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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2020 8:00pm-8:31pm CET

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this is g w news live from berlin remembering the holocaust the world pauses to pay tribute to those who were murdered and those who survived the show. world leaders are commemorating the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the death camp the german president warning that the evils. still with us in the form of
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anti-semitism and hatred also coming up tonight growing a warm chinese authorities have washed down several cities now individua prevent the corona virus from spreading that health officials report the 1st death from the disease outside the chinese city of that city at the heart of this outbreak a matter of survival german chancellor angela merkel describes efforts to stop climate change telling the world economic forum in davos switzerland today that it is time to take the young climate activists serious. it's good to have you with us we begin tonight with our continuing coverage of ceremonies which are beginning today in jerusalem to remember the millions who perished as well as. those who survived the holocaust now this is the 1st in
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a series of events marking the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the auschwitz nazi death camp $6000000.00 jews were killed in the genocide which is known as the shoah or the holocaust during the 2nd world war dozens of international heads of states and government joined israeli leaders at the ceremony today they gathered to remember one of the world's darkest chapters and they are valid to fight anti-semitism in their countries today in the 1st speech by a german president at danvers shammi from vulture steinmeier said that germany's responsibility for the crimes of the nazi regime will not expire 75 years later. after the liberation of auschwitz i stand before you all as president of germany and i stand here laden with the heavy
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historical burden of guilt. yet at the same time. my heart is filled with gratitude gratitude for the hands of the survivors stretch out to us credit huge for the new trust given to us by people in israel. and across the world gratitude for jews alive does flow throughout to sing again in germany. mysel is moved by this spirit of reconciliation a spirit which opened up a new and peaceful path for germany n.d.s. will. for germany europe and the countries of the world. in a solemn message there from the german president we have team coverage of events in jerusalem today here in the studio with me at the big table is my colleague and
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correspondent kate brady and in jerusalem we're joined by our correspondent peter philip peter let me start with you i mean the german president speaking at yod this is the 1st time a german leader has given an address there how was his speech received. i think my speech was received very well here in israel i think he got some praise for that speech here in israel that he talked about german responsibility german guilt for the holocaust never going away i think that had been expected before but that he was so frank and open also and his images and today in germany ranging from jews being spat at schools to terror attack on a synagogue in holland last october and that he said that obviously germany hadn't learned from its past that got some attention here in israel and people are
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talking about that and also i think some people appreciated that resided. in hebrew actually thanking god for the opportunity to be there that also get some attention and here in israel and of course there was also criticism not only towards his speech but it's all the speeches that they were proposing any concrete steps and. how to combat and semitism but overall my speech did receive some praise here it was very frank and honest with you have we learned the lessons of history and he said the answer is no. it was a historic speech very honest so solemn how to deal with this and he has been well received in this event is being seen as an important and historically significant event and as i had there from time i saw this gratitude that the state leader of germany was able to be that today and and also gave
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a speech had of the end of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the auschwitz death camp but of course the germans himself many of them still aren't even aware that this event was in fact taking place today what they are very much aware of right now is that germany finds itself right now. and a new parry it of reckoning and dealing with its past its very much forced to confront its present and its future at the moment and german society and politics as a whole is being asked what kind of germany does it want to beno now but also in the coming is what kind of values this country wants to stand for now it's interesting that the frontrunners time i was talking about self reflection and reconciliation but it seems after his speech then the messages turned very political minister listen to what the prime minister of israel that you know what he said i'm concerned that we have yet to see a unified and resolute stance against the most anti semitic regime on the planet
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a regime that openly seeks to develop nuclear weapons in a not relate the one and only jewish state israel salutes president trump and vice president pence for confronting the tyrants of tehran i call on all governments to join the vital effort of confronting iran. so peter here we are in the vents marking the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the auschwitz concentration camp and there we have that yahoo talking about modern day geopolitics and iran and what was really a reaction there where you are to his message. yes of course not all of the leaders present they all of the european leaders there liked what he said about iran because they have of course a different perspective on iran they want to go she asians with iran and they want
