellency mr frank of alto stein my president of the federal republic of germany to deliver his remarks. thank.
3:21 pm
you hey new member. because. before so much. say shell said. if there isn't a gift here. to go to a dress you. had to. lean. see. another and duck to mushy cantle thank government for your info taishan excellent guests from all over the world and most of it steamed witnesses and survivors of this show up
3:22 pm
here again. burns the eternal flame in remember and of the victims of the show this plays of reminds us of their suffering the suffering of millions and it reminds us of their lives each individual life this place remembers some way teton man a keen swimmer who won competitions for my car we've also and his little sister rieger. who helped her mother prepare the family meal for us this place remembers goldish and her 3 year old son villi in october. they were be ported from chisinau ghetto
3:23 pm
and then january in the bitter code either a last letter. to have parents quote i regret from the very depths of mirth so that on departing i did not realize the importance of the moment that i did not hog you tightly never releasing you from my arms germans deported. germans burned numbers on their forearms germans tried to do you mean. to reuse them to numbers to a raise or a memory of them in the extermination camps. they did not succeed
3:24 pm
summer in riga either and believe we're human beings and as human beings they live on in our memory yet but. give them as it says in the book of you. a monument and a name i had to stand before this monument as a human being and as a german. i stand before their monument i read their names. i hear their stories and. in deepest sorrow salmon read. and villi were human beings. and this also must be said here the perpetrators were
3:25 pm
human beings they were germans those who murdered those who planned and helped in the murdering and the many who was silently toed the line they were germans the industrial mass murder of 6000000 jews the worst crime in the history of humanity it was committed by my countrymen the terrible war. which cost far more than 15000000 lives is a originated from my country 75 years later. after the liberation of auschwitz i stand before you all as president of germany and i stand here laden with the heavy historic good burden of guilt
3:26 pm
yet. at the same time my heart is filled with gratitude gratitude for the hands of the survivors stretch it out to us read it you did for the new trust given to us by people in israel and across the world gratitude for jews live this flow for all rushing again in germany. my soul is moved by this spirit of reconciliation a spirit which opened up a new and peaceful path for germany and yes will for germany europe and the countries of the world. the eternal flame version does not go out germany's responsibility does not expire we want to
3:27 pm
live up to our responsibility by this dear friends you should measure us i stand before you are grateful for this miracle of reconsider gaijin and i wish i could say that i will remember runs has made as immune to evil yes we germans are remember that sometimes it seems as though we understand the past better than the present. the spirits of evil are emerging in a new guy is presenting there under symmetry raises authoritarian thinking as an answer for the future a new solution to the problems of our age and i wish i could say that we germans have learned from history ones and for all but i cannot
3:28 pm
say that when hatred is spreading i cannot say that when jewish children are spat on in the schoolyard. i cannot say that when crude under semitism is clocked and supposed criticism of israeli policy and i cannot say that there isn't gentleman when only a thick wooden door prevents a right wing terrorist from causing a massacre a bloodbath in a synagogue in the city of holland and young people of course all right just a different age the words are not the same the perpetrators are not the same. but it is the same evil and there
3:29 pm
remains only one answer never again need. that is why there cannot be in and to remember us. this responsibility was of ovan into the very fabric of the federal republic of germany from day one but it tests us here and now this germany will only live up to itself if it lives up to its historic responsibility we fight and disseminate as we resist to the poison that is nationalism we protect jewish life we stand with. and hearing your version ari knew this promise before the eyes of the world and know that we are not
3:30 pm
alone today we joined together to say no to on december 2000 no to hatred from the power of auschwitz the world learned lessons once before the nations of the world build an order of peace founded upon human rights and international law. we germans are committed to these order and we want to be founded with all of you because this we know peace can be destroyed. and people can be corrupt it is steam pads of state and government i'm grateful that together we make this commitment today a world that remembers the whole a cause a world without genocide who knows
3:31 pm
who knows if we will ever hear again. the magic good sound of life who knows if we can weave of ourselves into eternity. who knows soundman cutoffs road these lines in auschwitz and buried them in a tin can under the chrome atory i'm. here again. they are over and into eternity soundman grad off ski summer and riga turtle man. eater and believe god is and so many others they were all murdered their lives were lost to unfettered hatred but i will remember and of them will defeat the abyss and i will action
3:32 pm
will defeat hatred it is and on demand by this i stand. for this. i hope. i don't know i. a young new became our new big young new. city to. be made for. us to. do with. diabetes and live coverage coming from russia where seventy's are being held to commemorate the victims of the holocaust or the shura as well as to mark the 75th
3:33 pm
anniversary of the liberation of the auschwitz death and concentration camp i just heard. president. address the delegates there and sitting with me also is listening to him our chief political editor michel of krisna and reporter shiny resigned. michel we heard a front but this time my address delegates there he was standing in the midst of the 1st german leader to be there and he talked about feeling this heavy historical burden of guilt at the same time he talked about feeling gratitude for what he described as the miracle of reconciliation what did you make of his remarks yes he said that he stood there as a german laden with guilt and this was not just an ordinary speech it was a pledge that once again germany stands at the side of israel and he
