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this is deja vu news live from berlin china takes drastic steps to curb a deadly viral outbreak work starts on a hospital to house people infected with the new virus authorities vow to have it ready in just 6 days more than $48000000.00 people are under lockdown in hopes of containing the spread of the virus also coming up german chancellor angela merkel is in istanbul for what are likely to be tense talks with turkey's president breccia tired to want to take a look at what is at stake. we will also bring you the latest from the world economic forum in davos. the world economic forum tries to rewrite the rulebook on
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how capitalism works but in the game records maximizing profits is not even possible for coverage up ahead from davos. and asked so as from a berlin nightclub before it's forced to close its doors thousands signed a petition to save the venue but with the city's nightlife under increasing pressure will that make any difference. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us china is taking unprecedented measures to contain the spread of a deadly new coronavirus imposing quarantines on more than 40000000 people shutting major tourist attractions and canceling public events now this drastic response comes as hundreds of millions of people are on the move for the start of the lunar new year holiday. despite their efforts authorities say the virus has not been
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stopped more than 800 cases have been confirmed some of them far beyond china's borders. the coronavirus is on the move. despite an unprecedented lockdown and rouhani and surrounds china hasn't managed to keep the virus contained. the economist chinese region of macau confirmed at 2nd case on friday and is investigating whether they could be more. it's the same story and hong kong these images are hospital patients suffering from pneumonia being taken to an infectious disease center. even at a press briefing protective masks everywhere our isolation room the occupancy is. more than 70 percent so it's a very hot women see and they are trying to mobilize more to over these from a few days. more cases have also been confirmed in singapore thailand
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south korea and japan. a hospital in tokyo carried out a drill to train staff in dealing with an infectious disease. in vietnam a chinese father and son tested positive for the disease making them the 1st confirmed cases in the country. every day it seems the deadly virus is traveling further. doctors in scotland said they were testing a number of suspected cases and a man was briefly hospitalized in london. 2 people literally lighthouses caveat. syria or tears seriously. from the u.k. to india to australia countries around the globe are on edge and monitoring closely where the virus will pop up next. so chinese authorities are
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taking strict measures to contain the virus but do they think they're getting it under control here's more from correspondent fabienne in beijing if you watch the official news in the evening on the state t.v. then they acknowledged yes it's a severe crisis but it's under control and on social media you know it will be another picture because people are sharing a message short videos. from the epicenter of the virus of overcrowded hospitals that have to reject patients also a hospital so it has to install a temporary tents outside their buildings because they cannot cope with the demands and also the needs of all the patients so it really depends also on what kind of information you're accessing whether you're really for eating the young people who share information on social media they have the people reach they are all where face masks where the older generation is someone. also concerned but less than the youth and they are more also in
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a festive mood because right now there's also good news and actually it's supposed to be a celebration. let's get some more analysis on the story now we can speak to passy penton and he's the head of the european center for disease prevention and control in stockholm pasi thank you for joining us as we saw there china is expanding its lockdown of including more cities is this an effective way to contain the virus or is it coming too late. well these are very drastic measures that the chinese authorities have decided to take in response to this relatively large and rapidly evolving outbreak that they have on their hands these are measures that would could not be done in european. context. and they are taken with great expense to to the local and chinese governments as well as the economy in general in these cities. this is very much done to to
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minimize the possibility of infectious individuals appearing in other cities in china but also in other cities globally so the chinese authorities are taking these measures very much to protect the global community. as to what makes this virus so serious i mean how does it compare to regular winter flu outbreaks for example. so 1st of all this pirates has evolved and appeared at the worst possible time in one hand but also the worst possible time for us in europe since we are in the middle of this season's influenza outbreak it is likely that in one hand for example a large portion of those people that you report on trying to get care in the health care system are actually influenza cases but you don't you do need to have a laboratory diagnosis to differentiate between the 2 the virus that we're talking
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about now in the novel coronavirus we have very very limited data to base our risk assessments on we have published that on our web site couple of days ago but from what we understand so far this virus is very similar both genetically as in its behavior to the 2003 saurus virus which caused globally important outbreak before all in health care systems more than a 1000 cases at the time with a 10 percent mortality rate so so about $700.00 cases dying in different locations around the world so we we the national public health authorities globally are all preparing the health care systems to to face these issues you mentioned that sars outbreak i mean what has been learned from that what do we know now about effectively containing this type of virus. well 1st of all we know that it
