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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2020 7:00am-7:31am CET

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dot com. click on. margin news coming. trying to expand its lockdown amid a deadly fire break at least 8 cities are now shut down in lunar new year events canceled in a bid to stop the new virus from spreading that's his health officials confirmed the 1st deaths outside. the city of. coming up.
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world leaders commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the deathtrap the german president mourns the peoples of. europe are still with us in the form of 20 summit just. a matter of survival. to stop climate change trials the world economic forum in davos it is time to take your climate activists seriously. and shaking up the elite for world of high fashion we hear from the 1st designer from sub-saharan africa to show a collection on the hope for true account in carbs. hello i'm terry margin good to have you with us china is. spending unprecedented
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efforts to contain a deadly new corona virus putting at least 8 cities on the lockdown the measures are restricting the movement of some 26000000 people it comes as china prepares for the lunar new year a festivity that traditionally sees hundreds of millions to travel to take part in celebrations many of those events have now been canceled as authorities report more than $800.00 cases of the disease which has so far claimed 25 lives 2 deaths have been confirmed outside the city of han the metropolis at the epicenter of the outbreak. a city of 11000000 people with almost no one on the streets transportation severely restricted trains planes buses cars almost nothing leaves or enters the city hospital wards have had to deal with hundreds of cases and thousands more beds have had to be reserved for patients health workers are on the front line of the fight against the virus. of course were weren't and so
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are our relatives. but we're nurses and will do our job as long as we wear the uniform despite the rising number of cases the world health organization has not declared a global health emergency and the question was whether this even and constitutes a public of emergency of international concern. the advice to d.g. which is provided by the emergency committee is that no time on thursday china announced that transport links to the cities of one gun and joe would also be cut and the fear of contagion has produced dramatic scenes like here at food you airport where a man suspected of carrying the virus was contained to a quarantine container. the outbreak comes as millions of people are on the move to visit friends and family for the lunar new year one of the biggest annual
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migrations in the world the government has cancelled many festivities in an effort to contain the corona virus. our correspondent covering the story from beijing beyond chinese authorities have taken drastic measures to contain this fire is do they believe they're getting it under control. official no rights if you watch the state use and the state media then yeah they admit it's a severe crisis but they have it under control however if you ask independent experts also medical research they give a more. example yesterday a researcher from universe he spoke to the press he was in 2002 helping to quantum an 8 the size pandemic also a coronavirus and also he visited the city of homs which is now under isolation and his comparison just assessment of the situation was quite devastating he said the potential threat of this virus is actually much higher than the virus in 2000 to
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the sauce pandemic ok and move on the situation is obviously quite dire you're in beijing what's it like there. i mean the city is quite common actually many people who live in beijing they were not born here and most of them have left the city they are celebrating chinese new year india home tunnels that families so it's calm and you don't we hear any sense of panic but of course this chinese new year it will not be like any other else all the public celebrations safe and canceled also tiananmen square also a little bit in city all the tourist attractions state been shut down and the reason for that is because the government wants to avoid chocolate gatherings because that stay interest for the virus to spread. aside from putting in connected people and hot spots under quarantine fabi on what options do authorities hope for
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finding this cell right. in the city of melbourne you see that right now the authorities of building a new hospital with 1000 new bats and in operation s. early as next week so it's pretty pretty illustrating to have enough capacity for all the patients but putting cities whole cities under current chain and locking them down this may be the most radical step that you can actually take so i would assume that in the coming days there will be more cities following right now we already have 8 cities in shanghai interesting the you have citizens netizens who are calling the government for a voluntarily isolation because they're afraid of the people who are who might enter the city well and thank you very much that was our correspondent probably on christmas there in beijing. now to some other stories making headlines around the world today the international court of justice has ordered me
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and maher to take urgent measures to protect redemption muslims from genocide as follows a bloody military crackdown in 2017 that forced hundreds of thousands that were headed to flee the country i.c.j. decision is pending a full court case which could take years. at least 7 people have been killed in a fierce winter storm that has battered spain for several days it's caused major flooding and brought extreme temperatures the regions of catalonia and the eric islands have been the worst affected. swarms of locusts are eating their way across large parts of east africa and the worst outbreak some regions have seen in 70 years researchers say it's partly because of climate change and threatens to plug supply food supplies locusts reproduce rapidly and if left unchecked they could balloon to pipe 100 times their current number by june.