3:34 pm
also mentioned individual names he said that each and every individual needed to be remembered he recited some individuals and their their notes every possible note from the. ation camps and he said that he would like to say that germany was immune to semitism to this racism he would like to say that he's learned that lesson once and for all but also once again referring back to that attack in hollow that we spoke about where a man tried to attack a synagogue and the faithful inside were only rescued by a wooden door he said in the face of that he simply couldn't say that but and he also said he removed this promise before the eyes of the world that germany would protect jewish life and also fight anti semitism i'd say it's a it's
3:35 pm
a very personal space and at the same time a remarkable moment is seeing the highest representative of the german state also then shaking hands both with the representatives of israel but also of the allied forces who liberations your every single representative. shani you don't come from israel how did. front by this time my speech come across to you and how do you think it will go down with the people of israel he actually it was remarkable i think need to notice some of the symbolism behind what he did choosing from 1st of all to start to 1st you know he'll be talking about him being the 1st german president to be in the ocean and the 1st words you choose to say are in hebrew they're hebrew for it's a very special blessing that jews believers say whatever the make it to a special occasion and they have gratitude that they want to express for having reached that moment so he started with that he finished with that bringing you know
3:36 pm
bigger is putting greater emphasis on to the question the level of how much he's touched and very much in gratitude to be that moment and that was a very impactful moment very touching moment and i think it had and and in a will resonate. you know it because it has such great. intentions behind it and reaching out basically saying to the users i'm here for you and with you and also maybe the church the choice to make this speech in english tried to be more accessible to the israelis to the jews worldwide watching him as a german representative bringing forth great honesty accountability understanding of the complexity of where he stands today where dirk modern germany stands today as the world looking. at germany at the especially you know at this particular moment i think he he delivered a message it was universal but at the same time it was not just mincing words but
3:37 pm
also had great honesty in it actually talking about not been seeing was also raised the question of dissent is i'm in germany right now and he also described it as the same evil that existed in the holocaust indeed any in you also said you know i wish i could say we learned once and for all that but i can't acknowledge in the hardship the difficulties that there are still german are still dealing with and to be honest not just germany is done with but but you know but there's something very brave and the attitude in the forthcoming statements that he's bringing with him to this very special occasion do you want to add something to that yes i also want to he actually broaden this out he said that the well to learn lessons from auschwitz after all this was the very foundations upon which the united nations were founded the whole body of work of international law and this is also where we saw references both from vladimir putin but also monitor my call over furring to those
3:38 pm
founding nations of the united nations that they should gather once again leaving out of course the whole issue of how the u.n. should potentially be reformed but radio historical moment and a call on world leaders to once again reassure themselves on the wall that this is what they stand for and will continue to stand for in the future and so from this time i was the. it's speaker to address people at the moment one of the vets talked about the importance off a remembrance of nothing nothing will offer its than a gentleman representing a country which was actually responsible for both the treating and the the holocaust along with the collaborators should be there in the midst of all of these people and staging and talking about the medical officer consideration the risk in watching and live a ceremony is coming out of god bashing listening to an international quiet and an orchestra let's listen in before we continue our conversation need to. keep. feel each.
3:39 pm
vehicle . feel. i. feel any feel . or to feel lik feel
3:40 pm
the feel i feel each feature to. live live. live live. live live live. live. live. live. ellinor
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. live. live live live. live. live. live. live. live. live. live. live.
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live. thank . you.
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lol. a lady.
3:45 pm
in addition to the allied armies during the war partisan underground and other forces fired bravely against the nazis and their collaborators during the
3:46 pm
holocaust there was a small minority who mustered extraordinary courage to uphold human values these were the righteous among the nations non jews who took great risks to rescue jews during the holocaust these courageous persons over 27000 recognized already came from different nations religions and walks of life at the same time countless numbers of jews compounded their already tremendous risks during the holocaust to save their fellow jews under truly impossible circumstances we are now about to hear from one of the many thousands of jews were rescued during the shah by their fellow jews and by righteous non jews rabbi. former chief rabbi of israel was born in
3:47 pm
1937 in poland when liberated in 1945 from the invalid concentration camp he was he was one of its youngest survivors. rabbi lauer as chairman of the yad vashem council and a prominent spokesman for the now dwindling community of holocaust survivors i am honored to invite rabbi lao to deliver his remarks. as. president trailing prime minister an attorney.
