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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 25, 2020 2:15am-2:31am CET

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and of the top story we're following. france has confirmed 3 cases of the coronavirus from china there it's the 1st imported in europe china has restricted trouble for more than 40000000 people in a bid to contain the virus the disease is killed at least 41 people so far more than 1200 confirmed cases in china alone. stay tuned for news africa with any mica genius up next i'm told me a logical i'll be back at the top of the hour. what secrets lie behind these walls. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. e.w. world heritage 316 getting up now. in the.
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climate change. souvenirs. instant. what ideas do they have the for their future of. g.w. dot com for closer to the multimedia. click culture. this is africa coming up on the program they are unprecedented in the ass size on the up with 10 children destroy everything in the op swarms of locos are ravaging the east african sub region and threatening the food security of millions of people also coming up just imagining they went through this cycle as you got close to entering that did you so it was really no subject. me i almost felt like crying. we
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visit that plays in cameroon where many thousands of africans begun perfect journey into slavery in america. fighting for respect and equality we hear from the boxing club in nairobi inspiring young girls to fulfill the after we. die. your welcome to the program now that. of desert locust and they are up to no good they are eating a lot of east africa in the west outbreak some regions have seen for 70 years so if you are an kenya the west affect it and uganda is
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a bracing for an invasion to authorities have advised citizens to stock up on food as the insects approach the border with kenya research a save the pose an unprecedented threat to food security in some of the welds most vulnerable countries. they eat and destroy everything on their way. 60 kilometers long and 40 kilometers wide hundreds of thousands of acres of crops destroyed. people fight back with whatever means they have. more than 200 head is here and we all depend on this land for grazing. now it will be disastrous if we all perish without getting any help with this one came from a human then down from the great sea to the horn of africa. the unusual warm temperatures
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off the coast are partly to blame the recent heavy rainfall has created the perfect breeding conditions the greenery that has sprung up is now fueling them it has almost become a desperate battle. and it is the arctic was low on look at it you are getting that this one can be used there on so once on videos of is it that the guys that are destroying. well that are. agriculture is big business in the region here the kenyan national government is now increasing the efforts and spraying from the yeah the swamps are spreading fast up to 150 kilometers a day the un's food and agriculture organization is raising the alarm now calling for international assistance it's the worst that we've seen in ethiopia in
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somalia in 25 years and the worst that we've seen in kenya over 70 years the fear is that the locust numbers could increase 500 times in the next few months. joining me now is that will got the johnny assistant director general and consumer protection with the food and agriculture organization that was there thanks for your time so it's the worst locust outbreak in decades across east africa what it's cost and does now. well to our knowledge it's free it's created the exacerbation off of. that climate conditions which has actually allowed the breeding of locusts in eastern africa and this not this has not happened as you rightly say that for 4 decades in december we had 4 cycle and switch formed in then on so it caused i don't of
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moisture frames to comment he said nothing and disallowed the locusts to breed in mass and this locus can breed in millions and if he's allowed to actually can multiply very rapid so it is really. an f. octo or. of climate conditions that have chains to make it suitable for the locusts to breed ok that you think everything india cites now how serious could the implications be implications could be extremely serious am global figures so far report from ifill has shown that 821000000 persons outweight hungry of in any nice and half in africa we have 227000000 persons who are who are going on we have to date in eastern africa contributes well what that the percent of these 200 in 27000000 and we see that in the last 23 to 4 years
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there has been an app passes than drought or floods you could record in kenya more than $100.00 in 20 something persons died because of floods last year so that means that the the climate conditions then what the how what didn't local school cause is lead to be destruction to grow plants and also a pasture land and decided livelihoods of most of the population in eastern africa at the horn of africa ok so so what agilent action is needed to get rid of them. well now that you know cause that's already heightened there in quite a number of countries the countries that did most it is kenya and somalia and ethiopia and then countries that do this hour so south sudan and uganda. so in that one of our freak out decided countries about yemen so data via. egypt now
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all also infested and going from east towards india pakistan iran and all these have been affected but then give it c.n.d. a lot of i think they saw one side and now that the locus has been seen in many slums of seal we have missions we have. as well as civilians yeah the best thing for now to do in the short term is to do some areas bring was safe this is sites and also sites ok look at the journey with the un's food and agriculture organization thank you very much for your time. so it's been about $200.00 yes since the transatlantic slave trade was abolished many tourists especially those of african origin often visit the continents to lend more about events that took place africa was home to several slave ports and
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markets but has enough been done to properly manage the history in cameroon it form a slave site is still standing but locals think it's been neglected more than 400 years ago these beauty was home for comers cup towsley. toxins of men we men and children which chained i kept here in bindiya walking through this door of newry to many started dead journey into slavery to europe and the americas. journalist and blogger so no one. is visiting b. bia which is friends from the history books i thought they were something that's abstract but today i've come myself to leave the whole of the horrific stories of our forefathers just entering there as soon as i stepped inside these gates. i put
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myself in the place of our forefathers and just imagining the torture they went through the psychological torture of entering that get it was really no study for me i almost felt like crying but i had to hold my ts the rishi stree has not translated to proper management for bindiya. most of the structures are in vegetation and the root leading to the police is yet to be constructed the cameroonian government is pushing to get be a recognized as the us cool world heritage site. this these just a few people like so moved this is the loosely packed. he's planning to right above the libya in his blog when you look at it you realize that. little has been done to develop the police us to make tories feel confortable when they come in year and i
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really doubt that if that was really happening because the tories were not one to recommend are not a person to come here the next time because the police really does not look hospitable for for tories so i think that it's really important for the government to put feet on the ground and to see how they can develop it can really be a substantial income more an italian americans have treated a sister route to cameroon. rescissions see what in 10 percent of all africans who left the continent went through bia. at least 200 chiefs involved in the transatlantic slave trade here. is a descendant of deuce who once lived in the sleeve in which he walks or part time as a talk guy. every body have to contribute but he decides to see. also for me i try to create a group. think more states of these countries to visit this site because
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many youths. actually. made into. some of the world is trying not to forget the events that took place here maybe he could help inspire young people to come and see. now he is an area in nairobi kenya often linked to violence and can be a difficult place to live especially for females now a project called box girls is trying to offer hope to some of the women and children who live there it teaches them self defense and how to make a positive impact on the our community when i hear from fitz one year old trina. yes because from. people who get and i love you if
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you are a. nobody. nobody takes you seriously. for any our. own women out there i can just see. if you don't let. convince you on what to do. and if they did you want to be a part of all that anything that's true one flew. but it. well. i'm right.
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that's it for now from d w news africa you can catch all our stories on our web sites on face book page we leave you now with some more pictures of those you know post them feeding you stuff to go on so next time have a great weekend. check in takes this special trip. to do the show it's not just the city trip but also a journey through jewish history fire warms and minds are considered the cream of jerky judaism. jewish life has shaped these 3 cities for more than 900 years and i
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want to know what remains of it. next d.w. . earth a home for saving global india's tell stories of creative people and the fate of projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global owing to his be a mini series of global 3 goals and on d w and on mine. i am in the southwest of germany in spite of. the city of
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50000 inhabitants located on the run and especially known for this building.


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