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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2020 4:00pm-4:30pm CET

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32202250th anniversary. this is news live from orlando and nations begin evacuating their citizens from the city at the center of the corona virus outbreak chartered planes take people own should japan and to the united states other countries are planning similar operations meanwhile the number of confirmed cases jumps to almost 6000. also
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coming up palestinians in the israeli occupied west bank demonstrate their opposition to president trumps peace plan but international reaction is more cautious. and a welcome for israel's president but a warning for the future why even the berlin addresses the german parliament to commemorate the victims of the holocaust and calls for vigilance against resurgent anti semitism. i'm sorry welcome to the program hundreds of foreign nationals are being evacuated from move on the chinese city at the center of the corona virus outbreak more cases of the virus have been confirmed in china and the death toll has risen to more than $130.00 australia says that its citizens who are being brought home will be quarantined on an off shore island at 1st some airlines including british airways have suspended all flights to and from china. for 206 japanese workers
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based in this was a most welcome britain. a flight that brought medical supplies to the chinese province fighting to contain the corona virus delivered them back to safety in japan the 1st of some 650 japanese citizens to be repaired tritt on hunger soil they spoke of the situation they were thankful to leave behind. him sincerely relieved to have returned on this chart of blood. while we were there it was a worrying situation which was changing very quickly 3. of those people repechage reacted to tokyo at least 5 have now been hospitalized with symptoms consistent with the virus. astride the also plans to the most vulnerable of its $600.00 nationals we will be standing up christmas all and as
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a quarantine area will be transported to christmas all and with all we will also be putting in place the which will be traveling there to provide the medical support and that will be supplemented as necessary by the defense support which can assist the united states india italy and south korea all working to move their citizens out of china as the international community mobilizes the country is grinding to a standstill in beijing the streets all but deserted the usually bustling subways and shopping malls 2. in the city of homs however frantic efforts to build a dedicated hospital from scratch go on around the clock the chinese national health commission says it expects the outbreak to continue spreading and reach its peak in 10 days time and correspondent mathias bolling r. is standing by with the latest from beijing how is the virus impacting life where
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you are. yeah as you can see there's nobody here this is a tourist spot usually you would see even at this time it's already late but you would see susie quite a few people out here there's nobody no people stay at home and this is for the whole country beijing isn't even hit severely compared to other places but people are very anxious and we have reports from villages around beijing and also in the neighboring provinces that edges and 2 to who bay where one is located that villages have shut down shut off their villages they have blocked the road so nobody can come in and potentially bring the virus into their village how much of that is coming from the chinese government i mean what what is the chinese government doing to stop the spread of this virus where the 1st thing is that the chinese government has locked in a vast area. and then some neighboring towns and cities. an
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area that has about as many not not quite but almost as many inhabitants as germany and they've blocked them from leaving the area and they blocked other people from going in and they have restricted travel throughout the country long distance buses cannot enter beijing anymore so. beijing has thrown quite a lot in to stop people from moving around and spreading the virus in the english language press there's been a lot of criticism in fact of the chinese handling of the situation what's the reaction been there in china. yet there is doubt whether these measures will help preventing the virus with other measures like better identifying people who are infected wouldn't have better but the most severe criticism is that they have have reacted way too late after the virus had already spread and that now it would be very difficult to stop the spreading of the virus this is
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a criticism shared by many chinese there's a lot of criticism online a lot of it gets deleted by the census but people think that many people in china think that their government has failed to identify the crisis when it was still in time to stop the spread of the virus some countries they have already evacuated their citizens others have announced similar actions how are those retrievals proceeding. you know we hear that today japan and america brought out the 1st batch of their citizens and tomorrow we are hearing britain will bring out their citizens there has been we hear that there has been a bit of reluctance by the chinese government but in the end. all the countries are trying now to get their citizens out we do not know how severe the risk is for those people in one hand to get infected but being locked down of course in
