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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2020 9:00pm-9:30pm CET

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this is due to the new flight from ballet to 2 cases of the coronavirus that has caused widespread chaos and panic in china are confirmed in france one in 4 day one in paris in china where the outbreak began authorities have locked down citizen quarantine for more than $40000000.00 people meanwhile airports around the world up on alert us also on the program donald trump waits into the us culture wars again he becomes the 1st sitting president to address the antiabortion march for life in person years after calling himself pro-choice in every respect. germany's
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chancellor merkel meets with the turkish president earlier on in istanbul the leaders find common ground on migration but differ on how to bring about peace in libya and syria. swarms of locusts are eating their way across large parts of east africa in the worst outbreak for 17 years experts say extreme wings that's swings in weather are to blame. i feel gail welcome to the program. we begin with breaking news the deadly new coronavirus has reached france officials have confirmed 2 cases in different parts of the country this is china where the virus originated quarantines more than 40000000 people closing major tourist attractions and canceling public events now
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the. brix epicenter is the city of homs in who by province but it's now spread to at least 12 others all of which are now on lockdown break comes just as the country had said to the lunar new year when millions of people travel to celebrate in the towns many of those events have now been cancelled with more than 800 infections reported and more than 25 deaths or thorgils are trying to leave nothing to chance . a city of 11000000 people with almost no one on the streets trains planes buses cars almost nothing leave so enters with han. hospitals and the epicenter of the outbreak are overwhelmed with patients so overwhelmed that authorities have now decided to build a new dedicated hospital from scratch hoping to complete construction in just 6 days. in existing hospitals health workers are working tirelessly against the virus. knows which includes it would of course we're worried
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and so are our relatives. but we're nurses and will do our job is long as we wear the uniform just by the rising number of cases the world health organization has refrained from declaring a global health emergency. to d.g. which is provided by the emergency committee is that no more of the time. but china isn't taking any chances transport links within and to a number of nearby cities have been cut and the fear of contagion has produced dramatic scenes like here at physio airport where a man suspected of carrying the virus was confined to a quarantine container. the lockdown now covers more than 30000000 people and it's putting a serious damper on the union new year holiday. that's a look at the efforts to combat this virus and whether vi religious to mohammed
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money or who's from lancaster university welcome to d w so now we have a 2 new cases reported in france how prepared is europe for the sap break well not really i must say because i've been saying these things for last 2 weeks that the british and i we are having at the moment at any org in the u.k. and u.k. also entire europe these are insufficient the reason is that people have been given only a little at that out some instruction about the clinical side of this virus that is insufficient because if some people have a very good level of citizenship they might be able to understand that but if you know any announcement over there on the course even they are intermingling with their patient a bit of travel or that are coming from other countries so there is a there is not really a much preparation especially for the situation that is going to be there not only in china but abroad so we should expect more and not just in europe but around the
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world absolutely the problem with these kind of lattice is they are highly contagious continuous mean that it can transmit from one person to another person very easily and a lot of the factor that is very important when to stand for general public is that these why this is have been in china for a while so they have some sort of immunity need assistance i guess that we don't we mean in europe we don't have any exposure to these what is it before it's a lot of why this is if they had by chance come to us it would be a lot more impact than what we are seeing in china because we don't have any existing immunity to assist us against the slightest says there's no further problem with detecting and controlling this the fact that its symptoms could be pretty much anything that could be flu that could be a cold. that is one of the challenge because if you just see. anything that could be the same as like a common slope that is one of the challenge however looking at the history because
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if we look at all of the cases those have been reported in china but also abroad they have some links to me move on so my offices has it right from the beginning is being there all those people or the traveler who are coming directly from war on should should be called in teams should be tested at least for the temperature and if there is any temperature and some sort of signs we should definitely put a special focus on to those patients because the disease if if some of these cases would go on noticed 'd and both the general public you can assume the damage they could cause ok so at this stage your recommendation if you were asked would be that we look at people coming from from will have found and check temperatures and that should be done across across europe at all sort of ports and airports absolutely absolutely because if anybody says when they are inspecting people the 1st sign
