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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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this is c w news live from berlin and nations began evacuating their citizens from the city at the center of the corona virus outbreak chartered planes take people home to japan and the united states other countries are planning similar operations meanwhile the number of confirmed cases jumps to almost 6000. coming up palestinians in the israeli occupied west bank demonstrate their opposition to president trumps peace plan but international reaction is more cautious. and a welcome for israel's president but a warning for the future israel's reuven rivlin addresses the german parliament to commemorate the victims of the holocaust and called for vigilance against resurgent
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anti semitism. and the new 2 at the top of the co-directors of the berlin international film festival announced this year's lined up they promised me more even gender balance and a 3rd of the films are directed by women. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program hundreds of foreign nationals are being evacuated from will call on the chinese city at the center of the corona virus outbreak now more cases of the virus have been confirmed in china and the death toll has risen to more than $130.00 australia says that its citizens who are being brought home will be quarantined on an offshore island at 1st and some airlines including british airways and the tons are have suspended all flights to and from china. for 206 japanese workers based in han this was
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a most welcome return a flight that brought medical supplies to the chinese province fighting to contain the corona virus delivered them back to safety in japan the 1st of some 650 japanese citizens to be repaired tritt on hunger soil they spoke of the situation they were thankful to leave behind when i. am sincerely relieved to have returned on this chart of blood or definitely while we were there it was a worrying situation which was changing would be very quickly 3. of those people repechage reacted to tokyo at least 5 have now been hospitalized with symptoms consistent with the virus. a strike the also plans to bring petrea at the most vulnerable of its $600.00 nationals we will be standing up christmas all of as
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a quarantine area will be transported to christmas island with all we will also be putting in place the which will be traveling there to provide the medical support and that will be supplemented as is necessary by the defense support which can assist the united states india italy and south korea all working to move their citizens out of china as the international community mobilizes the country is grinding to a standstill in beijing the streets all but deserted the usually bustling subways and shopping malls too. in the city of wood however frantic efforts to build a dedicated hospital from scratch go on around the clock the chinese national health commission says it expects the outbreak to continue spreading and reach its peak in 10 days time. they're joined by now by martin or he is a there all just at the lab for and to disciplinary medicine in frankfurt thank you so much for joining us and i'd like to ask in your expert opinion i mean we have
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here flights being canceled countries bringing back their citizens is this really necessary from a medical point of view that seems to be the best solution actually because the u.s. is spreading before symptoms. by the patients of infected people so they don't ever specific control of all themselves if they carry the virus or not so there's a lot of danger transporting infected patients from country to country sitting in a plane and being infected with the why was might spread the virus even more you mentioned the danger how dangerous is the virus. you know actually difficult to say or to compare was about a system that would you rate the spending between 2 and 2 and how percent mainly if they do you know elderly people as basic diseases so. might be
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comparable total strolling through in some wave australian scientists they have now created a lab version of the virus in order to understand its nature russia china they say that they have started working on a vaccine how fast could science deliver an effective vaccine in order to stop the outbreak. what they demand a time of all nearly half a year to have that scene available and might last even longer depends. on how it really works in asians you know there are producing seamy you have to test it in human beings to be sure that there is no no side effect or anything else and only if these this in this relationship they can they can provided that fall that people talk with us a little bit more about quarantine procedures because we know for example the germans who will be brought back from on there are apparently going to be put in quarantine for 2 weeks is that enough. yeah it should be
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a 1st but we don't know exactly if the exact people off there are they have recovered from symptoms if they still can get and. carry out the virus somewhere so we don't even have to be sure that they're not infected if the symptoms are gone and we don't from sars that the virus will stay in school songbooks even up to 24 days after infection so this has to be proved and then we might talk about it you move over time of course time talk with us a little bit more about the determination process you know one person is sick how is it determined whether or not they are really suffering from the corona virus. fortunately we still have a good test based on the nuclear case and secrets of the virus so every every hospital should have the tests available and you can even perform the tests in the