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is very important to detect infectious cases as early as possible that needs awareness and immediate action from the whole health care system and in those countries where these cases can potentially be detected and at this stage it is all the countries in the world we have not seen transmission outside imported cases from c.t. in. other countries outside of china and we have i'm sorry we haven't seen transmission in countries outside of china but only exported cases from the old one but it is likely that you'll also see cases in europe in the coming week as people are traveling away from ok we'll have to leave it there passive penton head of the european center for disease prevention and control in stockholm thank you for joining us here and. let's get around about some of the other stories making headlines thousands of iraqis demonstrated in central baghdad
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after a prominent cleric called for a 1000000 strong protest against the u.s. military presence of the country the cleric outsider opposes all foreign interference in iraq but has recently shown a closer alliance with iran. u.s. president trump says he will likely launch his long awaited middle east peace plan early next week trump was returning to washington from the world economic forum when he told reporters he believed his plan would be successful. a massive explosion has ripped through a building in houston texas and the blast injured at least one person and shattered windows across the district local reports say it occurred at an industrial site that's owned by a machining and manufacturing company. swarms of locusts are eating their way across large parts of east africa it's the worst outbreak some regions or have seen in 70 years the u.n. has called for aid to have averted threats to food supplies locusts reproduce rapidly and if they are left unchecked they could balloon to 500 times their
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current number by june. now german chancellor angela merkel has arrived in istanbul for talks with the turkish president on that you are expected to focus on the future of a migration deal between turkey and the european union that has helped curb the influx of migrants coming to europe but the visit comes at a time of strained relations between berlin and. chancellor angela merkel's 1st stop in istanbul was the opening ceremony of the new campus of a turkish german university. and berlin have extensive cultural and economic ties but the 2 nations are looking for a fresh start in a new decade and their leaders could be hoping 2020 brings about progress on some prickly issues for starters there's libya's complex civil war. turkish president richard type other one took part in a peace conference in berlin earlier this month having to ploy troops to libya
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turkey has become one of the key players there. a used 2016 refugee deal with turkey will most likely be up for discussion so under that agreement turkey must stop migrants from crossing into a new territory in exchange for billions of euros to help look after the refugees it hosts. are one has warned he can't uphold his end of the deal if fighting in syria as it looked province causes more people to flee. medical though is likely to edge out a want to stick with the pact. finally germany will probably seek answers over the issue of german nationals detained in turkish prisons all banned from leaving the country so much joel turkish nationals and have suffered under the government's crackdown on dissent following the failed military code 3 and a half years ago. let's go right to data views yulia hunchy is covering the german chancellor's visit to istanbul for us hi yulia what is topping the agenda there.
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well both chancellor merkel and prison edwin will soon be talking to as journalists and after that i will for sure be able to tell you more what is an important issue for prison edwin is the libya crisis is a turkey got militarily involved on behalf of the un recognized government there in tripoli so today earlier today he warned about chaos in libya if no peace solution was found and he urged international powers to put more pressure on the a rival general. who himself wants to take power there in the libya he of course addressed angela merkel because she has emerged in recent days and weeks as some kind of an international mediator in this crisis and another issue probably very high on the agenda is the so-called migrant a pact you mentioned did this deal between the e.u.
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and ankara was struck in 2016 but it is a looking more fred. well the longer it is in plays the number of migrants trying to cross into the european union illegally from turkey has increased o'shaughnessy in recent weeks in the last year president edwin himself has repeatedly threatened to open the gates for migrants to europe as he put it and he's complaining that the e.u. is not sending the promised 6000000000 euros to turkey this is of course no good news for chancellor merkel she herself has made this agreement with turkey the core of her migration policy so probably she is here in istanbul today to see whether tekkie is still committed to this deal. also during her visit the chancellor is with members of turkey's civil society what more can you tell us about that. from what we hear she's been meeting at the civil society activists all well known personalities here in turkey during her lunch break of course without president
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edwin the big topics there were the rule of law freedom of expression freedom of opinion freedom of the press all of them have come under increasing attack here in turkey as the german chancellor has repeatedly criticized it but many here in turkey but also back home in germany have asked her to be more clear to have a clear message that surprise and we talked to one of the participants of this civil society meeting after he spoke to chancellor merkel as ed roland although he's the techie representative of reporters without borders let's listen what he had to say. here. for example even reports about.