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to stick to the nuclear deal that had been reached with before but from the perspective of iran is of course a threat to the existence of israel and that is how he links it to deceive and that he says in order to prevent a future holocaust a nuclear holocaust by iran one needs to stop iran from obtaining a bomb from building a bomb and so in his perspective of course it was not only geopolitics but it was also fitting to the event but as i said. people present there i believe this present their thought otherwise you could see that in some of their reactions and in their faces. we know too that beyond geopolitics there was a lot that was said about modern day evil is the evil of a and i submit to them just he tried towards others what has been done by the
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german government in order to fight anti-semitism in today's germany well that has over the years being a number of measures come through we've seen that has increased in recent months the last couple of years especially whether it's school children visiting the sites of former death camps we now have a commission here in germany for the fight against anti-semitism dialogue groups also being set up especially at local levels also by many n.g.o.s but this isn't just a matter of measures coming from the top down this is also about gemma's. saya to incite itself has to be ready to take on these measures for many years especially here in germany we've heard this phrase navy to which means never again and for a long time it seemed that there became a sense of complacency that grew in germany that maybe if we say this loud enough for long enough or be convinced that this will never happen again and that we can eradicate anti-semitism and clearly they haven't that we've seen the rise in reports of semitic crimes in recent months and but specially the past couple of years that's simply not the case so still
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a lot of work to be done here in germany by from the political level but also at societal level to say grassroots there you can see it the question is do you mean it's key bridge here the big table with me and peter hill on the story for us in jerusalem to both of you thank you. was a teenager way that she was deported from prague and ended up you know shit now 91 years old it's a spoke c.b.w. at her home in israel world leaders will be at the former death camp for the official holocaust remembrance day this coming monday but for dita it's a place that she never wants to see again and says my. new this is the truth and split and nice interesting books. this is me. in the blacks.
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my number is 73. 105 which i had to show to rise daily. to comb to seal the pill you had to show through a number of their own zip to the 100 from. group and the next know from the from the smoke from the chimneys. and the smooth. and. we just had to. understand that this is what happens that when david train arrived there were prisoners who saw to it luggage they made the mountains of clothes of shoes of
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the prude of bread of and if they put found a book they somehow managed to bring it to the children's broke and there were some $2414.00 books on the book so afraid invented this was very be a library and you are in charge people being killed in gas chambers and blood is being burned in claremont loria and i actually think they're in the air they cover their ass and they're all this fight around and they knew that our time will come in june we had 6 months grace to live between you we knew we knew we are going to die and you and everybody knew that i won't ever go there it's a kind that they live hundreds and thousands of people go and step there on the
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ashes to ashes are all over us all over the. place they're stepping on the dead people. there was just a crowd remembering. but here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the german government has banned a neo nazi group calling itself combat 18 the band comes after a surge of far right violence including the murder of valter nuka a conservative pro refugee politician in the city of costal and a deadly attack on the synagogue in the city of hama the syrian defense force claims that troops loyal to president bashar al assad have continued their offensive on rebel held areas despite a cease fire agreement and observer group has released video of government helicopters dropping a barrel bomb on
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a village earlier this week as you see right there the international court of justice has ordered me in march to take all measures in its power to prevent genocide against the hinge of people and to preserve evidence of alleged atrocities a verdict comes after me in mars' de facto leader aung sun suu kyi defended her country against accusations of genocide but 3 american firefighters assisting with the bushfire crisis in australia have been killed in a plane crash south of the capital canberra the premier of new south wales state said the hercules aerial water tanker like this one you see here from file footage outfitted to battle bushfires crashed in the mountains of the snowy minera region. for the night the world health organization says that a new strain of the corona virus that has emerged in china is not yet a global health emergency this after chinese authorities moved to lock down 3 major