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humanity is closer to catastrophe than almost ever before that's according to the scientists who oversee the doomsday clock they've moved it to 100 seconds to midnight for only the 2nd time panel members listed nuclear weapons and the climate crisis as looming threats. leaders from around the world have attended ceremonies in jerusalem to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the nazi death camp its they pledge solidarity with israel and bowed to uphold the lessons of the holocaust by continuing to fight against all forms of the semitism who. knew the holocaust survivor the kaddish prayer. the ceremony was dedicated to jews and other victims of the holocaust leaders spoke
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of the need to fight today's anti semitism. that current politics were clear and present. i'm concerned. that we have yet to see a unified and resolute stance against the most submitted presume on the planet. i call on all governments to join the vital effort of confronting iran. the u.s. vice president agreed we must also stand strong. against the leading state purveyor of anti semitism. against the one government in the world that denies the holocaust as a matter of state policy and threatens to wipe israel off the map. the world must stand strong against the islamic republic of iran.
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russian president vladimir putin delivered an offer to world governments to talk about peace. we suggest a meeting of the heads of state and government of p. 5 russia china the us france and britain. it could take place in any country anywhere in the world where counterparts find it convenient. russia is willing to engage in a serious conversation because. you don't get your. germany's president spoke of responsibility all right just a different age. the words are not the same the perpetrators are not the same. but it is the same evil. this responsibility or words of ovan into the very fabric. of the federal republic of germany from day one. but it tests us
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here and now this germany will only live up to itself if it lives up to its historical responsibility. the solemn pose is the talk of inclusion and peace these promises would also not be forgotten said yet the shams council chairman we appreciate very much he will promise to fight and they say mitt is in their eighty's this is a promise this is an obligation this is a duty of men k. did all. and this really is never forget what you have said here today leads us to the words you have. you have is you know once were a long sentence one signature you can decide the police in so people so decided to love and friendship and peaceful to thank you. his was
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a clear appeal that these promises be kept. our jerusalem correspondent tony kramer covered the ceremony and joins us now tania yesterday's gathering has been described as the largest diplomatic event in israel's history is the 1st time ever that a german president spoke at yad vashem how significant was this come racing for the state of israel. i think it was significant because of all these reasons because all these leaders came here. in yet this time and to stand together to commemorate. the holocaust also and specifically of course the liberation of auschwitz 7 years ago and to stand in solidarity also. rising on the semitism and racism that was a lot of focus in the israeli media about the fact that german president in my us
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part of this ceremony a lot of focus also on his speech but also some criticism as to the fact that everybody knew this is a highly symbolic event but that there should be some more actions coming out of that maybe a common declaration. just as you got. now both the israeli prime minister and the u.s. vice president to use their speeches yesterday to condemn iran's was it surprising that current politics play a prominent role in an event focused on remembrance. well it must kind of expect. prime minister benjamin netanyahu will talk about iran in this context it's a threat to the existence of 2 states and it's also in his political d.n.a. to always highlight the problem with iran and he got support and this in the speech also the american vice president mike pence but i was not the only. politicized
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issue here in the lead up to this conference to house you know. about historical narratives between poland and russia and also the fact that the polish president due to declined to attend this commemoration because he said he was not invited to be a speaker at the ceremony and he also said he wanted to see that the main event stays in poland and that will happen on monday sent on international holocaust day now both the u.s. or the u.s. rather has invited both netanyahu and his main political rival to washington next week to talk about the middle east peace process how's that going down in israel briefly if you can. but i mean there has been a lot of speculation. about this so-called peace plan for the past 2 years and now there's a big question over here why now just
