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the cost of those who died if they got national more injuries that it isn't going to ration marking the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the auschwitz death count in a speech german president time to time i am underlined his country's historical responsibility to find anti-semitism. the world news coming up all throughout thanks to a company see that. like o.t. robotics. deep learning merged realises wait a 2nd we want to hold a show facts instead of make ideas shift deliver us. from a measured reality to cryptocurrency to your topics for live in an ever changing digital world let's start to devise a sure fire shift. on g.w. . coach
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a video of. good links from africa and the world or link to exceptional stories and discussions from the news of easy and want with say d w 2 come smoke free come join us on facebook j w for god. this is news africa coming up on the program the stock warning from one of the most violence places on earth the new castrato in the double cross of republic of congo is threatening to destabilize the region on who can a fresh security crisis growing in several countries also coming out. a golding of what you did to all the green dream analysis from the media content by general hospital as well as it's something to be celebrated by the author can countries help in the street.
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eddie mike a junior now welcome to the program it's good to have you with us the international crisis group is sounding the alarm over developments in the eastern democratic republic of congo they say growing hostility between countries in the region is threatening to provoke a new security crisis brewing rwanda and uganda i'll say it to be backing different groups of insurgents in the east india r.c. now the president felix to security is considering inviting the armies of these countries to conduct joint military operations in the d.l.c. something critics say will destabilize the whole region. they companies ami taking on the ripples near the town of beneath the area known as the triangle of death this is the town of coca-cola 6000 people used to live here
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now it ghost town it's not the 1st time people he have been attacked this time he was the islamist a.d.'s the armed forces of the democratic republic of congo coolly was lucky to survive the attack the up with them i'm they'd be i.d.f. rebel shocked the people when the man of this house heard the shots he fled under his bed no they hacked him in the head and they shot him now the company's amit is in control here is estimated the armies fighting around 100 different militias in eastern congo some a 6000000 people have died in the last 30 years has making it the most deadly conflict since the 2nd world war in the recent for the fighting a all waste the same it's all of a power our land on a ship and axis to the region's shoot mineral resources full from local and
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regional play is take advantage of the situation rather than stopping it and the people the victims thing and the if one you how does being kidnapped now the rebels and to doll village i'd laugh my dose who with the neighborhoods them i don't know when she is now president felix g.'s a key to came to power a year ago promising to ease the tensions instead the violence has escalated over with and more than 400 killed in the last 3 months from on doubts let me bring gain fan the wiley international crisis group devotee project director for central africa and while the authors of the reports hello thanks for your time so the your organization as warning of their risk of proxy wars in the east of the democratic republic of congo that as very alarming what makes you say that good evening eddie what we've seen in the great lakes region since the 1990 s. and early 2000 says that there have been tensions but what we've seen over the past
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few months and what our research. indicates is that there is an increasing cross border attacks we see troop deployments to the various borders and we see mutual and open allegations of support to the armed groups in the region done by rwanda and. now some of these countries that you mentioned you suspect ruined. uganda of supporting different insurgent groups what do they have to gain from this . and it's a it's a security imperative given that insurgents from the different from the 3 different countries are present in the east india or c they would like to have some form of control and some sort of security so it's as i said it's a security imperative. ok so controllable why would you want to gain control control for what exactly what's beneficial about that. so they would like to
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protect their own interests they want to avoid being attacked from their sea soil so it's just to to make sure they're safe and they have things under control all talking about control one year in office what haass president. to ease these tensions in the region. you know that's a very good question and i think about what you've seen since the arrival of chief security who came into office exactly one year ago but to call our soon a great lakes region have been reshuffled what he did really well was reach out to the region he mediated together with his angola counterpart joe lorenzo he mediated between one and your gun there who have had a dispute over the past 2 years and he reached out to the region in order to find the solution when he didn't do so well as you mentioned at the beginning was he floated the plan to have joint military operations together with his neighboring countries so by inviting those neighboring countries into the d. or c.