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come up is the temperature and it's pretty easy to do is set a most carrying you have a thermos can just add before add it it will tell you how much temperature is there and if there is a temperature there is no harm to look into that history may have on the person who's coming home and if there was any need to be screened we heard in the report though the world health organization has decided not to call this an international . health emergency so what does that tell us. well that tells us that. they look more onto the. perspective of news wise as they thought that the widest of that has caused an action in front of them tweet was not put under emergency situation as well which killed more than 800 people anyway so what does it mean really looking into the current called x. there really underestimating the potential of these viruses that they could into their rest of the word where the lot is has not been there yet so there is no harm
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if i would be having any or work to decide about there's no 2 court relatively so what does this really mean if they would be. against you for international concern is that they will say they will collate all the efforts internationally instead of nationally and then make a scrag you call this action so there is no harm doing so thanks for joining us i just i'm a hammer dominica from lancaster university. but take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world tens of thousands of demonstrators have returned to from says streets to oppose a planned overhaul of the country's pension system on friday the government unveiled its final version of the draft law which critics say will force millions to work for longer france has been hit by strikes and other actions since the 5th of december. tens of thousands of iraqis gathered in central baghdad to denounce the u.s. military presence in the country at the demonstration was organized by shiite cleric and politician al sattar and iranian linked forces hours later 2 protesters
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were killed and 25 wounded in separate anti regime protests in the city. turkey says 4 people have died in a 6.7 magnitude earthquake in the east of the country the epicenter was about 550 kilometers east of the capital ankara near the town of silvery j. but the quake was felt right across the region including at this t.v. station in the southeastern city of or for. the german chancellor angela merkel has held by a lot of talks with turkish president friendship tire istanbul and their agenda was the 26th day migration deal between turkey and the e.u. under the deal ankara agreed to prevent refugees travelling through turkey from departing for greece in exchange turkey would receive billions of euros from the e.u. president 31 has threatened many times to scrap the deal accusing europe of failing
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to fulfill its commitments. the german chancellor and turkish president met at this ottoman palace in istanbul to rebuild trust and resolve some key issues such as the refugee deal between turkey and the e.u. turkey says it has yet to receive most of the 6000000000 euros it was promised for building new refugee camps the e.u. denies this says it needs further funding because of the worsening situation in syria. around 400000 migrants are making their way to was from the city of italy we have to work out how we can provide these people with humanitarian aid especially who could winter months. ankara wants to build solid houses in turkish controlled parts of syria experts warn international nor could hinder germany from providing further financial support but chancellor merkel suggested it could be in the offing. i will consider how we can help turkey when it comes to
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people in syria who are living in tents because they have fled the conflict and determine whether we can supply more funding to improve the humanitarian situation there are far better than the migration is she represents a key political challenge for both leaders both within their own countries as well as abroad a straight to istanbul then where we can join our correspondent you in your heart. welcome where you are chancellor merkel has signaled berlin's willingness to provide funds to prevent a new influx. into europe so to present only one get what he wanted from europe. well no decisions no pledges that were made today but yes more money that's what president wanted on top of that he got some friendly words and praise by the german chancellor today she repeatedly said how thankful she is for turkey hosting
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3600000 refugees she called it a huge challenge and then yes she signaled there might be more financial support for turkey germany will look into options of maybe helping to build a shelter in syria is it live province for refugees over there that's a new thing and then she also said there might be more e.u. funding on top of the $6000000000.00 euros agreed upon between brussels and under the so-called migration pact so now you might wonder why would she do that and that's exactly because this migration pact is faltering the number of migrants trying to cross into the european union from turkey illegally has gone up sharply in recent months in the past year the refugee camps on the greek islands are
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hopelessly overcrowded and present ad one has repeatedly threatened to open the gates for migrants to europe so america ones to make sure he still backs of the he is still committed to it she knows she needs him she doesn't want to see another migration crisis in germany and the e.u. like in 2015 and it's add one exactly knows that he knows how valuable he is for america and the europeans. the 2 leaders are different to start insisting that. well apparently they have a different understanding about progress that has been made on the ground merkel for example said that during a libya com friends in berlin last week general huff one of the rival parties verbal he agreed to a cease fire and. react quite angrily to that and said this man can't be trusted as long as he didn't sign anything and he didn't sign