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this judiciary. you know you as you said this has been a point of controversy between germany and turkey and relations between the 2 countries have deteriorated over the past few years can you take us through some of the other controversies that we've seen and what do you think has to happen for relations to improve. well other points of controversy here are german citizens still in turkish jails allegedly for political reasons you've just heard the turkey representative of reporters without borders that there are huge disagreements about freedom of expression rule of law law how a democracy should work basically between germany and turkey but attempts are being made to kind of heal that relationship visibly at least today maclin edwin inaugurated a new campus of the turkish german university here in istanbul merkel has called it an extraordinary project of cooperation add on has called her my dear friend so to
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the outside were there making some efforts to show harmony to express harmony but of course that can't hide the fact that there is a lot of tension that still exists our correspondent yulia hung reporting there in istanbul thank you so much. now it is the final day of a world economic forum meeting in davos that has been largely dominated by one subject the environment there have been strong messages from young activists as well as a call to action from the u.n. secretary general this international trade and issues around artificial intelligence are also high on the agenda and there is a saw a call from the german chancellor angela merkel for countries to talk more to one another. on the ground in davos are our senior business editor ben for reporters and they've been covering events there for us this week and here are their takeaways. this forum bit u.s.
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president donald trump again. young swedish activist gratitude bag you could not get any different no you couldn't bend on the one hand you have the elderly climate denier in chief on the other hand you have a much more youthful face of climate activism so she railed against him and other world leaders for their own action in the face of an environmental catastrophe he called her a prophet of doom but who do you think won that battle that's an easy one trump got the most laughs got the most cheese or were they laughing at him or with him that well he was here basically campaigning on an election what people here wanted to hear was who's going to save the planet well he did say that the u.s. was going to join this initiative to plant one trillion trees this initiative that by the world economic forum but how much does that mean really yeah that's the hard part davos is always full of pledges and promises it's action we want to see of course but we have seen companies sign up to a new manifesto and a new framework in which they will now be held responsible to society and the
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environment not just profits and losses and that's a huge change the big for ordering from signed up to it scores of companies did as well now i'm willing to believe it in the goodwill but i do see a bit of a disconnect there amber earlier this week when there was a survey released of c.e.o.'s that put environment and climate catastrophe as the number 11 worry that they have number one was what then it was over regulation exactly so companies have to focus on the short term not the long term and it's the transition that's going to be very very key medical the german chancellor said that we can't leave anybody behind this has to be a joint effort the chinese also said that the world needs to work together and then not at the moment but what they did do this week was talk they all came together to davos to talk now picking up on what he said about miracles he did say the impatience of the youth had to be understood and had to be top after all they are going to inherit the planet they're going to live beyond 2050 and we may not. and
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it was the young change makers here telling the old white guys how to run their economies and how to save the planet perhaps that's how it should be maybe. stranger things have happened one of the strangest things that happened to me this week was bill browder the u.s. financier who used to be one of the biggest foreign investors in russia but was expelled from veiling corruption i was standing here on the balcony with me and then told me how the swiss officials had unfolded the plot to possibly kill him did you feel safe standing here with him i did know it well i'm glad you made it to the end of the forum alive i'm glad we both did it all right more news now from around the world mexican authorities have detained $800.00 people from central america who entered illegally from guatemala that intended to reach the border with the us mexico is under a lot of pressure from the u.s. president trying to contain mass movements of migrants. actress. who appeared in
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the t.v. series the sopranos has accused former producer harvey weinstein of raping her she was the 1st accuser to give evidence at his trial in new york weinstein is pleading not guilty to charges of assaulting 2 women he says all of a sexual encounters were consensual. at least 7 people have been killed in a fierce winter storm that has been battering spain for several days it has caused major flooding and brought extreme temperatures the regions of catalonia and the belly or islands have been the worst hit. and strikers have been out on the streets of paris in their 7 week campaign to fight pension reforms planned by president back home despite concessions by the government the public sector unions leading the strike seem determined not to allow the reforms to go ahead. here in berlin some worry that it might soon be the end of an era for one of the city's mainstays its legendary night clubs now the german capital has always been known for its wild club scene but with international investors and property developers driving up