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a city for weeks and weeks is nothing that any government wishes their citizens so this is why they are taking action now to bring their citizens home. thank you. well meantime here in germany authorities have confirmed 4 cases of the coronavirus all 4 people are employees at the same auto supply company it's believed that they fell ill after a seminar with a colleague from china the infected individuals have been quarantined in the hospital where they are receiving treatment and meanwhile germany's health minister says that his country is taking the virus threat seriously. and for that we need to be vigilant and prepared but we should maintain a proper sense of scale for example the 4 patients in germany are having just mild symptoms thank goodness we now have the genome sequence for the virus that was published on twitter and the 1st rapid test was developed here in berlin so
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gradually we're learning more about the virus and. of get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world the charity ship carrying more than 400 rescue migrants has been allowed to dock in italy the vessel had been stranded at sea for some days the un's refugee agency says increased fighting in libya is causing more people to risk the dangerous sea journey to europe. a powerful earthquake has struck in the western caribbean sea between cuba and jamaica shock waves sent people staggering onto the streets the 7.7 magnitude quake was felt as far away as mexico and florida and brazilian media say that floods and landslides in the southeast of the country have now killed at least 59 people some 30000 people have been displaced a state of emergency has been declared in more than 100 cities and towns including the state capital belo horizonte. u.s. president donald trump has unveiled his long awaited peace plan for the middle east together with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu there's been demonstrations
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against it in the israeli occupied west bank and turkey's president to one has called it quote completely unacceptable but saudi arabia said that it appreciated trumps efforts and called for direct israeli palestinian talks under the plan palestinians would gain statehood but give up large tracts of land let's have a look because we're going to look at a map now of the region released by the white house israel is in dark orange as we can see here and the palestinian controlled territories the west bank and gaza they are in yellow now let's take a look at what donald trump calls his vision for peace were about to see appear here it grants vast tracts of disputed land including the jordan valley to israel and these spots they are controversial there was israeli settlements which would remain within palestinian territory the palestinians would receive parcels of land of the south but critically jerusalem would be the undivided capital of israel
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palestinian president mahmoud abbas has denounced the plan. tear gas fired in the west bank as israeli troops respond to palestinians protesting trumps peace plan netanyahu has dubbed it the deal of the century but people here are adamant that they want to accept it. it does not give us any of our rights as palestinian people therefore the deal of the century and the other deal is being rejected by as we want the right to retard we want to just solution. the deal of the century is being totally rejected and that is a shame for anyone who is trying to support. its places like this that are a key part of the control forsee jewish settlements in palestinian territory they're viewed by palestinians and the international community as illegal but trump still would allow israel to annex them something many of the settlers here would support. give security to the
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settlements and give security to israel if the implemented as it is written there will be fewer taters attacks less danger on the roads and also from an economic point of view it will move us forward. donald trump has been pushing ahead with policies supportive of israel my vision presents a win win opportunity for both sides a realistic 2 state solution that resolves the risk of palestinian statehood to israel's security the very heart of the land of israel where our patriarchs prayed. our prophets preach and our king drew. has been outrageously branded as illegally occupied territory well today mr president you are puncturing this big large.
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those in the u.s. and internationally there have been mixed reactions to trump's plan which most hopeful that trumps vision for peace will be realized yet protests continue in the west bank. 6 and joining me now from tel aviv is political sultan dalia sheindlin of the israeli institute for regional foreign policy is welcome to the program and thanks for joining us trucks initiative it recognizes full control of jerusalem and control over the jordan valley as well as the settlements that dot the palestinian territory in your view are we closer to a peace deal today or is trump breaking international law. i think we are further from a peace deal if by that you mean a peace that is based on the agreement of the 2 sides who are in conflict we may be closer to the most wonderful peace ever between israel and the u.s. but then those are not the countries who have a problem i think what's getting lost in some of the jargon is that israel is not
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only about to control the jordan valley and the settlements but extend full sovereignty over these areas that's another way of saying an exception this is unilateral annexation of territory conquered by force and i think that there has not really been sufficient attention from the americans certainly not from the israelis because they don't have an interest in shining a spotlight on the fact that israel is breaking international law by advancing internet unilateral an extension which the prime minister has said that he will do immediately he's talking about holding the 1st legislative discussions on extending israeli sovereignty to these areas beginning or ending next week that is because of the trump plan the idea of the plan i think was to get both sides back to the table but israel is using it as a springboard for completely unilateral moves that do violate international law and netanyahu said that it is necessary due to security concerns it was meantime quite predictable that the plan would draw a lot of criticism from the palestinians and also internationally what do you think