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a cease fire officially he basically still continues his attacks and we have the right to continue our military support in the form of sending cozumel for training to the tripoli government because turkey turkey military supports the government there in tripoli the u.n. recognized government and briefly if you wouldn't mind you're the relations between the 2 countries have been fraught over recent years did you detect any sawing well it was an unusually friendly atmosphere and repeatedly called america my idea friend mackall also was kind of you know she was not very critical she didn't openly criticize him for issues that are known to be issues between germany and turkey freedom of speech here in turkey freedom of the price rule of law all have
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come under attack and merkel indeed met some civil society activists during her visit who told her just that but she didn't openly criticize and went to the country they in order waited as a university campus of the turkish german university to gather and that was quite a display of harmony there gave a present a merah so that was basically the message here today these strained relations now are kind of warming up and that was an important message for america and on i guess . both thank you. now here in berlin there are what is that the city's legendary night clubs might have had their time the german capital so has been known for its wild club scene but with international investors and property developers driving up rents the clubs are feeling the pressure now hundreds of people have turned out to protest against the closure of another popular venue. it's 1 30 in the
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morning at greece new in berlin district one of the city's most popular techno clubs the party is just getting started and the line outside is growing and they say the greeks miller is known throughout europe and even the world many people come just for certain d.j.'s. we also have lots of regulars who live nearby. but in the new. clubs lease runs out at the end of january investors want to do something else with the former industrial size and that means closing the venue more than $40000.00 people have signed a petition to save us several 100 turned out to protest the decline of berlin's nightlife. dying out the city has lost about a 100 of them in the past 10 years but of course we're seeing a decline in the quality of clubs caused by a growing city that's getting more expensive clubs in mid to used to be of on guard
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now have to sew champagne and play lots of pop music to make money but the list of clubs that have already closed or risk doing so is long the stories are often the same places that once hosted wild parties like the original tres or have been turned into shopping malls. not only is there an outcry from the music scene other creatives have written an open letter to demand action. oh. for them the only ones that we've had very diverse projects are crowded out for techno clubs alternative living spaces for the social cultural centers. thus the city's lifeblood is being drained the start to make way for some boring office buildings instead growers' a good boat. the berlin city government is mediating between landlords and club
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owners but this has little power when it comes to tenants rights. that he would need stronger regulations for commercial rental was has brought in a federal council initiative that has wide support of the federal government hasn't done anything debating whether to classify clubs as crucial venue's that would have legal consequences for construction planning. the public outcry seems to have made a difference for greece the city has now offered the proprietors a new venue but it has become emblematic of concerns that serious measures are needed to save berlin's legendary club scene. this is state of the news life still to come preparing for the worst in quake prone japan organizers of the tokyo olympics a training staff in how to respond if disaster strikes that the summer games. first so u.s.
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president donald trump has been speaking at an anti abortion rally in washington the 1st president to do so he took to the stage as thousands gathered for the annual march for life rallying point for opponents to women's abortion rights which were legalized in 173 this was going on or services conducted the president's impeachment trial just a few blocks away and his campaign for reelection continues to gather pace. so let's go straight to washington where we find d.w. correspondent all of us out at. well coming abortion of course a contentious political issues in the u.s. what does a president's unprecedented decision to attend in person tell us. that's right phil a very divisive issue indeed but that's in part also why president trump decided to participate for the 1st time as you just mentioned in the history of this protest
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of this movement he is finding thousands of conservative christian mostly white protesters here of the so-called life march to life movement and those are all potential trump voters they were very thankful for several policies president tom put into place making abortion more complicated and let's not forget he was celebrated here by the way like a pop star and let's not forget it we're in the middle of the 2020 election campaign right now and it's a crucial campaign for president trump he's on a severe pressure right behind me you see the capitol with the impeachment trial is going into its 3rd day today so he certainly also using every opportunity he can to distract from the impeachment trial and to surround himself by supporters i want to tell the crowd. well we've heard some of the some of the conventional traditional typical arguments that the march will live movement put
