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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2020 8:00pm-8:31pm CET

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this is g.w. news. at the epicenter of china's coronavirus get out while you can evacuations are underway out of the city of. chartered planes with japanese and u.s. citizens are departing other countries are planning to do the same meanwhile the number of confirmed cases jumps to almost 6000 also coming up.
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the european parliament seems farewell to the u.k. some members were in tears as they formally approved britain's departure from the european union which begins friday and palestinians in the israeli occupied west bank and demonstrate their opposition to president trumps peace plan but international reaction remains cautious tonight and the european union announces strict 5 g. guidelines on security but no ban on the chinese. it's good to have you with us huh. hundreds of foreign nationals are being evacuated
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from move on the chinese city at the center of the corona virus outbreak more cases of the virus have been confirmed in china the death toll there has risen to more than $130.00 today the world health organization is urging governments around the world to be on the alert and to take action to prevent the spread of the virus some airlines including british airways and tons of have suspended all flights to and from china. for 206 japanese workers based in han this was a most welcome return. a flight that brought medical supplies to the chinese province fighting to contain the corona virus delivered them back to safety in japan the 1st of some 650 japanese citizens to be repaired tritt on hunger soil they spoke of the situation they were thankful to leave behind.
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him sincerely relieved her very turned on this charter. were difficult to get while we were there it was a worrying situation which was changing very quickly 3. of those people repechage reacted to tokyo at least 5 have now been hospitalized with symptoms consistent with the virus. astride the also plans to bring petrea at the most vulnerable of its $600.00 nationals we will be standing up christmas all of as a quarantine area will be transported to christmas island with all we will also be putting plies the met which will be travelling there to provide the medical support and that will be supplemented as necessary by the defense support which can assist the united states india italy and south korea all working to move their citizens out of china as the international community mobilizes the country is grinding to a standstill in beijing the streets all but deserted the usually bustling subways
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and shopping malls to. in the city of hama who have a frantic efforts to build a dedicated hospital from scratch go on around the clock the chinese national health commission says it expects the outbreak to continue spreading and reach its peak in 10 days time. and for more tonight we want to bring in martin sturmer he is a viral ages at the lab for interdisciplinary medicine in frankfurt it's good to have you on the program where we've seen what's happening right now flights are being canceled and countries are bringing back their citizens is this the the are these the necessary steps that should be taken at this stage in the outbreak in your medical opinion. yeah i think so because it's quite quite dangerous to stay in the area because we know that the virus is spreading anymore you've heard about rising peoples infected was
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a virus and from my point of view but you have even more the next days and so it may be a good idea however on the other side you should. keep in mind that you also have the risk to impart the virus in the whole country not even by that not only by the patients transported by the people transported but all that the flight crew may be and so you have to be careful that you don't import the virus that all of it was safe and you have people all around the world especially here in europe asking how dangerous is the virus now what do you say. you know it's difficult to say it's be cannot compare it right now with other viruses the rate tell it to 8. to 2 and a half percent so it's. mostly elderly patients people are affected and you
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have to have a basic disease so you can compare it maybe was a very strong and a wife. and we understand that australian science is they've created a lab version of this strain of the coronavirus trying to under stand in nature russia and china say that they've started working on a vaccine health fast and science is deliver an effective vaccine in order to stop this outbreak. you know they mention that they can test the they are exene. and then maybe july only in a small amount of people because you don't know if the scene might have side effects or anything else so it's not not possible to test these already and the whole population so we have to wait until these tests are fine and afterwards you
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can continue to that scene. but that maybe take even more time than i have a year we have been told that the germans who are being brought back from will be put in quarantine for we understand 2 weeks is is that a reasonable amount of time is that the time that is necessary. it's a minimum time i would suggest because it's a. time however if you have one people in this may be infected and he will be get ill and let off the one week so the other wants maybe still have to be caught in time or so it depends on if you have infected people in your county and face and if they have a context you need to primetime them all separately so that you can avoid that and maybe you can be find this 14 days but i think it's difficult ok martin the lab for interdisciplinary medicine in frankfurt tonight martin we appreciate your
