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the but. this is it every news line from berlin extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures china races to curb the spread of a deadly virus at least 3 cities in lockdown more than 30000000 quarantined airports around the world on alert authorities are racing to build a hospital to treat those infected with the cone of virus vowing to complete the facility in a record 6 days also coming up chairmanships i'm going to go meet some with the turkish president at a red chip tire it was in istanbul the 2 leaders discussed the worsening conflicts
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in libya and syria and a massive migration deal that's been preventing refugees from breaching the european union and the latest from the world economic forum in davos the world economic forum tries to rewrite the rulebook on how capitalism works but in a game record not summarizing profit is not even possible full coverage up ahead from davos. thank you so much for your company everyone china is taking on the president of measures to contain the spread of a deadly new coronavirus imposing quarantine on more than 40000000 people closing major tourist attractions and canceling public events while the drastic response comes as hundreds of millions of people are on the move for the start of the lunar new year holiday well despite their efforts authorities say. the virus has now been
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stopped more than 100 cases have now been confirmed some of them far beyond china's borders. the coronavirus is on the move. despite an unprecedented lockdown and will hunt and surrounds china hasn't managed to keep the virus contained. the autonomy's chinese region of macau confirmed at 2nd case on friday and is investigating whether they could be more. it's the same story and hong kong these images are hospital patients suffering from pneumonia being taken to an infectious disease center. even at a press briefing protective masks everywhere are isolation round the occupancy is. more than 70 percent so it's a very high occupancy and they are trying to mobilize more to over this from a few days. more cases have also been confirmed in singapore thailand
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south korea and japan. the hospital in tokyo carried out a drill to train staff in dealing with an infectious disease. in vietnam a chinese father and son tested positive for the disease making them the 1st confirmed cases in the country. every day it seems the deadly virus is traveling further. doctors in scotland said they were testing a number of suspected cases and a man was briefly hospitalized in london. 2 people literally lighthouse that says cave it corporate what i say every 2 years or so. from the u.k. to india to australia countries around the globe are on it and monitoring closely where the virus will pop up next. all right well with the situation
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deteriorating the people in china are taking out to social media to share some of their stories and the reporter aaron tilton joins me right now what have you see popping up on the socials well we've been following threads both on chinese social media and international social media and we're seeing many users complain about overfilled hospitals very very crowded waiting rooms and difficulty actually getting treatment and we've seen several videos posted that have come directly out of one themselves i believe we're seeing them right now and as you can see people are lining up or rather crowding into hospital waiting rooms and tending to get some type of treatment we've also seen many people actually complain about being turned away having received neither treatment nor actually receiving any test for the coronavirus as well under resourced and overwhelmed lot of course ground 0 for this outbreak what are health officials doing except for reverse engineering and trying to find out where it originated well 13 cities so far in the region have been placed under quarantine and that's affecting some 400000400 rather 40000000
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people i mean that's in the size of a major european country some 40000000 people and what the corn basically means is that they're not being allowed to travel public transportation has been cut we've also seen video of road blocks placed around these 13 different cities preventing people from actually getting access to the road systems now chinese officials have said they will allow some type of travel between the cities in emergency cases but so far we're not really hearing about much of that happening you know we've also seen reports of many public events being cancelled tourist locations have been closed down parts of the great wall of china have also been closed and of course in a with the new year's celebrations slated for the weekend many of those public facilities are public celebrations have been closed off as well to prevent the further spread of the virus and very draconian measures they obviously are taking it very seriously but put this in perspective for us how does this outbreak of this mysterious coronavirus compare to the flu to sars tumors well. it's
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a good question because i really think we do need to put this in comparison i mean so far we've only seen around 2002000 suspected cases in china and if you compare that to the flu each year which around the world infects some 3 to 5000000 people in terms of very very severe cases resulting in as many as half a 1000000 fatalities it's really really quite small the concern is this is a kind of a pandemic virus which means it spreads very very quickly it's not like the flu the flu comes back around the world each year and we've been dealing with that for as long as humanity has existed so it's a known quantity we know how to deal with it when it comes to these unknown emergency emerging pandemic viruses that spread very very quickly the fear is that it could quickly morph into something else i mean the best example is the spanish flu back in just after world war one which you know quickly spread around the world infecting some 500000000 people which was a 3rd of the population of the planet at the time and had a 10 percent mortality rate meaning it killed by some of its estimates up to 50000000 people in
