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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 27, 2020 7:00am-7:31am CET

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painful process for the descendants looted art. starts feb 10th on t.w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin grief and shock after the death of u.s. basketball star kobe bryant who's been killed with 8 others in a helicopter crash. is one of the hardest. fans around the world paying tribute brian died along with his teenage daughter when the helicopter they were traveling in went down outside los angeles. in
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china fears the deadly corona virus that hit that country could quickly spread massive travel bans are now in place for millions of people to slow the outbreak of the corona virus. also coming up on the show today marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the auschwitz concentration camp. for the remaining survivors the pain still lingers studied levine lost his entire family at the nazi death camp with anti semitism on the rise he's determined to stand as a witness to what happened. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us we begin this program with the news about the death of kobe bryant. the retired american basketball star has died in
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a helicopter crash the former l.a. lakers player was traveling on a private helicopter with his teenage daughter and 7 others when he went down in foggy conditions near los angeles sunday morning there were no survivors bryant won 5 n.b.a. titles to live the gold medals his death has triggered an outpouring of grief around the world. the emergency call came at 9 47 am local time a helicopter has crashed into a hillside 65 kilometers northwest of central los angeles it belonged to kobe bryant he and 8 of us were on board the helicopter no one survived. his fans are shocked and saddened within hours hundreds had gathered outside the staples center in los angeles home to the lake us basketball team. for a big fight the school through of watching. the world. that
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have been the same without it for 45 years of we are heard now through this much grief a love for one man this is more than basketball it was it was just a mentality to get through life. is one of the hardest losses of it were dealt with i never even met. bryant won 5 national basketball association championships and 2 a limpid gold medals and is considered one of the best in the history of the n.b.a. for 20 years until the end of his career in 2016 he played for the l.a. lakers eyewitnesses say it was foggy before the crash an official investigation is underway our team will be looking at the history of the pilots and whatever crew was i'm board will be looking at maintenance records of the helicopter we will be looking at records. of the owner and
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operator of the helicopter brian's 13 year old daughter giana also died in the crash occur all aiming to follow her father's footsteps and become a professional basketball player kobe bryant was 41 years old. for more on the story i'm joined here in the studio by a limo talkie from new sports and from los angeles we have jason company donia he's the bureau chief for n.b.c. news radio good day to both of you and jason if we could start with you what we know about the crash so far or right now it was a horrific crash and the conditions were very foggy in southern california in the morning and when the helicopter took off it was a routine trip for koby koby used to take helicopters to the staples center when he was playing from his home in orange county about 40 miles away so this was nothing out of the ordinary but what we do know right now is that the plane or the
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helicopter hit the hillside and then burst into flames and the wreckage is still smoldering as we speak right now as far as what exactly happened what caused the helicopter to go down that is yet to be determined but the government is now launching a full investigation ok you mentioned it was very unusual for koby due to travel by helicopter where was he going with his teenage daughter on this particular flight. so this very he was going to is academy is basketball camp if you will the giants are still the northern most angeles county and he was hosting the tournaments so basketball teams from all across the country where there is daughter was going to play in that tournament today is team was. against a few other teams that. colby his daughter and then a few other coaches and their kids got it it's a relic up there and they perished as well. alina this death the death of kobe
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bryant is being marked around the world what what made him such a giant sport i mean i myself i'm still in a sense of like to still a sense of disbelief because i sat here and 2016 when he retired and i didn't expect 4 years later i would be talking about his tragic death and he was an inspiration to a lot of kids a lot of new generations he made a lot of kids you know pick up a basketball and there's a lot of players and a lot of kids who you know still always wanted to emulate his playing style and he had a very odd journey as well he's one of those few players that went straight from high school to the and the a's oh he didn't even go through college and his achievements i just sold it on i mean i don't even know where to begin he was an exceptional leader he won 5 n.b.a. championships he was twice the most valuable player he won 2 in a big gold medals and he really was a giant of the game he was a clutch player he was able to finish a game i as
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a try to wrap this fan i remember willie well in 2006 when kobe bryant single handedly scored 81 points against the tron raptors that's the 2nd highest ever in n.b.a. history and this is what colby was he brought people to their feet he did and he did as well at last night's grammy awards where were singer. paid tribute to him let's listen to that. so. to say. he has.