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insights thank you. we're here in germany authorities have confirmed 4 cases of the corona virus all 4 people are employees at the same although supply company it's believed that they fell ill after a seminar with a colleague from china the infected individuals have been quarantined in the hospital where they're receiving treatment it's meanwhile germany's health minister says that his country is taking this virus threat series. most of them isn't fall but we need to be vigilant and prepared but we should maintain a proper sense of scale for example the 4 patients in germany are having just mild symptoms thank goodness we now have the genome sequence for the virus that was published on twitter and the 1st rapid test was developed here in berlin so gradually we're learning more about the virus and because of it now. it was the
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german health minister there speaking earlier today. well you may have thought that it would never happen today you did the european parliament approved legislation allowing britain to leave the european union there was the last vote about bret's it the vote in brussels passed with 621 lawmakers voting for 49 against them e p's then burst into song joining hands in singing the scottish farewell ballad auld lang syne. britain on the roof of the european union this coming friday. while most of the members of parliament expressed their regrets the leader of the brightside party nigel farrar did not hide his satisfaction indeed there's a historic battle going on now across the west in europe america and elsewhere it
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is good because i'm against populism and you may lose populism but i'll tell you a funny thing it's becoming very popular was. in deed our very own barbara vessel she has followed the entire budget story from the very beginning we've watched and talked about it many a time haven't we barbara now we're talking about this vote in the e.u. parliament is breaks it is it done and dusted now finally. it is almost done and thus that there is just one last signature to be done by the member states tomorrow but that's a mere formality and this really was the long and extremely emotional goodbye off parliamentarians from their british colleagues it was really in an in an event that would sort of you know make the little hairs on the news skins at a stand up it was almost sort of making you cry by contention because you could not
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really watch it without being touched people have been working together for so long and they had formed relationships and of course many british parliamentarians they just broke down in tears when they realized that this was the final time they were standing up there and talking for even within the european union and they had to just fold up take their boxes and leave yeah you can only begin to imagine what they must be feeling the debate as you said that usually emotional one has to listen to what molly scott keto a pro european british member of the u. parliament in the green party what she had to say today i hold in my heart the knowledge that one day i will be back in this chamber celebrating our return to the house of your thank you. as you get a standing ovation there people are going to yours with their what were the other
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moments there to remember. today. yeah how could you not feel for her and with her and so many of them really felt that even you know the few that did this the number of parliamentarians who had just 6 of months because they were just elected last year felt bitterness but others who had sort of saw the life's work go down the drain people had been in parliament many times so many years they were leaving in tears and it was oh really only if his affection that was that was sort of triumphant and saw the work of their political life sort of at a summit the culmination and saw this is a triumph for everybody else left in tears and in the end they saying all right lang syne and holding each other's hands and i've never seen anything in all those
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years in the european parliament people are standing up there and hugging each other and singing together and so it was just an incredibly emotional event and all the bitterness of bricks it and all these these struggles and all the fights was people and so many times you know some of them must have thought you know those bloody folks would they finally leave but today all this was wiped out and they realized that they were the friends and partners and neighbors and this was really a wrenching goodbye and it is certainly a positive message to take away that despite the fact that the u.k. used leaving the e.u. there was such a sense of camaraderie they are today on display for the world to see or basically brussels i was literally that you. were some of the other stories now in are making headlines around the world an official in the democratic republic of congo so is that $36.00 people have been killed in
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a suspected militia attack it's understood that the people who were hacked to death during a raid on diligence in the country's eastern benny re. agent the attack is being blamed on a ugandan islam is. a charity ship carrying more than $400.00 rescued migrants has been allowed to dock in italy the bessel had been stranded at sea for several days the un's refugee agency says increased fighting in libya is causing more people to risk that dangerous sea journey to europe. fresh clashes have erupted between security forces and protesters in the iraqi capital baghdad at one stage police used tear gas to break up a crowd and were seen beating up one protester more than 450 people have been killed in an anti-government demonstrations in iraq since october. the president of israel today addressed the german parliament here in berlin to mark 75 years since the liberation of the auschwitz extermination camp reuven