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one and a half up to 4 hours of the test results big depending on. transport from the door to the lever authority but the test itself it's available and it talks about $1.00 to $1.00 in the hours martin. virologists at the lab for and to disciplinary medicine in frankfurt thank you. you're welcome. here in germany authorities have confirmed 4 cases of the coronavirus all 4 people are employees at the same auto supply company it's believed that they fell ill after a seminar with a colleague from china the infected individuals have been quarantined in the hospital where they are receiving treatment meanwhile germany's health minister said that his country is taking the virus threat seriously. it was a vast sums on them is and we need to be vigilant and prepared but we should
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maintain a proper sense of scale for example the 4 patients in germany are having just mild symptoms thank goodness we now have the genome sequence for the virus that was published on twitter and the 1st rapid test was developed here in berlin so gradually we're learning more about the virus and. it was germany's health minister there let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world a charity ship carrying more than 400 rescued migrants has been allowed to dock in italy the vessel had been stranded at sea for some days the un's refugee agency says that increased fighting in libya is causing more people to risk the dangerous journey to europe. a powerful earthquake has struck in the western caribbean sea between cuba and jamaica shock waves sent people staggering onto the streets the 7.7 magnitude quake was felt as far away as mexico and florida. and brazilian media say that floods and landslides in the southeast of the country have now killed at least 59 people some 30000 people have been displaced
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a state of emergency has been declared in more than 100 cities and towns including the state capital belo horizonte. u.s. president donald trump has unveiled his long awaited peace plan for the middle east together with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu they have there have been demonstrations against it in the israeli occupied west bank and turkey's president has called it quote completely unacceptable but saudi arabia said that it appreciated trumps efforts and calls for direct israeli palestinian talks now under the plan palestinians would gain statehood but give up large tracts of land this is a current map of the region released by the white house that we're about to see right here israel is in dark orange and the palestinian controlled territories the west bank and gaza there in yellow so now let's take a look at what donald trump calls his vision for peace as you can see it grants
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vast tracts of disputed land including the jordan valley to israel and these spots there are controversial there are israeli settlements which would remain within palestinian territory the palestinians would receive parcels of land in the south but critically jerusalem would be the undivided capital of israel palestinian president mahmoud abbas has announced the plan. tear gas fired in the west bank as israeli troops respond to palestinians protesting trumps peace plan netanyahu has dubbed it the deal of the century but people here are adamant that they want to accept it. it does not give us any of our rights as palestinian people before we reject the deal of the century we want the right to return we want to just solution. deal of the century has been totally rejected and it's a shame for anyone trying to support it. it's places like this the turkey
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part of the control for sea jewish settlements in palestinian territory they're viewed by palestinians and the international community as illegal but trump still would allow israel to annex them something many of the 6 there is here which supports. it give security to the settlements and give security to israel if they implemented as it is written there will be fewer terror attacks less danger on the roads and also from an economic point of view it will move us forward . donald trump has been pushing ahead with policies supportive of israel my vision presents a win win opportunity for both. a realistic 2 state solution that resolves the risk of palestinian statehood to israel's security the very heart of the land of israel where our patriarchs prayed. our prophets preach and our
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king. has been outrageously branded as illegally occupied territory well today mr president you are puncturing this big large. both in the u.s. and internationally there has been mixed reactions to trump's plan which most hopeful that trump's vision for peace school t.v. alliance yet protests continue in the west bank. 6 and joining me now from tel aviv is political sultan dalia sheindlin of the israeli institute for regional foreign policy is welcome to the program and thanks for joining us on trump's initiative it recognizes full control of jerusalem and control over the jordan valley as well as the settlements that dot the palestinian territory in your view are we closer to a peace deal today or is trump breaking international law. i think we are further
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from a peace deal if by that you mean a peace that is based on the agreement of the 2 sides who are in conflict we may be closer to the most wonderful peace ever between israel and the u.s. but then those are not the countries who have a problem i think what's getting lost in some of the jargon is that israel is not only about to control the jordan valley and the settlements but extend full sovereignty over these areas that's another way of saying an exception this is unilateral annexation of territory conquered by force and i think that there has not really been sufficient attention from the americans certainly not from the israelis because they don't have an interest in shining a spotlight on the fact that israel is breaking international law by advancing internet unilateral an extension which the prime minister has said that he will do immediately he's talking about holding the 1st legislative discussions on extending israeli sovereignty to these areas beginning or ending next week that is because of the trump plan the idea of the plan i think was to get both sides back to the table
