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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 3, 2020 4:00am-4:16am CET

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and painful for the descendants. in the 3rd rush starts february 10th on g.w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin germany says 2 people evacuated from china have tested positive for the corona virus are being treated the 2 are among the group of passengers who have been quarantined since a german military plane brought them to frankfurt on saturday we'll speak with someone who was on that flight. also coming up a man shot dead by police in london after he stabbed 2 people on it's busy street
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police say they are treating it as an isolated terrorist incident. and fillion locusts are descending on east africa in crops and food supplies kenya has been especially hit it's been called the worst infestation 7 decades. thanks for joining us german officials say 2 people evacuated from china to germany on saturday have tested positive for the corona virus they were among more than 120 people flown to frank for a military plane from the chinese city at the center of the outbreak the positive cases both of them german nationals have been hospitalized doctors say they are doing well the rest of the passengers remaining there to be quarantined at a military facility. now germany's health minister has defended the decision to
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carry out the evacuation. departure and show you know we had to and were able to assume that symptom free compact treats were returning to us. they were still symptom free in frankfurt and in that sense they seemed healthy. patient tell you means in a situation like this but what we've seen can change relatively quickly i'm not sure exactly why the quarantine was right. well one of those evacuated is the vice german who's been studying in china he's currently under quarantine with the other passengers at an air base in germany southwest we asked him about the conditions they're being kept in. beer here the military base. building is separated from the other buildings we have fans around over most
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so there's no way that the old soldier or somebody else can join us in our house but also we are not allowed to leave or post. because we're going to go outside but we're not allowed to process the fence. facility here because there are very good everybody else has the sitting room you know we've got to. get one through prevents the culprit here also of course in the facility so this kind of is elation is i think the best opportunity to manage this thing you know all of wearing masks during the creation in the plane for all the time so i think there is extent we have to think does there is not a very high but of course it's quite possible. and that's why we have here just kind of courteous well i think it's necessary for us you know what he can say and i'm healthy right. now it's unclear if or when yannick and the others flown out
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of who will be able to return as the number of infections there i've been confirmed is growing rapidly concerns over the virus have sent chinese stocks into freefall on the 1st day of trading since the lunar new year holiday shares plunged about 9 percent as the markets reopened china now says more than 360 people have died from the virus but a patient in thailand has provided hope that a cocktail of drugs could be used to treat severe cases of the infection. from. this patient's house took an unexpected 10 for the better the 70 year old chinese woman came down with the corona virus which is already kind hundreds of lives but the virus vanished from her body. the doctors in thailand administered an unusual cure. this is the standard treatment that we've used with patients it's a mixture of anti hiv drugs and
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a flu drug which china used to cure mers patients the mixture of both treatment shows a vast improvement 48 hours after applying the treatment and the result turns negative . further tests will determine whether this cocktail will put an end to the corona virus epidemic china is struggling to contain the disease the army has flown almost 800 medical staff and 60 tons of supplies to woo han the city at the epicenter of the outbreak. after receiving the order we immediately began to make arrangements for the mission carefully selecting cruise and coming out with 4 different flight plans considering the high risk of infection we also took measures to protect ourselves and provide a safe cabin space. more than 300 people have died from the virus in china almost 15000 infections have been registered across the country. and will hand in the
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surrounding her baby province hospitals are being built in record time to absorb the strain on the health sector. outside the government is desperate to slow the viruses spread and. every household is limited to one shopping trip every 2 days. public transport is disinfected but next week millions of chinese. after an extended lunar new year holiday put such measures to the test. alice look at some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. democratic presidential hopefuls are making their final push for votes ahead of monday's iowa caucuses democratic voters in the state will be the 1st to decide who should stand against republican in november presidential election 11 candidates are currently competing for the nomination. at least 20 people have died in a stampede in tents and during a service at an evangelical church the crowd rushed towards the the pastor who
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instructed them to touch the holy oil that he had on the ground the 16 other people were injured in the crush. authorities in milan temporarily banned cars from the city center in an effort to curb pollution small is a frequent problem in the city but not all residents are happy about the carbon some got behind the wheel nonetheless risking every finds. a stabbing spree that wounded 2 on a london street has led british prime minister boris johnson to say he'll push for changes in dealing with terrorist offenders the suspected attacker had been recently granted early release from prison where he was serving time for a terrorist related conviction police shot him dead during the attack the 20 year old had been under police surveillance since his release. police in london shooting. a fake bomb vest off to he goes on