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rivlin attended a special session of the bundestag today an annual event to remember the victims of nazi germany. the jewish poet is of a have a sang this lullaby to comfort children as they were forced into a gas chamber in auschwitz. addressing the german parliament israeli president ruben rivlin warned of resurgent anti semitism across europe and said germany had a key role to play in combating it give them money and have a chip in the hague germany the country where the so-called final solution was to 5 has assumed a responsibility for the protection of international liberal values which are being violated by populism shockey kidney gate guy late forty's. rivlin said that if this effort fails in germany it will fail everywhere german
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president. said the shoah is part of german history and identity he warned that hatred and abuse are spreading and the poison of nationalism is seeping into debates once again including here in germany and i do when guys get emitted so we thought that the specters of the past would vanish with time but know that raising their ugly heads again in a new guys more of that presenting them folkish and all for a tarion ideas as a vision for the future as better answers to be open questions about time paintings of auschwitz are on display in the poem the stock by duffy to alaska who survived his old deals in the camp he'd been forced to retrieve bodies from the gas chambers and. palestinians in the israeli occupied west bank are protesting against president trump's mideast peace plan to try and build the plan yesterday alongside israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu the palestinian president has
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rejected the plan but international reaction has been cautious saudi arabia saying it appreciates trumps efforts under this plan palestinians would gain statehood but give up wards tracts of land jerusalem would be the undivided capital of israel but with parts of the city's east reserve as a palestinian capital. tear gas fired in the west bank as israeli troops respond to palestinians protesting trumps peace plan netanyahu has dubbed it the deal of the century but people here are adamant that they want to accept it. does not give us any of our rights as palestinian people therefore we reject the deal of the century we want the right to return we want to just solution. deal of the century has been totally rejected and it's a shame for anyone trying to support it. it's places like this the turkey
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part of the control over sea jewish settlements in palestinian territory they're viewed by palestinians and the international community as illegal but trump still would allow israel to annex them something many of the say there is here which supports. it give security to the settlements and give security to israel if they implemented as it is written there will be fewer terror attacks less danger on the roads and also from an economic point of view it will move us forward . donald trump has been pushing ahead with policies supportive of israel my vision presents a win win opportunity for both. a realistic 2 state solution that resolves the risk of palestinian statehood to israel's security the very heart of the land of israel where our patriarchs prayed. our prophets preached and our
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kings ruled has been outrageously branded as illegally occupied territory well today mr president you are puncturing this big log. both in the u.s. and internationally there has been mixed reactions to trump's plan which most hopeful that trump's vision for peace. yet protests continue in the west bank 6. well political correspondent kate brady got reaction today from your gain hearts he is a member of the german parliament and foreign policy spokesman for chancellor merkel's conservative c.d.u. party. so had donald trump has described this deal as the deal of a century what's your opinion. one of the biggest challenges we have in security issues is to find a solution for peace between israel and palestine. i appreciate that the president
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stays to the 2 state solution but i am afraid that probably some of the demands he mentioned towards palestinians concerning the territories will not. open the door for negotiations and unfortunately every new attempt on a peace process which is a failure at the end might increase frustration on both sides and maybe increase the confrontation and not decrease and therefore we have to be is very careful with such proposals so which elements of this proposal do you think could realistically be implemented at 1st glance it seems that mr netanyahu is being offered everything that he wants while the palestinians seem to be being offered very little. they offer the 2 state solution they offered probably that could be capital of palestine but they ask for. legal control over the territories that are now
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occupied by israel and i think this is a very crucial point for the palestinian side and. if you look to them and to the political situation there i think it is not a strong leader that is able to jump over fences and to file into a breakthrough new ways of negotiation with the israeli government or probably with other partners and i think there's a huge lack of trust wise words have between the conflict crops and therefore probably the starting point for a new peace process should be building up a new trust though that probably negotiations can be fruitful that what we saw yesterday evening. i wish it would lead. to a positive result but i'm afraid that it will not lead to a positive result and what does germany stand right now and netanyahu has plans to annex some 30 percent of the occupied west bank we are government to state to the