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forward and that is that they have to speak up for those who can speak themselves also religious argument that every life has to be protected even if it's on born so those who are the most important arguments that president trump and put forward here but he also used this opportunity here as an election stunt if you will because a considerable amount of the time of his speech here he used to attack the democrats and called them the most radical party in decades and did he give any indication as to why he was a having previously called himself a pro-choice in every respect to the it's actually explained to the crowd what he was doing that. well he did not really elaborate on that in fact a long time ago he called himself a pro-choice but then president trump in his history often changed positions right here this is the moment where he could cater to a lot of conservative voters and he therefore took
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a very conservative position on the question of abortion since he became president of the united states ok i'm briefly that. what is this march for life who much as. for what what we saw of people of all ages year but most of the participants were quite young a lot of students men and women alike mostly white religious people that took to the streets here and it's a very high symbolic significance here that event has been taking place since 47 years since the accord ruling that banned excuse me abortion in the united states and they're marching to the supreme court and calling an end to this law all of us out of washington thank you. now the united nations has called for international help to battle a massive outbreak of locusts in east africa somalia ethiopia and kenya are the
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worst affected and uganda is preparing for an invasion researchers say the insects pose an unprecedented threat to food security in some of the world's most vulnerable regions. they eat and destroy everything on their way. once warm message 60 kilometers long and 40 kilometers wide hundreds of thousands of acres of crops destroyed. people fight back with whatever means they have. we are more than 200 head is here and we all depend on this land for grazing. now it will be disastrous if we all perish without getting any help. came from yemen then down from the sea to the horn of africa do unusual warm
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temperatures off the coast are partly to blame the recent heavy rainfall has created the perfect breeding conditions the greenery that has sprung up is now fueling them it has almost become a desperate battle for the other. guy and that this one can be us. so long. is it that guys that are destroying. agriculture is big business in the region here the kenyan national government is now increasing the efforts and spraying from the yeah this warms the spreading fast up to 150 kilometers a day the un's food and agriculture organization is raising the alarm now calling for international assistance it's the word. that we've seen in in ethiopia and somalia in 25 years and the worst that we've seen in kenya and so over 70 years the
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fear is that the locust numbers could increase 500 times in the next few months. and with little more than 6 months to go preparations for this year's olympic games in tokyo entering their final stages and those preparations include emergency response drills in the event of an earthquake. they are preparing for the worst but hoping they won't have to do it for real in this trailer rescue team from the tokyo fire department has just rushed into action victims are treated on the spot or taken away on stretchers to have their injuries assessed these are the 1st 15 minutes of a hypothetical 7.3 magnitude earthquake in a country is quite proneness japan tokyo 2020 organizes and leaving nothing to chance. with making up what it is. you're going to
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conduct a survey from the participants of this drill including people with disabilities to collect ideas and suggestions for us to review our operations you know so that they don't come like. this trail involved more than 500 volunteers they play the role of evacuees with instructions relayed in both japanese and english organizes acknowledge though that their linguistic capabilities mustn't stop there i only talk about it. we are aware that among foreigners some people do not speak english. so will be necessary to take measures to be able to deal with several languages but it's a lot of things. to be outside this might all of quite scary but the message to visit is is don't be afraid if any city in the world is prepared for an earthquake it's tokyo. here's
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a reminder of our top story france has confirmed 2 cases of the coronavirus from china the 1st to be reported in europe china's restricted travel for more than 48000000 people as they try to contain the disease which has killed at least 26 feet. this is d.w. news in just a moment i'll be back to take you through the day stay tuned for that and more world news at. topped off the top of a good to. come
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to global auto and mobility show every move on w. . red the real talent resides. i come from their loss of people in fact than a 1000000000 if you could lead them to democracy. that's one reason why i'm. action is about people and aspirations and they can see. the truth and the vision the book is fried chicken bone and onto the floor of the berlin born and remember thinking at that time if the battle in brazil going forward anything can happen if people come together and unite for a while. but i do the news that often confronts difficult situations more conflict between does something still i see despotic my job to confront t.d.'s on policies and development to put the spotlight on issues that matter most hunger food
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security oppression martial night. cannot have been achieved so much more needs to be done and i think people have to be at the constitution's monuments on mcclatchy. china racers to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus cities are in lockdown more than 40000000 people have been quarantined and airports around the world are on alert i'm phil gale in berlin and this is the day.


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