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a stabbing spree injury to people well there is a police investigation taking place right now this offend. history history in relation to counter-terrorism offenses the attack a 20 year old man was on early release from jail. the suspect had been recently released from prison where he had been serving a sentence for islamist related terrorism offenses the attack itself and the assailants profile all too familiar for london is it's the 2nd terrorist related stabbing spree in london in 3 months attacks committed by men who had already been convicted on terrorism related charges but this time the attack wasn't in the city center but in the suburbs. it's crazy she says crazy and stupid i mean i'm up in a cell phone conversation and i see that kind of thing happening here i'm one of my children here grandchildren and she's happening in here on the doorstep it's just
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that issue but i think it's pretty strange that these things seem to repeat themselves and happen this often i think people are the sensitizing to issues like this which i think is a big concern that seems pretty similar to what happened at london bridge the short while ago this is pretty scary that it happens in your own backyard the u.k. government off to the incident announced new sweeping measures in how it deals with terrorism offenders antiterrorism experts however also emphasize that low low tech attacks like this are always going to be difficult to stop. the horn of africa is still struggling to cope with a massive infestation of locusts sweeping the region some ally is the latest country affected it's declared a national emergency as the insects devastate farmland and food supplies and one of the poorest and most vulnerable parts of the world the swarm of locusts 1st hit kenya over a week ago. the land and livelihoods at risk farmers
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wrestling with the impact of climate change are now trying to defend their crops against desert locusts. so we depend heavily on the farming season we have to but the one beginning in april is short and not as productive we worry that the locus will destroy our harvest and we end up remaining hungry through the rest of the year waiting for the october cropping season i mean. swarming by the billions locust poses a grave threat to food security throughout the horn of africa kenya the at the center of the infestation ethiopia and somalia are the most severely impacted countries so far but a risk to south sudan and uganda are on the rise fear of what this could mean for the ecosystems of nations already struggling to feed their people is also growing.
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pretty bleak renewals. and they're multiplying quickly. too. so we. so we need more help. before. well if. the challenge is that some areas are so remote that crews can't cordon ate their efforts using the internet or g.p.s. kenya's ministry of agriculture continues to put planes in the air spraying chemicals with the hope of ridding the region of the swarms and protecting the food supply for the 11000000 plus people who live here.
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football now freiburg have been so far this season's over achievers but they lost on sunday to a strong side or now comfortably 6 points clear of the relegation spots. despite being on the receiving end of a 51 thrashing last weekend cologne fans have had plenty to cheer about recently with their side finally getting into gear on the hosts were 1st to draw blood less than half an hour was played from 5 will fail to clear this corner leaving defenders of us jumbo now to tap in his 4th goal of the campaign the summer signing contributing on both ends of the pitch. after the break 5 once again failed to clear their lines leaving strike a john called the bouts of double the lead by people like sunday's follow parried the ball into space and court the work he did up. the lax defending continued
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kingsley ac buoys mazie run was left virtually unchallenged in the 91st minute resulting in the 1st one to see the goal for the right back on just one minutes later he smiled jaco ups added another to seal food mill and results from loans biggest home victory since 2011. it's their 5th when in 6 games now while opponents fi borg have cooled off considerably managing just one in the same period. in the late game tonight. the chance to move out of the relegation places with a 42 away when. red for the struggling hosts after this tussle. and made their numerical advantage count with. putting them 31 up after an hour a stunning stride by sebastian vettel briefly gave some hope of getting back into
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the game but. free kick put an end to that victory was a 1st in the year and it sees them climb back into the top half. in tennis news serbia's novak djokovic has been crowned the men's australian open champion after defeating austria's dominic team in a 5 set thriller on sunday team recovered from a set down to take an unexpected lead in the contest but djokovic proved too strong in the final 2 sets to bag an australian open title his 17th grand slam victory over all. in golf. by winning the saudi international. final round to finish. defending champion dustin johnson the northern irishman won the u.s. open. but it's struggled to recapture that form ever since the victory in saudi
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arabia is expected. back in the world's top 50 players. watching. the weekend reports. at the top of the hour get all your news for our website. twitter news. show.


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