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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 25, 2020 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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this is e w news live from berlin beijing calls the coronavirus outbreak a grave situation chinese president xi jinping convenes an emergency meeting where he warns that the spread of the deadly virus is except in raising more new cases are detected within china and in other countries also coming up a powerful earthquake strikes east of turkey tearing at least 29 people and injuring hundreds more on the margins you services are searching for survivors still stuck under the rubble.
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i'm headed on fri glad you could join me when we get in china where president xi jinping is warning that the corona virus outbreak is a grave situation for the country now he says that the spread of the disease is accelerating and is ordering chinese authorities to take new steps to contain it well there's virtually infection has now killed at least 41 people in the country with over 1300 others infected the 1st cases emerged last month in the central chinese city of will harm but as holiday makers return home and people from the area travel overseas people made sick by the virus have been found in other countries asian countries for example including thailand japan and singapore in the united states 2 people are recovering after treatment in france 3 travelers back from china have been diagnosed with the virus and australia confirmed 4 cases.
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yes a father vost majority of cases and all of the deaths in fact have been in china outbreaks have been recorded throughout the country authorities have been trying to limit the movement of tens of millions of people for the new to new year holiday. this should be one of the busiest days of the year here as lunar new year holiday crowds swarm through shanghai's disneyland but disney town is a ghost town closed until further notice will be no mickey mouse to usher in the year of the rat in response to the prevention and control of this is. going to ensure that help in feeding our guests in something to eat our temporarily the. tourist attractions across the country have been closed to the public. now. i just went to chairman square and the imperial college and they're all closed
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many other tourist sites are also closed. at a time when millions of chinese travel to spend the lunar new year with family government roadblocks are in place to stop all non-essential traffic on the outskirts of han people trying to leave the virus stricken city of 11000000 turned back health checks are carried out at the roadside inn who bay province cities which are home to some 60000000 people have been put under quarantine. as queues form at health centers and emergency rooms and residents stock up on mosques and medical supplies some people have been forced to cut their holidays short because of the epidemic we have to go back to work with the chinese president xi jinping has warned that china faces a grave situation given the accelerating spread of this new saz like virus in 2003 killed 650 people across mainland china and hong kong this outbreak has
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a long way to go before it can compete with sars but at that time china faced international criticism for acting too slowly and withholding critical information from other countries. are for more on this says bring in dr mohammed when a he's a viral interest at lancaster university in the u.k. welcome to he talks in here now in your assessment is china going about its response the right way. not really because i think the horse has already been bolted however the efforts they are making now to contain the movements and to lock down the cities these are actually shifted but these already definitely late we if we look into the history of how devices have been contained in in the paused into it all the knowing mexico has been one of the examples of and they have shut down their aster on their cafe and their characters and so on that definitely have
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to. suppress the limit of the suppression of the infection however it did not really fully how to control it so based on these observations i think it is a start it is a smart move although it looks bad on people oh we have 2 confirmed cases in france now how prepared is europe for this outbreak well that is another thing europe has . put in place a precaution in years much slower than other countries such as america and australia all over in encountered a situation a majority of the busy or the main airports they are having a very good scanning system in place and all of them they ought to be given information has already been so proud all over the europe and people have a lot more information so i think personally that the infrastructure and the overall prepared as that is in place at the moment it's probably sufficient enough to be vigilant enough and to catch the cases that my ligaments actions right now we
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have 40 deaths and i have a. 100 people infected there are likely of course a lot of people who have been in contact with the virus so how much worse do you think it will get before it starts to get better. well it's i think probably too early to predict this one however if we look on to the previous diseases i think we have not reached to the platter but there are still changes that need to be done more onto the recording system and especially are looking into the what are the factors that are going to be doing to suppress the infection between different people and what are the main strategies that are effectively working against them so until we do those conclusion is probably a little too much to undertake that inspection or deploying income in coming weeks i think it's too early to predict any too little doubt absolutely out of work to be down there to establish those key factors dr mohammed one year from lancaster
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university in the u.k. thanks so much for your analysis. where you can find more information on the virus as well as tips for protecting yourself on our website it is d w dot com now take a brief look at some of the other stories making news around the world lawyers for donald trump have begun making their case to the u.s. senate in his impeachment trial saying that the president did nothing wrong trump's attorneys will speak for 24 hours over 3 days the same amount of time given to the democrats to present their arguments against the president one of. venezuelan opposition leader one white oh has arrived in madrid where he has been greeted by cheering crowds of venezuela next patrick is quite oh is on an international tour to raise support for his effort to oust venezuelan president nicolas maduro. hundreds of people have protested in down bia they have the capital banjul they're demanding justice for the victims of sweeping abuses committed under the former