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made nothing corking. jason we have some of the response there in the united states right now how else has america been responding to the loss of one of its great sports legends well people are flocking to downtown los angeles and which the grammy is being held at staples center elisi he's actually said where we're sitting in the house that colby built and i got choked up when she said that you know kobe you know you're the same age and i watched him grow up and then as a 17 year old kid watching somebody your age hit the n.b.a. court it was it was amazing at the time and people are are going on social media and posting pictures of when they met him and they're running to staples center to to. greet with other fans and just say you know we're here for you
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colby and were your thoughts and prayers are our thoughts and prayers are are here for you. alina for all those people out there overseeing a grieving right now how do you think kobe bryant's going to be remembered including by young people and young athletes i think it was really he had specific characteristics about him that made him so special and that was he had a never give up attitude he had a very strong work ethic that ethic and those. characteristics that a pick up go to all walks of life and you know he really did transcend the game he was a cultural icon a fashion icon and you didn't even have to be a basketball fan in order to know him kobe for example he also like to write he wrote children's books on basketball he won an oscar for an animated short film that he produced and he mentored a lot of n.b.a. players nato in life and of course who can for get also colby had has so many famous quotes and i'm going to leave you with one it's
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a very motivational quote and it sums up his competitive spirit you have to keep moving smile just keep on rolling a limb thanks very much limo talk in the studio and jason company a for us n.b.c. news radio in los angeles thanks very much thank you. let's get your brief down some of the other stories making that is today in brazil at least 44 people have died from trench will storms that have caused flooding and landslides entire buildings have been washed away in the southeast of that country more than 14000 residents of had to leave their homes authorities are warning there more landslides are possible. italy's right wing legal party appears to have failed in its bid to win a key regional election exit polls showing that party leader matel salvini campaigned relentlessly in northern a 1000000 are among the opening a victory there against the center left democratic party would help him bring down
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as a fragile national coalition government. and the dutch prime minister mark reza has apologized for his country's role during the holocaust saying it did too little to protect jewish citizens from nazi persecution he's the 1st dutch premier to make such an apology some 100000 jews from the netherlands were killed by the nazis. well that apology comes as the survivors gather today in auschwitz an official ceremony there will be mark 75 years since the liberation of that camp it was on this day in 1905 that soviet troops freed the camp and its prisoners. well germany's nazis established auschwitz and occupied poland in 1940 it was their largest and deadliest camp in total $1300000.00 people were deported to auschwitz most of them were jews from across europe nearly all of them were killed within
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aussies using gas chambers to do so now others were also sent to auschwitz roman sinti polish political prisoners gays christians jehovah's witnesses a reporter met with the v. levine one of the few remaining jewish survivors at home in his one bedroom apartment in berlin david levine lives here alone his wife has moved to a nursing home he's one of the last remaining survive us his parents and siblings were murdered they have a 75 years ago. that's me that's my brother and another brother and my sister. the 94 year old was born in warsaw to a jewish family during the nazis reign of terror he was sent to 4 different concentration camps. the idea of all the question why. i can't answer that today. i can't even think about it why. why
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a 9 year old girl who hadn't done anything who hadn't sinned why did they murder why. all. she hadn't done anything in life only because she had a different tree. of it was 19 when auschwitz was liberated. while there he was forced to work in the gas chambers as a slave labor of the german company that produced the deadly gas. i worked down on the gas chambers we collected the cycling gas. you just turn into stone you know what i mean. the horror is hard to comprehend for many years it has returned to auschwitz at the end of january.
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this day is an anniversary for me it's an anniversary of death. this year is no different krakow airport every year the custodians of auschwitz bring survivors together on the anniversary marking the liberation of the german extermination camp but the interest this year is higher than usual. the press contingent for the 75th anniversary is huge they're here to listen to the last living witnesses and their stories of the hell that was. one day i found out that my brother was shot. to this day i still don't know why. and i can never get over the. he. can't go on.