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to fight the remaining rebel groups in the dea or c. we think that that's not a very good idea also be because it won't go well with the congolese population. because for now it seems almost nothing is working because the talks are on the rise so what sort of a collective effort is the that tackle this or do we have grace a secure believe is that security should continue this diplomatic track he should prioritize the talks between the different countries and he could do so by building on this angola for him by inviting the countries in the region to have an open and frank discussion to put allegations on the table and to have a debate about who are supporting who and who's doing what and then these allegations we think should be very light by an independent and they could either be the un or the deal are and then once everything is out in the open. the countries can work together towards a solution so this diplomatic track well hopefully that happens sooner rather than
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later in the on the wyly with international crisis group thank you. now what happens when you study profession but cannot find a job to use that after well you try to find a job elsewhere right especially where there is a high demand for your scale germany's health system has not got enough nurses with thousands of positions left on failed so clinics and recruitment companies are increasingly looking for stuff abroad and they've set their sights also on the media might call this be a blessing or a cast for the african country our correspondent there in korea she has more. is slightly nervous. that she's only been learning german for 5 months and is about to do her 1st job interview in the language staff members from the university hospital just a day off in germany f. travel to namibia for it. has something under my name is yet to occur
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and 23 years old. i'm not married and have no children. after i graduated there were new jobs. so i don't have much working experience and the. yellow i studied nursing at university but has not found a job since it's a story many of her fellow students share. namibia's economy is in crisis at the moment yeah lives with a chasm but she hopes that someone a job in germany will hope her support her family financially. i feel they said good opportunity for my personal. development. my career and soon and for my for the things i want to do in the future. and to
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exploit beat into what you know what class and facility we gain more of a snake spirit and once she has safety enough money she hopes to study more or return to namibia. graduates like he couldn't see it as an opportunity to work for some time in germany they can gain experience but also they leave the possibility of unemployment at home a few years back it was easy to find a job as a nurse right after graduation but now this is changed. the head of the namibian says union demands more government estimate he says most hospitals are understaffed and she fears that qualified personnel might not come back. to government in the say i will be from here and they have to be also. because sometimes we are seeing a lot of money. which was supposed to be utilized.
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by the senior medical people discover. the health minister wants to employ an additional $4000.00 nurses but there isn't enough money to hire more now maybe as $1.00 of the very few african countries that trains more nursing staff than it can employ he believes unemployed skilled workers going abroad for a while is a good solution a country like germany. you know i think and they have different approaches to different clinicians so it is also good for them to get exposed. and then come back to their country this has been a lot of talk about brain drain. but. this has not affected my maybe. something recruitment agency selected 60 nurses and paid for the german course that is supposed to prepare them for life in germany. he has brought over
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1012 different countries to germany when a hospital threw him they pay his company a bonus germany's population is getting old and at the same time fewer and fewer young people want to work in nursing. as if you know the demand is gigantic germany's hospital federation flames there is a shortage of 60000 nurses and workers with language skills and qualifications on a hugely popular. meantime the nurses and into a waiting for the results of the job interviews. it was the. incident. with their valuated every one of you and i can tell you that we've decided that we want all of you to come and work for us. just.
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think it's very excited that i can express how i'm. very very excited they've got the job now the news is just have to ask them then which tests then they'll be off to just a point. well it is just a tennis ball and covered in kabul and you guess what i'm talking about. realize it's immediately this is the well the 2nd largest rough diamond and was discovered in botswana and then i hired by french company to weave its name is so will which means rare find in the long language spoken in botswana. for now from didn't use africa you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page we leave you now with these pictures on all grades of will the beast migration in tanzania we'll see you next time i find out.
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the point of strong opinions clear positions of international perspectives. can germany succeed where others have failed in brokering political solution to the long running conflict in libya chancellor merkel says last sunday's conference here in berlin was a 1st step to speech have a chance find out on to the point. to point. to 60 minutes on the t.w. pretty. happiness years for everyone schumann penises are very different from
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primates. totally ridiculous the size view of nature see that this is climate change regular sex how tina's employees books you get smarter for free you don't read books. betting on contagion canfield stock tumble out operations theory of the coronavirus pushed hard to make out based businesses will find out how wall street investors are viewing be also getting the ice breaker under control. also coming up as cool to bottle corruption go lighter around the world a new index reveals the worst offender it's one that you know which countries are at the top i'm talking to off the list. on the sofa and ability to top the agenda of the world economic forum in davos.


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