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cities and cancel chinese new year events in beijing all in attempts to contain the . this is where it all began authorities have traced the outbreak of the coronavirus to a seafood market in which since then the city has shut down outboard transportation to cut off from the world some fear a repeat of the deadly outbreak of the sars virus which killed over 800 people in 2003. i think that is i'm really worried i'm really scared it'll become an extra hours that's why we all wear masks but some are still traveling to you know who on is a city often 11000000 people just about 400 have been infected that's a very low percentage and the fatalities are all old people. hospital wards have had to deal with hundreds of cases but the world health organization has not yet
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declared a global health emergency. if you look at the guidance there has been no guidelines for any travel or today there's dictions. so the lockdown is in excess of the current guidance that w.h.o. is providing and therefore the lockdown of 11000000 people is unprecedented in public health history on thursday the government announced the transport links to the cities of one guy and the jewel what also be cut and the fear of contagion has produced dramatic scenes like here at fuzhou airport where a man suspected of carrying the virus was confined to a quarantine container. the outbreak comes as millions of people are on the move to visit friends and family for the lunar new year one of the biggest annual migrations in the world. the government has canceled many festivities in an effort
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to contain the virus. or earlier we asked our science correspondent fabienne schmitz whether these travel bans in chinese cities will help contain the spread of this virus it will certainly help if people can't leave the cities or people traveling so much when you have to consider that new years we had to evolve it so people would usually travel a lot they would infect much more now this is probably one of the most effective ways of preventing that by containing it in a city but we have to be aware that this is a city of $11000000.00 people sri more cities in the same province have already been also shut down in the same way or basically been isolated now this is a very tough and decisive response by the chinese also rotis and the w.h.o. has also acknowledged that. that was there our science correspondents in greece thousands have staged a 2nd day of protest at the man the closure of squalid migrant camps on the islands
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of lesbos most and chios demonstrators say that they're overwhelmed by a new surge of refugees with shelters already overcrowded inside the camps scenes of desperation but i'm not going to be cowed it's likely to be the largest protest in the history of the island more than $8000.00 people have followed the call of this man this post governor constantino his from the islands capital mytilene he wants to send a message to the government in athens the island can no longer bear the brunt of europe's refugee crisis here in america you know how do you feel. the ones our islands back we want our lives back. you don't have to go far from this scene to see how the crisis has taken hold of the island. this is the notorious morea camp europe's fastest growing humanitarian crisis just
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a stone's throw away from the capital more than 20000 people are stuck here this part of the camp the so-called jungle has only been here for a few weeks every day scores of new arrivals set up camp trash is piling up everywhere and it's hard to find a child that is not suffering from disease or injury like this boy who burned himself on an open fire into the. for refugees like collets winter has made life even more difficult and i mean need together with his wife he came here 2 months ago on a given terrorists in somalia shot him in his leg and shoulder he says the 26 year old can hardly walk and is in constant pain. being forced to live in this shock he built himself it's the conditions in moria that now bother him the most. it's get out and i think. now we have but. what's the what's the knight
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played in it all they got the lead yet individual if. you don't want to come out but. according to les paul's governor roughly a quarter of the island's population is made up of migrants he says nobody outside of lesbos seems to feel responsible for the situation. i'm afraid that the rest of the european the rest of the european union close the borders to these problems because they don't they don't want to be bothered by this and i'm afraid that there is the grace is closing the borders to the islands here because they don't want to be bothered so i disagree some of the blow was. a situation that is also affecting people in the village of moria opposite the camp everyone here tells us their life changed for the worse when the greek government started sending people here in large numbers. christina runs a hair salon in town twice people have broken in installed in her equipment she believes they came from the more you can't win with someone we are not safe we
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don't feel secure and nobody protect us. when i leave my side alone i'm scared she says she does feel for the families who are forced to live in the camp christine has 2 children herself but she's also worried about their future. now if the situation continues like this we one manage the next few years we will have to leave in order to live do i have to live it doesn't sound fair that it has to be me leaving my place back to the protest and me to leave the government who has at 1st seen skeptical that the government in athens would listen to the islanders but leading a protest this big seems to have encouraged him never have been so much proud here in subsequence drazen and they were very happy and we feel very proud for now to go to demand our all of the months. not just a symbolic move but rather