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i'll start crying if i. start crying. i can't continue. it has to cut his talk short it's like he can still feel the beatings today he tells us 75 years after the liberation of the auschwitz concentration camp. did have your correspondent joins me now for more on this good morning to you 75 years after auschwitz anti semitism is on the rise again in europe and in germany what's happening. that's a very big question is a sense of incredulity that it is rising again against the background of this kind of history i think there's some sense that the history is being forgotten the memory is not quite as alive as it used to be with many of the survivors no longer
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being around but i think at the same time you can say that the rise of right wing parties across europe of far right wing parties across europe has opened the door to this kind of sentiment there's been a right wing leader in germany who has said that the nazi era is negligible compared to the entirety of german history to these kind of statements and make it easier for people to utter these kind of sentiments and i think you also have to say there is an element of the middle east conflict playing a role many arabs in europe have a hate for israel for jews and this is also reflected in the i'm just semitic acts committed in europe and the president of the world jewish congress ronald lauder has been weighing in on this he's in auschwitz at the moment we asked for his thoughts on the rise in anti semitism here's what he had to say with preacher innovations go in. and young people don't and they see the internet and they react . and how we're going to try to go into sort of luckily and
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get it he killed 2 innocent bystanders but the thing is where to get it straight from the get of the internet he said he was sitting in his basement was the. control room going to be going through we have the structure and we can start to make it a point to build a fortress just told to do. hans germany has far more restrictive speech regulations than say the united states are lauder's expectations realistic about how much internet regulation can achieve well you can never be 100 percent. certain you can never control things 100 percent and the internet obviously doesn't make it easier for these kind of sentiments to be expressed partly because it's much more difficult to control the german foreign minister just published an opinion piece in a german magazine on the german website way he stresses the fact that these kind of
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restrictions need to be increased that the punishment of perpetrators of utterances in the internet as well need to be prosecuted need to be punished criminal penalties seminal problems with criminal penalties is also pleading for an extension of these kind of rules across europe that they are very restrictive. rules that exist in germany and not only exists here but are extended to the rest of germany so there are attempts to do that also attempts obviously through education to raise awareness about the history of germany about what actually happened in the holocaust to keep his memory alive basically german president will be at auschwitz today what do you think from voltage di meyer will be concentrating on. well there was already in israel. just a couple of days ago where he said in a statement there that german guilt for the holocaust german responsibility for the
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hollow holocaust is a permanent one cannot be excused and germany feels a responsibility for jews for the state of israel. a responsibility as a states to try and aid israel to try and edge was and also to encourage jewish life to return to germany i think those kind of statements we can expect from the germans president from thanks so much for coming in on this today and we will have special coverage marking the 75 years since the liberation of auschwitz throughout the day here on d w. in china the death toll from the rapidly spreading corona virus outbreak has jumped to 80 people more than 2700 or infected right now. health officials say the outbreak will intensify the virus has appeared in all but one of china's provinces and in at least 11 other nations beijing's says it's moving to contain the disease with travel bans by canceling major public events and by shutting down tourist
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attractions. overwhelmed by the ever increasing number of infected people medical personnel are working night and day doctors from across china have been sent to will han where the virus 1st broke out the quarantine city feels like a ghost town its mayor issued an urgent warning. because of the spring festival and the epidemic about 5000000 people have already left the city 9000000 are still here it's the duty of the party and the government to guarantee their survival. mobile phone videos are appearing on chinese social media showing long lines in hospitals such videos are immediately deleted by the country's censors. but the government is striving to give the appearance of transparency. we're not sure yet about possible mutations to the disease.