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but israel is using it as a springboard for completely unilateral moves that do violate international law and netanyahu said that it is necessary due to security concerns it was meantime quite predictable that the plan would draw a lot of criticism from the palestinians and also internationally what do you think the trump wanted to achieve. you know the real the real question is the timing trump has invested some of his senior people including his son in law and the american ambassador and special envoy into the middle east peace process from the earliest time of his presidency he made this like many american presidents he made the issue of advancing israeli palestinian peace a priority he went about it in a way that is akin to a bull in a china shop by alienating palestinians through some very severe political moves so he claims over this time that he wanted to advance peace but did it in a way that didn't seem to advance peace for the last 3 years the only question right now really is why why this timing and you know it would be beyond me to
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speculate about how the decision was made about when to announce it of course there you know most of the political commentary is about the fact that both of these leaders are coping with very severe legal charges against them trump is facing impeachment netanyahu is facing prosecution he is now the 1st sitting prime minister in israel who has been indicted because he removed his own request for immunity and as of yesterday he is formally indicted so some would say he's trying to decide they're trying to distract attention they they certainly have succeeded in distracting attention this week and i think that's a short term view i don't think the public will be terribly distracted but i also wouldn't venture to try to prove how they made this decision about the timing it's not for me to say i can say that the impact is that those who already oppose their leadership feel that this was a political dirty trick those who are on their side already now feel like they were vindicated because both of them were doing these major diplomatic moves and so it's
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hard to see if any of this will change the voters' minds yet we just don't know and that was dalia sheindlin of the israeli institute for regional foreign policies thank you. now the president of israel has addressed the german parliament in berlin to mark 75 years since the liberation of the auschwitz extermination camp reuven rivlin attended a special session of the bundestag an annual event to remember the victims of nazi germany. the jewish poet is available sang this lullaby to comfort children as they were forced into a gas chamber in auschwitz. addressing the german parliament israeli president rubin rivlin warned of resurgent anti semitism across europe and said germany had a key role to play in combating it get a man you have a chip. germany the country where the so-called final solution was devised has assumed responsibility for the protection of international liberal values which are
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being violated by populism. kidney gade lay properties. rivlin said that if this effort fails in germany it will fail everywhere german president hung in my a said to show our is part of german history and identity he warned that hatred and abuse are spreading and the poison of nationalism is seeping into debates once again including here in germany be done and the idea when guys get emitted we thought that the specters of the past would vanish with time but no they're raising their ugly heads again in a new guys moreover they're presenting their focus and all for a tarion ideas as a vision for the future as better answers to the open questions about time. paintings of auschwitz are on display in the bonus talk by does he who survived his ordeals in the camp he'd been forced to retrieve bodies from the gas chambers and
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the. european parliament is preparing to vote today to ratify the terms of britain's divorce deal from the european union the historic vote will also be the last for the chambers 72 british members who will leave after takes place britain is due to officially leave the european union in 2 days' time you spoke with one british army who is trying not to look back and. packing his bags before the final trip home british m.e.p. magic majeed had only 7 months and the european parliament now his country's officially leaving and so must he now the 1st green i mean peter gunn that's in the end it was unfaithful to the people of your home basically. the summer and then like christmas cards really nothing exciting and honestly. elected in may of 2019 was one of 73 pritish any peace in the current cohort with bracks it that term
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ends on the 31st of general now he'll have to find a new job for himself and his stuff but his real concern is europe aside because we're losing a lot of losing out like. workers' rights environments so many things that we lose and lose in our close relation with european union young people feel like they've been betrayed because they're no longer able to go to be able to travel freely around the european union for the love to so many things and it is yeah it just is a disaster. before he was elected to the european parliament majid was lord mayor of the northern british city of sheffield born in somalia and he came to the u.k. as a child refugee he started his political career in 2014 joining the green party where he promoted an open european migration policy my campaign slogan was immigrants. and also. our. town where immigrants will use
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girls 000 to the isle real girl economically culturally and the efforts of the real in the rich. this is exactly the opposite of what his compatriots from the backside party the largest group of british m.p.'s have been campaigning for while they're celebrating their success and he'd hopes the transition period which is set to last till the end of the year will provide an opportunity to work out what the future relationship will actually look like. no choice europe the european union is our biggest neighbors we can't afford to just pretend they don't exist and do everything ourselves going to have to have some form of relationship with a very. flourishing positive relationship a close one has lunches in the european parliament contini may be coming to an end