3:48 pm
president of the with holocaust photo local council leaders of there were you out here in ga the leaders of the everyone in his country we have met last night and i see you to day and i think you felt you kind in the warm and touching as you gave us in your speech your brotherhood your friendship your love and your commitment for the future we would never forget we appreciate it very very much very very deep survive this. but all this and she says so by this people of his red leaders. ladies and gents. 25 years ago it was 50
3:49 pm
years to deliberation or book of world concentration camp the break in by the american army or a pretty level 45. i was invited to give a speech for the survivors who survived they came and survived 50 years later. i came with my brother late brother enough to lead my hero who saved my life we came from israel to germany via is this the book about the suburb of bible and i started my he was with this income and this is my 2nd visit to bulldog they said one was 50 and a half years earlier. in what is
3:50 pm
a change and i came here for the 1st time i was a child of 7 and a half years though father anymore no mother anymore but a brother i came here i had no name i was just a number. have to think numero eyes eyes deep you knew that i knew. prisoner 117030 isn't it 7 and a half years what they can i did i do see it did then to be a prison it no name no identity. 50 years later i come from my own new homeland the state of israel. i have a name my name is is why has it. i
3:51 pm
am not a prisoner the more i am the chief rabbi of his with today. what a change we had to change from the 1st visit to the 2nd one he would say oh. that's forget. it open a new page a new chapter let's forgive let's forget so i came especially to tell you i cannot forgive because i'm not authorized to forgive my parents before they went away before they were taken away they didn't ask me to forgive they asked me to continue the chain they did you a shame will be unbroken and broken and for ever it will be said. i do remember my mother who was already 7 o.
3:52 pm
the half almost get drunk remembers it you have it you wherever you go a member you are a part of it i've been exchanging you father i don't know what happened to him 2 years that i didn't hear from him your father was this the 7th generation of arab beneath dynasty you are this healthy 8 continue the chain go on this where the last she didn't speak about forgiveness what else you. to forgive forget how can i forget. how can i forget. the beatings the free things this invasion i do remember always also stars in this very dark time that when sue 5 and a half years the righteous among the nations of of them i owe my
3:53 pm
life i do remember but i do remember the sufferings i do remember the tortures i do remember. the victims they can never forget this is the reason i came from israel to tell you now i want to tell you dear friends here in yet the ship. we appreciate very much your rival we appreciate very much your promise to fight and they semitism and racism this is a promise this is an obligation this is a duty of mankind it all and this we will never forget what you have said here today we appreciate every word you said to us and we believe you that you said it from the bottom of your heart we do believe we do believe that this evening
3:54 pm
here in you had the shaman eurasia line can be a breach fomenko it at all not only around the holocaust but their own survival of the word of it would go a mean if you open the 1st book of the bible the book of genesis and you meet there what the story of loss are. there was a flood in law who was said by the lord almighty beat him out in all the enemies and you family get into doubt you will be saved you will survive the flood how that in 50 days they were in their hour. who was there snakes little pots tigers lions be you. old animals like cows and
3:55 pm
don't lease and hens and dabs one was held by the other 250 days and did the same roof. no one was beaten no one was hidden though one was killing no one was slaughtering no one eats the other. 150 days snakes and children grandchildren of noah no one was hurt why they behaved very nice because they knew that they must be a very nice because there is a common enemy outside of the ark the flood and if they will not behave nicely and laugh we send them out of the ark and they are liquidating they will disappear so the other food we must leave in french because we have it coming
3:56 pm
hatred a common enemy people leaders of the world how the guess leaders don't you have to they come and come in and it means don't you have a reason to understand but the snake and this dude in the on off can't really understand that they're out cannon enemies all kinds of daisies is a cancer the age was over how brain starvation the ignorance crime nuclear weapon how many enemies so let's behave like friends let's understand at least was the enemies understood 150 death they didn't have. this under the skin come here.
3:57 pm
to as. it can come from yeah the shame it can come from you. is a prophet in the prophet mika said as he was he meets yo auntie said toha would vote hush in. the voice of the load almighty. beast spread all over the word it came from your jews as seek the 4000 years he stood you can never forget it we have to forgive 2 brothers you have to behave like friends and brothers that's our duty and usually the conclusion of seeing hugh lead is to do it the words in your arms and you hands in new ones who are a one sentence one signature you can decide upon millions of people so
3:58 pm
decide to love and friendship and peace for ever thank you thaddeus to as . i thank you for the doubt about. i am honored to invite mr of nelson lives chairman of the yad vashem directorate to
3:59 pm
deliver the concluding message of this event 2.
4:00 pm
i'm writing this letter before my this old so i don't know all the exact day my relatives and i will be killed just because well jules how what you're to leave and reach some good in life but ever seeing these last farewell these well the last words of the call before she was murdered in the dooryard get all in 1942. the holocaust was the most deadly melissa station of anti semitism it was the outcome of an extreme case is. adopted by a modern state to blame wonderful.


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