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united nations resolutions this is a question concerning territories but also not the status or legal status of jerusalem i think going behind that or to united nations resolution basis is. not decreasing the conflict but potentially increasing the conflict and if we germans can't do anything to to build trust between the 2 confrontation. sites then we will do that today we heard the speech of israeli and president evelyn in that order one must talk and he said both sides have to make compromises not only the israeli side but also as a palestinian side but also wise words and i think this is a good message on that day. thank you very much or another setback for the u.s. campaign to stop china's hu away from building 5 g. networks over worries of the european union is urging member states to screen and
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to limit security risks but it is not calling for any bans. the european commission says member states should consider banning high risk 5 g. technology suppliers from its most sensitive assets but stopped short of naming china's huawei the company's the global market leader in 5 g. technology which in turn is considered crucial for the digital future increasing connection speeds and possibly revolutionizing medicine agriculture and energy grids. 5 she will make a positive difference says margaret divest aga the european commission's executive vice president and digital economy chief but only if its networks could be secure as many critical services row depends on 5 g. ensuring the security of networks is of highest strategic importance where the entire european union. cyber security threats including the risk of
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interference by known e.u. states or state backed actors are becoming more sophisticated and more widespread the european commission is asking member states to assess the risk profile of 5 g. suppliers and apply restrictions when necessary whether or not that's the case for huawei remains to be seen. the e.u.'s decision mirrors measures approved by the united kingdom on tuesday both the u.k. and the e.u. a falling short on demands by the united states for a blanket ban for the chinese firm. this is the w. news in these are our top stories hundreds of foreign nationals are being evacuated from the chinese city of the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak and it comes as authorities confirm more cases of the virus and with the death toll rising to more
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than $138.00 german airline tons it is the latest carrier to suspend all flights to and from china. the european parliament has approved legislation to allow britain to leave the european union following the vote today lawmakers burst into song joining hands and singing the scottish farewell ballad auld lang syne britain will leave the european union this coming friday. palestinian president mahmoud abbas has denounced the new mideast peace play and u.s. president proposal calls for a palestinian state but also grants israel control of more disputed territories abbas has labeled the plan nonsense. a charity ship carrying more than $400.00 rescued migrants has been allowed to dock in italy the vessel had been stranded at sea for several days the u.n. says increased fighting in libya has calls more people to risk the dangerous sea journey to europe. this is g.w.
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news from berlin for more you can follow us on twitter at g.w. news or you can visit our website at www dot com. and coming up after the break conflict zone with sebastian i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day. what about detection of the internet from sort of the oceans will also carry each of the new provisions on that journalists could be in prison and publishing content all the author of that bill are you against this bill will i'm not even aware of that bill you're not the protection from internet false or the manipulations bill you're not even aware of. so it cannot because it is causing it's causing an outcry
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internationally and you are the minister of information and the nothing about this is no such bill before the house there is a bill i can say that because of that the 13th that had to be that this no such a bill before the house reporters without borders said these bills talking about the prohibition of hate speech bill and the protection of the internet falso the manipulations bill they said these bills contain extremely harsh penalties that violate international law and are likely to be used.
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only to. go bankrupt. to coax. pharmacists to describe the bill nigeria's government sponsored by the international community of serious human rights abuses. i guess this week here in
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london is live mohammad the country's information minister how does he defend against the country's many critics when the evidence of wrongdoing is so compounded costs. of. europe. what unites. what divides. the man gets the driving force of. what binds the continent together. to answers and stories aplenty the. spotlight on people. focused on europe on t w. they were systematically robbed by the nazis.
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and after the war there were no signs of compensation. jewish art collectors of cotton and council saw mine. today researchers are searching for the missing works of art the pencil process for the descendants looted art the judge starts feb 10th on t.w. . i think there have been a lot of. mysteries and when it comes to the devil the prince we didn't live very well you ranked 120th out of 180 countries some of glorious record is that the list of things that a lot of think neurons and lotto find this chief the assumption has to be that you're covering up down the chain of a good citizen to it doesn't it isn't
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a coup and has been taken care of despite promises to respect the rule of law nigeria's government stands accused by the international.


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