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but the implications of britain's exit from the e.u. he says will take far longer to digest. in tennis dominant team has reached the semifinals of the australian open after beating world number one rafael nadal it was a tight match but eventually triumphed by 3 sets to one the australian won all 3 of his sets the through a tie break he now faces germany's aus and to swear in a place in sunday's final now where of mean time reached the last 4 of the men's draw after beating 2014 champion stand for inca the swiss veteran won the opening sets that's where i've fought back to win by 3 sets to one and reach his 1st ever grand slam semifinal. bundesliga team fortunato sadar of have fired their coach 3 and have a phone call after a bad run that took the club to the bottom of the league table the club's huge loss to laver couzin over the weekend sealed google's fate he had been in charge of
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dissent or since 2016 but the loss on sunday means that the team has just one just one of its last 9 matches vocal will be replaced by those left who has never previously coached 8 going to see the cloud. well the berlin wall of the world's largest public film festival and the highlight of germany's cinema calendar has announced its competition lineup this will be the 70th birthday and film festival and the 1st under the new management of the duo mary at a recent beak and carlo. the pair have promised to make the berlin wall a more diverse and with gender balance a 3rd of this year's competition films were directed by women a huge improvement on other european festivals like venice or can. get more on this we're joined by our very own scott rocks there our film expert
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here in the studio scott tell us you were at the press conference today give us your highlights in terms of big movies you could see coming up yeah i mean. that made big movies there's a lot of very interesting smaller our host on which berlin is known for there is one huge movie coming there's a pixar animation film on word this could have its world premiere at the bell and all such a big event and it looks a lot of fun it's basically a fantasy story set in sort of a modern day world where elves run the world and the story is about 2 teenage elves and the old magic to try and kong you're back there dead dad bring back the dead from a dick for a day but they only manage to conjure his lower house just the bottom off the top so you have big adventure story a road movie where they have the days to get dad back looks like a lot of fun i mean just looking at the trailer and looks like something like a combination of the war of the rings so you can have birdies or something so could be a lot of fun to be
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a lot of laughs to be over the show can we look forward to it in the meantime we know that the burden on us has really been promoting the fact that there are more female directors this year 30 percent scott that doesn't sound like equity that they're quite that it's i guess it's all in relation to be in venice last year i think at 6 percent a few. rector's. if you look at just the competition with 6 out of 18 competition films are directed by women such as 30 percent across all the berlin wall sections it's a bit better it's getting closer to 50 percent but i think it is a process for me more importantly as a film lovers to see that the films they've picked from female directors are good films and when you look at the films they pick the actual really really good there's a lot of really interesting. really interesting films directed by women they'll be in competition this year one that's coming straight from sundance to berlin is called never or rarely sometimes always. a director and it's
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a drama about teenage girls who travel from rural pennsylvania to new york city in order to get an abortion which they can't get in rural pennsylvania and it's getting phenomenal reviews one of the hits of sundance looks like it could really be a highlight of the shoes of bell and alla and what i think is interesting about film like this is that this argument about gender. diversity. if you have too many films about women you lower the quality somehow i think this is a ridiculous argument sounds like this show it is not about reducing quality there are plenty of great films out there being made by women if festivals like the belly now another because take the time to find them and take the time and you know put them out in a big section like the competition touch that are. briefly tell us berlin is known for the weird stuff what's on your radar yeah there's a film i can't wait to see it seems so bizarre it's a russian film it's called. experimental a movie it's basically
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a real life version of the truman show this director of russian director she took 4 people put them in a complex in ukraine for 3 years so much 247 and they're living in 3 years they lived as if they were in the old soviet union she took into sort of 30 years of soviet union history in the 3 years it's only 247. and the result that she's edited down will be shown. i have no idea what to expect at this movie this seems utterly bizarre completely out there something you'll never see anywhere else so i really can't wait so much to look forward to thank you so much. you're watching g.w. news coming up next in news asia censors and pakistan banned the film surface of life after objections from radical islamists the director speaks to d.w. about the controversy. all that and more coming up in just a few minutes i'm sara kelly in berlin thanks for watching have
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a great day. to .
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descendants. of the soma. gorge and the 3rd reich starts feb 10th on d. w. . you're watching news asia coming up china's corona virus spreads we take a closer look at where else in asia it has appeared and how governments are dealing with it plus. a stunning censors in award winning film after it pressure campaign by radical islamists the director tells us what his film should be seen. and the trouble with avoiding need in japan the menu successfully cater to the kids and vegetarians during the upcoming olympics.


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