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dictator yeah. fred's the country of 2017 after voting for 22 years and protests to say he should be returned from exile to face justice. means hindus have gathered in northern india for a cleansing ritual in the ghana. just river as part of the mad men a celebration of the month long festival attracts millions of believe us and tourists everywhere. but. when in turkey the death toll has risen to at least 29 people with nearly 1500 injured following a powerful earthquake in the east of the country now the quake struck near the town of super rich are about 550 kilometers east of the capital ankara it was followed by dozens of off the shocks some of them almost as strong as the initial quake itself where rescue teams are now searching for survivors trapped it collapsed buildings. as easing if you can to hear your husband's voice and keep him talking
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says that these things conscious talk to your children to. this rescue worker is trying to come those trapped in the rubble while the rescuers dig their way in by hand. so far they've pulled more than 40 people out of the collapsed buildings this quake was a big one magnitude 6.8 and there have been hundreds of aftershocks the town of cv it's a good offer relatively lightly only 5 buildings collapsed but in the surrounding area more than 70 apartment houses have caved in and nearly a 1000 have been damaged late in the day president rich of tire powder one visited the quake hit areas. the rescuers are working as fast as they can double survivors from the rubble they search for every voice they can hear. after 17 hours they free
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as these are from the rubble she's suffering from hypothermia but she's ok the search for other survivors continues. and we're joined now by delhi correspondent you hear her on a stone boat here rescue efforts all still underway what more can you tell us at this stage. well the good news is time and again rescue workers have pulled people alive from the rubble of collapsed buildings these scenes are being widely shared here on t.v. on social media too because these are moments of hope and many people in the affected areas there in eastern turkey are clinging to every spark of hope right now rescue teams and aid food for example tens and blankets have been sent from across the country thousands of people had to leave their homes because they were damaged all for safety reasons how awful aftershocks have been reported in the area and there might be more so people had to stay in emergency shelters emergency
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shelters was set up in schools and sports holes in mosques so this is where many people will spend the night now as an added one visited the site what have you have to say. well he reportedly canceled other appointments and rushed to eastern turkey way he promised aid and rebuilding we will do everything we can he told people and he also called this disaster a tast for the country and indeed this quake has triggered the many emotions across turkey what spread sympathy great sympathy of course but also fear and concern because turkey is very prone to earthquakes it has a history of earthquakes and many people painfully still remember the last quakes here in western turkey in 1909 istanbul was also badly affected 800000 people
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were killed back then and experts are warning stumble will sooner or later face another disastrous quake so here you are i mean you say that it's been described as a test for the country how well is turkey prepared for big earthquakes like this. well in terms of. emergency response the authorities have probably learned some lessons from previous earthquakes but many say that's not enough to take istanbul especially a city of 16000000 people very densely populated there has been huge criticism of the government that it has allowed widespread building without them this is the necessary safety precautions that it had given amnesty to illegal buildings that it had taken away or sold outdoor space where people could go to for safety and if you
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take all of that together this is causing many people to be scared of another large earthquake here it is double for example absolutely junia han in istanbul as ever thank you. all the sports news now on this get you caught up on some of the results from saturday's borders league a football action or by a 5 goal reality check in the late game in new nick frankfurt beating leipzig means that all b. are a single point clear on top when you want to know against our respect had to bail a one away. rise to 3rd on the table after beating months freiburg suffered a shock lost a part of born dortmund demolished cologne on friday and on sunday very typically have been host hoffenheim and by live accused and need to complete the match today before we go it is to munich now where one piano player has been taking his performance to new heights quite literally.
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a swiss pianist and dazzled an audience wall hanging on a building crane about the size of munich's new concept house he said that the stunt was about questioning the day he assumptions about how things are done. news room he can always get news on the go just by downloading from google play all the app store and i will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and if your part always news story can also use that out to send us photos and videos of what is happening where you want. to stay tuned for the d w debate from the world economic forum in davos my meeting was given i just use our
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website that is d w dot com i have a home free aim for lent thanks for company and bio. i'm not nothing out of the germans because some come down but most are lumping with the german think deep into the german culture. you don't seem ridiculous grammont day oh you know it's all about who knew i'm rachel join me i mean the jeff toobin be the coolest. in the. climate change.


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