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a year's time i mean that's the fear with viruses like this if they spread really quickly and an unknown quantity we don't know what we're dealing with the fear is it can turn into something else very very quickly if we don't really keep on it now as i said china taking this very very seriously implementing some drastic measures is the sign of them effectively taking charge and containing the contagion or or do they know something that we don't well international health experts have said so far that the chinese government is actually taking a very proactive and effective measures when it comes to containing this virus. that might be partially a reaction to some of the criticism that was leveled against china during the sars outbreak in mers always break 2 decades ago where basically they they were criticized for not really sharing information quickly enough with the international community which is part of the reason that sars was able to spread so quickly now it seems they're taking the exact opposite tact or. here at least with the
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international community they are maintaining a more open and transparent information policy and it's part of a reaction to that in general also when it comes to the symptoms of this particular virus both the world health organization and independent observers has said it doesn't appear to be as severe from the symptoms as sars was 2 decades ago so right now it seems like china is actually more testing their reaction to these type of outbreaks more than it is some fear of a more deadly virus comparing to sars i did have a reporter aaron tilton thank you very much like you're going to have to be now with some of the other stories making news around the world. german police say 6 people have been killed in a shooting in the southwestern town of. the incident is believed to be linked to a quote personal relationship the suspect has been detained. thousands of iraqis demonstrated in central baghdad after a prominent cleric called for a 1000000 strong protest against u.s.
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military presence in the country the cleric souther opposes all foreign interference in iraq quote has recently shown closer alliance with iran. annabella sure who appeared in the television show the sopranos was accused has accused former producer harvey weinstein of raping her she was the 1st accuser to give evidence of his trial in new york weinstein is pleading not guilty to charges of assaulting 2 women he says all his sexual encounters were consensual . german says that 10 chancellor rather uncle americal is in istanbul for bilateral talks with president bush president. the chancellor began her visit at the opening ceremony of the new campus of a turkish german university drawing from her background as a scientist the chancellor called for freedom and research saying it was a way to maximize achievement the leaders also had talks about this situation in
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syria and the wider conflict in the middle east. all right i am joined now by yulia hein in istanbul she has been following the chancellor's visit for us in turkey and our political correspondent melinda crane here in berlin all right to start with you if i may you were at that joint news conference what struck you the most. well the 2 major issues here today with the crisis is in libya and the so-called migrant crisis which is of course closely related to the situation the war in syria now the 26th migration pact struck between ankara and the european union has been very fragile and many were wondering whether the turkish president or edge of tired
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add on is still committed to that deal or whether the european union would be in favor of updating or extending it and in both cases the tentative or the answer from both leaders today seems to be yes now prison edwin knows how valuable he is to the europeans he knows that chancellor angela merkel doesn't want a repetition of the 2015 a migration crisis in germany and other european union countries so he knows he can ask for concessions which he did today quite moderately so he was basically asking for more help for more money we know him quite differently in the past he has repeatedly threatened to open the gates for migrants to europe to press for political concessions today as i mentioned a softer tone a more moderate tone towards chancellor merkel but he also said that turkey already hosts nearly 4000000 refugees here and 400000 are moving towards the turkish border
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inside a province in syria the province that has been attacked by the regime in recent weeks and months so he basically knows this is the threat scenario he presented it's chancellor merkel asking for more support the interesting thing is that she herself really saying to him for for what he is doing for the refugees in turkey and she was basically open for what he demanded she said she would get back to your her european union partners deliberate about this and maybe you know can she can offer more help that was her tentative reply that now i want to talk a little bit more about chancellor merkel's ject of or with this visit with melinda and melinda what was the chance or trying to achieve with her visitor a stumble. well president out of one has become an absolutely crucial player in both the middle east and north africa 2 regions that are absolutely plagued by