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a cry for help to finally take the pressure off these greek islands. listen to the young that was the message today at the world economic forum in davos switzerland german chancellor angela merkel told the world's business elite to heed young activists such as gratitude or demanding action on climate change she warned of a rift between young climate campaigners and older generation that denies the reality of global warming. dodgy doors were not going to stop uncle americal from delivering today's warning to davos this is the 12th time the german chancellor has spoken at the forum but never have the stakes been higher merkel appealed to the world to arjun li make good on the paris climate accords. the question of achieving the goals of the paris agreement could be
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a question of survival for the whole planet which is why we need to act or instead it is a known fact that. it's also why environmental themes have played bigger than ever this year with activism royalty meeting true while to the future king world can do great to turn back the us president is not a fan the german chancellor try to mediate. but that's a good side time is of the s.n.c. we need the older ones have to be careful. i am 65 years old all the impatience of our young people is something we are to tap as a potential investor we are to understand that they obviously look at a far different horizon well beyond 25th he knows. the talk of intergenerational divisions jarred somewhat with the calm outside. perhaps why merkel saved her last
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with a call to arms for the business elite to work together to avoid a climate disaster. they called us for a cohesive and sustainable world doesn't take alders for a sustainable world because i would argue where all this allegations are this you are this hour we are we trying to take this seriously there are a whole host of opportunities open to us but we cannot it inward looking and going it alone that would be the completely wrong lesson to take all these years after the 2nd world war in that is that it's. now what matters is whether the class was paying attention. this is d.w. news and these are our top stories dozens of world leaders have paid tribute to victims and survivors of the holocaust at jerusalem's memorial it was part of a series of events marking to 75th anniversary of the liberation of the auschwitz nazi death camp many leaders are calling for
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a future free of anti-semitism. the world health organization says the new corona virus in china is not yet a global health emergency on the decision came after chinese authorities moved to walk down 3 major cities on thursday as well as canceling chinese new year events in the capital beijing. the international court of justice has ordered me and marred to take urgent measures to protect roe hinge of muslims and to preserve evidence of alleged atrocities the verdict comes after me in mars' de facto leader aung san suu kyi she defended her country against genocide accusations and. at the world economic forum in davos switzerland german chancellor angela merkel has urged the world's business elite to take young climate activists seriously she says the need to stop global warming is now a matter of human survival. this is g
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w news from berlin for more you can follow us on twitter at g.w. news or you can visit our website at www dot com. and don't forget you can always a get the w. news on the go just to download our work out from google play or from the apps to word that will give you access to all of the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and in for part of a news story if you see news happening you can also use the interview app to send us photos and video of what's happening. to watch the w. news coming up next to the point the prospects of peace in libya i'll be back at the top of the hour with more of all news followed by the day tonight in-depth coverage as the world begins remembering 75 years after.
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more. to the point of strong opinions clear positions from international perspective so. can germany succeed where others have failed in brokering political solution to the long running conflict in libya chancellor merkel says last sunday's conference here in berlin was a 1st step to speech have a chance to find out onto the floor. to the point of those next to the development of a pretty skeptical. it's
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time to take one step further. and face some. time here of just such the un. and fine for the troops. to overcome downtrends and to congratulate him on. the time for. and u.w.s. coming up ahead. mines. here i am. sick claims displaced to hallam's museums and standing key. and tanks does a camp that all planes keamy and. you. nice news and keeping.
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a list of all story. because a. mosque. starts january 27th on d w. you. can germany succeed where others have failed and broker a political solution to the long running conflict in libya chancellor merkel says last sunday's conference here in berlin was a 1st step the chancellor did in fact succeed in getting the main players in this proxy war just sit down at one table including the russian and turkish presidents until now on opposing sides they and other foreign backers have been channeling weapons and money to rebel general khalifa pop star on the one hand as the hand for the un backed government of prime minister also.


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