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a month before the next israeli elections we understand that prime minister netanyahu and his main opponent any guns will come to the white house but there's one big questions where are the palestinians and all of the out there not anywhere near as attainder and also as to what this town will entail if indeed it will be released tony thank you very much chartreuse one correspondent tonya kramer. ceremonies have also taken place at the auschwitz birkenau memorial site itself it's not just jewish people who are marking 75 years since the nazi concentration camps liberation leaders from other faiths have also joined to show their horror at the holocaust. but for the historic visit a delegation. never before has such a high ranking muslim religious leader step 3 this gate shaikh mohammed al is the
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auschwitz concentration camp. visit is the result of years of talks with david harris executive director of the american jewish committee for him is a sign of more interfaith dialogue. as a child of closer virus both my mother and my father i've been to auschwitz on many occasions but there was something different about this visit because i didn't come alone as a jew i came together with people of other faiths and together we collectively came closer to one another that gives me some hope in a world in which anti semitism is rising which populism and extremism are or are again on the move we need more expressions of this common humanity. several of us senior representatives from the muslim world in the end shii to travel to auschwitz with a shake of the delegation 1st visited the main concentration camp at auschwitz and
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the museum displaying the mounds of victims eyeglasses hair and shoes this part of the visit was off limits to cameras. guests both muslim and jewish then listen to a daughter of holocaust survivors. and . my feelings here are like the feelings of every muslim who is compassionate. to spirit of justice and humanism and during this visit i felt horror and fear is that those people who were responsible could have been so evil to such an extent. rooms where people were killed with poison gas this is a crime against humanity the story behind it had. a bishop. finally after the memorial of auschwitz birkenau where i must murder was carried out on an industrial scale.
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a muslim prayer next to number one here in the can no this is indeed story moments not only for the american jews commentary but for the entire muslim world. candles from so many high ranking muslim delegates perhaps a single a monument to representatives of a jewish wellwood on this day. listen to the that was a key message anyone meeting of the world economic forum ending today german chancellor i'm going to told the world's business elite to heed young activists demanding action on climate change she warned of a rift between use who see an uncertain future and an older generation that denies the dangers of global warming. dodgy doors were not going to stop until america from delivering parle warning to davos. this is the 12th time the german chancellor
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has spoken at the forum but never have the stakes been higher merkel appealed to the world to arjun li make good on the paris climate accords. divided there the question of achieving the goals of the paris agreement could be a question of survival for the whole planet which is why we need to act or instead it is an honest look there. it's also why environmental themes have played bigger than ever this year with activism royalty meeting and true while to the future king welcome greater to embark the u.s. president is not a fan the german chancellor try to mediate. but that's up to think good side time is a thing as and when the older ones have to be careful. i am 65 years
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old all the impatience of our young people is something we are to tap as a potential investor that really we are to understand that they obviously look at a far different horizon well beyond 2056 in the us. the talk of intergenerational divisions jarred somewhat with the calm outside. perhaps why merkel saved her last with a call to arms for the business elites to work together to avoid a climate disaster. they called us for a cohesive and sustainable world doesn't it take holders for a sustainable world i would argue where all this politicians are this you are this hour we are we trying to take this seriously there are a whole host of opportunities open to us but we cannot get inward looking and going it alone that would be the completely wrong lesson to take all these years after the 2nd world war that is threatened that it's. now what matters is whether the class was paying attention. it's day 4 of the world
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economic forum in davos switzerland and our senior business editor ben facility is part of our team covering the event ben we just saw there there's a bit of a generational challenge going on this year who are the teachers and who are the students. well it's definitely the teens who are leading the class terry and they coming in for a bit of criticism for it especially from the u.s. treasury secretary statement who told the young swedish activist read it to him back that she is not an economist and should go get a degree she replied saying that she doesn't need a degree to work out that the world is not meeting its climate targets she did get some support from german chancellor angela merkel who said she understands the younger generation and they need to want to change the world but that the transition is key you can't leave some people behind