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instability in 2 regions of great concern for germany and for europe because instability there can in fact spark flows of refugees as we all know from 20152016 that was the reason for the deal that yulia han just mentioned between the e.u. on the one hand and turkey on the other to try to stop syrian refugees from transiting turkey and moving on to greece seeking and tree to the e.u. so that is absolutely requires cooperation and communication even if relations between germany and turkey are often strained and no doubt the chancellor was very pleased to go and celebrate the opening of a german turkish university as a rare moment of warmth and mutuality between these 2 countries germany will hold the e.u. council presidency in the 2nd half of 2020 and that makes relations with turkey
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particularly important if she wants to move forward on several issues that are absolutely key for her. i want to go back to you in istanbul of course as melinda actually just referenced bilateral relations have been very strained have even deteriorated in the past couple years did you also notice a warming of relationships again building of consensus. yes i did during the inauguration of the university campus that melinda just mentioned edwin today repeatedly called america my dear friend to repair refer to her as a friend as i mentioned merkel thanked him repeatedly for his efforts in the so-called refugee crisis so they're also silly attempts of warming relations because they're just so important for turkey as well it konami for example but that doesn't hide the fact that these 2 leaders still disagree over
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a major issues just to give you one example today during her lunch break and met a group of civil society activists here in turkey and they told her about the situation of freedom of expression freedom of opinion freedom of the price in turkey all have come under attack this is a thank you both for your coverage. you're watching you to read news and still to come. preparing for the worst in quick prone japan organizers of the tokyo olympics train staff to respond if disaster strikes at the summer games. but 1st it's the final day of the world economic forum meeting in davos and it's been largely dominated by one subject the environment there have been strong messages from activists gratitude work as well as a call to action from u.s. secretary general antonio generous international trade and artificial intelligence
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were also high on the agenda thursday saw a call from german chancellor angela merkel for countries to talk more to each other. on the ground in davos our senior business editor ben physical and reporter it's an alderman well they've been covering events there for us all this week and here are their take. this forum pitted u.s. president donald trump against young swedish activist gratitude bag you could not get any different no you couldn't bend on the one hand you have the elderly climate denier in chief on the other hand you have a much more youthful face of climate activism so she railed against him and other world leaders for their own action in the face of an environmental catastrophe he called her a prophet of doom but who do you think won that battle that's an easy one trump got the most laughs got the most what were they laughing at him or with him that well he was here basically campaigning on an election what people here wanted to hear was who's going to save the planet well he did say that the u.s.
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was going to join this initiative to plant one trillion trees this initiative that by the world economic forum but how much does that mean really yeah that's the hard part davos is always full of pledges and promises it's action we want to see of course but we have seen companies sign up to a new manifesto and a new framework in which they will now be held responsible to society and the environment not just profits and losses and that's a huge change the big for auditing firms signed up to it scores of companies did as well now i'm willing to believe in the goodwill but i do see a bit of a disconnect there amber earlier this week when there was a survey released of c.e.o.'s that put environment and climate catastrophe as the number 11 worry that they have number one was what then it was over regulation exactly so companies are too focused on the short term not the long term and it's the transition that's going to be very very key mckelvie german chancellor said that we can't leave anybody behind this has to be
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a joint effort the chinese also said that the the world needs to work together and then not at the moment but what they did do this week was talk they all came together to davos to talk now picking up on what he said about miracles he did say the impatience of the youth had to be understood and had to be top after all they are going to inherit the planet they're going to live beyond 2050 and we may not. and it was the young change makers here telling the old white guys how to run their economies and how to save the planet perhaps that's how it should be maybe. stranger things have happened one of the strangest things that happened to me this week was bill browder the us financier who used to be one of the biggest foreign investors in russia but was expelled from veiling corruption i was standing here on the balcony with me and then told me how the swiss officials had unfolded a plot to possibly kill him did you feel safe standing here with him i did know it well i'm glad you made it to the end of the forum alive i'm glad we both did
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jenelle and been there for you prove ian's go to the polls on sunday in an attempt to end the country's biggest political crisis in recent history president martin have a scar on sparked controversy when he dissolved congress last september he accused the opposition of blocking his anticorruption reforms the vast majority of peruvians supported his decision but many now have lost faith in the political system a latin america correspondent nick of polish try to find out why. aggressive canvassing in lima city center it's only a couple of days until the election and all the candidates promised to help the country recover from its deep institutional crisis many peruvians struggle to get excited about the vote. it's a disaster and i don't trust any of them. can they get more people have been let down too many times they put their hopes and politicians that seems trustworthy and they still disappointed them. it's not