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the trump wanted to achieve. you know the real the real question is the timing trump has invested some of his senior people including his son in law and the american ambassador and special envoy into the middle east peace process from the earliest time of his presidency he made this like many american presidents he made the issue of advancing israeli palestinian peace a priority he went about it in a way that is akin to a bull in a china shop by alienating palestinians through some very severe political moves so he claims over this time that he wanted to advance peace but did it in a way that didn't seem to advance peace for the last 3 years the only question right now really is why why this timing and you know it would be beyond me to speculate about how the decision was made about when to announce it of course there you know most of the political commentary is about the fact that both of these leaders are coping with very severe legal charges against them trump is facing
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impeachment that's and you know who is facing prosecution he is now the 1st sitting prime minister in israel who has been indicted because he removed his own request for immunity and as of yesterday he is formally indicted so some would say he's trying to decide they're trying to distract attention they they certainly have succeeded in distracting attention this week. so you know you mentioned a bit the potential motivations here but but when we look at the bottom line after this presentation of what trump is calling his vision for peace what do you see now as the next steps. well again it's very hard to know i think everybody is still trying to figure out what this plan really means ironically in my analysis of the plan in fact it's not that different from what israel has already been doing on the ground israel has controlled those territories certainly i mean in a way the entire west bank and gaza but specifically the settlements in the jordan valley where it has also built settlements for the last number of decades and the
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israel's policy of essentially digging in and expanding in those areas has accelerated over the last number of years already and israel was already talking about legislation to make that formal so in a way this plan just gives the seal of approval by america for israel's activity that is essentially creating an exception already dalia sheindlin the very heart of the institute for regional foreign policy thank you so much for joining us this afternoon thank you for having me. now the president of israel has addressed the german parliament meantime in berlin to mark 75 years since the liberation of the auschwitz extermination camp why even rivlin attended a special session of the bundestag an annual event to remember the victims of nazi germany. the jewish poet is the veba sang this lullaby to comfort children as they were forced into a gas chamber in auschwitz. addressing the german parliament israeli president ruben rivlin warned of resurgent anti semitism across europe and said germany had
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a key role to play in combating it give a man you had a chip. germany the country where the so-called final solution was devised has assumed responsibility for the protection of international liberal values which are being violated by populism. kidney gate guy late. rivlin said that if this effort fails in germany it will fail everywhere german president hung in my a said the shoah is part of german history and identity he warned that hatred and abuse are spreading and the poison of nationalism is seeping into debates once again including here in germany and i don't want you guys get emitted so we thought that the specters of the past would vanish with time but no they're raising their ugly heads again in a new guys moreover they're presenting their focus and all for
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a tarion ideas as a vision for the future as better answers to the open questions about time. paintings about schlitz are on display in the pool in the stock by doug who survived his ordeals in the camp he'd been forced to retrieve bodies from the gas chambers and burn them. let's get more now we're joined on barack who followed the speeches in the bundestag and also the commemorations in auschwitz earlier this week john i want to talk 1st about what the german president had to say from. draft rising anti-semitism in germany how was that perceived in the bundestag. where it's really interesting that i think his speech was very very forceful unusually forceful and i sensed a kind of tension or almost almost. a sense of challenge in it and there's a background to that usually with these annual commemorations in the bundestag it has been traditional that there was
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a consensus of course of germany's guilt germany shame and of a consensus that this should never happen again that there should never be a rising of and december's as we now have a really distressing situation in germany political situation where the main opposition party the de. is which is very far right it's a very far right party has at times made statements senior leaders that have been extremely or at least interpret has been extremely anti-semitic and there's a considered really shameful leader one of the senior politicians in the if these had not certainly go scandalized millions of germans by saying it of course that the nazi past was simply a speck of bird poop in german history and that of course is a shameful thing to say he apologized and explained afterwards that he had meant to it's been understood that that kind of climate of course encourages anti semitism