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rents night clubs are feeling the pressure hundreds of people turned out to protest against the closure of one for lyn venue. it's 1 30 in the morning at greece nul in berlin district one of the city's most popular techno clubs the parsis just getting started on the line outside is growing in these groups say the greens move there is known throughout europe and even the world many people come just for certain d.j.'s. we also have lots of regulars who live nearby and. live in quotes because. the club's lease runs out of the end of january investors want to do something else with the former industrial size and that means closing the venue more than $40000.00 people have signed a petition to save us several 100 turned out to protest the decline of berlin's nightlife. the dying out the city
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has lost about a 100 of them in the past 10 years but of course we're seeing a decline in the quality of clips caused by a growing city the more expensive clubs in mid to used to be of on guard now have to sow champagne and play a lot. pop music to make money the list of clubs that have already closed or risk doing so is long the stories are often the same places that once hosted wild parties like the original tres or have been turned into shopping malls not only is there an outcry from the music scene other creatives have written an open letter to demand action. for them the only ones that we have very diverse projects are crowded out for techno clubs alternative living spaces for the social cultural centers. thus the city's lifeblood is being drained their start to make way for some boring office buildings instead brokers
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a good boat the berlin city government is mediating between landlords and club owners but this has little power when it comes to tenants rights. he would need stronger regulations for commercial rentals beilin has brought in a federal council initiative that has wide support for federal government hasn't done anything debating whether to classify clubs as crucial venues that would have legal consequences for construction planning. the public outcry seems to have made a difference for greece the city has now offered the proprietors a new venue but it has become emblematic of concerns that serious measures are needed to save berlin's legendary club scene. now as we reported earlier china has imposed travel restrictions on several cities
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part of efforts to stop the spread of a deadly flu like virus and it couldn't come at a worse time that's because the country is heading into a week long holiday for lunar new year when people in china usually travel to their hometowns to join in the celebrations now this year people are welcoming the year of the rat coincidentally a creature often associated with spreading the disease but as our next report shows rats have undeservedly gotten a bad rap. disease spreading in. cute furry pets. for marty lineback has been living with rats for nearly 30 years. every single one of them has a different personality and i can actually predict their behavior so to have an animal that's that kind of smart unique playful inquisitive different cheerful.
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so a rat is just like us in 2007 hollywood made one of the clever rodents a star when it sent me the rat into the kitchen as a cook for you matter of time before i'm discovered. but maybe that wasn't such a great idea. rats can spread more than a 100 different infectious diseases they're attracted to god and food waste. this boy was bitten when rats overran the pakistani city of 4 years ago. a course of rabies shot saved his life but it wasn't an isolated incident. the city government finally sent an exterminator as he left poisoned food out for the rats. but why use poison when rats supposedly love music back in the middle ages the pied piper of hamelin is said to have learned a whole horde of rats i took his german city. what's clearly established is that rats have a fantastic sense of smell they can even sniff out to
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a good kilo suspected area which could lead to a quick a diagnosis for patients thanks to their sensitive sniffing rats even deployed to detect explosives like here in the formerly war torn cambodia. and what kind of thanks do they get they get eaten the rodents are considered a delicacy in cambodia. sweet and sour rat. so it's welcome news to some that they often misunderstood critter is now being honored and celebrated for chinese new year. according to chinese astrology this is the year of the metal rat the metal rot the metal and women the qualities of the metal elements of a ball show up in this clarity and doing the right thing and
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wrapped whisper amati leinbach is convinced that peaceful coexistence between rats and humans is the right thing. coming up next give you news asia will have more on the corona virus spreading in china and what that means for a lunar new year travellers to respond as you will be here in a few minutes. what
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discover to. subscribe to the documentary on you tube. this is due to other news a shelf coming up vitus lockdown was in china is virtually quarantined as china fights to contain a new strain of coral but as we get the inside view from the city of 11000000 plus . it's a lockdown in the midst of a festival. preparing to celebrate the yard of the rat we'll find out the rats admirable qualities and rather you'll want to.


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