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a presidential election it's only congress so people are a bit confused they don't know who the candidates are or which party to vote for a combination of disillusionment and in comprehension added to exceptional circumstances it's the 1st time in peru's history that the country only elects congress plus there is no government party to vote for in. the new congress should represent whoever won the battle between the executive and the legislative right if the president won his party should get support that would certainly have happened if the president had a party but he doesn't so people have to figure out how close the party they're voting for is to the executive. to get to know their candidates better these people seek direct contact with those running for public office especially the younger generation is fed up with disenchantment being used as an excuse for inaction. if you don't want to see the same old people it's important to vote for someone
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worthwhile knowing the people aren't going to say that all right will stop the corruption so you go to vote we need to make decisions and act in order to achieve the changes we want to see in the political system of our country. he is one of the candidates promising change i'll bet at the below and it was a member of the dissolved congress and is now running again his message is clear every vote counts. the worst thing you can do is head into these elections wanting to spoil your vote because that's neither constructive nor does it get the message across the only ones benefiting from its will be the parties that few people voted for because if you submit an invalid ballot paper they will get more seats i believe it's important for people to be aware of the power behind the vote. a vote that will determine who is going to occupy the $130.00 seats in peru's congress until the general election in 2021 whether or not it will be truly representative
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depends on the willingness of the peruvian people. so sports news now for your bursaries new teenage sensation early honda will make his home debut on friday night to mark the start of match day 19 of the pointlessly while the 19 year old made headlines across the sporting world last week when scored a match winning hat trick at augsburg take a look now home friends get their chance to meet the wonder kids in flash whilst trying to stay in touch with league leaders leipsic is again expected to start their match from the bench. and preparing for disaster well that's an issue on the minds of organizers of this year's olympic games in tokyo with little more than 6 months to go preparations are entering their final stages and they include holding emergency response drills in the event of an earthquake. they
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are preparing for the worst but hoping they won't have to do it for real in this trailer rescue team from the tokyo fire department has just rushed into action victims are treated on the spot or taken away on stretchers to have their injuries assessed. these are the 1st 15 minutes of a hypothetical 7.3 magnitude earthquake in a country is quite primeness japan tokyo 2020 organizes are leaving nothing to chance. because i think it is ok. we are going to conduct a survey from the participants of this drill including people with disabilities to collect ideas and suggestions for us to review our operations you know so that the government. this trail involves more than 500 volunteers they played the role of evacuees with instructions relayed in both japanese and english organizes
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acknowledge though that their linguistic capabilities mustn't stop there i only talk about it right. away we are aware that among foreigners some people do not speak english. so it will be necessary to take measures to be able to deal with several languages but it's a lot of things. to be outside this might all of quite scary but the message to visit is is don't be afraid if any city in the world is prepared for an earthquake it's tokyo. this is you know we near is this our top stories. china is taking unprecedented measures to contain the spread of a deadly new virus with over 10 cities a lockdown and tens of millions quarantined authorities are also rushing to build a hospital for people infected with the new coronavirus. germany's chancellor angela merkel is in turkey for talks with president richard tyra to one at a time of tensions between the 2 countries the leaders talked about syria libya and
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the wider conflict in the middle east earlier chancellor merkel formally opened a new campus of the turkish german university in istanbul. thousands of iraqis demonstrated in central baghdad after a prominent cleric called for a 1000000 strong protest against u.s. military presence in the country the cleric souther opposes all foreign interference in iraq but has recently shown himself in closer alliance with iran. but he say 6 people have been killed in a shooting in the town of autumn z. in southwestern germany while the incident is believed to be lynched to a quote personal relationship a suspect has been detained. this is due to the news from berlin for more followers on twitter and news or visit a website that i did dot com. all right don't forget you can always get your years on the go just download our app from the google play forth from the app store
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they'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and if you're part of a news story you can also use a bit of the app to send us your photos and videos of what's happening. you're watching it every news from growing up next as you know we use environment magazine eco india i'll be back of a top of the hour for now i thank you so much for watching.
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