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the progression of the epidemic has not been fully grasped in libya. these mobile phone videos from beijing west railway station appear to show large crowds of people trying to leave the city with rumors circulating that it may soon be placed under quarantine. ok let's get the latest now from beijing and journalist. you know we have some 60000000 people on lockdown right now in exclusion zones how long is that going to last how are they coping. well i mean they are directing they try to stay indoors as much as possible and when they go home from us navy. base months and mostly when they leave the house it's only for buying food and buying you face monster and medical supplies absolutely a hole but it's a cost not a normal situation it's a yeah and that's the situation and there are lots of room us running right now and i cannot confirm with. the put on that. soon i don't think so but what we
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have seen today this really address the continental us the lunar new year holiday said been extended by 3 days it's the 1st time in the history of modern china that this happened and the reason is the government wants to prevent people from traveling again because right now more than 100 possibly more than 200000000 chinese i was a few their relatives visiting their families mostly in the countryside and of course in the coming days they are. expected to travel to their homes which is almost in the big cities in the east coast and of course this is a very dangerous the virus could spread especially since you know that the virus is contagious also treat the cube ation period so many people might be spreading the virus without even knowing that they are infected because it don't show any symptoms yet ok fobbing thanks so much for that from beijing we'll have more on the story of course as it develops.
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we have some football now on the final day of match day 19 in the german bonus league and recorded their 2nd victory of the new year their 10th in the season overall a 3 nil success against local rivals for toona disallowed or the result because in climbing up to 5th in the table or slipped down to last place contending with an ever deepening crisis. 27 kilometers and 16 points separating these 2 sites native user might be an easy place to get to but it's no easy place to play i'm just a golf coach freetime vocal is under pressure at the end of a closely for the 1st half a goalkeeping era saw his side go behind to bring better robbie's cross not even by chi however but apart from being late enough to florian casting my eye in the just never seem to misjudge the head and gift rate of his feet familiar frustration
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for keep coach in. the 2nd 45 saw chauncey smith fairly evenly once more but again it was the hosts who make theirs pay 1st off an 80 for me corner was turned in at the post by last bender cast in my eye game looking less than suffering in the box. and then the snake foul on not there now miri produced a penalty which newcastle ario comedy so. they've accusing 30th goal of the season to back up their victory. just rudolph meanwhile are taking themselves an ever deeper hole that's now 12 defeats so far this season they finished match day 19 rock bottom of the table. ok let's take a look now at the bundesliga table it shows a title fight that is suddenly heating up like cigs lead at the top us. one point
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with byron munich right on their heels clawed back a point line in 3rd ahead of dortmund with just 4 points separating those top clubs now looking in the bottom half. continues to surpass expectations while cologne mines and that of braman are all struggling to stay clear of the relegation zone. well the 18 year old pop sensation billie eilish and her producer brother finance have swept the 2020 grammy awards sister brother team their home 11 augers for a record they produced in their bedroom in their all sandals home eilish also became young as ever to take home the 4 top grammys for best new artist best record best album song of the year that got me. this is deja vu news live from berlin these are our top stories retired american
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basketball star kobe bryant has been killed in a helicopter crash a helicopter burst into flames after it came down in heavy fog in suburban los angeles 8 others including bryant's teenage daughter also died and was a 5 time n.b.a. champion and one to a limpid gold medals. in china the toll from the rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak has jumped to 80 people with more than 2700 infected countries issued a massive travel bans to try to stem the spread. in brazil at least 44 people have died from trench will storms that have caused flooding and landslides more than 14000 residents about to leave their homes in the country southeast authorities are warning that more landslides are possible. the dutch prime minister mark russia has apologized for his country's role during
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the holocaust saying it did too little to protect its jewish citizens from nazi persecution he's the 1st us from here to make such an apology. this is due to the news from berlin there's always more news that our twitter feed or go to our web website w dot com. up next we have plenty more including algorithms influence on our daily lives i'm brian thomas for the entire team thanks for.
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coming. in. politics. keep learning marched reality wait a 2nd we want the whole picture our facts instead of make ideas shift deliver us. from a measure to reality to cryptocurrency to your topics for live in an ever changing
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digital world let's talk a bit digitalisation. sure. making babies we all know how that works. but do we also know what effect the extreme stress. has are having children. what can be done to improve male fertility or in everything works the best known to find out on the miracle of life. tomorrow today in 60 minutes from d w. look closely. to see carefully.
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