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and there was a sense today that the that the german president was speaking very very clearly. also to the opposition benches when he was speaking about the census and the israeli president also spoke what was his message what his message was one basically i think of all of the real friendship with germany that he that he appreciates he mentioned a very personal thing a memory that when he was a young man he object to the idea of germany paying reparations because he thought it was a way of kind of sort of like paying off your guilt. and in fact germany has paid some 74. 1000000000 euros i believe in reparations to israel some 29000000000 to individuals survivors of the holocaust live in israel. but he said. the president of israel he was wrong he discovered that in fact there was a deep commitment in germany a deep commitment to friendship and to lead to the fight in europe against against
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anti-semitism be praised germany for for taking the lead in europe in campaigns against. the semitism xenophobia. germany's involvement in trying to solve the refugee crisis john just briefly because we also have this week the 75th. anniversary of the commemoration of the liberation of auschwitz we saw that you know many of the survivors they are elderly it will soon be that they will no longer be able to tell their stories in person how do you think that that is going to impact these commemorations that we have been seeing all these years well i thought that was made this these commemorations very particularly poignant i'm sure you did too when you were watching them many of those people of course realize that these are the last commemorative sermon is that they will be able to attend and there was an urgency i think in
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a number of the speeches a sense that they need to pass on the best on to to the younger generation they the young people or the people today who have to decide what kind of world they want to live in to thank you. now the european parliament is preparing to vote today to ratify the terms of britain's divorce still from the european union the historic vote will also be the last for the chamber 72 british members who will leave after it takes place for it is due to officially leave the european union in 2 days' time and e.w. spoke with one british member of parliament who is trying not to look back in anger packing his bags before the final trip home british m.e.p. magic majeed had only 7 months and the european parliament now his country's officially leaving and so must he now the 1st green and repeat of the next and the and it was in fact for the people of yorkshire and it's
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a great. summer and unlike christmas cards really nothing exciting and. elected in may of 2019 was one of 73 pritish any piece in the current cohort with bracks that the term ends on the 31st of general now he'll have to find a new job for himself and his staff but his real concern is europe aside because we're losing a lot of losing not like. workers' rights environments so many things that we lose and lose in a close relation with european union a lot of young people feel like they've been betrayed because they're no longer able to going to be able to travel freely around the european union for love to so many things and it is yeah it just is a disaster before he was elected to the european parliament was lord mayor of the nothern british city of sheffield born in somalia and came to the u.k. as
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a child refugee he started his political career in 2014 joining the green party where he promoted an open european migration policy my campaign slogan was. immigrants make progress i also think all those. hours in. the town where immigrants will use girls and it was also the i really was the girl economically culturally and the effort in the region in the rich. this is exactly the opposite of what his compatriots from the grex that party the largest group of british any peace have been campaigning for. while they're celebrating that success and he'd hope the transition period which is set to last till the end of the year will provide an opportunity to work out what the future relationship will actually look like. no choice europe the european union is our biggest neighbors we can't afford to just pretend they don't exist and do
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everything ourselves some going to have to have some form of relationship and help with a very. flourishing positive relationship a close one. his lunches in the european parliament's contin may be coming to an end but the implications of britain's exit from the e.u. he says will take far longer to digest. this is deja vu news and these are our top stories hundreds of foreign nationals are being evacuated from the chinese city of on the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak that's as authorities confirm more cases of the virus with the death toll rising to over $130.00 reports from germany say that of tons it is the latest airline to suspend all flights to and from china . israel's president reuven rivlin has taken part in a special session of the german parliament in commemoration of the victims of nazi germany rivlin is on a visit to germany to mark this week's 75th anniversary of the liberation of
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auschwitz. palestinian president mahmoud abbas has denounced the new middle east peace plan u.s. president donald trump's proposal calls for a palestinian state but also grants israel control of more disputed territories abbas has labeled the plan as nonsense. a charity ship carrying more than 400 rescued migrants has been allowed to dock in italy the vessel had been stranded at sea for some days the u.n. says that increased fighting in libya has caused more people to risk the dangerous journey to europe. news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at g w news or visit our website w dot com. i'm sara kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching a good one. clicks
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