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a european commission vice president funds to months has had the most positive thing to say so far throughout this entire davos meet and he said that the us president donald trump is now showing signs of maybe weakening on his stance as a climate denier he said upon his departure that he wouldn't mind wouldn't have minded seeing speech now ben this was the 50th world economic forum is there a sense this year that of looking at what the forum has achieved perhaps now more than ever. company executives tell me that change is definitely in the air a trillion trees massive scheme set up by a young german another teen. at the time that he was very young indeed that has been taken on as part of the crowd and investors have been joining up to that countries as well even trump has joined up to one scheme is also being signed off
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by the big accounting firms and schools of different companies to report not just company profits but also their responsibility to society and the environment thanks for now back in the next half hour with a lot more thank you very much ben. designer it represents the pinnacle of their craft. the industry have been presenting their collections in paris featuring one of a kind hand crafted pieces worth tens of thousands of euros this year an african designer is turning heads. that. paris fashion week. cameroon born i.e.c. made history with his debut this year. he. lost it i must admit i cried
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a little when i heard i was being invited to present my collection here. i'm proud to be the 1st african to be given a position like this 'd in the last. i.e.c. used to dance with the cameroon national ballet and was a note could to a model as a designer he wants to bring elements of african fashion to europe. his pieces use colorful fabrics traditional patterns. and natural materials like cotton and past. the vest that this jacket looks a bit like a fur coat but it's not a winter fur it's very light and comfortable so you can wear it in the summer and it's very fashionable as you can see the way to fit the. easies clothes are handmade using prestigious laborious techniques from countries
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across the continent from his homeland cameroon to ghana and ivory coast. the. drawing on indigenous knowledge he's shaking up stereotypes about african fashion. at the after show party spectators are impressed. he's internationalizing african fashion and mixing it with your it it's very good that easy won't let the praise go to his head. the most difficult part is still to come it's good that i could join this elise but now i have to secure my place and keep going us. he has a 2nd to catch his breath at this historic moment for ota critter.
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if he wasn't. this is news and these are our top stories. 1000000 people with almost no one on the streets as china extends its down to 8 cities and 26000000 people 25 deaths and more than 800 cases of the viral disease have been reported so far. dozens of world leaders have paid tribute to victims of the holocaust. memorial to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz many leaders called for a future free of. the international court of justice has ordered to take urgent measures to protect. genocide that follows a bloody military crackdown in 2017 that forced hundreds of thousands of britons had to flee. c.j. a decision is pending a full court. the panel of scientists who
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oversee the so-called doomsday clock have moved it to 100 seconds to midnight for only the 2nd time handle members listed nuclear weapons and the climate crisis as looming threat to humanity. this is to. follow us on twitter. website.
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the food. to the point of strong opinions clear positions of international perspective such as can germany succeed where others have failed in brokering a political solution to the long running conflict in libya chancellor merkel says last sunday's conference here in berlin was a 1st step to speech have
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a chance find out onto the floor come up to the point on 60 minutes on a d.w.i. pretty skeptical. i don't think the general well i guess sometimes i am but i said nothing which the government present and i think stephen to jam a culture of looking out of the stereotype a question that in years think the future of this country that i not. yet need to change will take those gram a day out you know it's all that they know i'm a joke join me to meet the gentleman from p.w. . post every 2 seconds the person is forced to flee their homes. the consequences and just stress our documentary series displaced depicts dramatic humanitarian crises from around the world. forgetting we don't have time to think i didn't go to you. versity to kill people. that haniya pain people feel for their
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lives and their future so they seek refuge abroad but what will become of course the story behind it's a plain bagel my husband went to peru because of the crisis i wonder if he hadn't gone there we would have died of hunger going on in town. displaced this week. can a central bank go green the e.c.v. launches a strategic review and looks at buying more climate friendly bonds from euro zone members please. also on the show it's the last day of the world economic forum in davos we'll take you there to take stock of what world leaders had to say this year.


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